LPT: in college it is much better to be friends with the people who have the party house than it is to live at the party house.

LPT: in college it is much better to be friends with the people who have the party house than it is to live at the party house.


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Same philosophy as owning a boat


Or a winery


“If it floats, flys, or f*cks... rent it.” Not my saying. Not even sure if I believe it, but the alliteration is convincing.


I came here to make this comment. Also goes for living downtown later in life, in my opinion.


Lived in party house, it's true. But I want to have parties so any house I live in is going to be a party house.


I second that. The first time you need to study and have to leave your house is an eye opener.


Come back to people fucking in your bed. That’s always fun.


Especially if they let you join


Not just in college!


Nothing like walking downstairs on a Sunday and your feet sticking with every step


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Honestly, this depends on who you are and what you want. Living in the party house in college helped me learn about event planning, cleanup, and how to recognize the difference between someone who will party then vanish, and someone who will clean up after they party. From my point of view, people who live by this LPT are the kind of people I learned to avoid -- people who make messes with no sense of responsibility for cleaning it up.


Leave no trace!


LPT: if you really just want to party hard, take a gap year and live in a college town. I'm by no means the party type but can certainly appreciate my college friends who loved to party Thursday-Sunday (if not more lol). However, quite a few of them partied way too hard and had to retake a lot of failed courses and such which have delayed their graduation by at least another semester. College is expensive, don't waste all of your time getting shit faced. By all means, experience college and the partying that comes with it, but remember that college is an investment. It's a helluva lot cheaper to live in a college town, work part time, and party to get it out of your system than it is to eat the extended tuition costs and have a poorer academic record.


Do you mean the person who used their parents house as the party house when they were away? I used to think that took a lot guts, now I’m older I think, wow that took a lot of disrespect. It was fun though:)


Not even that. I rented a house with 4 other people and it was definitely a party house. Huge mistake on my part because I worked weekends.


Another good friend is the one who owns the boat.