DMs (private messages) on Letterboxd

Letterboxd is perfect in my opinion except for the fact that you can’t DM anyone. I always end up having chats in the comment section. Are direct messages a particularly difficult thing to incorporate? I don’t know much about coding, sorry.

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I like the current set up, because it keeps it focused on film talk. Besides, a lot of users have links to their twitter or Insta, and if there's enough back and forth to justify it, you can always add them over on those apps.


I completely agree with you


Some people have a restriction on who can comment on their reviews and sometimes I just wanna ask something for ex. That's annoying.


I’m pretty indifferent. I don’t see my self ever using a Letterboxd DM feature, but if they added it, I wouldn’t care.


As long as I can turn mine off.


Cant wait to hit up a girl and tell her how we have similar film tastes and hence should get married


>proceeds to find a girl and copy all of her ratings


MANK (2020) moment


can't wait to be hit up 🤤




wow actually


I don't think DMs are at all necessary. I think they just need to update chats in the comment section so that you can actually reply to or tag people.


Yes! And maybe like the comment someone has left.


That's what I was going to say. You can't tag other people or properly reply to comments, I think they should implement that more.


I don't know . . .it could be good, but they'd have to have it so you could block users or turn off the feature.


Well you can alrzady block users so I don't see why they wouldn't offer that possibility anymore, but maybe addind a "only people that I follow can send me a message" option could be a good idea


What if you still liked the persons reviews and just didn't want to get harassed over DMs anymore?


If someone's harassing me over DMs, I can't imagine myself still wanting to read their reviews.


Well you can still block the person / activate the possibility to block the DMs I guess?


I kinda like the idea, but there's way too much opportunity for abuse of the feature, which would kinda devolve Letterboxd to the level of every social media outlet, full of nothing but spam. I think that allowing comments on people's profiles might be kinda cool, though, kinda like the "wall" on Facebook used to be. 100% public to help keep down perverts and spam, but it would also help encourage 1-on-1 conversation between cinephiles, which is something that is kinda lacking on the site right now.


Tbh i love letterboxd because it doesn't have a dm feature. I've gotten harrassed on reviews and personal film lists so getting a dm feature is not something i would enjoy at all


Not really a fan of that idea. I can't help but think of all the thirsty DMs one would receive. Also, bots (as in the annoying bots that invaded Instagram and post/DM mostly sexual stuff) might become a thing.


And if you don’t want to be messaged you could just change the setting of who can DM you (only people you follow, everyone, etc.)


If anyone else listens to the Letterboxd podcast, they covered this at an episode around Christmas time. They said the option is there to put your Twitter handle in your bio and message people from there but they don't want to be responsible for DMs. In my opinion, I think that's good. The comment system itself still isn't the best and had taken a while to get where it is while there are already too many complaints about Letterboxd accounts so can you imagine if they started DMing people as well? oof


On these conditions, if not more: both users must follow each other, and the recipient has the option to decline, and any user can opt out of messages entirely so that no other user can even attempt to message them.


No, it's not a social site, no need for DMs, stop that shit.


It has many of the same features as social media apps. The emphasis is on film discovery and discussion. If it wasn't a social site you wouldn't be able to follow users or comment on reviews.


You can socialize with other users tho so


I feel like it could be a good optional feature. Like if someone doesn't want people sliding into their dms they could disable it, but people who want to have discussions outside of comments could enable it.


And thank god for that. DMs suck and I have them turned off or limited like hell everywhere.


Terrible idea


Wow that is really 50/50.


Damn, the vote is split exactly at 303 right now


I floated the idea of a film status a couple months back and it got nixed. Having DMs opens the opportunity of unsolicited messages. I can imagine such lines as "I watched Human Centipede recently, I wouldn't mind If you s**t in my mouth"


Honestly I only use Letterboxd to make a review of a film I've watched and to see what others opinions of it were. It doesn't need to be anything more than that imo. The only thing I want is for shows and series to be allowed on the site, but I understand and respect that it's for films only.


it could be nice, but it’s nice you don’t really have to worry about secret harassment, even though I’m not sure at all how likely that’ll be in letterboxd communities. But I like this simplicity and ‘openness’


Hahahaha I was explaining Letterboxd to my girlfriend’s dad and he just kept asking if you could use it to hit on girls. So with the new Letterboxd DM feature the answer would be yes. But in all seriousness they should just add the ability to reply to comments


I'm a very social person that loves to engage on constant conversation so yes, please


C'mon you just want to have tinder... If you want to talk with someone some people post their social media in their profile...


Are you aware that you can talk to people outside of wanting to bone


That's precisely cause it's not Tinder that I'd rather have someone message me on Letterboxd than on another social media (if that's for a convo about movies or something), like on Letterboxd someone who would want to message me would only have access to my profile and the movies I watch rather than pictures and other stuff that I post on other social medias


Why won't they add web series too?


I could take or leave DMs as a feature. What I really want is notifications. I'd rather be able to see new comments, likes, or when movies on my watchlist move to my streaming services through the website, not my email.


It would be good to be able to send movies to people to make recommendations


If this feature ever gets added, it should be opt-in only.


99% of them would probably be "hey" with no context