useful threqd to look at peoples profiles and block everyone who gave EEAAO 5 stars


that's the only proper move.


Curious as to why you hate this film


popular thing bad


Based, fuck that film


Hi everyone! My name is Åke and I'm from Sweden. My letterboxd is https://letterboxd.com/alpacapacacino/ I love all kinds of movies but at the moment I'm most interested in Asian cinema! If you follow I'll follow back!


Just followed kompis!


[My Profile](https://letterboxd.com/heisenberg14/) !! Been using Letterboxd since March 2020. Lately I am into non-English movies. I don't write long reviews btw. If you would like to, follow me, will follow you back. Edit: Since a lot of guys here in this subreddit are into horror, I would also like to inform that I am not a fan of that genre.


Love Memories of Murder! Happy to see it in your favorites!


If you wanna dive into non-English cinema, I recently made a list of Romanian cinema that I consider pretty watchable for most people, so you might enjoy some of these :) https://letterboxd.com/raresd98/list/romanian-cinema-that-you-can-actually-watch/


Hi, [this is me](https://boxd.it/1HIMp). I love watching movies, both new in theaters and older at home. Sometimes older in theaters and new at home too…. Some of my favorite movies are Amelie and Before Trilogy. I also try and write something for all movies I see. Though I watch a little bit of everything, I have been trying to get into classics I have missed while keeping updated on current releases. Always follow back and love reading good reviews


Hi! [127bluehearts](https://boxd.it/3oKpR) is my name! I’ve been on Letterboxd for just over a year now, and I love it! I try to watch one film a day, but I don’t always follow through. I have two main favorite films: 127 Hours and Spencer. Both mean so much to me, and have a special place in my heart. I’d love to follow more of my fellow movie buffs, so go ahead and follow me if my page interests you. :)


I remember watching 127 Hours when it first came out!! 😱 so good. Just followed you!


Followed you back!




followed :D nice ratings


Hello!!! First of all, my account is @[moonc6543](https://boxd.it/2MG8r) I’ve been using Letterboxd since around August of 2021, but I only started writing reviews around July of this year! The way I write my reviews vary a lot, I could do 15 paragraphs about how great a film is, or I could just do one sentence that sums it all up. If consistently long and intricate reviews are your thing, im not your account! For me, reviews are just a way to say how I felt about a film, and help me remember the things I liked (or disliked). My favourite genre is undoubtedly horror, as you’d see if you checked out my account. I really have no specific preferences when it comes to the genre though, I love it all. From grindhouse, to 80s slashers, to psychological thrillers, to splatters! I have a [list on my profile](https://boxd.it/gumus) of my top ten films, so if you like some of the films in there, consider following! Maybe our opinions will go well together.


hey, you seem cool af! dropping a follow rn! i also love scream and rocky horror


Nice list! I'm going to bring myself to watch Hereditary again one day, but seeing it the first time is such a special, unsettling memory that I haven't felt the need to see it again yet.


I understand completely, I waited for over a year and a half before I rewatched it my first time. I know a lot of people didn’t get much from the experience, but it scared me personally in a way that no film had before or since. On a side note, if anyone has any suggestions for other films that might genuinely horrify me, I’m all ears!


Give The Descent a try, if you haven't seen it and maybe Lake Mungo for something a little different.


I’ve seen The Descent and liked it. The claustrophobia combined with *you know what* was a great mix, and the night-vision jumpscare really got me! I haven’t seen Lake Mungo yet, it’s been on my list for a while but I’ll check it out asap, thank you!


Only just watched Hereditary the other day for the first time and it really stuck with me for a while; that one will definitely do well on multiple viewings.


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/iwMN I watch mostly horror. Soon I'll be starting my Xmas/holiday horror marathon. Big fan of folk horror, found footage, and slashers. But I'll watch almost anything although not a big fan of musicals or westerns. David Lynch is my favorite filmmaker. Favorite horror franchise is Friday the 13th. Love making lists on the site. I used to be active in the Letterboxd discord but haven't had much time to do that.


recently watched Mirror (1975) and loved it so much so after seeing it in your top 4 I knew I had to follow!


That makes me happy! It's such a beautiful film isn't it. I got the Criterion release recently during the sale and I should watch it, I haven't seen it in years. If you haven't seen Picnic at Hanging Rock which is also in my top 4, i highly recommend it!


just added it to my watchlist, thanks for recommending it! reviews from people I follow say it's really great so I'll take it into account. you should watch Mirror again! I had to watch it a couple times to fully form an opinion and I had a pretty emotional reaction on second watch when reaching the end, a truly beautiful and astonishing film I'll never forget for sure.


Followed for your love for Lynch but staying for your website! I'm browsing it now for book recommendations. Please don't give up on writing!


Omg thank you so much. Honestly this comment made my week 🥰 I've been slacking on updating my site and you just gave me lots of motivation to get back to it. I'm supposed to be working on an essay right now but I've been sick with covid. As soon as I can I'll get back to it. Thanks again ☺️


Any time friend! 😁 I’ll be on the lookout!


F13 also my fav franchise - EZ follow!


Just followed you as a fellow fan of horror, even though I haven't ventured far into Lynchian territory yet. Only just set up my account, [@acquij](https://letterboxd.com/acquij/). :)


Will follow anyone who follows me. Here's my [account](https://letterboxd.com/honeybadger1104/). I watch a variety of films, depends on how I'm feeling on a particular night. I try to write reviews as much as I can and try to bring a new perspective.


Heyyyy all, My account is @[sh6q](https://boxd.it/3ArER) (I will follow back :) I got Letterboxd in December of last year and was really just logging whatever films i had watched previously. The first movie I remember watching to really get back into it was Parasite and I just loved the foreshadowing, symbolism and references throughout the film. I love contemporary books (Haruki Murakami being one of my favourite authors), so i was really enlightened to watch a movie with so much depth in it. I’m not particularly set on watching a particular genre of films. My range goes from the New French Wave to the most recent blockbusters to psychological thrillers, etc. If it’s good film, I believe it’s worth the watch. I have a list on my profile with my [Favourite Films](https://boxd.it/i60PS). My most recent addition would have to be “Drive My Car” which I found exceptional in its simple (yet also complex) story telling. It's something that you should watch on your own. I genuinley loved it and if you haven't seen it, watch it, turn off your phone, turn out the lights, and just witness if for yourself!


https://boxd.it/gs2n - Names Tom! I’ve been using letterboxd since 2017. I have logged every film since then and began reviewing 99.9% of things in 2019. I love films absolutely, they’re my passion I’d say. I work long hours though and have a family so I can’t watch daily like some fine folks here, I love commenting on your reviews and striking conversation though! October was horror like everyone else, November is my birth month and I’m going to tick some arthouse off the list. Generally though I watch anything!


good to see a fellow gremlins fan :) ( part 2 is better imo )


Their both masterpieces :)


[https://letterboxd.com/jimmy\_the\_scumb/](https://letterboxd.com/jimmy_the_scumb/) Hi, I write in-depth reviews for movies that I particularly love/admire/find interesting for whatever reasons. Last month I was in a particularly nostalgic mood, so I rewatched a trifecta of dog-related childhood favourites. Then I wrote about them. In excessive detail. If you like what I like, or what i write, consider following


https://boxd.it/4b3CV New to letterboxd/movies! Mostly watch horror movies. I review every movie I watch and I follow back!


Hi! I'm @miss24601 on letterboxd and I usually write pretty long reviews. I'm trying to get back on track with rewatching all nominees of the Oscar for best animated feature. https://boxd.it/25Zqj Here is a list of my favorite reviews that I've written (link to review in entry descriptions) miss24601 highlight reel https://boxd.it/iyg6q


I'm [NoFunAllowed](https://letterboxd.com/NoFunAllowed/), been on for years, but didn't start reviewing something every day until the pandemic. I will sit through almost anything except the usual suspects, ie marvel affair, christmas movies, Christian movies, etc. Gonna be spending the rest of the year playing catch-up to current releases, though I'm afraid I'm getting needlessly harsher on current movies the more older movies I see. Some of my reviews are one-liners, some are multi-paragraphed, and there are a couple of full-blown essays, but I've slowed on that because it takes too long in the middle of busy weeks. I'd say if you're looking for a more populist reviewer, I am not it. I can enjoy stupid or bad movies same as everyone else, but I am usually seeking out stuff that has some artistic effort and ambition, even if it's poorly executed. I do think by now I've got a better grip on the trash I enjoy but my standards are weird and at times self-contradicting. I usually enjoy seeking out stuff that makes me rethink what a movie can be over something that's putting a slicker look on a story we've seen a thousand times before.


Awesome to see Raw and Cure in your favs! Followed!


Hello I'm @joonchild (same as flair) I started letterboxd because I thought it would help my writers block, which it has to some extent cause I don't tend to write long reviews. I've discovered coming of age slice of life cinema thanks to my friends on the app and tend to watch more from this genre for now. Would be glad to expand my cinematic knowlege and experience. Please drop a comment below with your username after you follow !


[Hi!](https://letterboxd.com/danieladultman/) I will always follow back and occasionally like your reviews. We can become friends or never interact and either is totally okay! I watch a lot of movies but I would say my favorites are independent films from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.


[https://letterboxd.com/coachbrew/](https://letterboxd.com/coachbrew/) I don't leave many reviews but I watch a lot of stuff.


Hi I'm [MooseLord](https://boxd.it/3hVKd) Love watching movies, will watch anything although I'd say my favourite genres are action and sci-fi. Been trying to watch more non-english language stuff recently and expand the variety of films I watch. I normally leave short reviews on the stuff I watch summing up my opinion on it and I'm always interested to see other people's opinions whether I agree or not! My top 50 if you're interested: https://boxd.it/hM1iq


Ah jeez I am SUPER late to this thread. [Regardless here is my profile.](https://boxd.it/ih0z) Gonna go through the thread and give some follows to those I don't already know!


Do you have a nut allergy? Do you enjoy cooking? well follow me on my No Nuts November journey as we cook up and serve honest delicious dishes and movies along the way because heartbreak feels good in a place like this https://letterboxd.com/Chichobutt89/


I, [Joachim](https://letterboxd.com/Jellebabz/), consume movies as much as I breathe the air, it feels like. The movies we’re talking about are just about all of them. Schlocky horror to calm the freak in me; Criterion Channel to satisfy the pretentious douche; and film noir to help through the darkness of Noirvember. [I follow back](https://letterboxd.com/Jellebabz/)! Just let me know in a comment who you are so I know who to follow. I love writing reviews, reading reviews, and discussing movies. Help me be more social on this site, please!


Profile is [Here](https://letterboxd.com/Jason_Voorhees/) You'll mostly see me watching Horror films, but I'll give anything at least one watch.


Love your profile name 🧠 Following you right now. I watch mostly horror, too! [MindMeld](https://boxd.it/54q1D)


hey i’m [goose](https://boxd.it/2ZYBH) (no yeah it’s my real name) and i love visually artistic and poetic stuff, often animation i’ve been on the site for a year-ish and i sometimes leave one-liners but i’ve been trying to do really intricate reviews recently i’m a budding cinematographer and animator and i’m sure my tastes aren’t super refined, but i’d love to learn more and hear more from others’ perspectives. i will absolutely follow back, i’m newish to the film world and i just think filmmaking and storytelling are cool! (here’s my [top 10](https://boxd.it/gonqO) if you wanna learn more about my taste)


I’ve been using the app since 2014. My first diary entry was Interstellar. Horror has become my favorite genre over the years. I enjoy most genre of films with the exception of musicals. I enjoy foreign films as well and have a large collection of films from the Criterion Collection. My top five films of all time are: Jaws The Thing The Silence of the Lambs 2001: A Space Odyssey Shaun of the Dead [Give me a follow if you want.](https://boxd.it/6iBx) I try to follow everyone back.


I started using Letterboxd in late 201 9 - have been obsessed ever since. Recently subscribed to the Patron rank. Favourite film is Inside Llewyn Davis. Favourite franchise is the Alien series (including the new ones). I am trying to become a more active community member. I'm open to every and all suggestions. https://boxd.it/16ceV


[Hemke](https://boxd.it/3jBeF) <— My letterboxd Check my spotify playlist while ur at it! From the Netherlands I look at films like they are art and base ratings on that ( did it suprise me, did i watch anything like this before, how good does it look? How good is the acting etc. Creative process/Designs , I’m an illustrator/designer (jobless atm) I’m a big freaky movies fan, the weirder the better. I’m 20 years old and started using letterboxd in october 2021, gremlins 2 is in my top 4 because i watched it like 40 times. The more gore the better, the weirder the better. Currently making my way through japanese cinema. Love/hate relationship with B&W movies ( i just really love color! ) Favorite directors : David Lynch , David Fincher , Wes Anderson , Coen Brothers , Denis Villeneuve ( because i watched most of their movies ) Follow me! i’ll follow back ;)


I'm also on the japanese train! Followed!


[https://boxd.it/1PUHH](https://boxd.it/1PUHH) Here you go, here I am! My Letterboxd profile, thank you, ma'am! This'll be a treat! My Letterboxd profile, here I am! While you eat!


https://boxd.it/HsYF Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean I stop watching horror. The last few years though I've mostly dedicated November to watching bad movies of all genres. A personal search to find the best of the worst. I also try and catch up on 2022 films I may have missed. I follow back especially if you also write reviews and I'm always looking for recommendations for all genres.


Hello everyone!! Mad Monster Party here!!! ​ This is such a nice thing that Reddit has here and I have really liked meeting other Letterboxd users. If you want to connect on Letterboxd here is my account!! [https://letterboxd.com/madmonsterparty/](https://letterboxd.com/madmonsterparty/) ​ Hope to hear from you soon!!!


[https://letterboxd.com/nolanep/](https://letterboxd.com/nolanep/) i only started using letterboxd *a lot* recently so it may not have every single movie i've seen but i love to keep track! i am also a film student so i really enjoy reading and interacting with others reviews and lists too. my fav genres are horror, thriller, and documentary (which is a left field pick but i LOVE them) so always looking for recs! i will fb anyone who follows as well


https://boxd.it/5glb I’ve had a profile since 2014 but I didn’t really start logging/reviewing films until this year. I like everything from basic superhero movies to weird art house stuff. My favorites are constantly changing but I’m on a David Lynch kick recently.


Hey everyone! My name is Jack & I’m from Ireland. Just finished my Halloween horror marathon so getting back to regular programming this month - I try to watch a different genre with each diary entry on Letterboxd to keep things fresh! I follow everyone back because I’ve found some awesome mutuals through these threads and some great films that wouldn’t be on my radar otherwise. I watch as much as I can whilst also juggling a full time job and other responsibilities etc. Thanks for reading! https://boxd.it/2Wj2v


https://boxd.it/4GWUn id like to make some friends




[gemini_ghost](https://boxd.it/6AO5) I love mostly weird stuff, folk horror and romance.


Hello! First time doing one of these exchanges. Profile link is [here](https://boxd.it/27BNd). My viewing is a bit all over the place. My top 4 changes based on my favorite recent watches, and right now it’s Hell or High Water, The Souvenir, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, and Cmon Cmon. Three Colors: Blue and Speak No Evil were recently in there, too. I’ve been using Letterboxd for a little over a year and only have films logged/rated/marked as viewed that I’ve watched since then. I try and write thoughtful but brief reviews for each one. Would love to see more users who like interact similarly!


https://letterboxd.com/Splagodiablo/ Trying to get more into actually writing down my feelings for film rather than just rating them! Always trying to watch different things so recommendations are welcome! Will gladly follow back. Need to get better about it. Have been using the site for about 5 years now. Favorite movies include anything Kurosawa, Kubrick, Lady Bird, Rocky, Star Wars, and Her. Currently I am doing an environmental conservation internship in Colorado so my reviews/ movie watching have gone down a bit, but I'm still trying my best to get to them when I can!


Hello fellow film nerds. I just completed a [Hooptober horror binge](https://letterboxd.com/actionpainting/list/2022-31-days-of-horror/). I do love horror but my true loves are science fiction and anything artsy artsy. I just reviewed [Under the Skin](https://letterboxd.com/actionpainting/film/under-the-skin-2013/) which I've wanted to review for years but just finally re-watched. I've gotten tired of pretending I don't think it's one of the best films ever so I gave up. Spoiler, it's a 10. My favorite think about LB is film discovery. If you have weird taste I want to know what you're watching.


https://boxd.it/35Xht I enjoy more “abstract” movies, like Tarkovsky or Lynch or Eggars, although I will watch other stuff. I mostly rate off enjoyment limited to whole stars with a heart as a pseudo half-star. I don’t really write reviews, but my philosophy is formal reviews are for magazines, letterboxd is for talking about movies. For this reason I tend to like the meme reviews and dislike the longer reviews. I would like to just talk about movies with someone who also enjoys more “abstract” movies. Most of my friends don’t watch anything more than the blockbusters.


https://boxd.it/5dFid Hello! I'm Ryssa! Fairly new to the whole Letterboxd she-bang and I'm so far enjoying it. I try to log at least one film per day. I don't exactly write a formal film review though, it's just *casual* ramblings on how I feel about watching it. As for my taste, well, I'd usually opt for Sci-Fi or Psychological Thrillers but I'd watch almost anything. Definitely fluid. Nothing so serious, let's just say that I'm out here exploring... Let's be friends!


Hi everyone! I’ve been using Letterboxd for a few years now but I really want to get into the community aspect of it. My profile is [here](https://boxd.it/3ewd) and I watch a few films a week, usually reviewing them with a bit of humor. Excited to see more people’s reviews!


Hey everyone! I'm a little late to the party and new to Letterboxd, but loving the app and everything it tells me about my taste. Here's a link to my [profile](https://letterboxd.com/PTankha/) \- follow me if you like any of the reviews I've posted so far and I'll definitely follow you back. Thanks!


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/4nyPZ


We getting a December one?


I’ve been using Letterboxd for a few years now. My favorite genre is horror but I am open minded and looking forward to challenging myself throughout “noirvember” and trying to get through some (any!) of my watchlist. Suggestions/recommendations are always welcomed. https://boxd.it/wIVv


Noirvember is a great idea! Two recommendations: Notorious (1946) is one of my all-time favorites and Dark Passage (1946) is a good one that I saw this year starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.


Thank you! Dark Passage is a solid one! And thanks for recommending Notorious. I’ll add it to my list!


I would recommend Scarlet Street for noir as one I really liked but hadn't heard of prior


Thank you. I added it to my list. It looks really interesting.


I've only been using LB for the last few months, but it's rewritten my brain chemistry so that movies are the only media I enjoy consuming. I mostly review and enjoy bad horror films, but really my preference is "anything fun" or "anything so incredibly traumatic that I have to stare at the wall for several hours after finishing it" [https://letterboxd.com/citymiddled/](https://letterboxd.com/citymiddled/)


https://boxd.it/3yWTp Spent the last month doing Hooptober and watched about 60+ horror movies last month. Otherwise I normally watch most new releases at my local theater chain. This month I’ll be focusing on the Japanese New Wave.


https://boxd.it/3lgSj Been using Letterboxd for near a year now I believe and have loved it. It has helped me love film even more from rating, finding films and even making lists like rankings of directors which I do. I still am active a lot now just watching films from my massive watchlist like most of us here and I usually follow back :)


I follow back y’all! [https://boxd.it/3xdvP](https://boxd.it/3xdvP) Just finished Halloween 2022 and reviewed a couple of hidden gems in All Quiet on the Western Front and Breaking. Updated weekly


https://boxd.it/3Yq1 Been using the site since 2014. Mostly as a diary and to keep track of favorites. I do review films on occasion just a few random thoughts or feeling I had while watching a film. Generally will watch anything, I change my favorite as I watch something that gets a 4.5 rating or higher. I pay for patron evacuate I use the site daily and like the stats and headers for profile and lists.


Hi! This is [me](https://letterboxd.com/BaxterLyons/) I've been getting into films this last few years and have started using Letterboxd around May this year. Recently, I've also started writing some reviews, most of them are fairly short, but if there's a film that gets stuck in my head, I usually go into more depth about what I like or dislike in a film. I do love writing reviews as well as read them. As to what films I watch, I usually watch films that have come out recently, and I will occasionally dedicate my time to certain directors or studios. I don't really have a favourite genre as I tend to watch anything that comes my way, but if I were hard-pressed to pick one, I'd probably go with drama or horror. I will follow back if you want! Just make sure to mention who you are so I know who to follow.


Hi I’m [Oscar](https://boxd.it/2oCDd) I’ve had letterboxd for nearly 2 years, and since then I’ve been trying to watch as many films as I possibly can, (hoping to reach 365 this year). I mostly love sci-fi, but during October I made a point to explore horror more and found a real love for it love to follow people with both similar and differing opinions, just like to be part of any film discourse


[every1hatesray](https://boxd.it/1AriX) is my account. i mostly watch horror movies. i’m currently watching and ranking all of the pumpkinhead movies. it’ll be my 44th horror franchise. i’m on track to watch and rank a total of 70 horror franchises by the end of next year.


Nice lists - been trying to do something similar


https://boxd.it/T0Kz Usually log something daily or try to. Spend a lot of time investing in new releases movies last few years but will watch anything depending where the wind blows. Been active for like 3 years. Follow if you’d like!


Hi, my username is [QPerkins](https://boxd.it/RQ9V). I tend to rate things high. I've been using Letterboxd religiously for almost 3 years and I'm open to most kinds of films. Edit: I own quite a few digital movies so if anyone's interested I'd share my Movies Anywhere Screen Pass. I get 3 a month and I never give them out.


Hey, [this is my profile](https://boxd.it/3ZUwd) current top 4 favourites: moustache leads I love all types of movies but mostly horror, I am always interested to see what people watch as I have found some hidden gems through some of the people I follow


Hey! [This is my profile](https://letterboxd.com/Jeritorias/). I joined letterboxd, about 2 years ago I believe? I meddle in almost all genres, so I'm a huge fan of variety in movies. From your surrealist fantasies to cheap slasher flicks to well-crafted romances. I also write reviews albeit very slowly (too slowly in fact) but I try to make my reviews as well thought-out as I can. Picking a favorite genre can be pretty tough and picking favorite movies is even more so but there are definitely some flicks I love more than others. I used to make lists but they weren't very good so I deleted them but I do plan on making more. Hope you'll enjoy going through my profile! consider following and I'll follow back \^\^


I'm [condolore](https://letterboxd.com/condolore/) here and everywhere! :-) Still have my halloween horror faves up from last month (House, Rosemary's Baby, It Follows, and The Shining). I'm not very strict about my rating system, it's very "in the moment" based and I don't write too long of reviews. I love discovering new films to watch from my "friends recent activity" so I'm always happy to follow back (would extra appreciate some fellow queer folks, but that's not a strict parameter). I mostly enjoy horror (like many here) but I'm up for most anything. :-)


Always looking for new people to follow/interact with! I tend to watch horror, anime and action movies. My reviews range from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/3jt77


[my profile.](https://boxd.it/16R5v) I’ll watch anything. Especially revenge films and tragedies, 80’s and 90’s Hong Kong and Hollywood action, romance, horror, Korean new wave, post-war Japan films, slow cinema, domestic familial dramas, and have been watching more westerns lately.


Just followed the instant I read HK action. :)


[My profile](https://letterboxd.com/Daxtreme/), been at it for a few years: * Martial arts * Action * Hong Kong, American, Korean movies (in that order of importance) I have made a list of [Movies ranked by Fight Choreography](https://letterboxd.com/daxtreme/list/daxs-top-100-fight-choreography-modern-movies/), working on more lists. Currently focusing on Korean movies. I like to interact with other users, if that's appealing to you.


I joined [like a week ago](https://letterboxd.com/russellsmullet/) and have been going through catching up on every movie I have ever seen. I have only been through rating or reviewing things I feel like I remember well enough to capture accurately. Some of my reviews are little shitposts but been trying to add a bit more substance after that thrill wore off. I don't have super exotic taste but I am a bit selective of what I watch these days. I will tune in to the big action franchies (MI, John Wick, I am definitely cooling off on super heroes) and try to keep an eye out for fantastically choreographed fights. I am a sucker for dirty sci-fi/cyberpunk aesthetically. I have only recently rediscovered how fun horror can be and will probably be dipping into more. Also trying to expand what I watch for anime because it can be so imaginative. I do not always jump to watch the latest and greatest unless it really seems like I will enjoy it. There are lots of great films over the years I would still like to see. I don't watch a movie every week or anything so you won't get a ton of content following me, but if you think we have similar inclinations, I would love to give you a follow back to see what you're watching and find some new winners.


[My Profile](https://letterboxd.com/breid93/) Hey everyone! Happy November, and nice to meet all of you! I love seeking out twisted dramas, thrillers, and character-driven stories. Foreign and indie films are my jam. I love to write and discuss film, and I'm eager to see what you're all watching. I'll follow back. Thanks! **Last Month's Favorites:** * Tár ([Review] (https://boxd.it/3mCEQ5)) * Revenge * Speak No Evil * Candyman (2021)


https://boxd.it/4ddzV i tend to watch a variety of movies, and leave medium length reviews that are a combo of my thoughts on the movie/jokes. i love reading peoples reviews so i’ll follow anyone back! :)


Hello! On mobile right now but my username is CasualFilmBro, cause that’s how I see myself. I can enjoy any genre. I started my account this year when I started to really get into film.


hey! my account is [vexeon](https://boxd.it/oqR5) i’ve been using letterboxd for around 2 years but i’ve only gotten REALLY into it and writing reviews since September and i try to watch at least one movie a day in the days i have time my favorite genre is horror and it’s prob 90% of the movies i have watched. but i also like comedies, thrillers and coming of age. my all time favorite movies are halloween, scream and texas chainsaw massacre both bc they’re really good and bc of nostalgia. i only write long-ish reviews when i’ve got a lot to say ab a film but i try to at least write a short review (longer than one sentence) for every movie i watch which is usually the case.




\- I'm a person \- I like moopies, all kinds, most of the time I just spend trying to decide what I want to see next. My interests fluctuate a lot. \- Bill Towner is an electrician/adventurer from the film House II: The Second Story from 1987 [https://letterboxd.com/BTowner87/](https://letterboxd.com/BTowner87/)


Username is: mattymond Usually watching classics, independent and art films. I’m currently studying filmmaking, hoping to be a DP or editor! Some favorite directors include: John Cassavetes, Robert Bresson, Andre Tarkovsky, Martin Scorsese, Angès Varda, Robert Altman I follow back!


This is [my profile](https://letterboxd.com/siweisong/). My fav genre is probably psychological horror/thriller, here's [a list of my favortites](https://letterboxd.com/siweisong/list/fav-horrors-thrillers/). I also have a soft spot for horror comedy when it's done well (or if it's incredibly stupid.) I started using Letterboxd a couple of years back when I was unable to log more films and series on Douban. I have over 2000 films and series logged there and I was only able to move a couple hundred of them to Letterboxd, which is a bummer. Some of my favorite film people on Youtube are LME and The Oscar Expert (for discovering new films), Amanda the Jedi and Karsten Runquist (for commentaries), Like Stories of Old, Spikima Movies, and Nerdwriter (for video essays), and Think Story and Screen Rant (for show breakdowns).


Hey all, my Profile is [here](https://boxd.it/2PWcb) Been using Letterboxd for about a year now, but only recently started bingeing films. Been trying to watch 1 film a day recently and improve my writing. I’d love to meet new people with similar tastes!


https://boxd.it/2DUt1 Current top 4: Arsenic and Old Lace, Goodfellas, The sting, and The Royal Tennebaums I’ve been on site since February of 2021. Only started adding reviews that next July. Im really bad at writing them and I’m trying to get better. Sometimes I write long thoughts other times I just put a couple of quick notes. Im open to watching just about anything but I guess I’m considered vanilla with my watches. I’d love to enjoy with people who can provide feedback!


[my profile!](https://boxd.it/3njMx) i usually log a lot of horror, i logged 50 during the month of october and was pretty proud of myself! currently participating in two different challenges, my own personal sadvember challenge and Challenge70 from user VirtuozCRO. i tend to watch anything that looks interesting to me, and i also love horror! been using the site for about 8 months or so, and i typically leave lengthier reviews! also love interacting with everyone and seeing the things they post about ☺️ give me a follow! i follow back :)


Feel free to add me here - https://letterboxd.com/thistlemary/ I’ve been using the site since the end of 2015 but didn’t actively start using it until 2020 or so. I make off all the movies I watch. I don’t rate documentaries or Rifftrax versions of movies. I will watch pretty much any genre of film.


https://letterboxd.com/dial_a_for_adam/ Come on in and drink my milkshake!


Here's me! https://letterboxd.com/frozenpandaman/ I watch a lot of Japanese movies (old & new) and indie stuff. Been on the site since 2017.


Hi my name on Letterboxd is [m_ace](https://boxd.it/I98n) I have been on Letterboxd since beginning of 2020. I’ve always loved watching films but I really started hitting my stride of watching a lot around ‘17 or ‘18. The genres and types of movies I gravitate towards tend to be dramas, horrors, thrillers, superheros, anime, foreign films, indie movies (coming of age or slice of life) and rom coms. I really don’t watch a lot of older movies (like older than the 90s), so if you’re looking for a lot of classics on mine you won’t find much. I tend to do like a paragraph or two on my reviews and keep them short. Some of my favorite watches this year have been Mommy, Handmaiden, Shiva Baby, The Humans, Scream, Barbarian, Top Gun: Maverick, The Batman and Nope. I watch a lot of tv too so if you have TVTime let me know and we can follow each other there too (I prefer it over Serializd)


[Here’s my profile!](https://boxd.it/qbX7) I fell short a few movies of completing Hooptober, because I just ran out of motivation, so for the foreseeable future I’m going to just focus on what I feel like watching rather than forcing myself into some goal. Random stuff: I love all sorts of movies, from David Lynch, Wong Kar-wai and PTA to rom-coms. Big fan of Jackie Chan, too. Really excited for November; lots of new movies hitting theaters, and a lot streaming I have to catch up on. October was a sort of light month for me in terms of viewings I loved, but here are a few favorites: Terrifier 2 (yes, really), Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, TÁR (with reservations until I see it again and digest it all)


[https://letterboxd.com/Jinjonator/](https://letterboxd.com/Jinjonator/) I do reviews pretty much daily, for every movie I watch; length of the reviews varies, from short to full-blown essay, but usually somewhere in between. Watch a wide variety of genres, old, new, high, low. Come say hello! [Here's my masterlist of lists, for your perusal.](https://letterboxd.com/jinjonator/list/the-creator-has-a-master-list/) [And here's a list of (some/most) of my favorite movies, to get some sense of my tastes.](https://letterboxd.com/jinjonator/list/all-time-favorite-movies/)


I'm [Lowbacca](https://letterboxd.com/Lowbacca/) on Letterboxd, which I've used off and on since 2013 (mostly off until 2019 when I came back and also started watching more movies again). I've been logging, on average, at least one feature-length film a day this year, and I think I'll probably hit 4K total logs in early 2023 (I do also enjoy shorts and log them as well). My main film source has been TCM and I do like old films a lot (with a dash of 70s-80s horror from Tubi), though in the near future I'm going to be going through a huge influx of physical media, thanks to a combination of sales from Vinegar Syndrome, Shout Factory, Criterion Collection, and Powerhouse Films. I've also started to find a particular interest in weird 1970s and 1980s musicals, particularly when they fall into the sci-fi or horror genres. Not sure why that keeps dragging me in, but those have been quite fun to explore. In particular, I've been spending 2022 trying to get the film Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984) closer to cult classic status, sharing it a couple people at a time. I do try to follow anyone that follows me (and is at least watching/reviewing stuff somewhat), as well as check out the reviews of people I follow when I watch something or when they like one of my reviews. Also enjoying the letterboxd film club stuff that I finally started checking out last month.


I'm goin to keep watching mostly horror through November o0 https://letterboxd.com/eelwormcat/


my profile is [nanopod](https://boxd.it/b1GP) which is also the name of my musical project that has a music video that ends with the monologue from House (1977) my all-time favourite (along with The Shape of Water) I love moobies!!!


Hi member from r/Letterboxd, I'm from Spain and [this is my account](https://letterboxd.com/mrdurden_06/). Beside this, as you can see, almost my whole account is in Spanish. I mostly use Letterboxd because of his lists and mostly for challenges, and I also mention this to say that today I started hosting my own challenge, called [Directors & Movements Challenge 2022-2023](https://boxd.it/iViwQ) (more info in description), which has two versions, one in Spanish and another in English. Also sometimes I write reviews, but not very often (anyway, because of this challenges I'm planning to write reviews more often). [This is my top 80](https://boxd.it/gn9Ma), is you're interested on know my taste after following me :)


Hi I like movies :) Love looking at what others like and adding more to my watchlist https://letterboxd.com/stirproductions/


Hey, I’m Amicia ([find me here!](https://boxd.it/3O1Z)). I watch anything and everything. Life’s too short to not explore every genre, although I do have a soft spot for horror. I do try and leave a thoughtful review for most things I watch, especially for first watches. Current top 4 are *Bram Stoker’s Dracula*, *Coco*, *Raising Arizona* and *Spencer*


Hi! You can find me as [RodHQ](https://letterboxd.com/RodHQ/), I've been using the site for a couple of years now. Fun fact, I only logged movies before, but early last year I watched The Boy II and I hated it so much I had to review it, picked up the habit since Mostly just bad takes and film posting. I love movies in general so I try to watch all genres, as long as it sounds interesting. Also, no 5 stars because perfection doesn't exist


Hey y’all :) My name is Tony and this is my [profile](https://boxd.it/4hZAl). I think my top 4 accurately describes my taste, but I watch everything. I might even think Chicken Run is a masterpiece, but who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️ Can’t give everything away in an introduction. I’m fairly new to Letterboxd, but I try to keep a steady flow of content because it genuinely makes me happy. I see it as a form of meditation on top of mindless entertainment. I don’t know how, but I can spend hours on that app. I just did a whole marathon of horror movies (my favorite genre) all through October and reviewed every single one. My husband and I play this game we call the Horror Jar where we drop a bunch of movies in a “monster” jar I put together after multiple visits to Michael’s. I just figured out how to do lists and turned our jar into one, so even if you don’t follow but want to make the “what should we watch” portion more fun, check it out [here](https://boxd.it/iE3q0) As far as reviews go, mine are either f*ckity little comments or thoughtful and personal opinions. I guess it depends on whether I’m watching The Shinning or Shrek Forever After. Either way, I write from a place of utmost adoration and respect for the art of filmmaking. See you on the biggest movie rabbit hole since IMDB!


Chicken run is a masterpiece


Hi, my profile page can be found here: https://letterboxd.com/PrimordialSky I like horror, science fiction, art house films in particular, as well as films that are nostalgic for me, from the 90's. Some of my favourite directors are: David Cronenberg, Terrence Malick, David Lynch, and John Carpenter.


https://boxd.it/2W7S5 I try to provide a decent overview of what worked and what didn’t. Top 4 are a revolving door of latest 4.5 and up.


[My Profile](https://boxd.it/4Ux1Z) Hello, since I joined the app and became a Patron, I really liked writing reviews. I write a review for every movie I watch. I've started my own [Challenge #70](https://boxd.it/ipZrq) with various interesting categories, if you want to join. I watch all kinds of movies depending on my mood, so Challenge is like that. I usually follow back, especially if the user writes great reviews.


Hello!! I'm @[trusfated ](https://boxd.it/3npv3) I hope you all doing okay and in good mental health. This is an interesting (at least i think so) [list ](https://boxd.it/iY0w0other) I made. Film titles that answers questions raised by other film titles. I posted this in this community but removed, deemed as self promotion. I don't usually review movies. Follow me if you want to be letterboxd mutuals. Good day!!


Hey everyone! Here’s my profile—https://boxd.it/1ldIx My friend gifted me a patron subscription for my birthday this year, so I’ve been having some fun with that for the last few weeks. I try to watch a mix of everything, especially horror and neo-noirs! Just finished my first Spooktober, check out my rankings if you’d like


Hi, little late but always love meeting new people through these threads. I follow everyone back. I mostly review obscure horror, and give long form reviews, with the occasional snary one-liner thrown in. Look forward to interacting with more LB friends! [my profile](https://letterboxd.com/dietmntdew/)


[https://letterboxd.com/Kinopilled\_/](https://letterboxd.com/Kinopilled_/) Heya ppls, I like to watch a bit of everything (cept horror ig), my favourite genre is Crime & as of now my favourite films are Heat, Jackie Brown, Road To Perdition & State of Grace. Mainly on letterboxd to discover new films, I dont often write reviews, but I love reading about films & getting a chance to see other peoples thoughts. & I'll follow back, as whether we have similar taste or not, mutuals are also a very useful way to discover good films.


I haven't shared my profile for some months, let's try to get back into the game. My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/LYNd I watch old movies, niche movies from all around the world, critically acclaimed movies anf also popular popcorn movies. I try to keep my horizon wide, and believe I can enjoy any type of a movie depending on my mood.


[https://boxd.it/tTOT](https://boxd.it/tTOT) Recently got an Arrow Video subscription so I’m watching a lot of movies on there. Big fan of Italian genre films from the 60s-80s (spaghetti westerns, giallo, poliziotteschi). Just looking for more reviews to read and people to follow.


https://letterboxd.com/annanomaly/ Hi! 30, NB, lifelong film lover, sometimes-filmmaker. I’ve been a member since the early days, started logging January 2012. I watch a lot of movies, and lately I try to post at least a few words for everything I see. I'm most obsessed with independent film from the '80s/'90s and the horror genre in general, but I have a taste for pretty much anything if it's good.


Not that active on the site, but love to discover new movies. I’m always happy to find new accounts to follow. Here is my account: https://boxd.it/30Wv5


As a writer, this is one of the best collection of words I’ve ever put together. I’m quite proud of this. Voila! If you enjoy this review, feel free to check out the rest of my profile. https://boxd.it/3oRBdn


Hey there! I'm Diego, from Peru, based in Poland! Been a movie buff for as long as I can remember and I watch pretty much anything, but always have a soft spot for horror, animation, Latin American cinema, scifi. Have a nice weekend y'all! https://letterboxd.com/daoa/


Hello my profile is Emmasappho


Hello, my name is Jacob. Here is my account: https://boxd.it/4ih01 (don’t judge me on my fav films yet, the month has only just started) My reviews are all over the place but always honest. No bullshit. Sometimes they’re long or sometimes they’re a sentence. I always give percentages under my reviews. My top 50 list is my prized possession: https://boxd.it/i5YLk - so if we share some fav films then we should follow each other! My fav genres are sci-fi and psychological thrillers (most of my top films have a crazy ending). I’m also scared of everything but still watch horror films (makes no sense but whatever). Last month I watched 8 horror films (and reviewed them all) which was progress for me. Side note: I’ve been watching one film a day (pretty much) for at least 3 months now, and I’ve developed a love for film from Letterboxd.


[WitchDrTime](https://boxd.it/2QNSz) is trying to start logging and reviewing films more. Also, I’m trying to do something different each month in terms of what I’m watching. Last month was Horror ofc, this month I’m going through the unwatched blurays in my possession (what I’m thankful for, lol.) If you follow me I’ll probably follow back, even if we disagree taste-wise. Always looking for recs or to remember films I totally forgot about…


[its me](https://boxd.it/16ySt) Watch a lot of stuff - currently doing a Halloween watch through on my movie podcast. Love meeting new folks to follow here.


[This is me!!!](https://boxd.it/4SvvT) I’ve only recently really gotten into movies, but I thought it would be nice!


i’m kirstin, i really like horror, surreal and older films. i actually only got letterboxd this year but i use it all the time so it was definitely worth it. my favourite directors are currently david cronenberg and david lynch. not film related but i’m from scotland :) https://boxd.it/4JNO7


Hello my name is Dylan and my Letterboxd is here [My Letterboxd](https://boxd.it/1uGtJ) I’ve been trying to watch more foreign language and short films. But I’m a big fan of obscure horror movies.


Hey I’m [this guy](https://boxd.it/AAP3) and I review everything that I watch, been going since 2018 with over one thousand reviews and counting. I work at a theater so I see a lot of new releases but I love all kinds of film, art exists validly in high and low places and I’m happy to watch Bergman and Kurosawa right alongside trashy horror and action flicks. Weird Hong Kong and Japanese films are a particular special interest of mine, but I’m always looking for my next cinematic obsession. My two favorite movies are Seven Samurai and School of Rock and I’ll die by the idea that they’re equally good.


Hey, my account is below. I’ve been going to the movies a lot this year with my gf and we’ve been eating our movies in our notes app and I decided to get Letterboxd about 2 weeks ago to unlit my ratings. Since I’ve made my account I’ve gone on a movie watching spree and and soon going to start leaving reviews. My four favorite films I’ve watched this past month were- call me by your name, Fantastic Mr.Fox, The French Dispatch, and The Truman show. I loved each of these films and if you have any recommendations please leave them below or give me a follow on Letterboxd and I’ll follow you back! [My account :)](https://boxd.it/58g4v)


hi! my account is [@rossjem](https://letterboxd.com/jemmaross/)! ive always loved movies but back in sep 2021, i started to get more serious? i guess. i heard one of my fav ytbers talking about letterboxd and i immediately made an account. i normally dont write serious reviews, but i make effort to make little comments on all my movies. i usually watch a lot of horror and popular movies as when i was younger i only watched the same 10 movies on repeat til early 2021. my fav films include: kill bill vol. 1 (still need to watch vol.2 this month), inception, 10 things i hate about you, etc. i wanna get more into 70s/80s films, movies in other languages & sci-fi. chuck me a follow if u wanna see more of what ill watch and ill try to follow u back!


https://letterboxd.com/stevilkenevil/ I've been using Letterboxd since the beginning of 2020. I'll watch pretty much anything interesting, but according to my stats I'm a big fan of action and comedy movies. I'm also big on lists especially ranked ones. I'm currently working on a 100 movie challenge https://letterboxd.com/stevilkenevil/list/100-movie-challenge/ anyone is more than welcome to participate. Follow me I follow back.


Hey everyone! I love finding new people on Letterboxd and reading their take on movies. I’m a big fan of animation, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and indie. Been getting into foreign language a bit lately too (just watched Seven Samurai last night). I’ll watch absolutely anything and am trying to get through as many classics as I can — but I keep adding more to my watchlist in the process hahaha. (I do the same with books honestly, I buy them faster than I can read them.) Have also watched and ranked Disney, Pixar, Ghibli, Star Wars and Bond for anyone that likes larger franchises. I follow everyone back! Hope to see you up there! https://boxd.it/luCn


[Heres me](https://boxd.it/oDKL) My favorites are sci fi, scary movies, and horror comedy! Some favorites are event horizon, cabin in the woods, spider man into the spider verse, Moana I apparently have a sappy side when I’m not watching the scaries since my favorite movie I’ve seen lately was Coda.


My account is @Jaylefou I write analytical reviews for every new watch. I have 1,480 films logged and I’m aiming for 1,500 by the end of the year. I gravitate to Japanese cinema, horror, exploitation films, queer cinema, and lately I’ve been watching more and films made outside the US. I use my letterboxd to highlight lesser known films so follow me if that interest you. I’ll also follow you back :)


Hey, here’s [my page!](https://boxd.it/NnJR) Been using Letterboxd since freshman year of college back in 2017 and log/review everything I watch. Don’t really have one area of film that I regularly watch, and as cliche as it sounds, I’m into watching anything really, whether it’s superhero blockbuster affairs, foreign films, shorts, black & white classics, musicals, anime, or anything else.


Hi! @[sherane](https://boxd.it/X70h) on Letterboxd! I don’t think I mostly watch any kind of movie, right now I’ve finished a streak of horror/Halloween themed movies that I tried to do for the month of October (unfortunately didn’t have much time). I’m particularly into psychological thrillers at the moment. I’ve started doing a list of ranked movies each month. Thinking of doing a list of best French movies in my opinion as I see that the best ones are not really known, and I have seen a lot of them by influence of my parents who were the ones that got me into movies in the first place. Searching for people to follow so I possibly find more movies to watch.


[https://letterboxd.com/executionground/](https://letterboxd.com/executionground/) I usually write medium length reviews about diverse kinds of films Hope you enjoy.


Here’s my Letterboxd, I have a huge backlog of reviews I’m trying to get through and post :) https://boxd.it/fmmp


Hi guys, my name is Ethan and I'm from the UK. My letterboxd is: [https://letterboxd.com/EthanBayes/](https://letterboxd.com/EthanBayes/) I'm really getting into my film history right now as it is what I am studying at university. I am also going through all the James Bond films as I've never seen most of them. I'll follow back!


https://boxd.it/1nYUz Been on Letterboxd since early 2020, looking for some more mutuals!! Favorite films of all time are Gone Girl, Mysterious Skin, and Climax. Always down for some recommendations, I’ll follow back. :)


always looking for more engagement on letterboxd. i love documenting what i watch and who i watch it with. i love lists and rankings. would love to check yours out. https://boxd.it/tm8l


CTParker98 - https://boxd.it/KY25 Started using LB towards the end of last year and have been loving it. Most of the films i watch nowadays have been a direct result of someone i follow logging it. My reviews are typically just quick, short final thoughts i have once i’ve finished a film (unless something comes to mind during the film). i love reading other peoples reviews to see if they have the same feeling towards it as i did. drop me a follow and i’ll follow you back 😃


Hi! My name is Devin. I'm 23 years old and from Germany. I love movies just like you and love to talk about it. I'm huge geek regarding movies, tv-shows and games tbh. I just started using Letterboxd this year. I love watching horror or mystery movies. But I'm also into other stuff. Two of my favourite movies are Alien(I just adore HR Giga's design) and The Lord of the Rings. So if you want someone to talk about all kinds of movies be sure to leave a follow. Usually I'll follow back, I'm very active on letterboxd. [My Profile ](https://boxd.it/4eiPh)


Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to letterboxd, but I'm down to make connections! You can find me here: [https://letterboxd.com/kianaparvizi/](https://letterboxd.com/kianaparvizi/)


Hi my name is Rowland and my account is https://boxd.it/4SLm9. I have seen barely any movies and recognize that, but I am currently developing a passion for film. I joined Letterboxd in the beginning of September and have logged everything I have watched since then and everything I could remember well enough to form an opinion that I watched before joining Letterboxd. Any recommendations based on the films that I like or films I should make priorities to watch would be appreciated. My favorite genres are dramas, sci fi and comic book movies. I also heavily enjoy animation and other genres.


Heyy, my profile is: anissaic I'm 19, use letterboxd almost everyday and I watch very trashy movies with no real reason or valid argument on why I love or hate certain movies. I've only been using letterboxd for a little over a year and I'm currently doing a movie scavenger hunt if anyone wants to see [https://letterboxd.com/anissaic/list/movie-scavenger-hunt-1/](https://letterboxd.com/anissaic/list/movie-scavenger-hunt-1/) Also this year I've seen 37 movies in cinema, going to be 38 tmrw so anyone wants to see my cinema movies ranked I have a list for that too [https://letterboxd.com/anissaic/list/seen-in-theatre-2022/](https://letterboxd.com/anissaic/list/seen-in-theatre-2022/) hope to see some mutuals soon !!


See my profile [here](https://letterboxd.com/renfordalano/) let's be friends!


Hi, all. I recently made my reddit account and I recently revived my Letterboxd account. I am from India and I try to watch movies of different cultures. https://boxd.it/l4xL I get into movies on and off. I like to see different styles of movies though I stay away from body horror or torture films. Favourite movies - Almost Famous, The French Dispatch, In The Mood for Love and Wild Strawberries. I'll be happy to swap accounts with different people.


Hey Movie fans, I watch a lot of horror movies and documentaries. Aside from that I like weird movies, random old 1970s bad movies, crappy independent horror flicks I find on Prime and Tubi! My profile: https://boxd.it/FVm7 I absolutely welcome new connections on Letterboxd as I love to see reviews and what people like or dislike as recommendations. Places I watch/stream: Shudder, Tubi, Pluto, CometTV, Plex, Prime


Hello everyone, [Here](https://letterboxd.com/Vortexfugue/) I am. I joined Letterboxd about a year and a half ago and just love it. Importing all my movies was a breeze. Thrillers are my favorite genre but love pretty much everything else too, I just love movies!


Hey y'all. I'm looking for folks to connect with on Letterboxd. I don't really have any movie friends. https://letterboxd.com/Banter/ I recently made the switch over to letterboxd after tracking my movies on a spreadsheet for about 10 years. None of my reviews carried over, and I plan on starting fresh with my reviews. I am a former writer who has lost their vibe after not following the career track I envisioned. I am close to 200 movies/random shows that LB allows on the year, though I won't ever reach the numbers some of y'all put up. I'm pretty basic in my movie watching, but im trying to get my writing mojo back with quick, snappy reviews. Hopefully some folks wanna hang out and go on a movie journey with me. Will follow back.


My name is Oshy. [Here's my profile.](https://letterboxd.com/oshyolly/) current top 4: Silence of the Lambs, Silence of the Hams, The Fugitive, Wrongfully Accused. (makes more sense in context). 378 watched in 2022. I don't use star ratings. Let's be friends if you wanna.


Hi everyone! I've been on the site since 2014, but I'm always looking for more people to come and chat with around here. I think most of you have probably seen my profile, because I know for a fact I might have been brought up at least once or twice, but anyways, this is me: https://letterboxd.com/jaimerebanal/


Hello everyone! New to the sub and to the letterboxd comminity. Finished copy pastaing all my reviews from imdb/the kung fu fandom forum onto letterboxd just recently and I am now writing any and all future reviews/rating new things I've seen on letterboxd. Huge fan of Hong Kong cinema from the olden days. Currently trying to watch and review every Bolo Yeung film, a long ongoing project. My profile is Legendarycurry and my name is Koray. I do follow back! https://boxd.it/5dPIZ


Hi! I watch a bit of everything. Want to find some friends with similar taste. [My profile](https://boxd.it/1glW3)


hello! i'm [nocctea!](https://letterboxd.com/nocctea/) i'm from the us and i've been using letterboxd for a little over a year, but i just found this subreddit. my account is mostly just a personal diary of what i've watched and plan to watch, and i'm not a very "cultured" movie watcher lol, but i really love using the site! it's a fun way to discover movies and while my reviews aren't really reviews, i like to write short comments about some of the movies i watch. i absolutely adore animation, if it's animated i *will* watch it lol! but most films i watch are pop culture ones, and fantasy and sci fi, with an occasional thriller; but i'm open to watching more obscure movies! i'm not the most critical movie watcher so i like most movies i watch lol. my 4 favorites are: howl's moving castle, fantasia 2000, ratatouille, and the little mermaid, though i may make a favorites list cause only 4 is too short and i can never decide lmaoo. if you like similar movies i'd love to follow!


[Itsmickey777](https://boxd.it/52XsN) [top 25 unranked] (https://boxd.it/iXJvk) I started using Letterboxd in October! I love movies that have very random plots or lots of intersecting stories or where they happen to take place at the same time as a famous historical event and the characters are self-inserted into history (like Forrest Gump, but really my favorite example of this is the 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared). I love horror movies and started a Letterboxd for the HooptoberNeun challenge. Some of my favorite movies include The Devil’s Backbone, Double Indemnity, Moonlight, and Scream. I’m challenging myself to watch more international and female director movies before the end of the year.


Hey! I'm Dexter and i just migrated from IMDB My letterboxd is https://letterboxd.com/Dexteroboru/ I watch a lot of silent cinema era movies!


Hey my name is josia My letterbox user is @Citizen2017 I’m fairly new to Reddit but letterbox I’ve been using for about two years. I’m an art student most likely , going to a pursue a film production degree. I’m 22 years old & I’ve loved film for as long as I can remember. I’m a anime fan as well. Some of my favorite films are in the mood for love, la haine, Edward scissorhands, grave of the fireflies, stalker. I watch all genres it doesn’t matter language , time period, or where it was filmed as long as they tell a compelling story than I’m engaged. Most of the things I watch are anime, Asian cinema, new wave, anything With a bizarre plot, random horror movies , nominated films & those that win awards Movies I’m hoping to catch in theaters soon Decision to leave, the menu , black panther 2, and tar


Hello, my name is Ed. Here’s my [letterboxd](https://boxd.it/3EJSb) Extremely new to movies. Been getting into it again since I took a music in film study course for my music production degree. Before 2019, I use to be heavily into coming of age and stoner comedy movies. Now the past 2-3 years I’ve made an effort to catch up on a lot of the best and most well known movies since I’ve missed basically everything. This year, I finally took a deeper dive and gotten into getting cultured. I’ve watched a bit over 100 movies this year. I’m really into animation, thought provoking, psychological, and philosophical films.


My list of 191 good movies: https://boxd.it/emDnO


Hi y’all! [I’m Persephone](https://boxd.it/r7bZ) and I’m from the US. I’m down to watch pretty much anything. I’ve been using Letterboxd for a few years, and became a regular user this year (I’m deliberately trying to log every film I watch this year, which I haven’t done in the past). I had a goal to watch 100 movies this year, which I’ve passed already. Some of my favorite movies include Dune part 1, Blade Runner, Hereditary, Whiplash, and House (1977). I’m really looking forward to watching Tár soon, and am planning to see The Menu later this week!


Hi! My name is Kofi. I'm currently based in Brooklyn. I have some scrappy film knowledge. Pretty interested in Asian cinema generally. But, specifically, I'm down with some post-war Japanese stuff (e.g. Mizoguchi, Ozu, Kurosawa, etc). I also love weird, surrealist stuff like Haneke and Miike. I guess world cinema? I want more film friends and also wanna try making more films. https://letterboxd.com/robberson/


Hey y’all my account is https://boxd.it/17g0v . Im from the States, and I’ve been using letterboxd since September of 21! Im a pretty active user. I love to interact with people I follow and I love to leave some notes about a film I’ve seen. Im actually coming up on my 1,000th film! Im 5 away and am currently going through the process of selecting which 5 they’ll be. There’s a lot of classics I haven’t seen yet and I’m always interested in discovering more about what I don’t know!


Hey y’all I’ve been watching a ton lately, the next couple weeks I’m super excited for bones and all, the menu, the fabelmans etc. I’ll follow anyone who follows me! https://boxd.it/k3Sr


New member here! I can't believe I have gone this long without knowing about Letterboxd. Add me if you dig **scifi** and **horror**, but I do dabble in other stuff but most of the time nothing too serious (my mental health needs a break from that). Casual poster. My reviews range between long in-depth logs to single-sentence jokes lol. If I feel like I want to remember something about a movie I'll leave it there. Always up for a discussion in the comments! [https://letterboxd.com/octipuff/](https://letterboxd.com/octipuff/)


profile: https://boxd.it/3iUJF Favorites: The Worst Person in the World, Prisoners, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Florida Project Recent Watches: Glass Onion: Knives Out, Tár, Wakanda Forever, Triangle of Sadness. Big on dramas, foreign film, indies, and rom-coms. Trying to watch more classics


profile: [https://letterboxd.com/apollo205/](https://letterboxd.com/apollo205/) Favorites: Hamilton, Inception, Clouds, Into The Spider-Verse Some Recents: Unbreakable, Wakanda Forever, Enola Holmes 2, Knives Out, Dirtbag I only recently passed 400 movies logged so I'm trying to culture myself and expand my film horizons, love debating my movie opinions as well!


Hi! New to Letterboxd. Love movies and love talking abou it. Left two reviews so far. Looking for people to follow. So follow me here: My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/58Dnb And i will follow back 😀


Hi everyone! Mi name is Nikita and I'm from several different places. [Here](https://letterboxd.com/nikitreats/) is my profile. I joined Letterboxd this month (November 2022), and I've been reviewing a film a day since joining. I really enjoy Italian cinema, augmented horror, and emotionally charged movies. My favorite filmmakers are David Lynch, Jane Campion, Patricio Guzmán and Chris Marker. As a PoliSci graduate, my reviews often gravitate towards the tension between the ethics and the aesthetics of a film. So, if that's something you're interested in, give me a follow, I always follow back and I love reading about other people's cinematic experiences. Oh, I also have another [Letterboxd profile](https://letterboxd.com/butdidyoucry/) in which I review movies based on if I cried or not during it, just for fun.


https://boxd.it/Ru5d - this is me! I like horror and cult movies, but watch pretty much anything. My reviews are all over the place… add away!


[TheyMostlyComeAtNight](https://letterboxd.com/Marcus74/) I aim to watch a horror movie each day and then do a little writeup afterwards. Feel free to add, I always add back.


Hello, I'm from morocco, i find out about letterboxd by a friend in the summer of 2020 , then i became obsessed with it i freeeeeaking love this app, i usually watch everything,every category possible, but slightly more into asian cinema and animation movies, here's my account https://boxd.it/1hmt9 I'll be glad to know all of your tastes in movies🥰