Profile Swap Megathread [July 2021]

Profile Swap Megathread [July 2021]


http://letterboxd.com/elinray Hey there! It's my first time posting on this thread but I've been meaning to find mutuals on letterboxd for a while now. I haven't been active for a few months due to catching up on anime and studying but I've been trying to watch as many movies as I can and basically just be active on letterboxd since I have a lot of free time now. I'm mostly into drama, psychological thrillers, mumblecore, crime thrillers and horror, but really I'll just watch anything as long as I know it'll match my interests :) You'll also be seeing lgbtqia+/wlw movies 👀


[Here's my profile](https://letterboxd.com/palinsmirror/) I'm 21 and I've been using letterboxd for two years now. Recently, I've been watching war films as well as animation too (mainly Ghibli). I've also taken an interest in classic films as well


Here's mine: [https://letterboxd.com/\_TheEoghShow\_/](https://letterboxd.com/_TheEoghShow_/)


Hello, here is my profile https://boxd.it/LIgn


[I’ve](https://boxd.it/cka1) been logging movies on letterboxd since 2014 but the true obsession took hold during covid and a three month stint at home due to an injury at work. Now I watch movies as often as possible and try to see all the movies I’ve been swearing I’ll watch for years. I don’t use star ratings and sporadically write something on the movies I watch. But I do enjoy reading and seeing what others are watching and learning about new movies to see through other peoples tastes My four favorite first time watches from the past three months are: 1. Bladerunner 2049 2. Marriage Story 3. La La Land 4. Little Women And I’m currently making my way through the criterion channels neo-noir collection.


He all here's my profile! [https://letterboxd.com/thesweatymamba/](https://letterboxd.com/thesweatymamba/) I've been getting really into Letterbox this year, I log all sorts of stuff but love horror and film noir the most. Here is my top 100 list: [https://letterboxd.com/silence\_huh/list/the-sweaty-mambas-top-100/](https://letterboxd.com/silence_huh/list/the-sweaty-mambas-top-100/) I am looking to grow my presence and connecting with other film lovers, am working towards starting a blog! If you follow me I will definitely follow back :D \*link works now thank you tylerwardfilms!


https://letterboxd.com/nicemarmot1/ I started using the site in late 2019 and have been reviewing nearly every film I watch lately, even if it's just a snippy one-liner or a more serious analysis. The site's list-making capabilities is by far my favorite feature on the site; I make a lot, including [annual rankings](https://letterboxd.com/nicemarmot1/tag/2010s:-annual-rankings/lists/), [decade rankings](https://letterboxd.com/nicemarmot1/tag/decade-rankings/lists/by/name/), [my own personal Top 250](https://letterboxd.com/nicemarmot1/tag/top-250/lists/by/name/). Check out any I've created [here](https://letterboxd.com/nicemarmot1/tags/lists/). My current film journey has me focusing on directors' filmographies with a goal of "checking off" great directors on my list, meaning I just want to see everything that a great filmmaker has to offer. Letterboxd is helping me to track that progress, as is [this dorky, way too robust Google Sheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRAYbi__nKMN0NnWGIfJGv6qXFVYKXUrPOCjznPA3_tPJ3o9p4TJvmTOZqAjuZ3fwtDalR9ePvVoLxR/pubhtml) where I track the directors' filmographies; some obviously have higher priority to be finished than others. In the linked spreadsheet, I track what I've watched since I've started this in early 2021, average rating per director, number of hits vs. vs. average films vs. duds, and how each director compares to one another. It's really enhanced my film watching experience in 2021 to have a dedicated focus like this, and I'd recommend something similar to anyone. Curation by someone you trust or self-curation really should always be the preferred method of determining your watchlist. The idea of handing what you will watch over to a streaming service's algorithm is so unnatural. Some of my recently watched films by these directors that I've found to be great (all 4.5's or higher): * Chungking Express - Wong Kar-wai * Carol - Todd Haynes * Margaret - Kenneth Lonergan * The Color of Money - Martin Scorsese * Starship Troopers - Paul Verhoeven


Hiii. This is my profile: https://boxd.it/Oqy5 I started using Letterboxd this year mostly. But I had downloaded the app since 2018. I’m graphic designer and film enthusiast. I watch mostly all genres, but my favorite ones are thrillers, crime-dramas, and lately horror/mystery. My fav directors are Fincher, Villeneuve and Scorsese. All my reviews are in English but my mother language is Spanish. My reviews depend on my mood, sometimes I write with a more serious tone, but sometimes I write kinda jokes lol. Feel free to follow! I follow back mainly users that give reviews too. Cuz I like to read reviews. Since last month im trying to watch a movie a day or more if I can. So I’m pretty active over there 😀


[https://letterboxd.com/canadianwater/](https://letterboxd.com/canadianwater/) Just started using Letterboxd recently but subsequently logged in my old IMDB ratings going back to 2012. This year, due to lockdown where I live and reduced work hours I've watched wayy too many films and write a little bit about them. Into 70s/80s Wim Wenders, Jarmusch, Rohmer, Varda, Truffaut, Bergman, Linkletter, Lynch, Kieślowski....all kinds (though admittedly not big on horror films). current top 4: Alice in the Cities, Chungking Express, Before Sunrise, Night on Earth Would be cool to follow more people on here and see what others are watching.


[https://letterboxd.com/Movie\_GOAT/](https://letterboxd.com/Movie_GOAT/) **Thoughtful Reviews of New Movies Upon Release**


https://letterboxd.com/hunterspence Hey guys! Hunter here. I’ve started using Letterboxd around 2 years ago and It’s really broadened my view of movies. I try to make interesting reviews with a lot more insight with my thoughts instead of a cute little one-liner about the movie (although I am guilty of that). Please check out my series I’ve been doing called [Rummage Through The Watchlist (or RTTM for short)](https://letterboxd.com/hunterspence/list/rummage-through-the-watchlist/), it’s an ever growing list where I sort by shuffle on my watchlist and we see what movie is available on my streaming services. I hope you guys have fun looking through my profile and I hope we can have some cool discussion about film!


Hi. [This is me.](https://letterboxd.com/sebsalgado/) Kind of an eclectic taste right now. I'm enjoying my MUBI subscription, trying to watch more Colombian cinema, and completing the Criterion Challenge. I also select my favorites based on some mood or idea. Oh! and I follow back.


[Here I am](https://boxd.it/qbX7) I’ve been using Letterboxd for two and a half years. My watch history is pretty all over the place, from foreign or older films to new releases and cheesy rom-coms. I do the Hooptober challenge on Letterboxd every September and October. Some of my favorite directors are PTA, David Lynch, the Coens and Wong Kar-Wai. I’m also a big Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung fan. Recently I’ve been slowly making my way through Scorsese’s and Ghibli’s films, because there are so many I’ve missed. I also want to get into more Taiwanese new wave films. Some random favorite first viewings of the year so far are Supermarket Woman, The Foul King, All That Jazz, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Speed, Shiva Baby, Rumble in the Bronx and 12 Angry Men. I’ve fallen out of the habit of reviews in the past month, so I need to start getting the ball rolling on those again.


[Here’s me](https://boxd.it/23jvn) Hi, I’m Heath. I’m a writer and critic with SiftPop. I love movies and try to watch all the big releases as they contour, as well as rewatching older classics. I generally write 150 word reviews as a minimum for everything I watch, but I’ll write 1,000 word in depth reviews for major releases and awards contenders. I’d appreciate a follow, and if you write reviews I’ll follow back. I want to support your work!


Hello Everyone! I'm also remy\_detached over on Letterboxd ([https://letterboxd.com/remy\_detached/](https://letterboxd.com/remy_detached/)). I really enjoy animation, queer cinema, documentaries, and a wide variety of other things. My viewing habits are fairly eclectic, and tend to be driven by 1) what's leaving my streaming services, and 2) what my partner is jonesing for. Lately I've been on a Hitchcock bender, since a bunch of his films were leaving my Canadian streaming service last month, and I've also been digging into movies from the 1940s and 1970s. I'm ***slowly*** working to complete the Women Directors, Animated, Top 250, and Documentaries lists on the stats page. I tend to only write full reviews for my 5-star watches, but will occasionally write short "stray observation" comments on other things. I also curate personal lists of favourite films in different themes, and have been doing the Criterion Challenge this year.


Hello Everyone. My name is Mario, have 30 yo and I'm from Mexico. Adore films and Letterboxd its my #1 favorite web database ever! Follow me and I really promise to do the same with you 👍 https://letterboxd.com/mario_melendez/


[my profile :)](https://letterboxd.com/byuns/) hey, i’m fairly new to the letterboxd community and i’d love to make some new friends and get new movies to watch! im 17, my favourites list is still under development as i watch more films. my reviews are not meant to be serious and i just write what comes to mind!


https://boxd.it/13X9x I watch a bit of everything, try to keep up to date with theatrical releases. Love me some good ole anime films thooo i can say that


Hi everyone! My Letterboxd is [helena2121](https://letterboxd.com/helena2121/), I'm 18 years old and I watch pretty much anything. My reviews are often short because English isn't my first language, but I put way more effort into making lists. Currently I'm working on a list of [films I like with under 20k watches](https://boxd.it/clWDw), but my most popular one is a list of [every single yellow poster](https://boxd.it/5bzHM).


[https://letterboxd.com/repojack/](https://letterboxd.com/repojack/) I'm only on Letterboxd for the community and interaction. Follow me and comment on a review or two and I'll give you a followback.


[Letterboxd member](https://letterboxd.com/jbutts15/) since 2012. primarily looking for users with similar tastes so I can get a better idea of how much I'll like a given movie. Ironically, I've been writing my thoughts on films recently on the weekly posts here rather than on LB, but otherwise I normally just "like" reviews that make points I agree with. Current favorites are movies cars on their poster artwork. Typically, I'll post films I really liked from the previous month, but the only one from last month was Speed Racer, so cars fit the bill. (I've only seen the first Fast & Furious movie, so it's not related to that!)


Check out my Profile: [JurrasicJustice](https://letterboxd.com/JurassicJustice/) Recently I've been watching movies to help plan the perfect heist. Also having a blast right now finding movies I wasn't allowed to rent at the rental store and finally watching them!


[https://letterboxd.com/benabbott123/](https://letterboxd.com/benabbott123/) If you follow me I will most likely follow back as I am relatively new to the app and want to see more peoples opinions


https://letterboxd.com/fortyfive33/ I write about movies occasionally. I'm 24, disabled and queer so some of my reviews are definitely filtered through that lens. Trying to watch more as I get in a better mood for watching movies. Joined some years ago, love the site. Four favorites are FINDING NEMO, MOONLIGHT, TOKYO STORY, and SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS


[chrisconnors](https://boxd.it/14hMz) I LOOUUUVE Letterboxd. Favorite app. I’ve be using it for idk how long. Logged about 5,400 movies so far. I study film on a PhD track. I watch at least one movie a day and read one screenplay per day. I’m obsessed with movies in any and all form. I’ve reviewed about 165 films so far and make some crazy lists of great movies (and a list of [TV Shows On Letterboxd ](https://boxd.it/5273Q) Chris Connors on letterboxd


Mine is [ayubnor](https://boxd.it/2QyWr). I like all types of film, and I can be quite snobbish.


hey! im [hollie2](https://letterboxd.com/hollie2/) on letterboxd. i follow back ! ive only had letterboxd for about 2 months but its become one of my new favourite apps. i watch a variety of films, majorly coming of age movies (and bo burnham specials). my favourite films are Spirited Away, Your Name and Flipped. im hoping on doing more actual review writing and love reading people's lists.


hey all, I’m flora! here’s the link to my profile: https://boxd.it/UfbV I’ve been using letterboxd since 2019 and I post shorter reviews pretty frequently! I’d love to follow more people!


Just renewed my PRO subscription. Also tried to get my stats page in order. Still trying to get the actors I don't recognize out of my highest rated actors section. I'm a completionist so tend to watch a lot of crappy movies from directors I love. I've seen all of John Carpenter's movies, for example, but I want to finish up Argento and Fulci sometime. Anyway, I follow back. My activity page is so dry. https://letterboxd.com/LuckyRadiation/


This is [me.](https://letterboxd.com/amit_/)


my profile https://boxd.it/10ZYB i started being active on Letterboxd this July. i prefer to write short or joke reviews, so you won’t find good writing there. i have a penchant for trippy and/or narrative, structureless movies. animation is my favorite medium. if you think we share the similar taste, shoot a follow and i’ll follow you back.


[https://letterboxd.com/fbwf/](https://letterboxd.com/fbwf/) Been on the site about 2 years now, log mostly newer films though I've been meaning to go back and watch and rewatch all the classics and best picture and cult favorite films of the last 100 years. I try and review movies emotionally objectively I guess, mix of appreciation and personal feelings to technical admiration. Favorite recent films include 'Another Round', 'Arrival', 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping', 'Kubo and the Two Strings' and 'The Worlds End'. 'Inception' or 'Spider-Man 2' may be my favorite movies of all time but I'd like to think I haven't seen my favorite yet. Good writing appreciated as much as similar or interesting opinions


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/1pAtt. I love animation and weird movie, I make list and my reviews are good.


Hello! I'm [athryn](https://letterboxd.com/athryn/) on Letterboxd, and I've been watching more films directed by and starring women this year, so I think I have a pretty interesting feed. My reviews are mostly for myself, but y'all may find them interesting as well. Edit: a couple of projects I'm doing are watching all of [Charlize Theron's](https://letterboxd.com/athryn/list/charlize-theron-ranked/) and currently [Elizabeth Taylor's](https://letterboxd.com/athryn/list/elizabeth-taylor-ranked/) films.


I want to watch more films directed by women as well. I'm gonna follow you!


Here’s my profile: https://boxd.it/1N3ZT I’m not the biggest art house fan honestly. I appreciate a well made drama, but I’d rather watch something a bit more high concept genre and less slice of life. I used to work in the film industry, and I have two degrees in film and media. I watch movies with a rather critical eye in terms of the production.


My profile: [https://letterboxd.com/Gigaswoo/](https://letterboxd.com/Gigaswoo/) Sharing my lists if anyone has suggestions they don't mind sharing: [https://letterboxd.com/gigaswoo/list/stocking-masks/](https://letterboxd.com/gigaswoo/list/stocking-masks/) https://letterboxd.com/gigaswoo/list/anxiety-genre/ I have been using the site for about a month. Current Favourites: Uncut Gems, Perfect Blue, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, The Big Lebowski. I generally enjoy thrillers with a comedic edge.


Your flair still says “Letterboxd username” btw :) - also if you like thrillers with a comedic edge you should watch The Nice Guys if you haven’t already seen it.


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/mzOb After I finished 100+ Movies in 100 Days earlier this year, I've slowed down considerably, but I'm trying to get back into a comfortable groove. I'm queuing up a bunch of new releases (2020/2021) that I've been ignoring, as well as 2 classic movie collections I just bought: Hitchcock classics and Universal Classic Monsters.


solid favs there


Re: Universal Classic Monsters, is that the 30 film collection?


Unfortunately not, just the 8 film collection. But it's a starting point


[This is my profile](https://letterboxd.com/OxfordComma/). Favorite films currently include: Goodfellas, Gilda, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Third Man. I'm a Gen-Xer with a love of classic film, but I'm trying to fill the gaps. Lately I've been watching a lot of 1970s stuff. Generally into film noir, screwball comedy. I've been on Letterboxd for about 4-5 years. I'm a chronic insomniac so I watch a lot of films. Everything I log, I review.


I'm into older Hollywood and foreign if anyone has similar taste. Always looking for new people to follow. [My profile here.](http://www.letterboxd.com/JohnLars)


Here's my [profile](https://boxd.it/2oujz) Hello all, been using Letterboxd since about February this year and loving it, I tend to write reviews for almost everything I watch with most of them being either personal or a bit on the shorter side, rarely do I do the essay review but I do sometimes try to be funny. Follow along if you're into it!


Will follow anyone who follows me. Joined letterboxd about six months ago but for the summer I want to start using it more regularly. I watch a variety of films, depends on how I'm feeling on a particular night. I write full reviews for new films and short reviews for old. Thank you. https://letterboxd.com/honeybadger1104/


https://letterboxd.com/h_donna_gust/ I've been on the app for about 3 years I think. I love all different genres of movies. My favorite movie is Heat. I try to put some thoughts down about everything I watch, sometimes in depth other times just things I feel or think.


you would be a good dude to rob a bank with


https://letterboxd.com/Cinephile472002/ I have been a cinephile for two years now. I love all kinds of films, and I especially have been watching a lot of foreign films lately. My favorite director is Stanley Kubrick, with 2001 and Barry Lyndon being tied for my favorite film at the moment.


[My Profile! :)](https://letterboxd.com/harlanthater/) My four favorites currently are: Irreversible, Ed Wood, Wild at Heart, and Spring Breakers I've been using Letterboxd for a couple years now, and I always love seeing what others are checking out, getting & giving recommendations, and sharing opinions through the comments! I try to watch at least one film every day, and usually write at least a brief thought or two for each one, but often will go more in depth with my reviews. I tend to follow back, so I hope to meet some new people through this!


Profile: [https://letterboxd.com/Silesfleurs/](https://letterboxd.com/Silesfleurs/) Started using a couple months ago and mainly use it as a record of my thoughts for each movie I watch. Really love the idea of talking with other people about movies on this site, since I don't really have a lot of friends that are into movies in the same way. Got the Criterion Channel a month ago and have been trying to go through the oeuvres of directors I've always been interested in (Kiarostami, Wong Kar-Wai, Altman). Favorite movies: The Double Life of Veronique, Ran, Sans Soleil, Vertigo, Eyes Wide Shut Hope to find more people to follow!


Please follow me! I’m very active and would love to follow more cinephiles. [My Profile](https://boxd.it/1loqJ)


[You can find me right here!](https://boxd.it/4OHj) I try to watch at least three films a week, and will usually write at least a paragraph about each (though some warrant more, and some don’t deserve even that much). Favorites include The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Beauty and the Beast, The Matrix, and Withnail & I.


Hi! Please follow my [profile](https://letterboxd.com/codyrodgers92/)! I am very active and have tried to capture every movie I have seen. I rate every movie I watch and include an emoji to represent my feelings or summary of the film 😊


https://letterboxd.com/RoyBlunt/ I'm pretty active on this site, usually 1 or 2 movies every day. Last month was super slow for me but I'm back and I plan on going back to my more vigorous watching schedule. I watch a very wide range of movies, from critically acclaimed to b movie crap. If you like hidden cinematic gems that aren't the kind talked about on TrueFilm then give me a follow.


[My Letterboxd profile](https://letterboxd.com/FraserBlueYT/) I only really started logging and reviewing films in late 2019. My reviews are either joke reviews or actual reviews. The number of films that I've watched is small, but I'm trying to expand and broaden my horizons. Recently, I've put more effort into a couple of film reviews, such as my review of [Fast and Furious 9 (2021)](https://letterboxd.com/fraserblueyt/film/f9/) and [A Quiet Place Part II](https://letterboxd.com/fraserblueyt/film/a-quiet-place-part-ii/) Oh and my top 4 films, if anyone cares: The Dark Knight (2008) Star Wars (1977) Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Enjoy reading my reviews if you do and have a good day everyone!


[My Profile](https://letterboxd.com/Cakesandpies/) Hey all! I'm a 17 year old guy from SoCal and incoming UCLA student. I'm probably what you'd call a casual movie fan, but I still spend a lot of time on Letterboxd and am always looking for new people to follow. My account is mainly dumb joke reviews, as well as a ranked list of every single movie I watch, for anyone who's into that sort of stuff. Favorite genres are horror, thriller, animation, and musicals :)


https://letterboxd.com/annanomaly/ Hi! 29, NB, lifelong film lover, sometimes-filmmaker. I watch a lot of movies, and these days I try to post at least a few words for everything I see. I'm most obsessed with independent film from the '80s/'90s and the horror genre in general, but I have a taste for pretty much anything if it's good. Will follow back!


My profile: [https://letterboxd.com/jkohnke/](https://letterboxd.com/jkohnke/) I watch a lot of movies on TCM and the Criterion Channel and have been logging them for over a year now. Always looking for clever/funny/thoughtful reviews and lists. [https://letterboxd.com/jkohnke/list/top-10-first-time-watches-of-2021/](https://letterboxd.com/jkohnke/list/top-10-first-time-watches-of-2021/) Here's a list of my favorite movies that were new to me in 2021, including Close-Up, Clueless and The Last Detail.


Profile: [https://letterboxd.com/damfino99/](https://letterboxd.com/damfino99/) I've been on Letterboxd since September. So far I'm averaging a film a day for the year and I write something about every movie. Not necessarily something eloquent and insightful, but something. I'll watch pretty much anything, but I've been focusing my viewings around the annual challenges I'm doing (Criterion Challenge, Film School Drop Outs) as well as a monthly theme. July is Japan, and I'm hoping to run through A. Kurosawa's filmography, the Lone Wolf & Cub movies, and a bunch of other stuff. I have 70+ movies on my potential watchlist for July so I'm guessing I'm not going to get through it all. Favorite movies watched last month: The Sparks Brothers, The Official Story, Wanda, Canoa, Smokey & the Bandit.


Profile [here](https://letterboxd.com/newagethriller/)—just did a huge binge of queer movies for Pride month (and am just gonna keep going lol), otherwise back in theaters and logging those + digging back into my classics, women directors, and horror watchlists


https://boxd.it/1N85B Trying to hit 300 films this year. Write reviews for the majority of my logs. Participating in the Criterion Challenge 2021 Making my way through the Sight and Sound list before next years update. I also help run a Criterion Channel Film Club and I make a rolling list of the films we watch. I generally follow back, but especially follow back people who write reviews rather than just rate stuff.


[Username: zarableh ](https://boxd.it/1Ld3h) Will be completing my first year on letterboxd later this month. I am neither an expert in film nor a film student. I also do not do analytical reviews (yet). I happen to rate (and review) movies solely based on how I feel after watching. I enjoy checking out what movies everyone is into! Would love to expand my circle :)


To give you an idea of my tastes.... Jurassic World = bad, Fallen Kingdom = good The Rise of Skywalker = bad, The Last Jedi = good https://letterboxd.com/Gert_McGert/ Writing reviews has acted as my diary for the past few years. I love doing it, and I love getting better, so feel free to critique my writing. All-time favorites: Mad Max: Fury Road, The Return of the Living Dead, Titanic. Interesting favorites: Before Sunset, Terrifier, Snowpiercer, MI6 Fallout, Sleepaway Camp, Spring Breakers, National Treasure, American Pie, Boyhood


Hello.. [Here is my profile on Letterboxd](https://boxd.it/2a2MP) Been around since end of last year and am loving the app so much.. Would love to read your long in depth reviews (esp. about movies that I've watched) & interact with people. So yeah, let us get connected! :)


Username: psychocinematic [Link to my profile ](https://boxd.it/2PQQT) I’ve been using Letterboxd for about a month and would love more connections! I’m loving it. I watch all kinds of stuff: arthouse, world cinema, mainstream Hollywood things too. I love it all.


[https://letterboxd.com/curtiskovah/](https://letterboxd.com/curtiskovah/) Hello all, got into Letterboxd a couple years ago and really became invested shortly before the pandemic hit. Letterboxd was perfect for me during the pandemic as I was afforded much more time to watch a lot more movies and using Letterboxd really enhanced my experience of film watching. Film wise I try to cast a wide net but tend to watch more mainstream things. I write 2-3 paragraph reviews for new releases and the occasional random review for older movies. Movie theaters being back is something I am quite excited about, they are my favorite place to be. Honestly in a bit of a movie rut right now(maybe deciding to watch Angry Birds 2 is to blame) and would love to get some fresh and new perspective on the site. Thanks for taking the time to read, cheers!


https://letterboxd.com/odiearbuckle/ I usually watch around one movie a day and try to write a few paragraphs about it. I aim to write something that’ll make me laugh so reviews are on the jokey side, and when it’s nostalgic rewatch my reviews tend to meander a lot and ramble about old Sega games. But I try to avoid writing any one sentence Twitter-esque reviews. I try to mix up genres as much as possible, although last month was mostly 90’s American action. I’m also doing complete filmography watches for John Woo and Christian Slater. My favorite films are Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, My Cousin Vinny, The Big Lebowski, and Attack the Gas Station. And this list of my top 10 first time watches of 2021 are a decent summary of my taste. https://letterboxd.com/odiearbuckle/list/top-10-first-time-watches-of-2021/


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/RXTL My favourite filmmakers are Edgar Wright, Gareth Evans, Park Chan Wook, Takeshi Kitano. I really love to watch movies from Japanese and South Korean cinema


https://boxd.it/2t4v5 Hello! Fairly new to the site and have been obsessively watching and rating movies ever since. I always love getting recommendations and suggestions so if you take a look at my profile/ratings and think of a movie I’d like, then please send me a Reddit message!


[Come aboard my Letterboxd, and say howdy!](https://letterboxd.com/Jinjonator/) My reviews are... usually not very long, but I try to put at least some effort into them (some movies naturally deserve more). Almost done with my extensive marathon of [Ingmar Bergman](https://letterboxd.com/jinjonator/list/ingmar-bergman-ranked/); also diving into other directors recently, like [Robert Altman](https://letterboxd.com/jinjonator/list/robert-altman-ranked/). [And here's a list of some of my favorite movies](https://letterboxd.com/jinjonator/list/all-time-favorite-movies/), so perhaps your tastes will vibe with my own. Or you simply want something fresh and new. Variety and spice and whatnot!


Profile: https://boxd.it/2Mbs1 I really got into movies this year after watching Whiplash, trying to watch as many movies as I can. My all time favorite is Whisper of the Heart


My profile on letterboxd: https://boxd.it/1t52T I’m 17 and an amateur film fan, I only got into movies last summer but ever since I’ve logged about 200 new films for a 800 movie total. I’m an avid fan of foreign cinema and some of my favorite directors are Wong Kar Wai and PTA.


Hey lol, I’m also 17 and a PTA fan. I’ve dropped a follow. Check out my profile: https://letterboxd.com/AdiBaxi/


https://boxd.it/1XYAV I never enjoyed writing in school. Oftentimes, I felt forced to write what the teacher wanted to see. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that maybe writing would be a good creative outlet for me. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. I’ll try to follow back!


Here is [my profile](https://boxd.it/qy0R)! I try to get at least one movie in per day, and I’ll watch literally anything. Reviews range from short bits on my thoughts to a dumb joke, depends on the movie.


Hi LB, I like active LB friends and I always follow back. https://letterboxd.com/keithnh72/


[My profile ](https://boxd.it/2O7z7) This is my profile I follow back and give likes.


Profile: https://letterboxd.com/Lowbacca/ I'll watch rather anything I can get hold of, to some extent, with a tendency towards older film, comedy, animation, and horror. One of my long-running goals is logging as many 1939 films as I can; currently at 85 films logged from that year, with the top ones being Dark Victory, Ninotchka, and The Ugly Duckling. Which transfers over into also a lot of animation including shorts; that does mean that I've also logged and reviewed almost every short on Disney+. Some of the top actors/actresses for me that I'll watch whenever they show up would be Vincent Price, Katherine Hepburne, Humphrey Bogart, Angela Lansbury, Clark Gable, Peter Lorre, and Jimmy Stewart. Also anything by Hitchcock. I do watch a fair amount of horror as well (though not as much), and while I used to go to the movies routinely, and look forward to safely returning to the theatres routinely again, I do probably average a movie a week watching streaming movies to support Laemmle, my local independent, indie, and art film theatre so my newer viewings generally reflect that, especially documentaries. Currently at over 2,000 logged films (and many I need to rewatch so I can log), over 500 logged this year, and so far up to 73 countries logged and looking forward to one day at least getting that up to 100. Top films would include 12 Angry Men, Casablanca, Kwaidan, Life of Brian, and Return of the Jedi.


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/1eYVT Hi guys, trying to get back into using the app and love talking/blogging quick reviews of films I'm currently watching. Wide range of film taste and always open to recommendations, follow and say hi!


https://letterboxd.com/chudsworth/ Been rating every film I've seen for 20 years on imdb then recently converted to Letterboxd for the diary aspect. I haven't done reviews yet, but always looking to find recommendations and users I share similar taste with. I love everything, but mostly off beat stuff. Big fan of 70s cinema lately.


[my profile](https://letterboxd.com/kuvitelma/) i've been trying to broaden my knowledge of film by watching a movie every single day since last august, it's been very very fun! i do some jokey reviews and some serious, in-depth ones, check it out 😎


My profile on Letterboxd [https://letterboxd.com/rododrew/](https://letterboxd.com/rododrew/) I'm trying to catch all best picture Oscar Winners this year


my profile: https://boxd.it/2GvRX i started using letterboxd this year. i watch and log all types of films, i don't really have a preference. i do watch a lot of queer movies so i really really love those. my favorite films are my own private idaho, maurice, and the living end . i also have a certain liking for keanu reeves action movies. my favorite director is probably gus van sant.


Hey guys here’s my profile!! [BaldAurelius](https://boxd.it/2uw8v) I’ve only used it for a few months. my favorite genres are Sci-Fi and Horror I’ve been in college so I haven’t really been logging that much, but I’m starting to get back in the swing. I’ve started to rank movies within franchises, something that I’m really excited about doing. I hope I can meet some really cool people and make some new friends, so drop a follow and I’ll follow back!!


https://boxd.it/Rjkr Hi y’all! Been on the site for about 2 years. Logged 2430+ movies, 204 this year alone. My tastes are varied and watch a lot of classics as well as new stuff.


Here's me! https://letterboxd.com/Chinar/ i haven't been watching too many films recently but I am active on the site! would appreciate any new friends


Hi! I'm Maddy and [here is my profile](https://letterboxd.com/corndogmaddy/). I've been on LB since about 2016 and have really been upping my watch numbers and review quality this last year. I average about a movie a day, then more on the weekends. I watch about 90% horror films! My preference is 80s, obscure, Japanese, slashers, and I've been getting into Italian gialli lately, as well. I'd love to follow people who watch horror, too, so I can get new recs on things to watch. Yay!


https://boxd.it/kGXl Just looking for some mutuals! I love so-bad-it’s-good movies and everything horror, and I log a lot of documentaries. I only write reviews on the stuff I give 5 stars, but I have some lists where I rank and review too if that’s more your style🥰


You can find my profile [here.](https://letterboxd.com/LS_watches/) Currently into cartoon shorts, but that might change any day. Also note that I am from Germany, hence there is a fair share of German movies on my profile. I try to write all my reviews in German and English, except for movies for which I am fairly sure that no non-German-speaker would be interested in to watch.


[https://letterboxd.com/CineTrois/](https://letterboxd.com/CineTrois/) I've only started logging as of a month or two ago. However, I had my own list of films in excel so that is why all my watched films since a year or three are on Letterboxd. To be honest, I am not particularly fan of one genre or the other. I like any kind of film as long as it is a good one. Especially strong character development is a plus. As well as mystery stories! I'm just looking for fun accounts to follow so I will for sure give all of you a follow back! I never rate any movies. I don't really believe in the rating system as it is so subjective.


Looking forward to meet like-minded cinephiles!! My profile: https://letterboxd.com/harshiyo/ My journey with films started with entering gates of Rashomon. Been addicted to Letterboxd right from 2019. I write reviews mostly as part of completing auteur filmographies or solo film challenges. So far I've completed 12 challenges. Currently I'm on my 13th challenge about Indian cinema.


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/gj9z I watch anything and everything. Looking for people who watch more obscure/older and foreign cinema! I write serious reviews sometimes! Here is my top 100 films list that I update occasionally: https://boxd.it/2SfNO


Hi everyone!! Letterboxd has been my saving grace during the pandy and I love this little community. Excited to chat movies with you all! https://boxd.it/ztRJ


[letterboxd.com/despair](https://letterboxd.com/despair) Hello! I signed up for Letterboxd last year and I love it. I’m currently watching 1-2 movies per day (a little behind on my log atm) of all genres. I’m a pretty active user and I’m hoping to watch 500 films in 2021. I also want to start writing a lot more reviews to record my thoughts and hopefully provide some useful info for my followers. I’ll follow back based on some combination of similarity in tastes and engagement.


My Letterboxd profile (https://letterboxd.com/Dilwin/) Got into reviewing everything i watch this year and it's really gotten back into watching movies to the point that i'm watching multiple a day at times. I watch and review all genres of movies and hope you guys consider following my movie journey.


[My profile](https://letterboxd.com/MrMeatScience/) Hi all! I'm a doctoral student in musicology at Magdalen College, Oxford. I've been on Letterboxd for a few years now but started using it more actively during quarantine. My favourite directors are Bergman, Tarkovsky, Kurosawa, and Fellini but I watch a little bit of everything and write reviews for everything I watch. I follow back and welcome engagement with anything I write (and will try to do the same in return).


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/k2yP I'm going slowly but I would love to follow back more people.


Hey! This is my letterboxd account:[VIVBERRY](https://letterboxd.com/VIVBERRY/) I love filmmaking and I've been using this site for a year now. I'm more into noir, thrillers, a slice of life, drama and sci-fi movies.


My Profile- https://boxd.it/1LC7j I have been on letterboxd for maybe half a year now and it has been a blast. I own 150+ movies on disc and I haven’t seen maybe 20+ so I usually log those movies or ones that I watch with my girlfriend or am suggested by my brother. I am looking for new people to follow as well.


Hi! [This is my profile.](https://letterboxd.com/ashiakatamaki/) My name is Azrael, I'm from the tiny country of Singapore. I graduated from film school this year! I review quite a bit of critical favourites and obscure Asian stuff, but I'm as big a fan of the big Hollywood blockbusters and Oscar favourites as well. My most popular review lately: My rant on [Black Widow (2021)](https://letterboxd.com/ashiakatamaki/film/black-widow-2021/) What I've been watching lately: Been doing the [r/Letterboxd Summer of South Korean Cinema Challenge](https://letterboxd.com/ashiakatamaki/list/r-letterboxd-challenge-summer-of-south-korean/), as well as catching up on some [2021 releases.](https://letterboxd.com/ashiakatamaki/list/2021-feature-films-ranked/) Trying to see 3 films a day before I enlist for mandatory national service in the military later this year, after which films will sadly be a rarity :(( Looking forward to following you guys back, love seeing all your diverse profiles in this thread too!


Profile: [https://letterboxd.com/theonenomis/](https://letterboxd.com/theonenomis/) Just enjoying movies and writing down everything along the way


Yo just been chilling and firing off some quick reviews... idk maybe you'll like them: https://letterboxd.com/starlawd/


I just downloaded letterboxd last week and I need some friends! I'm a 20 year old University student trying to watch as many movies as I can with the time that I have. I try to make my reviews as long as I can and average 1-2 paragraphs each Profile: [https://letterboxd.com/SamYegan/](https://letterboxd.com/SamYegan/) Here are my top 4 (not in order) 1. The Master 2. The Matrix 3. Taxi Driver 4. Goodwill Hunting


My name's Noah, I dated a cinema major who introduced me to Letterboxd in 2019 but I regrettably only started using it last summer. I like to write and it's a good outlet for that. [Here's my profile.](https://letterboxd.com/musterduck/) I'm not a cinema student myself so I mostly focus on the plot when I'm reviewing rather than technical aspects, but I like to think I'm learning a little about film theory from other users on the site. I'm open to just about any kind of films, though looking back I've mostly only logged '80s comedies and animated movies (nostalgia's a driving force in my picks.) Pre-Letterboxd I went through a horror phase I'm looking forward to revisiting in October. I have [a list](https://letterboxd.com/musterduck/list/spooky-month/) of every horror movie I could think of in order of release, always on the hunt for more :) Looking forward to finding someone to talk movies with!


I'm a simple man. I see Black Dynamite in the favorites, I follow. :)


Followed you back :)


Give me sci-fi recommendations! https://letterboxd.com/whovianforever/


https://boxd.it/2OnCL Hi. I’ve been using Letterboxd since this june and I love it so far. I watch all kind of movies and would love to discuss about them. Feel free to add me. Fav films: Casablanca, Apocalypse Now, Big Wednesday.


profile: [https://letterboxd.com/peachyy/](https://letterboxd.com/peachyy/) i really like movies and am a dropout film student lol! i watch everything from horror to comedies to experimental films. i rarely write reviews but am hoping to get more into it! give me a follow and ill be happy to follow you back.


[https://letterboxd.com/harshn97/](https://letterboxd.com/harshn97/) ​ I am just a film buff lately becoming a cinephile exploring different genres and world cinema, recently gotten interest for reviewing films on Letterboxd and would like to connect with cinema enthusiasts and people with similar interests in films.


Hi guys! [This is my Letterboxd profile](https://letterboxd.com/katemate/) I don't have a specific genre that I like, but slowly trying to get through the 'big classic' films! Will follow you back :)


Profile: [https://letterboxd.com/RoMenz](https://letterboxd.com/RoMenz) I've been watching films as an adult for 15 years now. It's one of my favourite things to do.I watch a bit of everything, except gore films. I mostly enjoy dramas and I prefer "auteur cinema" (e.g. Kiarostami, Wes Anderson, Ari Aster, etc). My favourite filmmakers (non-exhaustive list) are Abbas Kiarostami, Mike Leigh, Bong Joon-Ho, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa and Hayao Miyazaki. I stopped rating films a while back but I might get back to it to be honest.


My profile on **Letterboxd** https://boxd.it/17k8D Hi, I'm Soumik, from India. Only came to know this **LB** platform a year ago and since then never really looked back. Previously I was on **IMDb** (Still is) And for the last one and half year, I'm constantly logging in my viewings as well as reviewing each film to the best of my ability. If you ask me about my preferences, *Horror* and *Thriller* (Especially, **Psychological** Ones) are my go-to *Genres*. But that doesn't necessarily mean I don't watch anything different, I do. Actually, if you take a look into my stats; you will see Drama, Horror, Action and Thriller on top of my list. I admire those users who are active and **engages** with other people's reviews/lists just like I do. As I Love to communicate and share opinions on different titles; it goes without saying, I just admire a **Constructive discussion** about films over than anything else. So if you're someone with a similar taste, or just curious about my profile, do check it out. Cheers 👍


Here's my profile. I love consuming garbage, especially action movies with lots of explosions and sci fi where they are trying to be deep but it's just action films with explosions in SPACE. Also a huge fan of raunchy 90s comedy/Adam Sandler. If you're a fan of Little Nicky and Water Boy then I'm a fan of you. My reviews range from well though out theorys to one liners I thought were funny. But mostly one liners. My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/fPBN




Hello Reddit. Film is life , film is everything so watch everything! Check me out or don’t. https://boxd.it/yy09


Hey - Jim here. Have just joined a bit ago and I’m going to be reviewing everything I’ve watched as of May 2021 (while trying to tag everything I’ve ever seen as “watched.”) Current faves: Jaws, Throne of Blood, Zodiac, and Crimson Tide. Big fan of Kubrick, Villeneuve, Lowery, Aster, Eggers, Tarantino, Fincher, etc etc. Link below - I’ll follow back! [My Letterboxd](https://boxd.it/32gZr)


Hi all, I'm Jonny and my profile is https://boxd.it/1n5qJ I've rated 1,200 films so far. I write a lot of lists eg Top 30 Hitchcocks, favourite Korean films, favourite film noir, favourites by PTA/ Cohen brothers/ Wes Anderson/ Kurosawa etc... I felt like I'd seen a lot of the best movies from 1990 or so onwards so I made a deliberate attempt to find older (1930s-70s) and foreign language greats. Follow me if you want suggestions there 😊 🎬


Here’s my profile: https://boxd.it/2sgpr I downloaded Letterboxd in february and got immediately hooked. I think it also encouraged me to watch more movies (even though I already did since i was little).


[https://letterboxd.com/ills/](https://letterboxd.com/ills/) movies are fun and so can you 🤪


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/1m8I5 24 year old girl from Australia! Fav genre is horror but honestly, I'll watch anything. Sometimes write reviews but rarely anything longer than a few paragraphs. Looking for some mutuals!


My Profile: https://letterboxd.com/StirProductions/ ​ My reviews and opinions are trash, follow me :)


Hi everyone! I just reactivated my pro subscription, which motivates me to watch more films these upcoming months before it is time to focus on my thesis. I’m a 23-year-old Dutch gal pal enjoying all kinds of genre of films. I lean towards contemporary films but would like to delve into more niche films for the sake of broadening my horizon. I also follow back because I am curious ;) https://boxd.it/fsMt


https://boxd.it/1FUXv This is me ^^^ ima huge horror fan and I leave a review for every film I watch! I try to watch atleast a film or 2 every day!! Some of my favorite films are - Evil Dead Remake - Scream - Wind River - Dredd - Chef - Prisoners I follow everyone who follows me so please give me a follow if you get the chance!


My profile: [https://letterboxd.com/museummouth/](https://letterboxd.com/museummouth/) I watch a lot horror and Criterion-esque films. I really enjoy Japanese cinema and movies that make you think.


My profile: https://letterboxd.com/Kowboykennny/ I wrote in spanish, so if somebody wants to learn spanish or know spanish, I watch a lot of movies and I always write a review for every movie that I didn't watch it before. My style of writing is more self focused so I can have my own archive of reviews. I watched 1649 movies, at least that I can remember. I never add a movie that I rewatched, only a new ones for me.


**Profile:** [**https://boxd.it/2rjhD**](https://boxd.it/2rjhD) I usually watch classic movies and now I'm starting to write reviews. I will follow back everyone who follows me :)


(https://boxd.it/9Qxl) Hey! My username is Royalewitcheese. I’ve been a cinephile for years and I’m back on Letterboxd after being off since about 2016. I watch all different kinds of films, mainstream, foreign, and criterions. I watch a lot of movies so I log pretty frequently! Favorites: Blue Velvet, In Bruges, Under The Silver Lake, and Interstellar. I follow back!!




Hey, I’m a 17 year old cinephile from New Delhi. I have been a film buff ever since I laid my eyes on Nolan’s Interstellar. My taste has since grown and I particularly love Art films, French New Wave, New Hollywood Wave, Period pieces, War films and some psychological thrillers. My favourite directors are: Paul Thomas Anderson Lars von Trier Francis Ford Coppola Akira Kurosawa Jean Luc Goddard Gaspar Noé Chris Nolan I am actually looking to increase my follower count since my passion for cinema is something I will look forward to cover in my college essay and it’s good to have a good following for me to write about. I would definitely follow back every person who follows me :) My profile: [Profile](https://letterboxd.com/AdiBaxi/)


My profile: [https://letterboxd.com/dufte](https://letterboxd.com/dufte) I always review and rate every movie I've seen. I've started 2014.


**HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK** [TimberWickie](https://letterboxd.com/Timberwickie) Random handful of my favorites: Inside Llewyn Davis, Parasite, The Iron Giant, Hot Fuzz, The Dark Knight


Howdy! I’m [Crazy Chicken](https://boxd.it/1eEwf)! My favorite movie is WALL•E and the last film I logged was After Life. I’ve wanted to watch Shoplifters for a few years now but haven’t gotten around to it yet so I guess this was my first Kore-eda movie. 😁✌️


Wall E!!! My favorite Pixar movie of all time


[Here's my profile](https://letterboxd.com/seadesert2969/) I review most of what I watch (got a lot of missed reviews/diary entries to catch up on from the last few months) but I use Letterboxd daily. Love all sorts of films but been particularly interested in Hayao Miyazaki's and David Lynch's work recently. Give me a follow if you're interested, I always follow back :)


Here I am: https://boxd.it/1YduD There’s a lot of horror in here but I will watch everything and I make a point to write a (bad to mediocre) review so I can actually articulate what I like/don’t like about a movie other than “it was good!”


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/20TSB I try to watch a wide variety of films. I am currently doing the Criterion Challenge 2021 too. My favourite directors include Martin Scorsese, Celien Sciamma, Ingmar Bergman and David Lynch.


[This is me.](https://boxd.it/2TxKF) I only do reviews for movies/shows that I have rated 5 stars.


This is mine: https://boxd.it/sTyz I wrote way too much in my bio but I also answered all the questions asked above in it. Just a taste of my taste: I love Linklater movies, A24, and 40’s screwball comedies


Profile: https://boxd.it/wIVv I’ve been using it for about 2 years. I enjoy horror but I’m open to mostly anything. Recently it’s been fun for me to watch movies 20+ years old to see how well they’ve held up today. Letterboxd has helped me keep my thoughts organized and discover films I had forgotten. It’s a lot of fun. Recommendations are always welcomed.


I literally thought this was my own comment at first. I bet we have similar taste!


I love genre movies, making lists, and reading reviews. [My profile](https://letterboxd.com/HeyMason/).


Hey! [This is me](https://letterboxd.com/chrisvandenberg/) Since we're at the halfway point, here are my top 10 of 2021 so far: 1. Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn 2. Here Before 3. In The Earth 4. The Sparks Brothers 5. French Exit 6. Still Processing 7. The Amusement Park 8. The Human Voice 9. Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar 10. In The Heights


Hey guys and gals, I’m Tyler. Here’s my profile: https://boxd.it/obw7 I actually just retooled my favorites list last night from a ranked list to a master list of films that I consider great. I was trying to do my yearly revision of my top 100 list, and I just couldn’t bring myself to rank films anymore. Here’s the list if you want to take a look: https://boxd.it/czEvC I’m a long time user of Letterboxd who reviews every single film he watches. Lately, I’ve been writing more and more about my personal connections to films rather than my critical analysis and seem to be getting a pretty good response on those reviews, so if that’s something that interests you, definitely give me a follow. I also follow back!


[don't judge me pls](https://letterboxd.com/metrobobbi)


[TadhgH](https://letterboxd.com/TadhgH/) I like all sorts of movies high brow and low brow and I generally write full length reviews. To give you a sense of my taste my current top four which are my favorite first time watches from last month are Matinee (Joe Dante, 1993) , Good Morning (Yasujirō Ozu, 1959), Cat Listening to Music (Chris Marker, 1988) and Sherlock Jr. (Buster Keaton, 1924).


Always like seeing another Matinee lover!


Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that your link is broken. It just takes me to my front page whenever I click on it. :)


Fixed. Thanks so much for letting me know.


Was chairman of my college theater back in the day, as well as staff on the theater of the next college over. Solicited video stores and theaters for used movie posters back when that was a thing. Used to attend all the International Tournees of Animation and Spike & Mikes so witnessed the first theatrical Pixar, Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, etc on the big screen in person. Worked in comic shops for a decade, now in tech. Wrote reviews on little chatroom boards to share my movie interests with a handful of internet friends in the late 90s; moved on to write them on NetFlix to participate in the shared reviewing environment and track my watched films back when it was meaningful there; switched to blogging reviews to basically nobody when NetFlix reviewing/rating dried up; and ultimately transitioned to Letterboxd in 2018-ish on a recommendation which dovetails nicely with my mildly obsessive cataloguing. Love quirk, sci-fi/fantasy, comedy/horror, animation, anything engaging/engrossing that doesn't put me to sleep, and have 47 lists of recommendations broken out by genre. Watch a new (to me) movie every evening or every other evening and rarely rewatch - cult of the new, too much to see. My reviews date back to 2002 and currently tend to be 3 or so paragraphs, something I can summarize after sleeping on it. What to watch comes from a combination of anything green on Metacritic, red on Rotten Tomatoes, and over 3.5 on Letterboxd (over 3.0 for the much-maligned sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres), as well as the winners of Letterboxd's bi-weekly Showdowns. I friend anyone who likes my review and, on investigation, also consistently writes coherent reviews of more than a paragraph and isn't a toddler, bigot, or follower-farmer. It's enjoyable to compare what I wrote with what someone else wrote. Just chugging along with <100 friends, no comments, nearing 5k movies watched, 2.6k reviews, and maybe 0-5 likes on any given thing I've written.


It’s been a while since I last did one of these! My user is [Firequackers](https://boxd.it/qy4z), and I watch a big mixture of things. My ultimate goal is to have everything I’ve ever seen logged and reviewed, but only with a fresh rating. I like interacting with people about what we watch and am not fussy about the kind of films I see posted by friends, so I will follow back if you seem like an interactive kind of person who writes a lot of reviews. :)


[This is me](https://boxd.it/1lDPT) I’m 17 and have been on the site for nearly 2 years. I have a fairly long favourites list, so check that out to know what I like:)


Hi, currently trying to do the 365 films in a year challenge. I try to post a review at least once a day, from almost every genre imaginable, as even if I don't end up liking that particular genre, its always worth a try. I love trying to go off recommendations from people. Trying to branch out into different countries movies, as I've already found some beautiful ones such as, "woman at war" if anyone's seen it. I would love to try and do something in film professionally, as it's always been a goal, and this is a wonderful place to start. Reviews will range from long thought-out ones, or just comments about paul rudd. My favourite movie will always be into the wild and i personally find films like that fascinating. Been watching some Icelandic movies and loving them. Check out my profile if you fancy, no worries if not 😁😄


Followed! If you've been watching Icelandic movies, did you happen to watch Heartstone, by any chance (if you watch LGBT movies, I dunno)? If so, what did you think? I've been on the fence about giving a shot for a long time.


https://letterboxd.com/kingmofi/ I enjoy making lists and I’ll watch pretty much anything. Probably going to be watching a lot of movies in the new Art-House Animation section on Criterion.


[Heres me :)](https://letterboxd.com/LesbianGlryhole/) I'm a 5-year letterboxd member with only 700 entries, big into old-hollywood, horror, and pretending I can watch 70 movies in a month when I barely average 3 sometimes. Right now I'm supposed to be getting through 2 monthly scavenger hunts on top of watching films for my fashion studies but instead, I've rewatched two movies and nothing else :| oops


My profile name is [Gaambit](https://letterboxd.com/Gaambit/) (two A's, not three like my Reddit profile). [https://letterboxd.com/Gaambit/](https://letterboxd.com/Gaambit/) I joined at the beginning of the year, in part because I'm a big fan of Blank Check With Griffin & David, and it got mentioned on there, and over in their sub, quite a bit. As a result, this year was my first watch of all the original Star Trek films, as well the Disney Rennaissance and all of Elaine May and John Singleton. Looking forward to revisiting John Carpenter for the rest of the year. Outside of BC stuff, I've discovered the Criterion Channel this year, and finally watched most of the Marx Brothers films. I also ran through all of Studio Ghibli for the first time, and am looking to work through the Criterion box-set of Godzilla films. If it helps, I don't log TV shows, either!


[My profile](https://letterboxd.com/RockyPeterson/) I don't review as much as I'd like because of school but I get a movie when I can - I just finished up Tarkovsky's filmography yesterday. I try to keep it capsule-length but sometime if I'm talking about a favorite I can get pretty long-winded haha. Would love to follow some more people with similar taste


Some know me as Meridian, others know me as "heinous bitch". I first joined Letterboxd in October of last year and now I use it every single day. My reviews vary from jokes to actual reviews. I'm a Chicago writer and a artist; majoring in film with a concentration in directing. [Click here :)](https://boxd.it/1Vm9j)


only recently started reviewing movies, feel free to check out my profile: https://boxd.it/2fvnT and hopefully see some progression in film taste and ratings!!!


[**letterboxd.com/Brijandez**](https://letterboxd.com/Brijandez) I started using LB back in 2016—I'm proud to say Alex Proyas' **Gods of Egypt** was my first movie logged ever! At first I only used to log films I'd see on theatres, as a tool to track my films for an end of the year Top 10 list, but eventually I just started logging everything, either in cinemas, physical media and/or digital streaming. I live in Mexico (Tijuana, BC, more specific) so all my reviews are in spanish and even though **horror** is my favorite genre and the **70s** probably my favorite decade, I love movies in general from any period; my journal is full of everything. Last week I saw **F9** and Greg Araki's **Kaboom!** for the first time ever. Been doing a deep dive on Christian Petzold (they're having a great restrospective at *Mubi*) but also I already have my pre-sale tickets for **Black Widow**. So for me, if its movies, anything goes, and I'm pretty sure my profile tries to reflect that. [**letterboxd.com/Brijandez**](https://letterboxd.com/Brijandez)


https://boxd.it/R4Zp I like pretty much anything but I especially like animation and thrillers for some reason. My reviews are pretty shit so feedback would be appreciated.


[My profile.](https://letterboxd.com/Hobosapien20/) I write a review on every narrative film I watch. I don't know if I want to do this as a career but I enjoy it as it keeps me on my toes with staying relevant with writing critically about film. I try going to the theater at least once a week so expect more modern films to pop up over time.


[Profile](https://boxd.it/1sxqH) I rate most movies 4-5 stars. And some of my favorites include: Boogie Nights, The Muppets, Beau Travail, School of Rock, Paris Texas, Inside Out, Josie and the Pussycats, Transformers. So I love a lot of different kinds of movies and review most of my diary entries. Follow me if you’re interested!


https://boxd.it/29qV5 my profile (embarrassing name I know, idk how to change it) Recently got into a hobby of watching movies over the last year or so. My reviews may seem a little weird, I apologize for that. Don’t really know how to form a proper review. I usually watch any type of film, as long as it has decent ratings.


Hi, this is me - [https://letterboxd.com/bricksbythomas/](https://letterboxd.com/bricksbythomas/) My fav film is Interstellar! Currently binging all A24 films, and I would love to recommend what I think everyone would love to watch from that slate of films. I follow back! I love seeing what people are watching and then checking those films out myself!


Hello! I recently started using this app and it would be really cool to find some people I could follow. I follow back ! [here’s my profile](https://letterboxd.com/alicevenus/) My taste is pretty broad too


[My profile](https://letterboxd.com/Rooland/) Love PTA, Fassbinder, Lynch, Carax, Wong Kar-Wai, Kaufman, Antonioni, Tarantino and Bergman. I watch everything from classic arthouse, weird b-films to cheesy romantic comedies. I primarily write longer straight forward reviews, and I follow people who do the same. Started using LB in 2020 and started writing reviews in 2021. I've challenged myself to write a review for every film I watch in 2021, but it's much harder than I expected, hah.


https://letterboxd.com/ddamon/ Hey, this is me. I’m a writer and editor, and I just use it to log all the stuff I watch at 3am tbh. Only review if i really love or really hate something.


Here’s my profile: https://boxd.it/1nApx I’ve logged around 1,200 movies and have watched 114 this year. Some of my favorites are The Big Lebowski, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Mandy, Sucker Punch, Moon and The Lighthouse. I try and watch a movie about every other day and I usually always write a shirt little review, usually just some short thoughts on the film. I usually like more trippy and out there films.


My profile - [https://letterboxd.com/dholford/](https://letterboxd.com/dholford/) Always looking for new followers who share a similar interest in movies! I enjoy a bit of everything honestly!


best bio.


Hey folks, my name is John: https://boxd.it/16ySt Posted here last week and started following a lot of great reads. Love the community here! I’ll watch anything but I’m particularly fond of genre fair. Im a sucker for monster flicks or anything involving time travel.


[hey! here is my profile!](https://letterboxd.com/yurachi/) only just started in depth reviews, but feel free to check out some and hopefully we can see the eventual progression of my reviews and ratings. i do conform to the norm with some of my film choices, but feel free to click that follow button #ad :)


heyy [this is my profile](https://letterboxd.com/binarytrash/) I'd like to think I'm pretty active on the site & try to always leave reviews which sometimes are good while others less than good, but my rating is always my honest opinion, even when it seems to be a reaaally unpopular one.


Hello! I'm [Deven K.B.](https://letterboxd.com/geoccali/) on Letterboxd. Right now I'm rewatching my way through John Carpenter's filmography and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I'm also making a conscious effort to watch more films made by women directors or featuring casts led by women. That said, I also just watch a lot of random movies depending on my mood. I enjoy following back just to get a wider range of perspectives and to discover new stuff!