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"Your visual quality has declined since we last met" "Yes Im expiring"


I was in Hong Kong in July about 5 years ago, and I got off the MTR (subway) at the correct stop, but walked out the wrong entrance so I ended up having to walk about 1 mile to my hotel in sweltering heat with my suitcase and backpack. When I checked in, the guy working the front desk handed me Kleenex and a water before asking, "Is it hot outside? Because you are raining." Still my favorite way to express excessive sweating.


I have hyperhydrosis and social anxiety. Every time I meet someone new, it's hurricane season!


Ikr. Shaky Palms are sweaty.


Jfc how does a wrong entrance result in an additional one-mile walk?


The MTR in Hong Kong is insane. The stop I got off at has underground shops, underground tunnels/walkways, and something like 10 different exits. It's crazy. Also, the hotel itself was probably 0.5 mile from the exit I should have taken, so it's not as crazy as it sounds. [Map](https://www.sandspice.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Tsim-Sha-Shui-Map.jpg) \- It was the East TST station (highlighted in red) - you can see how big the station is


Those underground shopping areas are super cool. Japan also has a lot. You don"t really see it but it's like the city has another whole floor underground. There's entire shopping districts with restaurants under big intersections and the exits go in and out everywhere.


I spent nearly an entire day underground my first time in Tokyo. I was not aware of this underground area until I visited and ended up exploring it nearly all day before I embarrassingly realized how long I’d been down there.


When you come out at L6 instead of P2.....


Sometimes Apple Maps tells you which direction to go. You select to exit from that side because you trust Apple Maps. Meanwhile your boyfriend is at a restaurant 1/2 block away waiting to propose as you walk the gauntlet through the hood in heels because you trusted Apple maps!


Why did this also happen to me in Japan? (Minus the proposal lol) It was during those 6 months when iphones couldn't get Google maps.




The image of your boyfriend calling you, baby where are you? I got the proposal table set up for my proposal!


apple maps is god for telling you which train to go on though


Uh...youve never ridden the subway in Mexico City, I guess......... There are some mile long connections underground you have to walk *just to transfer trains*. Its absolutely bonkers.


In a similar incident I was asked "Why are you leaking like that?"


Having grown up at 52 degrees north and now living at 30 degrees north, I’m stealing that for when I mow the lawn.


haha that is such a poetic way of saying you're a hot mess.


Strange Planet?


If it’s not it might as well be


Im perspiring


This sounds like a Nathan Pyle comic lol


I found it most pragmatic in a movie Someone said “how is your mom” Person replied “she’s dying” which was accurate, due to the cancer


Which was accurate, because we are all dying.


The rule I was always taught is if it's something that is easily fixed, then mention it. If not, then say nothing. So, if someone has a little smudge of food on the side of their mouth, let them know so they can wipe it away. If they have a lazy eye, don't point it out.


>If they have a lazy eye, don't point it out. as the smudge of food is serving as a distraction from the lazy eye. good thinkin.


Very funny!


I never noticed i had a lazy eye until someone told me i had one. That also contributed me to getting glasses, due to the eye had a 'blurrier vision', i used the other eye as the dominant, causing the lazy eye.


I didn’t notice the bald spot on the top of my head. Then the super rude barber lady asked me why I lose so much hair, told me I stress too much and sent me on my way. I’ve since started hair loss meds. Probably won’t go back to her if I ever need a haircut tho.


I've gone to the same barber for about 10 years and I've definitely started thinning on top in the last 4 or 5 years but not enough to worry. At my most recent cut, I told him how short I want it (the same length I always get) and for the very first time he asked "are you sure?" Something about hearing that for the first time definitely makes one start obsessing.


And yet she saved your life! Well, your hair's life.


Lol I was more upset my girl never told me about it


Maybe she likes a shiny lil' daddy head!


Go all in. The bald look works well for a lot of guys.


I appreciate the lazy eye one with my dad. Yes, he has one. Yes, it’s been like that a long time. No, you really don’t need to point it out when he’s in earshot. I always appreciate the people that pull me to the side and go “so what’s going on with mad eye moody over there?” instead of asking my dad.


I worked with a kid who had a pretty noticeable lazy eye. Never said anything about it. After a few months his brother started to work there too. I asked him and apparently he was stabbed in the eye in a knife fight as a kid, had to have some crazy middle of nowhere Central America doctor put his eye back in his head and is completely blind in that eye. Glad I never gave him any shit about it.


Cocaine fueled car wreck in his late 20s for my dad. Really crazy story for people to hear.


If I ever get permanently injured I hope there's at least an interesting story to accompany it.


The way gas prices are going, cocaine fueled cars might be practical!


Someone pointed out my lazy eye and I never noticed it till they pointed it out and now I notice it and it bugs me. I miss my ignorant bliss.


This is the real LPT right here


It’s a great LPT that can be applied to multiple situations


It's also an LPT that gets repostef every other week here


That's not something that can be easily fixed


The typo, however, could


I was born blind my right eye. Over time, it has started to turn in more and more. Most people don’t say anything… but I do notice a lot of people looking over their shoulders thinking I’m looking at something behind them. I’ll also say most of the time I’m the first one to crack a joke about it to break the awkwardness.


It can be hard to not steal a quick glance at something like that, but hopefully people try to be polite about it.


A friend of mine in High School had a lazy eye and I never brought it up but I always felt like shit trying to have a conversation with him because his eye movements were all over the place and I felt like half the time I wasn’t sure if he was starting a conversation with me or someone else.


I once pointed out a smudge of food to a coworker. And it was a birthmark.


That’s when I pull the old “ope, yep, you got it”


A lazy eye points itself out anyhow.


I'll make sure to cross the t's and dot the ... lower-case j's...


Pointing a person's eye out is assault


"Your butts all sweaty" Thanks, yeah I had no idea I had the entire everglades between my ass cheeks. Appreciate you letting me know.


This is one of those lpt's where you can tell it's gotta be the result of an experience.


You bet my sweaty ass it is


Who said it to you and why were you sweating lol


I have a condition, and I get it often in social situations. Like yeah, dude, no shit i know I'm sweating


Fellow hyperhidrosis sufferer here. It’s a snowball effect for me if it gets mentioned and just makes life miserable


Same! My husband will hold my hand and go, “oh you aren’t sweating!” Which always triggers a tsunami.


Hyperhydrosis gang. I cant wear tight shirts if they aren't black :,) I will have a sweat circle that ends half way down my sides.


Glycopyrrolate is the answer. Ask your doctor.


medical grade antiperspirant really helped me with that problem. I only have to reapply once a week, after showering, at night.


Yeahhhh... For armpits. My problem lately is that I have a flood coming out of my face. I have actually applied the stuff to my face but it's about a 50/50 chance that it really ends up hurting for several days at a time. I have gotten to the point where I carry a couple paper towels around in my pocket... They are almost constantly soaked.


Ask your doctor about Glycopyrrolate, it's absolutely life changing.


Yes! I had it bad as a teenager. Social situations and stress made it worse. Prescription-strength antiperspirant was a lifesaver. The good news is that over time it got completely better and was a non-issue by my late 20's. Not sure if it was due to diet and lifestyle changes or if it was just something that I grew out of.


Do you notice if you’re generally just more comfortable in social situations? Or are you experiencing the same amount of stress/anxiety but just no sweat at all?


This! Certain Dri changed my life and my wardrobe.


Closely related, I've suffered from spontaneous dental hydroplosion for years. Things got awkward when we had to opt in for certain conditions to have them covered by insurance and the guy running the show hasn't heard of it.


Hyperhydrosis gang. I cant wear tight shirts if they aren't black :,) I will have a sweat circle that ends half way down my sides.


Just hand him a snorkel!


Did not know it had a name, this is me.


It's so bad. You worry that you're gonna sweat, and that makes you sweat even worse. I always keep a change of clothes in my vehicle now.


I also have hyperhidrosis, and was recently prescribed glycopyrrolate for it. There's a secondary effect that almost completely eliminated my hyperhidrosis. Let me tell you, it was a game changer for me.


Any side effects? I've been suffering for years, and it's only getting worse. I generally bring a bag with a change of clothes and a towel to casual settings. Formal functions or even work is a mess. I have to plan ages ahead.


Dry mouth is the only thing I experience, and that's irregular and dependent on dose. I try to drink more water these days amyway so it's not really an issue


I am sweating reading this. I would go into meetings for work and it is an absolute shit show. And as soon as it starts it becomes a 5 alarm fire!


Fellow sufferer, try drysol or a similar strong antiperspirant. Ignore advertising and pick the one with highest Aluminum chloride content. It really works and has helped me through the most stressful social situations


I had a terrible reaction to drysol. Glycopyrrolate is another option that was life changing for me.


Used to do Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid with a man that had this condition. I always thought he was trying very hard, and that's why it looked like he stepped out of a pool.


Clonidine can be an effective (off label) medication to chat with your doctor about when topicals don’t do the trick. Life changer after moving to a hot and humid climate. [Endocrinology Case Study](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5240237/#Sec3title) on how


The first rule of sweat club is you do not talk about sweat club


When a new person is with me at work, I just tell them ahead of time to get it out of the way and so they don’t worry lol


When any person is near me I just get it out of the way lol. No I'm not dying, yes this is normal, please don't say anything else haha


I'm just English, obese and living in Australia...


Mate, I had it so so bad. Any time I'd go to the pub/club my head would be ringing wet. It was horrible and someone always mentioned it. It made it a million times worse. I don't know if your as bad, but if so, get prescribed probanthine. It literally changed my life.


Do you take it as needed or is it a daily thing? How long before do you need to take it? As a fellow head-sweater my whole life (and everywhere else), it fucking sucks. No one understands how bad that shit is, even others with hyperhidrosis. In my 40s now so the social damage has been done. But just going to the store and not having to take another shower after would be nice.


I honestly know how you feel. I smoked for years and the main reason was so I could be outside the pubs, rather than be inside freaking out because my head was dripping. I suffered in front facing roles because I would be too embarrassed. I was going to a good friends wedding and I was terrified because I knew I'd be sweating the whole time. I searched to see if there was anything available, found these, and asked my doctor to prescribe them. You take them half an hour before food, when required. I hardly take them at all. Now, because half my issue was anxiety. Knowing that I won't sweat makes all the difference. I still occasionally sweat, but it is very manageable. The only side effects I get are dry eyes and mouth. Water and eye drops take care of this. https://www.nps.org.au/medicine-finder/pro-banthine-tablets


Yeah my mom carries a fan with her in case she has a hot flash, that would suck I hate sweating


I suffer from craniofacial hyperhydrosis. Sucks


Absolute worst version of the condition. Basically ruined my social life growing up.


I concur


Nice username haha. It runs in my family too.. they call my dad Sweaty Teddy.


There is definitely someone with a kink for it that you can give the time of their life if you find them.


Not OP. I had just ridden in the backseat of a full Uber. It was winter so I had my coat on but it got hot real quick but I was kinda squished in so I had to stew. Get there and sit down with the group and one person made a comment about it.


Not OP but I get asked this all the time. I am sweating because my body is cooling off. Also I live in Miami. Or maybe I was really getting into the music. It’s just my body.


Omg. I pour sweat for the first 3 hours of my day because of medication. It’s so embarrassing.


Could be your soap. Took me a long time to figure that out because changing one didn’t do anything but trying different soaps and shampoos made a freaking world of difference for me.


That happened to me on concerta. Also didn't help my ADHD worth a damn. Adderall got my distracted ass through grad school


Username checks out


Fellow sufferer, try drysol or a similar strong antiperspirant. Ignore advertising and pick the one with highest Aluminum chloride content. It really works and has helped me through the most stressful social situations. For me it started at 21and from my armpits.


It's a good one though in general - akin to not asking if someone is pregnant bc they might be fat but either way, they know they have a big stomach! Maybe the summary of this tip is: let's just not make comments on people's bodies unless the body is clearly about to die from blood loss and no one is doing anything about it.


As a person who has hyperhidrosis, if you wanna be helpful instead of pointing out the obvious, I'll never feel offended if you wanna hand me a small towel or a paper towel. Try not to give tissues cause they don't really absorb much in terms of sweat.


What I really need is a room to hide in for at least 30 minutes with something to fan and wipe my face and head. Once my body adjusts to the change and I can dry off my hair, I'm solid.


Yes, that's a great point!


My personal rule is if it can't be sorted in like five minutes don't mention it. Someone's got something in their teeth or their hair is out of place, or their makeup has smudged, tell them. That's easy to fix quickly. Something they can't fix quickly is just mean to point out, like weight or if they have spots or something like that.


Unless it’s period blood. Please tell the ladies. We can’t hold it in.


If you were in a situation where you wouldn't be able to fix it/hide it, would you want to be informed? Asking for a friend who didn't want to embarrass someone in the past...


Hell yes. I still want to know. I’d apply stoner engineering to the problem and find a way to cover up. “I think you sat in something” is all you need to say.


Speaking as someone who’d rather wear a wet washed out skirt/shorts over bloody skirt/shorts, yes. I will absolutely rinse that out in the sink in a public bathroom, or at least do *something* about it. But my periods are so heavy, I promise this doesn’t happen to me anymore. I’m in the bathroom every hour changing tampons and pads. Yes, together. Always together.


YES always together. My flow isn't as heavy but I can't feel secure unless I have both.


Yes, so I could at least go to the bathroom and use a new tampon/pad to prevent it from getting worst. Also at times I didn’t have something else to change into I’d just take a sweatshirt and tie it around my waist. Or just try to remain seated so no one else sees, there’s always that if absolutely nothing else.


We can always do something about it, if we know about it.


Serious question here u/juneburger As a man in his late 40's how would I be able to notify a coworker about this without coming off like a creepy guy who was staring at her crotch? My first instinct would be to not tell her directly but to talk to another woman I work with and ask her to tell her. I respect all of my coworkers and would never want any of them to feel uncomfortable around me whether they be older/younger than me or guys or gals.


“I think you may have sat in something” Please don’t point this out to other people to tell her (oh it’s better coming from a woman…no it’s not just stop pointing it out to *other* people).


Telling someone they smell bad can't be fixed in five minutes but it might do them a world of good because it's difficult to notice this yourself. A good friend of mine told me this recently and I was very thankful that he let me know. I really had no idea because I shower every day and use deodorant. Still, I bought some looser fitting clothes, shaved my armpits and tried a new deodorant, and now I don't smell anymore. Personally I think the rule should be that if it's something they likely haven't noticed, you should tell them. All of your examples fit into this category as well. They know about their weight but probably don't know they have something in their teeth.


i would make it "if it's something they likely haven't noticed *and it's an appropriate time" There are a lot of really important things you might need to tell someone, and it might be tempting to slip a quick comment into a casual conversation to avoid a scene, but if someone needed to tell me that I reeked, I would hope they could just send a concerned text at like 7PM on a Thursday night instead of bringing it up when I'm sitting down to a nice brunch, you know?


This is a good rule. Im going to repeat it. 👍


i used to get armpit sweat just sitting and talking. or casually playing video games in an air conditioned house. heaven forbid i was actually *doing something in the heat*. 🤣 i'm pretty sure it has a name but i never consulted a doctor about it. it was just an annoyance. but then i started using a special deodorant (certain dri. follow the instructions if you decide to try it.) and took clippers and got rid of most of my armpit hair. between those two things, my armpits aren't just constantly sweating anymore. it's nice. edit; side note in case anyone tries that deodorant; try the extra strength version. the clinical strength is insanely strong. i had the weirdest reaction. it burned and itched at the same time. so itching it burned. it was very not cool.


Hyperhidrosis is the clinical name for it. I suffer from it and the doctors can’t pinpoint the issue for me sadly. I’ve tried clinical strength deodorant as well as actual prescription deodorant, doesn’t do anything for me. At this point I wear Thompson Tee undershirts which have built in armpit pads so I do t sweat through my shirts. I usually only wear those for work though as I wear a suit for my job. Outside of that I typically wear a lot of black to mask my sweat. It definitely sucks and has made things difficult for me. But I’ve grown used to it and my friends and girlfriend don’t really mention it and it doesn’t bother her. It for sure sucks though because regardless what I’m doing or if I’m hot or cold I will sweat. It can be the middle of winter and I’m freezing and I will still sweat through my clothes.


Botox injections can actually treat it and do so very successfully. I had it done and can't believe I waited for years dealing with that ridiculous problem when there was a solution. I highly recommend it, especially above those scalding Rx antiperspirants.


This times 100. Botox is a standard $35 copay under my medical insurance and it was absolutely life changing. Botox treatments four times a year and I no longer sweat through shirts. Can’t recommend it enough.


Question regarding this. How does the botax treatment work? I assume they have to inject it where you sweat? I sweat all over pretty severely, back, face, arms, stomach, everywhere.


When you overproduce sweat basically everywhere, that's a difficult problem to address because the injections must be placed in the overactive glands. Therefore it's much more successful for folks with, say, underarm sweating where the issue is in a small designated location.


That makes sense and kind of what I figured. Thanks for the info!


Thanks for the heads up! I’ve looked into it actually, I just haven’t pulled the trigger on it due to costs and such. I’m in a better position now though financially so this was a good reminder to look into it again!


This was me to a T a few years ago. I had several Thompson Tees for which I would use for work. Loved those, but didn't like the bulk under my armpit. Contemplated a few surgeries to remove the sweat glands, but then didn't want anything permanent. Then I came across Drysol - have you tried this? It's 20% Aluminum Chloride solution. I put it on maybe once a week, or twice if I know of an event where I could be sweating more. I'm telling you I have not had to worry about underarm sweat for a couple years now and even donated all my Thompson Tees to Goodwill. The solution is so strong that if your skin has no been exposed to it before, it may burn a little. After a month or so of using, your skin will no longer burn upon application. Talk to your doctor about trying it out. I get mine online through Roman (website)


The reason it burnt was formation of weak hydrochloric acid. It stopped burning because your pits were no longer damp/moist when applying. To get around this just pat your armpits dry with tissue before application eve if you think they are dry.


Ya, the bulk of the Thompson tees is precisely why I don’t wear them in everyday life. They are really comfortable and don’t smell after a full day of wearing them thankfully. But it still feels gross having them on all day. But I did try drysol about 6 years ago for a few months and that didn’t work for me either sadly. Admittedly I haven’t tried any of the clinical strength stuff in quite a few years because it never worked but I should try again just to see if my body has changed some and reacts more positively towards it.


https://www.sweatblock.com/ I was in the exact same position. This stuff fixed it for me. You only have to apply it at night before you go to bed maybe once a week. Obviously everyone is different. I found I'd sweat more the more I thought about it. Now 10 years or so on from when I first started using it I've almost completely stopped sweating on my own. I feel it might be because I've stopped thinking about it so much. I'll mention. It is itchy as fuck. For me it was a very small price to pay. I did get Botox for awhile, definitely works but it's expensive, about $1200 a pop in Australia and would only last 3-4 months for me.


Do you use it on your body? I work construction and my shirts get soaked in the summer. I usually change shirts at lunch to give myself a break but then that shirt will be soaked in short time too. I don't even have to work too hard. If it's a little warm out, I'm sweating. Wayyy more than mostly anyone I've ever worked with. I usually avoid outdoor activities in Summer too because I'll be the only one sweating through my shirt in no time.


I had a terrible reaction to Drysol and other prescription antiperspirants. Ask your doctor about Glycopyrrolate, I never thought I'd stop sweating and this was the only thing that worked. Absolutely life changing after 36 years of suffering.


Thanks for sharing! I actually had tried that quite a few years back and it didn’t work either sadly. But I mentioned in another post, I haven’t tried any of these things in over 5 years at least so it’s worth a shot again. Maybe my body will react more positively to it. Thanks again!


google miradry. Its not inversive and will kill 80 % of your hair and sweat glands. I had mine in November and its way way better, not perfekt because i were sweating like 20 dudes. But its forever. Costs like 2000€ and they never had somebody who need a second one like me.


Oxybutinin and glycopyrrolate are drugs you can get prescribed to treat hyperhidrosis - at least in the US. I take glycopyrrolate tablets orally and it blocks the signals telling your body to produce sweat (though side effects include dry eyes and mouth since it dampens the signals for liquid production in the body)


I read OP's post as "swearing" instead of "sweating" and I was confused. Then I read your comment and was more confused until it finally clicked. It may be time for me to go back to bed.


i haven't found a fix for my swearing yet but if i ever do i'll let yall know. 🙏


Nah, fuck it, you're all good.


As a teacher and mom I try to use empathy and offer an idea for better times/places to allow various word choices. For example, “Hey X, I know working through physics homework can be frustrating. I understand the need to let that feeling out, but when you are in school those word choices are inappropriate. Heavens knows I have used my fair share of ‘grown up words’ when I was taking physics- [use eyebrows to emphasize this empathy!!], but I need to ask you to save the cursing for other situations. Like if a friend is suddenly really hurt during lab and it catches you by surprise, or if a glass pie pan with hot just finished pie falls out of your hands and shatters- breaking the pie, the pan, and the over door, that is a totally understandable time for cursing. But, right now, probably not the place to express your feelings with those words.” (Having experienced each and every situation has allowed me to be actively empathetic with the high school kids who think cursing is a trait rather than choice).


Wow, that’s brilliant.


certain dri changed my life. Honestly. Never had a product work so quickly and so well.


If you buy this deodorant I find it’s best to put on when your armpits are completely dry and then let the product dry completely before you sweat (I use air from a blow dryer to sped it up). And don’t put it on the day you shave! It can cause a lot of irritation but it definitely helps a lot.


Absolutely. I get in to a panic loop where I realise I'm sweating, become anxious about it, and then proceed to sweat more.


This is me. So debilitating.


Same with me. It is so frustrating. Most of my sweating occurs on my face so it is extremely obvious and very hard to stop once that anxiety gets going.


Yep - mines entirely on my head. My arm pits are dry and water is dropping off my face. All social anxiety. It sucks.


Woah we all have the same problem, what the. I have never met anyone who does this like we do


I have hyperhidrosis. It’s a medical condition that causes excessive sweating. I’ve had times where I would sweat like I was in a sauna in normal room temp. It’s happened an embarrassing amount of times. It would happen at school, work, church—just about anywhere outside of a gym where sweating in front of people would make you the center of unwanted attention.


Me too, and there's always one guy who feels the need to mention it or make a joke at your expense. It's not funny, it's not conducive and it honestly makes me sweat even more.


This happens to me frequently too. Well the sweating. I've looked into it a little and found what works for me are Secure (topical glycopyrrolate) pads. Does wonders honestly.


I had Botox injections for my hands. It was effective for 6 months, but didn’t want another 100 needle pokes to my hands. Luckily my doctor I prescribed me Glycopyrrolate pills, which helps keep the sweat under control.


Yep, you get the, “are you okay? You’re sweating a lot!” I had hyperhydrosis in my underarms and fixed that with DrySol, but I still just normally sweat a lot. Then I go into the whole loop of, “I’m sweating, people will notice me sweating and think I’m weird, and that’s making me sweat more.” When I first started teaching, I got nervous and the sweats would come. I finally just had to tell my students, “hey guys, don’t worry - I tend to sweat a lot until I get used to new people. Don’t worry, I don’t smell and I won’t get close to you. However, I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m fine.” That helped a lot.


I have HH so my sister's favorite game is to go "Why are you so sweaty?" to me while I'm not sweating to get the waterworks going, and my favorite game in response is to grab her and wipe my sweat off on her.


Bruhhhh 😂


I feel that way about the "You've gotten bigger" and "You look older" mentions since I gained some pandemic weight and my hairline started to recede. Like yeah I know bro, I have several mirrors.


my favorite is "you look tired" ...thanks, so i look like shit? perfect.


That’s annoying cuz I have dark circles no matter how much sleep I get


I get “have you gotten taller” a lot. I’m 45 years old and have been this tall for all my adult life lol.


They must be shrinking, so you look taller in comparison.


ha you must look like a 16 year old then


This is true in the reverse as well. I finished my weight loss last year, but during it and especially at the end, people would often comment “You’re so tiny! Don’t lose too much more!” What they didn’t know is that I legitimately had a problem with *stopping* losing weight. I hit my goal… and kept going. It wasn’t on purpose, if anything I started eating higher fat/calorie foods, but it kept falling off. I was starting to worry something was medically wrong and my anxiety skyrocketed. Their comments did not help my situation any.


Yes, that’s why people should just avoid commenting on other people’s weight as a general rule.


Very true. I’ve gotten so many comments about how great I look now that I’ve lost 120 pounds that I’m so scared of gaining any weight at all. I’ve noticed I’ve been taking drastic measures to not gain back any weight and I weigh myself obsessively. Having OCD doesn’t help. Getting all these compliments now makes me realize how atrocious everyone thought I looked before and I’m terrified of ever going back.


I had a weird thing after I was done with my wrestling career and subsequently gained weight. People would always come up to me and be like “wow have you been working out?” Despite the fact that I had put on a bunch of weight and not at all been working out. Idk if that was just an indication that I was looking healthier (which I was, considering I’m 6’2” and was wrestling at 165lbs at one point) or people not knowing how else to address the physical change. But it sure was awkward being like “yeah, uhh, I haven’t been working out I just gained some weight”


I'd say that's an indication that you look healthy. you can't just tell someone they look healthy though, it's a backhanded compliment that sort of implies you were looking pretty rough there for a while.


Yeah, I feel like that’s what most people were trying to convey. I certainly was underweight during my wrestling career so I’m sure I looked much healthier once I got to a normal weight. Of course mentally it was, and still has been, a pretty big adjustment for me. But that’s pretty common with most former athletes I’d imagine


Thank you for this. My anxiety “tic” is profuse uncontrollable sweating.


I had someone annoyingly mock me for commenting my sweating makes me uncomfortable. I can sweat through my clothes in just a few minutes, depending on my anxiety level. Like no, you don't get it, I am not sweating like everyone else you jerk.


Same thing if their face is red, either from exercising or from embarrassment. Mentioning it just makes it worse!


I sweat and it’s very stressful for me and when someone mentions it makes it even worse.




Same af


I love when you get a spot or blemish on your face that's noticeable and a family is like 'do you have a spot on your face' like ofcourse.


A menopausal woman has entered the chat, red-faced and sweating.


The reverse is also true. "You don't sweat much for a fat guy" is not the compliment you think it is.


As a few other people on the thread have said, some meds cause people to sweat profusely. People taking those meds are intensely aware that they are sweating profusely. People who point it out are the kinds of assholes who enjoy publicly humiliating people for anything that's the slightest bit aberrant.


Always keep unnecessary comments locked away. I also try to ALWAYS tell someone I have not seen in ages that they look great just to watch their face light up. It is mutual and you tend to have a nicer conversation/time when people are in a good with less drama.


I wouldn’t lie and say they looked great if they didn’t tho, I like specific compliments that are honest


There's no need to mention anything physical about someone else. Both bc they already know and it's rude AF. "Wow! You're tall!" "Your face is so red!" Etc See also: -Commenting on what people eat or how much they eat or how fast they eat.


"You're face is red!" jesus....my biggest fear.




There was a woman I supervised years ago (worked one day a week), who would mention my red face & tell me I needed to use face cream. She was originally from Eastern Europe & I wasn't sure if she was telling me to use sunscreen. I told her commenting on my skin wasn't appropriate and it needed to stop.


Idk. Compliments are kind of nice and also if I have a mushroom stuck in my teeth let me know before I talk to 20 more people without knowing it was there.


I'm someone who easily sweats, but I'm a fairly healthy person as far as I know. And when someone mentions that I'm sweating, it sure of makes me get paranoid and I'll sweat even more. Not good for someone who suffers with anxiety


I definitely read this as "swearing".


I feel so seen with this post lol. As someone who swears a lot especially during nervous moments, comments like that just make me sweat even more as I try to stop sweating!!!!


My face turns into a sweat machine at the first sign of humidity. Usually no one comments on it, but a few weeks ago a random girl asked me “Are you crying?” I had to awkwardly explain that no, I was not crying, I just sweat a lot from my face. All the while, I was wondering what kind of person just goes up and asks a stranger if they are crying. Not why, not “is everything ok”… just “are you crying”. It still baffles me.


I’ve had clients cuss in front of me then act super concerned when in fact they were just looking for permission. Most people like to cuss a little. They just don’t feel empowered too a lot. It’s just descriptors.


I work in an unairconditioned shop, last week it hit 100 degrees and was humid as hell. My boss comes out of his air conditioned office talks to me for a little bit and then says "Man you are really sweaty" well DUH Its fucking hot in here.


OP getting called sweaty a lot recently.


OP being sweaty a lot his whole life.


If they are just sweating a lot without doing anything and it's not even hot. Probably do ask are you okay to check up with people who don't speak up. There might be health reasons for this one.


It depends. I once saw a coworker sweating more than usual. I mentioned it, and they said they hadn't noticed, but they were really cold. We got him to a doctor, because, yep, heart attack.


My daughter has hyperhidrosis. The poor girl sweats a lot mostly on her palms and feet, but even at age 10 her underarms are generally sweatier than mine. I feel so bad for her whenever anyone points it out because I hate for her to be embarrassed over something she can't control. She generally takes it in stride but still, I do wish people would stop telling her that she's sweating.


I have what is called Hyperhidrosis. It can be -20 outside, which is not too unusual for Chicago in winter, and I will still be sweating from my underarms. Have been dealing with this since i was about 14-15. Always have extra 2-3 shirts with. At work, in car etc.


As a professional sweater I agree with this LPT


I've had people tell me this before. My usual response is, "That is correct. Thank. You."