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Nice try, Airport Security.


Regular, disposable lighters aren't banned in the US anymore. Edit: They haven't been banned since 2007.


That's exactly what someone in the airport security would say /s




Pfft. As if the TSA knows anything about airport security.


Alright sir, I just needsta [check inside ya asshoe](https://y.yarn.co/d6db1870-77bd-4374-af76-dd5e68e1c8fc_text.gif)




Some of us pay good money for that, you’re saying there’s a free option? Game changer


I'll have you know I have a license for this asshoe. I work construction.


I just recently flew from Columbus to San Francisco and back with a lighter and had no issues.


I flew with a lighter 3 months ago from Denver to New Orleans.


I didn't even know they were banned before. And TSA never confiscated mine back when I was a smoker.


They didn't need yours because they had all of mine.


Even then it was easy. You basically exchanged your lighter because when you landed you could just go to security on that side and ask for one.


TSA confiscated my souvenir wine bottle opener because it had a tiny 1 inch blade. I walked through security gate and right outside the gift shop is selling the exact same bottle opener...


I feel like if you took over a place with a 1 inch serrated wine opener blade, you deserve it.


Torch lighters are still banned only soft flame are allowed source I smoke cigars and they took my lighter


TSA tried to take my cigars & boveda pack in phoenix once, but i think the dude was just a lil confused bc i was an 18 year old lady & it seemed out of place (i also don’t think he had ever seen a boveda before he asked me all these scientific questions about it lol)


also remembering just now tho that my cousin (who lives in phoenix) is a messy packer & usually just grabs a random backpack, throws clothes in it & says he’s packed. he’s made it through phoenix TSA with bullets in his bag (because he grabbed a hunting backpack & didn’t clean it out) at least twice and no one stopped him or said anything until he was flying back home from SFO


They've done *multiple* tests at *multiple* airports trying to get things through like guns, knives, bombs, etc. [About 95%](https://abcnews.go.com/US/tsa-fails-tests-latest-undercover-operation-us-airports/story?id=51022188) of them make it through with whatever they were trying to get through...and the TSA says that's an *improvement* over historical performance.


Sure, but is it worth it when you also consider the incredible amount of time and resources we invest into it?


Yeah the TSA will take your stuff if its worth anything. This is not a good tip Almost lost my headphones this way


You tried turning your headphones in to the lost and found?


They were taken to lost and found by TSA. Asked if the guy if he found them, and he said no. But i saw them on his desk. Had to argue with him for 5 minutes until he gave em back


Ofcourse what can you expect from highschool dropouts having a power trip? Fckers wouldn't let my 4oz unopened cologne when it clearly states in their website it's permissible. I emptied by spraying the entire thing into a trash can and threw it away so they can't use it.


If it's worth money, someone in security is going to "find" it.


Lol this isn’t true. I’ve worked at a major international airport for years. Best you can do is maybe mail it home if you find somewhere that sells envelopes. Who comes up with all of these false LPTs…


Same LPT as never buy a stamp-put destination address in return address location and drop it in the mail.


i know it wouldn’t work but what *would* happen in this scenario?


Well, the last time I accidentally forgot to stamp a letter (which was my rent check) I did indeed get the letter returned for insufficient postage. It only took three months!


Worst case Ontario I feel like mail fraud


Worst case Ontario


It does work but it's a douche thing to do. I worked in mail(private company) and saw people do this all the time. It wouldnt work internationally and it increases the chances of it getting lost or being very late but it does work. Please don't do it though as it really hurts the postal service. Ive even seen packages get delivered this way. Very obnoxious.


Locally might get delivered. Further than that it probably just gets shelved.


75% of life pro tips are actually just shower thoughts


better life pro tip. Go to the airport's lost and found and claim all the cool stuff for free


Hi yes lost and found I lost a bunch of cool items can you show me all the things you have so I can tell you which ones are mine


I lost a lighter, a knife, etc.


Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range?


Only what you see pal.


I see your wallet and phone. Thanks


Uzi nine millimeter


"Yes, sir. It's a white powder in a Ziploc bag with the word COCAINE on it."


I lost a ring once and claimed it. They'll make you describe it in detail before they give it back to you.


It's round... Urm it has an unusual language inscription on the inside... When you put it on,.you go invisible.. no not enough information? God damn it


I lost etc too


And I am late for my flight! Just put it all in this carry-on bag please.


dude its super easy. "Yeah I lost a knife, spiderco, silver, about 3 inches" they'll have _dozens_. just pick something generic.


You pick it up and a police officer comes to take you because it had bit of coke on the tip


As long as it's just the tip




"lost my airpods, my bmw keys and my legal million dollars in a case, maybe in a bag with a dollar sign, not sure... Have found anything like that?"


I lost a switch and iphone y'all got any of that back there?!


No we already claimed them, ugh I mean they've already been claimed.


TSA stole a switch from my friend’s suitcase. When he called them it magically appeared in list and found and they sent it to him. Hmmm I wonder how it got there.


The friend lost it when the TSA found it in the suitcase


Which is why you keep valuables in carryon.


Bushleague mistake putting valuables in a checked bag. Even if it's not outright stolen on an inspection they can and will simply lose your luggage. The amount of people I hear about putting • Jewelry • Prescription drugs • Electronics • Envelopes of cash or travelers checks inside checked luggage is totally mind-blowing to me. It's like nothing bad has ever happened to them before in their whole lives.


That's fucked up!


how did I not know there was a lost and found at the airport?! how would you even prove anything belongs to yoy


Probably because they don't tell you what they have, you have to tell them.


I just lost my iPad on a flight and luckily tracked it back to my home airport. When I got to the lost and found, I told the lady there I lost an iPad, and she literally brought out a tote full if iPads, some phones, and even a Nintendo Switch. When I grabbed mine (luckily it was there), she just said "is that yours?" and then had me sign a piece of a paper saying it was found. Never asked me to unlock it, never asked for an ID or anything. So, it depends on what you lost and where you go.


I lost the adapter for my wireless mouse (it looks like a USB stick) so I went to uni security to ask about it. Dude pulled out a huge tub full of USB sticks and told me to search in there, these were all the unidentified sticks from the past month. I didn't find it there so he said that it might have fallen into some other box. He brought out a similar huge tub full of phones.


I lost a USB stick drive once and went to the library to see if they had found it. The librarian brought the USB lost and found box out and told me to take what I wanted if my USB was not in there? She kept insisting I take more USBs but I only took mine.


I considered taking some random stick but it didn't feel right. What if the real owner comes in and their coursework is on there, or something? Security guy told me that they check all contents, there's often a CV or some essay with student's name on it. All those sticks were the ones without identifying info. He said that they keep them for a month or two and then donate them to charity.


A real LPT: if you’re at a hotel, tell them you left a phone charger in your room or that house keeping took it on accident and they will usually bring out a whole box full of phone chargers. Boom. If you don’t feel like lying, you can always ask if they have an extra and they’ll usually do the same.


Tried this at a Sheraton 4 points in Wakefield mass. Clerk basically said pound sand or buy one for $20


Yeah, has anyone actually tried this and succeeded? I tried once and the clerk looked at me like I had 2 heads.


I’ve tried it and the clerk also looked at me quizzically


It used to work back when every phone had a proprietary charger. I did this multiple times back in the day. Haven't needed to ask since usb wall plugs and micro usb/the big old apple plug changed the scene and you could get what you need at almost any gas station or big store.


That’s where pocket sand would have helped you


But that Nintendo Switch…


I guess the Switch will stay in the "I want it but won't buy it" category.


Yep.. Bought a switch at launch and now it's full of dust I have Mario odyssey, splatoon 2, Mario kart and Breath of the wild but the yearly subscription to play online is rough and if you lose/break your switch, they don't have cloud save so bye bye your BOTW save file and other stuff (not sure for animal crossing)


If it is from launch it is likely a hackable one. AKA you can stick every single game you can think of on it and turn it into the ultimate portable emulator.


It's also more expensive so you could probably sell it to someone interested in hacking it for the price of a new one. ~~Btw, any resources you'd recommend? I just found out mine is old enough~~ apparently this stuff seems to get caught by filters. Thanks for the advice


Backup/cloud saves are a thing if you have an active subscription to their online service. The moment it lapses, however, your save is deleted from the cloud until you refresh it. For context, the other services have at least a grace period for your saves.


They do have cloud saves… but I think it’s tied to their online sub and not all games even support it. I know Pokémon games don’t as my bf unfortunately found out when he upgraded to an OLED.


I'm sure she gets paid $30,000 a year so I doubt she gives a fuck. Edit: Fixed so I don't look like an idiot.......


I think I left my Lamborghini on a bench over there




no.... Blue! AAaaaahhhhh.!


Rip Sir Galahad.


Just come back in a new disguise until you get it right


Yes, it's red Officer: that was a trick question, we don't have a red Lamborghini.


Passenger : You lost my red Lambo?!


“Hey I lost my expensive multitool, is it here?“ “Maybe, what kind is it?“ “Actually I don’t know, I just know it was a multitool“ “okay was it one of these?” “Yes, that’s it, the most expensive one“ “ here you go sir, have a nice day“ Profit?


My everyday carry is a Leatherman ES4, which only cost like $25, but they quit making it — I’m terrified I’m going to lose it to TSA one of these days. I’ve had to hide it outside of countless event venues already…


I've had to ship my Leatherman back home from TSA twice. I think after the second time something finally stuck in my brain.


I'm sure they have stacks of leathermans


Did I leave my Rolex here?


I had an old samsung phone, Buttons no touch screen, I left it in the pub multiple times and I always got it back because it was so old and shit. Anyway, One time they dropped it to the police station, they rang me and said they had it and to come pick it up. When I got there they asked me what it looked like. I said a silver and black phone, So they bought out an iPhone and a chart to sign to say i'd collected. I was all nah, that's not it, it's a really old phone. I then got my phone back. So I guess, Be vague what it is you "lost"?


how did they ring you?


They rang my house phone from my phone which they had.


“Yes, I lost my suitcase. It was black, had wheels and a telescoping handle.” Certainly they must require more than that? Perhaps they ask you to list some of the things inside of it and open it with you there to make sure it has the same stuff?


"My husband packed my bag for me and I'm not entirely sure what he packed" or "I travel a lot and normally just repack my suitcase for the next trip when I get home so I don't remember exactly what I packed in there"


And if they ask you why a man would pack only women's clothing you tell them its 2022 and they should mind their business


I didn’t find out until I watched an episode of Bob’s Burgers that centers on an airport lost and found!


My dad has a group of friends who do trips to historical sites and stuff like that. They have meetings from time to time. One of the guys does door prizes. He works at an airport, and the prizes are usually confiscated pocket knives.


i wonder if he has unknowingly gifted a knife used in a crime


I highly doubt it. knife crimes are extremely rare and the average pocket knife owner is a harmless nerd who will talk your ear off about the steel type.




This is great advice at ski resorts too, lots of warm clothing you can adopt.


Security: "Umm, sir, you really lost 6 dildos?


*Checks asshole "No sorry my mistake, I'm just missing 4"


You can also mail it home. A lot of airports also have shipping places in them.


The penknife on my keychain has been mailed home three times.


Only once for me but how could you ever live without a pen knife on your keys right?


When I was still traveling frequently for work I once packed a full size tube of toothpaste because I'd forgotten to buy a travel size. I flew with it for no issues for several trips, until once when it was about empty they decided it was too dangerous to allow on the plane. They said I could leave security and mail it home. I told them I wasn't going to miss my flight home over the last remnants of a tube of toothpaste just throw it away. They acted as though I were insane and I almost got an expanded security check.


Funnily enough, this thing is considered dangerous up to the moment you surrender it. Then, it gets to go in the bin with hundreds of other supposedly dangerous devices...


Which is conveniently placed near a bottleneck area where all travelers must pass through slowly, in a queue


Of course it is. Eeek. Given enough group members, even if randomly shunted toward different check points, you could "innocently" build up something dangerous in there AND innocuously set it off.


You should have just brushed right there and then in the line. Like the guy who downed a whole bottle of vodka at security and (I think) died from alcohol poisoning.


I had lost my fancy EDC knife for over a year only for it to be found by the TSA scanner. I was more than happy to mail it home then.




I've fucked up twice, forgetting knives in my carry-on bag. The problem with those shipping places is that they're near check-in, which would require 2 trips through security. I gave up a $150 Benchmade just to save myself the second trip.


With a $150 Benchmade in my pocket now…I visibly cringed reading this. Haven’t flown since I bought it and now will have nightmares about forgetting to leave it home.


The novelty Christmas themed Buck knife that I forgot didn't bother me at all, but losing my longtime EDC hurt bad. I was coming home from Vegas and forgot to put it in my checked bag, like I normally do.


I used to buy benchmades from our State Surplus auction that came from airports. Now, the prices are so high I might as well buy retail.


Should go watch the airport security auction sites and see if you can buy it back. :P


When I was flying from New Zealand to Los Angeles they told me I had to mail my knife because it was .5” too long. Didn’t have time so I had to chunk it :(. It was a good knife too.


Should have just used your other knife to cut a bit off it


I flew from Amsterdam to Oslo once, with a 13" bayonet in my hand luggage. One of my mates thought it was fun to take it from my check-in bag and put it in my hand luggage instead. Neither me nor security found it, until I was looking for my wallet to pay for a in flight soda. The flight attendant saw me pick it up, and saw me visibly surprised, so he just shrugged and told me to keep it safe lol. But by god if you bring a bottle of water! Meanwhile, my mate almost fell of the plane laughing once the flight attendant walked on.


Your friend is not a good person.


Yeah, when I traveled for a living I bought a cheap swiss army knife and a Leatherman to take with me instead of my good pocketknife. I lost 2 Leatherman and a Swiss army knife to the guys in Germany when I forgot to take them out of the bottom of my carryone over the years, those guys were good


This reminds me of high school. We had to go through a metal detector every day when we got to school. The week after graduation I cleaned out my backpack.. I opened a side pocket and found a pocket knife I had took on a summer trip 2 summers before. I had forgotten all about it because I hardly ever use a knife but had took it with me that trip in case, since it was a nature trip. The metal detector had never picked up my pocket knife for two years...oh well!!


Metal detector for school??????


Most schools here don't. Where I grew up they only had them at some of the inner city schools in areas with a lot of gang activity.


Tell me you don't live in the US or are older than 40 without telling me you're older than 40 or don't live in the US. Edit: My bad. My school went nuts with no backpacks and metal detectors not long after Columbine. I always considered it to be an average high school, but maybe not. We generally had a few shootings at football games throughout the year, but never anything during school hours at the actual schools (football games were generally at a neutral location). So calm down! I unintentionally extrapolated my experience.


I'm pretty sure it completely depends on the school. Didn't even know schools actually had metal detectors and I graduated in 2016


Class of 2020 and no metal detectors for me, you just had to walk to the front desk and they’d press a button to let you in.


Graduated HS in 2014. Elementary school and high school had no metal detectors, and the front doors were always unlocked


Graduated in 2008 and every door was always unlocked. I visited after graduating multiple times without any kinda sign in


I graduated pretty recently and we literally just walked into the school. Only time we needed an ID or a button to enter is if classes were in session


my school didnt even have that. waving was usually good


Yeah, my school was almost in the hood and we fights and stuff almost every day, but no metal detectors. I know a lot of inner city schools have them though, especially hood hood schools. I graduated in 2011 though. I don't know how things in schools go these days.


Well under 40, live in the US, and have never seen a metal detector at a school. I’ve heard of some inner city schools having them, but that’s about it.


I’m a 26 year old American and I never used metal detectors at high school


I’m only 20 and did not have metal detectors in school


Yes.. everyone had to go through the gym door, in a line. I started going early so I could go to the lunchroom and wait for the bell. This was in 2005.


TSA found an exacto blade in my bag that I'd forgotten about. Only problem? They found it while I was going through security on my *return* trip. Back to *Washington, DC*. They'd missed it while I flew out of literally the closest airport to the Capitol.


You assume nothing disappears from there


Better than it getting confiscated with a guaranteed loss.


Knowing the TSA there's a 99% chance you can just put it in your bag and it will go right past them.


But is it better than paying the very small fee for them to keep it for you to collect on your return?


Is that even a thing? I know *some* airports have private companies on-site that will ship things from the airport to your home.


Due to a very strange bet that my dad ended up involved with, I know that airport security will hold items for you to collect upon your return for a small fee. They aren't shipped anywhere, just held and you pick them up on return.


Are you in the US? If so, which airport? Because I have only ever been directed to a UPS that was in the airport or a garbage can.


Imagine bringing a cheap Bic lighter to the lost and found and then reclaiming it lol


Especially when you can just carry it through security


Yea i remember i brought one in my carry on when i was young and thinking i got away with murder


I flew to and from Hawaii not realizing I had a pocket knife in the bottom of my bag. More recently, I flew to and from Florida with a half smoked bowl in the bottom of one of the pockets of my bag. Nearly had a heart attack when I realized. After that I started making an effort to completely and absolutely empty my bags before packing.


Accidentally brought full size scissors in my carry on bag, no one noticed.


I mean hell at this point my dad brought 3 thc cartridges and like 5 edibles in his shit and now i just dont believe theyre actually doing shit as an adult


Then here I am, with a backpack that once had weed in it, getting patted down in front of everyone


Bro I put fireworks in by bag once, just small ones when we were going to the place to light them, 3 weeks later in the airport they surrounded me and was taking into screening etc. Traces of explosives in my bag, lesson learnt.


>“TSA officers DO NOT search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. Our screening procedures are focused on security and detecting potential threats. But in the event a substance appears to be marijuana or a cannabis-infused product, we’re required by federal law to notify law enforcement. This includes items that are used for medicinal purposes.” >"certain airports, like LAX and O’Hare, have publicly announced that they will not stop any outbound passenger in possession of an ounce or less of marijuana,”


>and now i just dont believe theyre actually doing shit as an adult The TSA has/had a group of people called "Red Team" dedicated to trying to sneak simulated contraband (guns, bombs, whatever) through security. The TSA generally failed/fails these tests spectacularly.


They aren't usually going to find drugs without something like sniffing dogs. Xray will go right through that stuff.


I've flown with a pack of joints and a reasonable amount of flower


I brought a full on snap-off project razor blade and didn't realize until I got home. But the prior time I brought a bag of whole bean coffee back and they thought it was a frag bomb and had to check my bag and open my fresh coffee.


“Alright! Gimme the plane or the bitch loses a cuticle!” -Robin Williams


Perhaps OP forgot we can bring lighters on planes, again. ETA: I remember losing a lighter or two when the no-lighters rule went into effect.


I remember getting my bag searched because I had TWO lighters. One lighter is okay. Two however? Big no no from airport security


My $20 discontinued body lotion from 2006 though 😭


Girlfriend once brought her favorite grafting knife to the airport (forgot it was in her backpack). Options security gave her were to have someone come out and get it (not enough time) or have it confiscated. It's a small airport, so no option to mail home. I offered her a third alternative, which involved me taking the knife outside the airport and burying it in one of the large planters just outside the entrance. She was skeptical, but when we returned it was exactly where I had left it and no worse for wear. It wasn't the first time I've used this trick, and I"m sure it won't be the last.


I did sort of the same thing with a pocket knife behind a garbage can holder outside of a sports stadium. When I came back after the game, it was still there and I got it back. If you put it in a place nobody will look, nobody will find it. Its a good trick.


Lol I did the same thing, hid a pocket knife inside the men's bathroom before going through security, was still there 10 days after returning


I actually think that it was the security lady that gave me the idea in the first place. She was cool.


I used this trick when I was 15 and my Mom dropped myself and a friend off at a Led Zeppelin concert. My friend brought her camera, cameras were not allowed in concerts in 1976. I jumped down into a planter and stashed it under the bushes and retrieved it later after the show. (no cell phones so I couldn't call my Mom back to us, plus we lived 25 miles away)


I used to work on the 6th floor of a building across the road from a federal courthouse. One of our morning forms of entertainment was watching people stash drugs and weapons in the landscaping they somehow *forgot* not to bring to a frickin' court date - Yeah, not really much mystery as to the sort of poor decisions that led them to a court date in the first place. We called in four guns and one not-a-bomb (it turned out to be just a gym bag, no idea why they stashed it in the bushes) while I worked there.


And how many free drugs did you go and liberate yourself?


I won't deny partaking in the recreational pharmacopoeia on occasion, but no way in hell am I putting anything unknown in my body that someone tossed in the bushes. I knew of a few coworkers who very much appreciated the free supply, though.


Lowly airport...thou'rt unfit even to graft...


Ha I did this at a concert once with my pepper spray! Didn't want to walk all the way back to the car so I just put it in some bushes around the corner


Yep I've done this outside of courthouses (not as a criminal defendant, for context).


That’s a really good idea. Happened to be one with a very expensive bottle of Cologne. They wouldn’t let me even check it. I asked to use the restroom real quick and hid it behind the spare toilet paper in the little storage closet. It was still there a week later.


"Hi can I just leave this bomb here for a few days thanks"


"Don't mind the ticking. I'm sure I remembered to turn it off"


“The ticking should stop any time now”


Lol better than mine.




There are actually weed cans in some airports for tourists to trash theirs, and I'm told you can loot them somehow


It's a long shot, but this might be one more reason to engrave your contact info somewhere on your important everyday carry items. I used to buy boxes of knives at government auctions. Most had been confiscated at local airports. I would sell them at flea markets and on eBay, but on one occasion I was able to find the person who had lost the knife at the airport and get it back to them because they had their email address engraved on one of the blades. That being said, 90% of what I got at the auctions was garbage and so I always suspected that the TSA agents kept the nice knives for themselves.


I had a TSA guy come running over and take a knife after I told the other guy to just throw it away. He definitely kept it. TSA is a welfare job.


It's more authority than law enforcement with less training and fewer rules, and a lower bar to entry thsn other federal jobs that somehow still counts in your favor to help you get those jobs, and the vast majority of it is almost pure theater. It's fundamentally broken.


TSA isn't allowed to just throw prohibited items like knives away. They are collected, placed in a drop box, and eventually sold off in bulk by the government. I won't say thefts by officers never occur, but they are exceedingly rare. There are cameras everywhere, and any complaint of theft will trigger an investigation. And when you are caught stealing, you'll be fired, fined twice, charged, barred from all government employment, and barred from working in any airport. Not really worth it for a pocket knife.


I honestly did this once at a musical festival. I had a sweater with me which I was carrying around incase it got cold. Was getting annoyed with it. Made a picture of it. Brought it to lost and found and retrieved it with showing the picture of the exact sweater when it eventually got colder later that day


>Made a picture of it. Found the German. EDIT: Dutch, according to post history. Close.


Gatwick UK charges like £30 per item to claim it from lost and found


Insane, they’re scalping you in your own items?


You know this doesn't surprise me one bit. 21st century life fucking sucks


Gatwick has the most pos security of any airport I've been through


You can absolutely go through security with a lighter. I do it literally every time I fly which is pretty often and they’ve never taken it from me. I don’t even hide it I put it in the bucket to go through the X-ray and they say nothing. Left it in my pocket once and they caught it on the body scanner and took it out of my pocket, patted me down and then gave it back to me.


At thr San Francisco airport, they have a self mailing station by security so you can mail your stuff like that to yourself


Unethical Life Pro Tip: If you need a Banned item like a knife or a lighter. Go to the airport list and found.


Lost a sweet weed pipe to the airport trash can once. I was smoking in a the car on the way and forgot it was in my hoodie pocket. Realized it as I was walking up to security so I had to throw it away. I'm sure the lost and found wouldn't have been to keen on saving it for me.


What if I accidentally bring a banned item (knife, lighter, etc.) to my work airport?


I've walked through airport security with a lighter in my bag multiple times without being caught. I didn't even know it was in my backpack until I had traveled through multiple airports.