I'm still on Android 11, what am I missing out on?

Just interested in your opinion guys.. what are the best features you cannot live without..




Wireless adb has been since old versions. I have Cyanogenmod 13 installed on one of my phones and it has it


I use it to activate brevent and shizuku. It's nice that I don't have to connect phone to PC.


AFAIK, Android 11 was the best release as far as UX is concerned. 12 was a hot mess, and 13 is marginally better. Other than some compatibility issues with newer apps, you're probably only missing out on the newest security patches.


Ugly pastel colors and huge buttons in the quick setting menu, that's about it.


The security updates would be one. There's no good reason to stay on an old update.


Android 11 is still supported and gets security updates.


> Android 11 is still supported and gets security updates. It depends on the device model.


Lazyness and fear of bricking the phone does it for me tbh. Too much stuff I would have to set up again etc.


Android 11 ui is the best. The most useful and beautiful one. A12, A12L and A13 is very useless, heavy and A13 is very buggy after QPR2 source update. No offense for LineageOS 20.0, It is Android 13 UI's fault


I downgraded to 11 after about 90 seconds with 12. The new quick settings buttons alone were enough for me.


finer grain sensor controll, like you can turn camera and mic off seperately. plus a little indicator when either is being used. thats all the nice things i really noticed from samsungs android 11 to motorollas android 12, so it may be different for LOS


Probably just security. I don't think Google maintains old versions. :/


I liked Android 11, but 13 is alright. There are some troubles with the notification LED on Poco F1, though. That worked flawlessly with Android 11/LineageOS 18.


Eeeh, I'm on Android 12 right now, although I should've updated to 13. Unlike some other users, I *really* hated the "Material 2" era of Android (8 to 11) and I think the nicest thing about 12 is that it finally has a UX that feels *whole*. Previous Android versions had an undercooked aspect to the UI in a way that I could guess what they were trying to do, but couldn't *get* it. My go-to example is moving the Music Player from the notifications to the Quick Settings area. That makes some sort of sense, [but visually it felt slapped on](https://miro.medium.com/v2/resize:fit:1400/0*UTb_akMoiCS6hCWd.jpg), it had no visual coherence with the QS Tiles, and it punished you for playing music by removing 3 QS Tiles when expanded. [12 always shows 8 tiles when expanded even when there's no media, and the media player fits more nicely](https://www.digitaltrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/android-12-notifications-2-copy.jpg). The transition from not-expanded to expanded never made sense to me, it went from 6x1 to 3x3, the tiles were shuffled around and the size of the button didn't change. On 12, you lose 2 when not-expanded and 1 when expanded, but the transition is better, and you are not punished for playing media, and the change is from 2x2 to 2x4, exactly half. Edit: The only total downgrade UX-wise is the removal of Device Controls from the Power Menu, the Android 11 Power Menu was amazing.


u/KingKongJebnuty - What is your device model?


Galaxy Note 10+ 🤙


>u/KingKongJebnutyOp - Galaxy Note 10+ If you are on Samsung stock Android 11 which supports VoLTE, FYI LineageOS, nor any other custom ROM not based on the Samsung OS, support VoLTE on any Samsung devices @ the present because the devs could not reverse engineer Samsung's proprietary VoLTE implementation so far. That could be a deal breaker if your network provider drops 2G & 3G as only VoLTE will work for voice calls after that. Some providers will even disable network data if the device is not currently supporting VoLTE.


Yea I'm kinda aware of VoLTE issue, luckily mobile data were never an issue for me, also S-pen works quite fine on notetaking apps, I wish there was Pixel with stylus, I woud switch imidiately because degoogling samsung phones sucks😒 but this one was worth the effort, very good battery life, nice screen, thin body, SD-card, nice CPU, S-pen works mostly like mouse cursor (howr works as well) very helpful at certain scenarios, 12gb ram, 256gb lowest model, very okey cameras🤙 Only thing I miss is samsung audio driver, speakers dorpped in quality without them, also Mics😒


Me? I have a OnePlus Nord N20 5G. 6 gigs ram and I added 2 more for the hellavit


Me? I have a OnePlus Nord N20 5G. 6 gigs ram and I added 2 more for the hellavit




Can you suggest any mod?




I see, thanks.


Android 11 bacon here!


same lol still got the march security patch iirc Running Android 13 on my main and I like 11 on my 1+1 more tbh.. Heck, performance on that Oneplus One is even better on 11 than my Nokia 6.1 on 13


Do you have a specific question about a device supported by LOS or are you just asking a general Android question?


Im mostly interested about features.. but as I see in coments there's not much new stuff..


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Well, my apps move around a lot more than I want. And fighting off 2 step is super itritating I dont even know any advantages.. Im sure there are some...


>Well, my apps move around a lot more than I want What do you mean your apps move around more on Android 12? >And fighting off 2 step is super itritating Do you mean 2FA/MFA? If so, how is that related to your experience on Android 12?


Look Im an end user. What I know about coding isnt worth coming up with a metaphor or even a simile to describe. Im not sure what its called but when I open my app drawer theres this PIA line of recently opened apps up top. Its utterly useless and very distracting. This wasnt a thing that I noticed before the update to Android 12 so I assumed it was a feature of it. As for two step verification it was not nearly as insidious or omnipresent until recently.... So ditto


>Im not sure what its called but when I open my app drawer theres this PIA line of recently opened apps up top. So apps aren't moving around, but rather your Recent list is changing (which is to be expected based on which apps you've recently used) >As for two step verification it was not nearly as insidious or omnipresent until recently.... Has absolutely nothing to do with Android version




Nor I you. Just spent a nice time whirling around the early Rennaissance and Developer huddles. Did you know there are Families of fonts? A veritable tree of not-life... So, did you mean the weapon, the app or the font? Android 12 was on the table last I knew...




Good to know.... How do I banish Recent from my world forever please?


Material you UI


Material You


From an app compatibility and overall functionality standpoint, nothing really. The new version will have more fine grained permissions, maybe slightly better battery life and app performance due to the improved ART runtime and a new design language/UI, however, if all you care about is your apps and have an up to date security patch, I would continue on 11.


not much. android is an afterthought for google, doesn't get many new features, and it's honestly not a bad thing. stuff is stable, mature, and works well.




iOS like "Control Center" Huge lockscreen time


Overall I think 11 was more functional than 13. I liked the screen layout better, particularly the quick settings which is a common theme of these answers. I can live with A13, except for software that limits battery charging to a preset value. That worked in every version up to 12, but I haven't been able to get it working after a few months with 13.


From where did you find that build


I am glad to be on Android 11 with our almost 10years old equipment. A bit proud of the community.


Two words, Data Security.... Android 11 was released on September 8, 2020, think about all the CVE's posted since then, matter of fact there are 20 pages worth of CVE's for Android 11 alone https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list.php?vendor_id=1224&product_id=19997&version_id=632505&page=1&hasexp=0&opdos=0&opec=0&opov=0&opcsrf=0&opgpriv=0&opsqli=0&opxss=0&opdirt=0&opmemc=0&ophttprs=0&opbyp=0&opfileinc=0&opginf=0&cvssscoremin=0&cvssscoremax=0&year=0&month=0&cweid=0&order=1&trc=977&sha=6139fb1f581320c51db7e45791a69a2f8980a783


You did good of skipping 12,


Not much, if anything A12+ removed features that I actually care about. Also the new notification shade is optimized for bezel-less displays which means it takes up more space than it needs to


Android 11 is all I need.