during which films have you fallen asleep at the cinema?

pretty self-explanatory & sure it’s been done before, but I fell asleep during Gladiator (35mm) today. felt kinda bad about that after seeing the high letterboxd average!

the more shocking/unexpected (as in most people would be surprised you fell asleep during it), the better


None. I can't fall asleep sitting up, no matter how much I try.


I used to be the same until I had to watch The French Dispatch for the 3rd time (I volunteer at a cinema), and that broke the seal!


I also fell asleep during The French Dispatch, though that was only the first time I saw it 😅


I too fell asleep at the movie theatre watching The French Dispatch


I fell asleep watching The Batman and most recently Across the Spiderverse. Funnily enough, I really liked both movies. I just get so comfortable in the cinema I end up getting sleepy.




I can't even fall asleep in my own bed


I can fall asleep just fine in your bed, weird


Big “I also choose this guys dead wife” energy


Same. Imagine falling asleep in a public place. I’ll never understand


Skinamarink (2022). To be fair it was like a Wednesday at 10pm and I saw it after work and was the only one in the theater. Don’t think it says anything about the quality of the movie, was just one of those days. I’ll give it another shot sometime soon.


Me too! The white noise was too soothing.


This. While I admire the movie for doing something different, it had a weird calming effect on me to the point my eyes kept closing as I was watching it.


If anything at all skinamarink shows how much personal attitude, mood and the environment plays a role when watching a horror movie. I've never been scared by a horror movie and I've watched them all. Skinamarink was the first movie ever to give me the chills. I really, really enjoyed it as an atmospheric horror movie and I watched it at home with my gf, no cinema, no crowd at all.


Lydia Tár here: I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that in 2011, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” put me to sleep in the theater. I’ve since grown to admire the film quite a bit (I even own it on iTunes, as a matter of fact); it’s a *good* movie that I enjoy more—and return to more regularly—than most *great* ones.


hi Lydia big fan. Can you do an AMA?


I fell asleep during Tinker Tailor too - but it was after work at a fancy cinema on a 2 seater couch with a footstool, and a blanket and booze; I didn't stand a chance really.


I can’t fall asleep sitting up but the two friends I watched Amsterdam with fell asleep


I fell asleep during that, too.


I wanted to fall asleep during it


Yeah I wish I fell asleep during that, god it was so bad


I was a bit tired and fell asleep during _Dial of Destiny_ for 10ish mins. It was after work and I should have waited until the weekend but I was flying out the next day and didn’t want to miss it.


Only one I fell asleep in was Dune part 1 in an IMAX theater. To be fair though, I had had a very long day and I was watching it for a second time. Just thought I’d step into the theater to wind down and that’s exactly what I did


Quite a few but it wasn't cuz the movies were bad. I was just so tired


I once went to a midnight screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was in high school. I was asleep from the start of the Jupiter mission until the intermission. During the intermission I was able to get a soda and recharge for the second half. You can’t blame me, though. I had seen it before, the shots are so long and meditative, and the music and space sounds are so calming!!! AND it was 1 in the morning!


every single film i watch in cinema i fall asleep in for at least 5 minutes, i really can’t help it


Recently fell asleep during The Last Voyage of the Demeter. Making Dracula on a boat dull is more than enough to send me to snoozeville.


Same!! it was a nice nap tho- also pretty sure the rest of the theatre was asleep cause there was 0 crowd reaction


Gravity. Worse movie experience ever.


Only time was during Pacific Rim, but it was also right after the 2nd or 3rd time I ever smoked weed. Still haven’t finished it


Annihilation Between the score and dreamy visuals, I dozed for a good 30-45 mins. I was so confused.


Prince of Persia is the only one for me. My high school took us to see it on graduation night as a final hurrah, but most people just slept during it since it was like 2am. 😆




As a kid I fell asleep during one of the Kung Fu Panda movies and I’ve always been ashamed of it


Slept during a few minutes of Alien Covenant


Batman v Superman


As an adult in a regular movie theater. Never. As a child in a regular movie theater? I’m sure a couple times, my parents brought me to see The Horse Whisperer (1996) and I told my mom “wake me when he whispers to the horse” haha! Screenings at the college theater for class? Couple times. The Paradine Case (1947) and The Lady from Shanghai (1947) both made me fall asleep. Paradine case may have been one of the most boring films I’ve watched.. or partially watched


The Revenant. I should revisit it.


Lion, Fences, and I also slept through the force awakens because I saw it at 5:30 am


The Batman Oppenheimer Kong: Skull Island Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Inu-Oh (one of the worst cases) Other than Inu-Oh, which was really early in the morning for me, these are all just movies where I was awake enough to process the story and everything, and form a proper opinion. This has nothing to do with any of these movies being bad or boring to me, I just work late so sometimes I'm in the theater either right after waking up early, or after my work shift ends.


When I do the 12-hour Halloween horror movie marathon, it's without fail always second-half of film 3, no matter how good it is. I'm dying to know how the Blob remake ends.


ironman and crimes of the future. I’ve been meaning to rewatch crimes


My only film is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I haven't even bothered to rewatch it, although I've heard good things


fell asleep watching the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie that came out in 2014, my dad hasn't forgiven me since.


only the greatest showman (after I'd already seen it) edit: forgot about all of quantumania




I was running on like no sleep and kept nodding off during Murder on the Orient Express at a discount theater. I was awake for the ending and thought it was dumb so I don’t think I really missed much.


Matt Reeve's Batman, twice.


Oldboy but it was just because I had a lil devil’s lettuce beforehand


Tron Legacy. Twice (same screening). Also during Hail, Caesar! and Asteroid City but in both cases it was just a few minutes and it had been an exhausting day so that's on me.


I fell asleep for the entire middle of Man of Steel. So to me, it was a film about an alien coming to earth, then getting a job at a newspaper.


In full honesty I did doze for about 5-10 mins during the last hour of Oppenheimer. I think mostly due to the fact it was a 9pm showing and I was up that day at 4am lol.


Gretel and Hansel Not because it was bad. I was just tired.


Fell asleep during Zero Dark Thirty and Dunkirk. I remember during Zero Dark Thirty I was asleep for maybe 10 minutes and then a truck blew up and scared me shitless.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Avatar. Tried to watch Avatar again at home and fell asleep again.


Phantom Menace. Sat outside for 6 hours and that snoozefest put me down real quick.


Asteroid City and my 2nd viewing of across the spiderverse (I was tired)


Tim Burton's Dumbo. Never been so bored in my life.


Rogue one, woke up just in time for the hallway scene


Morbius and Black Adam were major snoozefests


Star Wars Rogue One: completely uninteresting characters, joyless and dumb storyline.


I had to take an allergy pill before I saw Tàr and fell asleep with about 20-25 minutes left in the movie, and when I woke up the theater was empty and the lights were on.


I slept through an entire fight scene in Sucker Punch


Black Panther 2


Only one, Suicide Squad(2016), probably the worst film I’ve seen as an adult. I don’t fall asleep during movies but I did during that flaming pile of garbage.


think the only time I’ve ever gotten close was during Thor: Love and Thunder.


Avengers endgame Saw it opening day at 3am, got really bored. The rest is history.


\-Dune but that was because I was exhausted by the time I watched it, on a rewatch I was absolutely hooked from beginning to end. \-Infinity Pool's first 20 minutes was so slow and I dozed off at that time. Luckily the rest of the movie was a lot more engaging. \-Renfield, whenever Nic Cage wasn't onscreen it was a major snoozefest. \-The Meg 2, for a movie that's been advertised as fun bad, it's shockingly boring and dull for the majority of its runtime.


The Wolverine


Never fully asleep but sometimes when I’d go after work I’d have to shut my eyes a little, I did it during embrace of the serpent which I feel bad about because it’s a masterpiece


Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore


I was at the midnight premier of The Hangover (idk) and fell asleep for like 25 minutes. It wasn’t boring or anything, I’m just not cut out for midnight premiers.


I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 in the cinemas and literally zoned out and daydreamed the entire 3 hours.


Tbh I was dozing off during strays a couple days ago. The lack of facial expressions made the dialogue so boring and it was so dialogue heavy


The 2011 Muppets movie. First movie that broke my heart because it made me sleep. I can’t remember an earlier time where i hated a movie in the theaters, i always loved going to the movies as a kid.


Briefly during Jaws 3D (I only know because I'd seen the movie before at home) & during Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (also 3D). I guess 3D exhausts the eyes faster but I didn't fall asleep during Avatar, The Way of Water, or Titanic with IMAX 3D.


I've only fallen asleep in the cinema once - watching Revenge of the Sith when I was 7. I could never get comfortable enough in the cinema as an adult to fall asleep.


Fast and furious, can't remember which one of them


Raya and the Last Dragon


I can’t remember since I was like 10, but I think I fell asleep for a few minutes during Captain America: Civil War right before the airport battle because I didn’t remember the scene before that at all. Still love the movie though


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)


The only movie I've fallen asleep during at the cinema is Green Zone, 2010.


The meg 2


The newest King Kong that came out in 2021 I believe? Loud as shit but I managed to get some good minutes in.


Equalizer 2


My eyes struggled to stay open during the first act of Rogue One. Think I took a 10min nap


Bridge of spies


Only one time to my knowledge, which was watching the Sixth Sense in my adolescence.


The Martian ( I have to watch it again tho)


Fell asleep pretty early during Lost in Space and was so fucking confused when I woke up near the end.


That's Interstellar for me.


Memoria and Il Buco. First time made me suspect that slow cinema isn't for me, second time confirmed it


The Avengers is the only time I have slept at the movie theatre


i sleep in theaters because i didnt get good sleep beforehand, but nope, and across the spider verse


Avatar 2 on my second viewing, but that had more to do with me being shwasted outta my fuckin mind


*Kong: Skull Island* and *Aquaman*.


I missed the middle third of Revenant in theatre because I had been working that day and just couldn't stay awake


Ad Astra. 2 hour film felt like an eternity. Also some of The Batman but that’s cause i went to a 10pm showing


Slept through most of The Sisters’ Brothers, but had just done an all nighter so not necessarily a reflection of the film. It was at my local indie cinema though so didn’t mind as much losing the $10


None, actually.


PS I Love You


Men in Black: International. I forget about it's existence every time until I remember that I fell asleep through it.


Rango. It’s probably only because I took my daughter, who was 3-4 at the time and she insisted on sitting on my lap even though there was one other person in the entire theater. Anyway, she fell asleep and her rhythmic breathing and warm, cuddly toddler body made me so comfortable and I dozed right off with her. One of the best movies I never saw. My kids are high schoolers now and I miss cuddling if you can’t tell.


Literally zero


One of the Lord of the rings


hear me out I was really tired on this day. I had a full on busy day and an 11pm showing opening night. also mind you I grew up a huge marvel fan my whole life. all that being said, I fell asleep a couple times during Avengers: Endgame


Only movie I fell asleep during was The Watchmen.


I pulled an all nighter then worked the next day, after work I went on a date that I wasn’t super excited about to see a showing of Ferris Bueller’s day off- a movie I have seen a ton. I fell asleep about 15 minutes in.


When Finding Nemo came out I remember hearing snoring and looking over to see my grandfather passed out next to me in theaters. The slower ocean scenes got to him and he’s notorious for napping in our family.


Shadow of the Vampire. I had been in a fire a couple days before, and I was still exhausted.


The Transformers movie with dinosaurs and then a Million Ways to Die in the West both had me snoozing


Mission to Mars 😴


Last TMNT movie was a good lullaby for me


I came close multiple times to drifting off during Quantumania, but I actually fell asleep for 15 minutes straight during 65.


There is just one. Avatar: The Way of Water. In fairness I was sitting in a leather recliner seat so that's the main reason I fell asleep and ended up missing half the film, but still, I found the half that I did watch such a drag, and kinda boring, but fair enough if you got a kick out of it.


Honestly… quite a few. I had to rewatch Black Panther and I even missed a few minutes of Across the Spiderverse. Beer doesn’t help.


The only time I fully fell asleep was the Rollerball remake. The closest I have come since then was Beau is Afraid during the forest stretch.


I was like 12 at the time and had bad experiences with fated R movies so I went on like R rated boycott at the time, but I was dragged to see The Revenant during that period, so in protest I put a coat over my eyes and went to sleep


i went to go see talk to me with some friends a couple weeks ago and there was a guy all alone in the very front row who obnoxiously snored before the movie even began and continued throughout the entire movie til the credits ran. someone woke him up at the start of the movie but he immediately fell asleep within less than a minute


I fell asleep during the first fantastic beasts movie. It was one of those theaters with recliners which didn’t help but I hadn’t slept great the night before


This has happened to me twice, and both times were Christopher Nolan movies. First movie I ever fell asleep to was The Dark Night Rises, went to the midnight premiere so excited and lost steam real fast. Second movie I fell asleep to was Tenet, thanks to having a little too much of a certain type of vape beforehand


Does it count for 8am film classes? Because a lot of those.


The one time I fell asleep at the cinema was at the beginning of the second act of Black Dahlia and woke up at the end of the film when someone was giving a long winded monologue. I had high expectations since it was a De Palma film, but this didn't cut it, but I can say visually it was stunning.


Barbie,,,, not the movies fault though I was just sleep deprived


I feel asleep watching Pete’s Dragon (cgi remake) because I had just flown a red-eye and the family I was visiting thought a movie after a 10 hour flight was a smart idea….


Knives Out and still guessed the ending lol my fiance was pissed


I rarely do so, but the most recent example was “Eo” (which I quite enjoyed and later watched the 20 mins I missed), most memorable was the first JJ Abrams Star Trek where I kept dozing in and out until finally quietly saying “Oh hey, Spock” to my 2009 self


I didn't, but my buddy konked out really early in The Big Short. Frankly, I don't blame him


Funny enough I fell asleep during a date seeing Doctor Sleep. I had really bad sleep habits and would fall asleep in class or take naps a lot and the seats were really comfy. Thankfully we’re married now so it worked out haha.


Not me, but when I was a kid, my grandma slept through both Space Jam, and The Matrix. (She was an excellent PG-13/R rated movie chaperon for my cousins and myself.)


Meg 2


I fell asleep watching Tolkien. I like Tolkien's work but this movie was really boring.


Avatar in 3d. Woke up during the battle scene at the end.


Black Panther and (believe it or not) Inception haha. The former I did find rather boring, but Inception I was just tired and lacked the will power haha. Seen it multiple times since.


Miami vice. Still don't understand how.


Leatherheads knocked my ass out, I don’t remember a single thing about it


"Somehow, Palpatine has returned."


Jurassic Park 3D, to be fair it was a long day and I was already tired


World War Z and X-Men: Apocalypse


Eternals and Ant man 3


Arrival. I just had a long rough 72 hours beforehand


Arrival. I just had a long rough 72 hours beforehand


I’ve only fallen asleep once in the theater during my second watch of Iron Man 2. I saw it once then went to a late screening for a friend’s birthday and fell asleep. I was a kid at the time though


Tennet. After a nightshift.


John wick 4. Soooo boring. Fight scenes wouldn’t stop and they weren’t doing anything interesting with the camera. And I mean obviously the dialogue scenes are bad. Add the fact I was up late before and you’ve got the perfect recipe for me to fall asleep


the middle hour of avatar 2


A 70mm showing of 2001. Woke myself up with a little snore/snort.


Deathly Hallows Part 1, but in my defense it was a midnight screening.


The Nun. Lol.




dune, to be fair it was my second time seeing it and I'm pretty sure I was on klonopin and sleep deprived


Paul Blart: mall cop 2. Fell asleep like after the first 30min and woke up at the end. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.


I fought for my life in 65


"Crumb" and "Dance with a Stranger". With Crumb, it wasn't so much the movie as me seeing it on little sleep. Dance with a Stranger, OTOH, was dull as dishwater.


I Slept through all of Lightyear


Fantastic beasts: crimes of grindelwald


At a point I was going to my local theater enough to watch every movie shown there, so I went to see Twilight. Fell asleep in a matter of minutes and woke up to see the whole audience (mostly teenage girls) looking at me with a palpable sense of outrage. I'm a very loud snorer.


Transformers 4


Jaws. It was a 10am showing a few years ago. I went with my whole family (cousins and everything), and I don’t know.. I just fell asleep!


During the 2014 Godzilla


Once Upon A Time In Mexico… it ain’t no Desperado.


Slept my ass off during the true grit remake


Fell asleep during Moana and The Batman. Neither had anything to do with the quality of the movie


I fell asleep watching Avatar The Way of Water. My friend woke me up because we were getting looks due to me snoring during the screening for like 20 minutes apparently lol. Movie was really boring to me


The batman. I had eaten some gummies.


Ok for context I was up all night and this was a later showing, but I accidentally fell asleep during a double feature screening for the 2 blade runner films. I stayed up for the first but fell asleep during the second


It was this really boring animated movie ironically titled "Epic". I honestly considered sueing for false advertising. I still have no idea what compelled to go and watch Epic.


Most recently, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. I average two or three fall-asleep-at-the-theater a year.


Saw Tenet recently for the first time during a throwback showing, and right before the switch at the halfway point I started to zonk out hard. I don’t think I really came back from it if I’m being honest.


I used to work at a theatre in high school, managers would usually be onsite working until after 1 so they’d usually run a movie for us if we asked and we were willing to stay. Needless to say, after school all day and a five or six hour shift, you didn’t always see the end… so Batman Begins, MI3, Poseidon, Narnia, The New World, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, King Kong the list goes on and on. I do remember being bagged but United 93 kept me glued. Also Slumdog Millionaire but I was drunk for that one


The first Sherlock Holmes movie with RDJ


I fell asleep seeing Batman V Superman opening night, such a shit movie


I saw The Matrix in the theaters three times and the first two times fell asleep before Neo experiences getting out of the Matrix. On the third watch I saw it all the way through and found the film to be genius.


Lincoln (2012)


The Lord of the Rings


Aguire, The Wrath Of God. Liked it a lot, I was just really tired and sleepy, being alone in the auditorium also doesn’t really help.


Any movie that I watched midnight premier for. Not bc they were bad it was just too late for me but friends always wanted to go. Lol


The Fablemans; and not even because it was bad. I had just taken some medication earlier in the day, and it kicked in at the worst moment. I was so pisssd when I woke up at the final 5 minutes


Godzilla 2014… guess what woke me up?


Minions: The Rise of Gru. I always say that my favorite part of that movie was when I dozed off and started remembering an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.




Shrek III - I was with my kids and hungover - it’s a bad movie.


Speed 2


The 2017 Xander XXX Cage movie.


Before the movie started? Deathly Hallows 1 and Hobbit 1, mainly because they were midnight premieres and I had been at school the whole day prior, so no nap I dozed a few times during Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps My aunt fell asleep during the trailers for our IMAX viewing of Fast Five and slept for the entire duration of the movie. The kicker is that it was the movie she wanted to watch for her birthday, and she’s a massive Dwayne Johnson fan


There have only been 2 at the cinema (many more at home). First was the second half of Kingdom of Heaven and more recently I slept through about the first twenty minutes of Batman V Superman. Kingdom of Heaven came out when everyone was still on the Lord of the Rings high and a big epic action movie with Legolas sounded great. Unfortunately I don't think it lived up to any of my expectations. Batman V Superman was just really slow to start, especially as it was a lot of recap. I've rewatched Batman V Superman, but I'm real hesitant to try Kingdom of Heaven again.


Always try to not fall asleep in theater but closest times to fall asleep are probably Solo, Matrix Resurrection and Beau Is Afraid.


Not a cinema per se but fell asleep for like 10-15 minutes in a screening of The Gleaners and I. I loved the film (what I saw before and after my nap) and planning on going back and catching what I missed - luckily it was more or less just one sequence with a clear start and end. I was just super fucking tired that day.


Only time that’s happened to me is during The Hobbit (and I’d been really hyped to see it). I jerked awake after somebody’s phone went off. I actually don’t hate the movie, but it was a lot longer than it needed to be.


The Artist TBF we went after a long day of work.


Batman v. Superman knocked me the fuck out, and while I'd feel bad for disrespecting the ritualistic nature of a theatrical experience... Nah, that movie had it coming. Le Camion was a challenge to stay awake through, and quite frankly I'm not actually sure I did. Like, I legit can't tell if I fell asleep during that bore of a anti-cinematic fever dream.


The Last Jedi and Black Panther. I went through a sleepy boi phase


the incredibles 2 LMAO but i had pulled an all nighter and i was exhausted


Robots (2005). Not even Bigweld could keep little me awake


Peter Jackson's King Kong. Fell asleep before they made it to the island.


Apollo 13 (I was 4)


I nodded off during the third Star Trek. I’d worked a long day, I was practically alone in the theater, and the movie was dull as hell.


The Cursed (2022)