Profile Swap Megathread (April 2023)

Hey, head admin Jack here. It's time for another profile swap! April fools style!

Please go ahead and share your profile down below in the comments along with anything else that you'd like to include about yourself. How long have you been using the site? What kind of films do you usually log? What are some of your favourite flicks? Tell us all about yourself.

Also, be sure to join the r/letterboxd discord server! Join us! It's a great community!


I haven’t posted in one of these threads in a long time, but it’s the middle of the night and I’m awake, so why not? https://boxd.it/obw7 My name’s Tyler. I’ve been on Letterboxd and r/Letterboxd for a very long time now. I’m not always as active as I would like to be because I’m a busy film student with a full-time job and a bitch be tired. But I do review every single movie that I watch. I’m a huge coming-of-age and queer film junkie, and some of my favorite directors include Richard Linklater, Jim Jarmusch, Terrence Malick and Mike Mills. If you follow me, I will follow back!


nice, gave you a follow


Followed :)




When is the new thread coming?


Lol I’m embarrassingly checking here like every 12 hours to see if it’s been added


Some random person made one their self lol. https://www.reddit.com/r/Letterboxd/comments/138ml8j/profile_swap_megathread_may_2023/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1


[This is me](https://boxd.it/vGZt)! A horror-loving weirdo who loves to write, and read what other people think, about movies. I also frequent the Criterion Channel as well as reviewing newer movies (I get screeners on streaming titles! Lucky me). I just love movies! So follow me if you want a film-loving mutual who’d love to read your shitty one-liner or your pretentious six-paragraph essay. Please post a comment here so I know who you are and who to follow back! Letterboxd rules!




https://boxd.it/3yWTp I usually watch Japanese movies, with a monthly challenge usually centered around some theme. I focused on directors of the Japanese New Wave’s filmographies the last two months, doing Kinji Fukasaku February and Yasuzo Masumura March. Changing it up a bit by doing AKB48 April, featuring films that have had a current or former member of the group in the cast. Besides that, you’ll usually find me watching pretty much all blockbusters and a decent amount of foreign and indie theatrical releases as they come to my local chain theaters, as well as some classics and grind house type stuff at my local indie theater. I write reviews for everything usually on the longer side.


[Check me out here ](https://boxd.it/1Ipx) Hey, new to the subreddit however I've been on LB since the beta so it's been a long fun time of meeting new film friends and writing reviews. I'll watch nearly anything and I try to play catchup on classics while occasionally following new releases and will pop up with a lot of horror. Head on over, I just finished the local film festival for the year




Followed regardless of our difference of opinion on Scream 3


https://letterboxd.com/zo1nks/ hi i watch and enjoy all kinds of movies, although horror is my favorite. i don't write good reviews or anything (i really just write whatever random thought i had). i'll happily follow back if you're also active on there!


We have Chungking express in the same ranking. Followed


https://boxd.it/2esbN Hey! This is my 2nd or so year on LB. I did the Animated movie list last year, now I’m reviewing all the movies I’ve seen this year. Don’t have a ton of followers, but I’m looking for more like minded film fans to engage with and help with recommendations. If you like action franchises, highly rated animation and 3.5 star comedies give me a follow and Ill follow back.


Followed! :) Follow me back? https://boxd.it/ALFN


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/42yqN Hi folks. Give me a follow, and I will absolutely follow you back. I try to stay active on the app. A lot of my watchlist comes from movies I see in recent activity from people I follow. I love having a diverse group of movie watchers to follow so I can add some new things in the mix. I watch a lot of everything, but I really want to expand my knowledge of some classic decades. Currently, my top 4 are Badlands, The Baxter, C'mon C'mon, and Scream. Thanks for reading.


[Follow me!](https://boxd.it/1PUHH) Or don't. It's a Reddit comment, not a cop.


I'm [Emily](https://letterboxd.com/drcarpenter/)! Most of the movies I watch come from the Criterion Channel, but I supplement with movies found at the library. I'm currently making my way through the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? 1000 Greatest Films (officially halfway!) and am attempting the Criterion Challenge for the first time this year too.


I already follow you, and I am working on completing the Sight and Sound top 264, but I feel that of the lists I've seen They Shoot Pictures list is the most consistent in terms of films I've enjoyed.


Followed! That list is solid! Would love to make it through it one day


[hi i'm paula](https://letterboxd.com/paulagomes/) i'm from brazil and i'm a movie enthusiast. everything i know is based in nothing. hope u like it :)


What is taking the mods so long with the May thread? May is already 25% over lol, might as well post the June thread at this point


https://boxd.it/5HUkD Hey everyone! I’m still relatively new to Letterboxd, but I always enjoy seeing what people are watching, and then using their recommendations for helping grow my own film watch list. My favourite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, with Denis Villeneuve being favourite director (my favourite film is Dune). I’ve also recently got a cinema membership so I’ve started exploring a much wider pool of films than I’d usually watch.




Followed! :) Follow me back? https://boxd.it/ALFN


After watching a movie everyday for 3 years I will now be in slumber forever... Until Barbie releases in July. [Profile](https://letterboxd.com/AJRogers25/)


spiderman2! great movie, followed


Followed! :) Follow me back? https://boxd.it/ALFN


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/3BB9h Like last month, I'll be doing a scavenger hunt (choosing and watching movies from prompts, and then reviewing them). I'm almost done with the last one (and I already started the new one lol). I don't think I'll be able to watch all 30 movies within the month, but I'll do my best. Here are the prompts https://boxd.it/lN1kk and here are the movies I've chosen https://boxd.it/lVtlm


I love your top 4


So do I :)


https://boxd.it/4HasH I'm TheManFromVA. I'm closing in on a full year of rating movies on the app and just became a patron a few days ago. I made my account mostly for myself. As a way to track my movie watching. But now I have nearly 100 followers and it's pretty cool. I always give everyone a follow back and love to see what everyone is watching.


Followed! :) Follow me back? https://boxd.it/ALFN


Well, you just took the time to watch Trancers 5 so we probably have a lot to offer each other. Followed! [Here's me.](https://letterboxd.com/cammila/)


hi! here's my profile https://boxd.it/5kxqn big horror nerd who's stuck in the past. I love watching and reviewing horror or really anything, and enjoy other similar/different opinions! a lot of new watches, rewatches, and whatever random thing my girlfriend wants to watch. right now I'm going through the Friday the 13th movies once again, but at some point this weekend will be watching the Before trilogy. I always follow back!




https://letterboxd.com/AlPacaPacacino/ Hi! My name is Ake and I'm a film fan from Sweden. I very recently started making short reviews of every film that I see. Right now I'm watching through the filmographies of some asian directors, mostly japanese but I'm planning to extend into China, Hong Kong and India very soon! I'm also into collecting DVDs and Blu-Rays, mainly foreign films as they are almost never on streaming here. I will follow back anyone who follows, and I'm looking forward to connect to more people on this app! :)


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what's up Ake!


Hello, I’m Josh, I love films and I’ve got a backlog of reviews I’ve got to post 😂 https://boxd.it/fmmp


I like your taste! Followed! :) Follow me back? https://boxd.it/ALFN


Been following you for a couple of months and nearly every film I watch I see you have it flagged as something that you want to watch.


My watchlist is ridiculous and needs a cull aha


It's good. It makes me feel I made good choices haha


I like the type of movies that are the same as I live my life: in a constantly depressed state. I am using Letterboxd for therapy and I am almost up to 500 sessions. https://boxd.it/3WP4x


https://letterboxd.com/annanomaly/ Hi! 31, NB, lifelong film lover, sometimes-filmmaker. I’ve been a member since the early days, started logging January 2012. I watch a lot of movies, and lately I try to post at least a few words for everything I see. I'm most obsessed with independent film from the '80s/'90s and the horror genre in general, but I have a taste for pretty much anything if it's good.




Gave you a follow!


hey! my username is [vexeon](https://boxd.it/oqR5) and i’ve had an account for about 3 years but i started using it mostly everyday last year. i leave a review for every movie i watch and they range from a few sentences long to a few paragraphs long (depending on how i feel about the movie). i LOVE horror movies and that’s about 85% of the movies i watch (the other 15% are comedies and gay movies tbh) so follow me if u also love horror movies so i can follow back :3


My name’s Clay and I’m pretty new to Letterboxd and the subreddit, but I’m not new to loving movies! I’m huge fan of sci-fi, crime dramas, and thrillers, with some of my favorite directors being Fincher, Tarantino, Scorsese, and Kubrick. Foreign films are also a joy to watch. Here’s my account [clay](https://boxd.it/2Fdfz) I love reading user’s thoughtful or funny reviews, and I write many reviews myself. Would love to follow some people with similar or different tastes myself!


hello hello film lovers! Not a reddit user at all (yet!) but I'm obsessed with cinema and LB in (almost!) equal measure, so here I am gleefully joining the conversation [https://letterboxd.com/martaluvi/](https://letterboxd.com/martaluvi/) I'm Marta, 25, mostly italian, queer af, self-proclaimed queen of the NUCU™ (Niche & Unhinged Cinematic Universe) in all its forms. I've been logging flicks on Letterboxd since 2019, writing reviews that range from sassy one liners to more in-depth commentary, depending on the mood. Recently I've been concentrating on world cinema, i'm trying to watch at least one movie for every country this year (made a [nifty lil list](https://letterboxd.com/martaluvi/list/cinema-around-the-world-challenge-2023/) to track my progress and the movies I've chosen thus far). Would love to find more mutuals on the platform to share iconic favourites or heated debates on our wildly different tastes, lol. Hit me up :)


Hey I’m Alex, idk if what I say or watch is anything spectacular but if you like dumb comedies and crime thrillers, I’m ya boy for the most part. Gimme a follow if you like, I pretty much follow everyone back bc I enjoy different opinions and views. Top 4 are my 4 fav of all time and if I could include a 5th, it would be Zoolander. David Fincher is probably my favorite director. Also love Edgar Wright, Wes Anderson, Chris Nolan, Tarantino, etc. A bit basic, yes. But they have made some fantastic films. Every review I post ends with some variation of “Issa good movie jimmy” because of an inside joke with a friend, it’s also referencing a Will Sasso vine. Remember vine? Anyway idk what else to say about myself. I’m an overall nerd who’s into a lot of different stuff. Video games, comics, punk rock, cooking, writing, reading- a Jack of all trades I guess. https://boxd.it/1mzE5


Excited for the new May thread! Hope it comes soon (:


It's me, [Jack](https://letterboxd.com/jckdvnprt/)! I watch far too many movies and am seemingly interested in every corner of genre cinema. I write about movies, podcast about movies, and produce the occasional video on them too! Always down for giving people recommendations, and am very active in the r/letterboxd discord! Come say hey.


https://boxd.it/1ybVF Hi hello! I’m currently doing a 100 films - 100 days challenge and I’m looking to branch out and find new films to watch! I write a short review for most things I watch :)


https://boxd.it/3lgSj I mainly like going through directors work and ranking them plus also I watch other films not related to that aswell


https://boxd.it/2CH0j Only downloaded letterboxd last year but like many of you, it’s my favourite app. Main reason I want to add more people is to expose myself to new films and to see people’s thoughts and views on films that I really like or don’t like at all


I like your taste! Followed! :) Follow me back? https://boxd.it/ALFN


been meaning to subscribe to pro but i fear it wouldnt be as much of a banger if i didnt have oomfs🫂 https://boxd.it/1lBEz i'm ten ! i just got into movie watching as a hobby fairly recently, and keeping track of what i watch is my main motivation to keep this new hobby alive - so thanks for that letterboxd! if u fw b movies and dumb silly goofy reviews, then i may be the bestie for u😍🤞 i follow back im being so fr🫶


I was scared for a second


hello! Massive fan of horror, sci fi and comedy! But i really try to watch anything that seems interesting! Absolutely Love collecting physical media. 4ks, blu rays and steelbooks I finally got around to making my collection list. I try to write a few words about everything I watch sometimes a short review or just whether it was worth watching or not. Been using the site for around 3-4 months or so now and highly addicted, this might be the month i pay for pro/patron Give us a follow, love to follow like minded people, look forward to meeting more of you and chatting films! My profile https://letterboxd.com/REDRUMRYAN/


Hello all! [This is me](https://boxd.it/1HIMp). I am currently watching through the LB top 250, while also knocking out my watchlist. I review most movies I see, and enjoy reading others thoughts. If you enjoy writing reviews and reading them too, give me a follow and I will follow back. Some of my favorite movies are: Amelie, Inside Llewyn Davis, Fantastic Mr Fox, and Chungking Express.


Follow me! ——-> [https://boxd.it/1loqJ](https://boxd.it/1loqJ)


I started using Letterboxd last month although I've been tracking all the movies that I've watched since June 2014. I've started writing reviews that are usually a couple paragraphs long. I'm open to learning about all genres of film, so will follow back anyone who follows me. https://letterboxd.com/DavidFitzgerald/


Art house junky here, I've been on Letterboxd for a little under a year but it's became the only use I have for my phone apart from reddit. To say I'm addicted would be an understatement. I'll gladly follow.back anyone who follows me, would love to talk about cinema and get suggestions on what to watch. Here's My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/3mWb9 My favorite Directors: - Nicolas Winding Refn - Quentin Tarantino - John Carpenter - Paul Thomas Anderson - Edgar Wright - Robert Eggers - Josh / Benny Safdie My top ten films: - Drive (2011) - Maniac (2012) - Uncut Gems - Baby Driver - The Lighthouse - Her - Django: Unchained - Nightcrawler - Halloween III: Season of the Witch - Good Time Edit: I have over 160 diary entries so far this year


Hello there. My name is Lukas. Tracking movies since 2012. Switched from IMDb to Letterboxd. Want to be more in touch with the community. Been writing some reviews and thoughts. Mainly going through my watchlist. You can always recommend me a movie to watch. See you there https://boxd.it/69Qqj


Film student here! I’m meridiren, I write hot takes, brief film analysis, and meme reviews. I organize my reviews with tags. I mostly watch dramas and comedies. I’m most into Ari Aster, David Fincher, Bong Joon-Ho, Denis Villeneuve, The Daniels, and Bo Burnham. My favorite recent watches are Banshees of Inisherin (2022), Swiss Army Man (2016) and Women Talking (2022). I always love finding new profiles, I follow back! :)


Just gave you a follow! I can rewatch Swiss Army Man anyway, a person favorite! Love the variety on your profile and looking forward to seeing what you watch next.


Thanks! You watch so many more movies than I do haha, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you watch next too!


Hey, it's quality over quantity, right? I'm fortunate that I have the time to squeeze so many in, I just love watching movies! Thanks for following back


Followed 😊




[Ahoy hoy hoy, this is my profile](https://letterboxd.com/HanwhaEaglesNM/) Always navigating through the Wasteland that is 80s and 90s Japanese cinema. Just wrote my 300th review for the movie [Cf Girl](https://letterboxd.com/hanwhaeaglesnm/film/cf-girl/). It kind of is an encapsulation of my reviews: esoteric movies, idol history that nobody cares about, rambling discussions, and references from other art forms


Sup folks https://boxd.it/4q0bd Spewing out a few paragraphs that range from word salad to semi-passable after every movie I watch. Will follow back anyone who follows me! Recently [started a list](https://boxd.it/m07uG) with my top 100 films that have a 3.5 or lower LB average; always looking for some fun under-the-radar recs.


[My Profile](https://letterboxd.com/breid93/) Hey everyone, happy April! I love seeking out twisted dramas, thrillers, and character-driven stories. I love discovering deep cut indie and foreign films. Im always writing about film, and I'm eager to see what you've all been watching. I'll follow back!


The Crow in your top 4 = instafollow FIRE IT UP FIRE IT UP FIRE IT UP


*Can't rain all the time* I've got a Crow tattoo too!


Follow my friend. It makes her day when she gets a new follower. [Arleneetc](https://boxd.it/4VqdB)


[Duck Dodgers here!](https://boxd.it/ALFN) Love movies, been on the site since 2019, logged over 3,000! Love blockbusters, slow cinema, bad movies, weird cult movies, interesting horror and everything in between! Love making lists and writing reviews. Follow for a follow! ✌🏼


Hi there! I'm Shaivi. I want to know the opinions of those who have watched the same movies as me and suggestions on what to watch. If I could make some friends along the way that would also be cool. This is my profile: [https://letterboxd.com/sha1vi/](https://letterboxd.com/sha1vi/)


First time doing this so here I go This is [me](https://letterboxd.com/SimonPch/), or rather my letterboxd account Got into movies for just a few years so I'm still just watching the big classics for the first time, trying not to have a 1000 movie watchlist too I like "alternative" movies too like Jodorowsky's or Mad God which are just a total blast to me I try to force myself to write reviews when I feel like I actually have something to say about it Usually in English, a few ones are in French and I like to discuss about movies with friends and some I met on letterboxd so if you feel like take a look at my profile!


Hey all! Hope you’re all keeping well. Jack (from Ireland) here! I love film and I’m trying hard to beat my total logged from 2022 this year on Letterboxd, whilst also juggling a full time job and other activities/responsibilities. I try to watch a different genre with each diary entry as much as possible, and always provide my brief thoughts on each film. I always follow back as I’ve found some terrific mutuals through these threads and some even better films that wouldn’t otherwise be on my radar. Thanks for reading! j4ckwalsh > https://boxd.it/2Wj2v


Okay so my name is Evan and I just started using Letterboxd in October and have logged over 150 films now. My top five currently are Fantastic Mr.Fox, Zodiac, Donnie Darko, Whiplash, and Black swan. I’m always looking through other peoples logged movies to find new ones to add to my watchlist as well. My count is here if you’d like to follow! https://boxd.it/58g4v


https://boxd.it/bHFT Current top 4: Fearless, Cocktail, California Split, Eggshells I watch a lot of 70s stuff, currently working through Altman. I review everything I watch, hopefully you can find some cool stuff on my page


Hi I’m Billy! I’ve only had Letterboxd for a few months but I like to watch a little bit of everything. Would love to follow some new people for ideas on things to add to my (insurmountable) watchlist. Give me a follow if you like reviews that are 1-2 sentences long and high ratings given to terrible horror movies. https://boxd.it/528p9




I’m [ollollo](https://boxd.it/M4l5). I watch pretty much any genre, especially horror. This year I realized I had watched more foreign (or foreign language) movies than American movies so I decided that I’m going to keep that up and watch movies from as many different countries as I can. I want to make the little map thing all green. Recently I binged Juzo Itami’s (director of Tampopo) movies and loved them, but I simultaneously got into Takashi Miike for some reason. I’ve also been watching random violent Korean and Japanese movies on Tubi as a comfort movie thing. I don’t write a lot of reviews, once in a while I’ll get a little passionate and write a lengthier review but mostly they’re like little notes to myself. My ratings I think come off harsh but it’s because I don’t think 3 stars is a low rating. And I just watch so, so many movies…


Here I am - https://boxd.it/27fa9 My posts tend to reflect the vibe of the film I’m reviewing. So if it’s a profound work of art that deserves to be taken seriously, I’ll do just that - see my recent review for Paris, Texas: https://boxd.it/3ZMi61 Or if it’s a dumb goofy movie that doesn’t need to be taken as seriously, I’ll approach it with a bit more irreverence - see my latest review of Southland Tales: https://boxd.it/43I9jj Eager to find some more likeminded follows :)


love Southland Tales. love love your review. followed


Hello everyone! I follow people back and watch movies whenever I can. My profile: [https://letterboxd.com/h3nry\_/](https://letterboxd.com/h3nry_/)


Hi!! My name is Rui and I'm a 20 year old from Portugal! When it comes to film I like to watch a bit of everything, but I would say my favorite genre is thriller! On my profile I have several lists and there you may see some of my favorite movies and in a way get to know me! My profile is: [https://letterboxd.com/ruicyrus/](https://letterboxd.com/ruicyrus/) I'll follow back so we can become mutuals!!


Hey all, Joe here https://letterboxd.com/jrlefeber83/ I'm a film lover, no budget filmmaker and recently became a podcast co-host. I log everything but have been focused on writing some thoughts on the films. I love all genres of films but it given the time, I tend to gravitate towards foreign films or smaller budget independent films. Hope you give me a follow and would love to discuss film with you.


Fun Time!! ​ My name as you can probably guess, is Mad Monster Party. I've been coming here to Reddit to talk about Letterboxd for a while now and I think it's really cool of Reddit to have this. ​ Anyways, I use Letterboxd mostly for fun to talk about the movies I like. I try to post at least 3 or 4 times a week. Most of the movies that I like would normally be thought of as unpretentious and likable (1980's comedies for example are some of my favorites) ​ Anyways, if anyone wants to reach out: [https://letterboxd.com/madmonsterparty/](https://letterboxd.com/madmonsterparty/) I hope to meet some great people here and Happy April!!


Hey first time posting anything on here, but here’s my profile. My film taste is ever-changing and I’ve mostly just been watching things based of recommendations from other peoples accounts. So if u share similar taste I’d appreciate any film recommendations. Thanks https://boxd.it/1lBZR


It April you fools [https://letterboxd.com/Chichobutt89/](https://letterboxd.com/Chichobutt89/) find me here if you are into horror and trash cinema deconstructions


[hello!](https://boxd.it/3njMx)! i am an avid letterboxd user and film viewer! i typically average 2 movies a day and i always have something to say about the movies i watch. i love connecting different films to one another, analyzing them, and just overall finding the beauty in what people give us on the big screen. i love interacting with my friends on letterboxd and love making lists. i typically watch a lot of horror and drama, and my favorite streaming services are crieterion, hbo max and tubi! i also really look forward to meeting new people and watching things typically not in my wheelhouse. stop by and say hi or recommend something to me! top 4 are all time favorites but they do move around a bit (the fourth spot is the least secure.) currently doing a deep dive on al pacino and brian depalma :) let’s be friends!!


2 movies a day?! I wish!


My name is Megi, i love queer, independent cinema, as well as lynchian surrealism and good thrillers. 90s is a decade in cinema that has a special place in my heart. I write reviews for most movies I watch, sometimes they're longer, sometimes it's just a few words describing my feelings. Movies are my way of escaping reality so there can be more activity if I feel more lost but I try to watch something new fairly regular. I would love to add more people, I love both the idea of finding people with similar taste and the idea of challenging yourself with choosing something out of my comfort zone that my friend watched. I would be happy to follow back! https://boxd.it/4e8tb


Handmaiden… Nice


Good stuff! tossed you a follow!


https://letterboxd.com/popcoleture/ this is me! i have been on LB for like 2+ years now and i can’t believe there was a time before i had it! i have truly found a passion for film and would love to eventually go on to write about film and start a podcast. you can find me writing silly reviews tho, as my bio says, i love to watch movies with hot people in them. and i’d loveee to make some film friends!!! i’ll follow you back(:


Haha, hot people. Followed


Hey everyone!! Juno here. A bit late to the party but I'd love to get some new recommendations matching to my recent watches! [this is my LB profile! ♡](https://boxd.it/nqWH)




heyoo! Honored to be the first follower lol


sounds cool, tossed you a follow!


[my profile](https://boxd.it/61nZ9) My letterboxd is W0NA, i follow back everyone who follows me bc I want more friends on there. I love looking thru my "friends" activities at what yall are watching and getting inspired on what to download/ watch next. I have a lotttt of free time recently and a 5.1 4k surround theater at home, so movies have become my escape.


Hi I’m new to the sub but have been using the box since 2020. I’m [Andrew](https://boxd.it/19eBD), I’ve recently started writing reviews that often are just my mind running but structured sometimes too. If I watch it I log it. My favorite genre is drama with comedy a very close second and my least favorite is sci-fi even though it’s always a top genre in the end of the year recaps.


https://boxd.it/4WDxh i’ll be real, i have NOTHING going on my life and as a result i truly do care about what you watch. shitty one liner that you actually spent so much time thinking up during the film that it ruined your viewing experience? i’m here for it! your film school 1000 words long essay on why a b&w foreign film actually is so culturally significant and it literally changed the course of history and everyone needs to watch it NOW? tell me about it! hell, if you’re convincing enough, i’ll even give it a watch! even if you don’t write reviews, it’s okay. i just wanna make a couple friends on the app and really get to see what we’re watching day by day, i don’t care about having many followers, i care about making film friends (yeah, i literally care about your controversial takes on La La Land)


[here’s my profile!](https://boxd.it/OA8L) Hey! First time poster on this sub and aspiring writer. To quote another comment from @camzilla I’m a real cinema omnivore, but rn I’m really enjoying ‘70s and ‘80s erotic thrillers (thanks Criterion) and going through a big Brian DePalma phase! I write reviews and make fun little lists and think it’d be fun to have more of a community on there now that I’m getting into film more! 🍳


Me https://boxd.it/2J2Kz Recently watched Im Thinking of Endings Things


[https://letterboxd.com/Ashtonlxl/](https://letterboxd.com/Ashtonlxl/) Hello! I am relatively knew to movies, however I have recently began reviewing the films I watch and want to share with the rest of you! My favorite type of movie genre is psychological thrillers or any movie that really makes you think. I also love movies where the main character really goes through a self reflection process and "grows" throughout the film! I would love to follow more people who write solid reviews on the movies they watch, not just "it was ok" lol. So go ahead and give me a follow if you'd like and I will for sure return the favor!


Me: https://boxd.it/4y1DN I thought the D&D movie was just ok. Follow me for more hot hot takes. I do keep a yearly release ranked list that I reckon is pretty neat. Also have a ranked list of Jeff Baena’s work.


https://boxd.it/Fo8h Hello! My favorite genres are period dramas and fantasy movies. I love animation as a medium and I’m also down for your standard Marvel and Star wars movies. I’m slowly but surely trying to boarden my horizons by watching some films outside of my typical comfort zone too.


Hello I’m new to Letterboxd hahahah. I’m a avid Kdrama watcher and i‘be been meaning to watch more movies. https://boxd.it/6kK8P


https://boxd.it/2Nlt1 hi i'm grem, i'm fairly new here and i have a raging obsession with film. i started using letterbox almost a year and a half ago and i can say having it has made experiences watching films so much funner. i love going on and checking my mutuals reviews and adding some of their recents in my watchlist. overall in love with the app and would love to have some more cool film-loving mutuals :)


https://boxd.it/wr4T Originally a huge horror fan but trying to branch out and discover new genres and films I would otherwise never check out. I need to write more reviews I’m just bad with words. Would love to follow anyone so I can see their tastes! I love variety!


[https://boxd.it/6c5F3](https://boxd.it/6c5F3) I just discovered this app about a month ago and fell in love. I rated all the movies I could remember I’ve seen and began giving diary entries for new movies I’ve seen this year. I’d love to find some movie fans to share reviews with. I’ll always follow back so I can see your reviews too :)


Hey there! I watch a lot of genres, but my mainstay has always been horror. Go have a look: https://boxd.it/cgBx


Afternoon all. For years I’ve been collating a list of every film I’ve ever seen in IMDb and only today have I discovered the joy of Letterboxd. Currently I don’t know anyone else on the app so if anyone wants to give me a follow I will reciprocate! https://boxd.it/6lJML I’m generally more of a horror film addict but I have a real soft spot for B Movies. I still believe to this day that Trancers is a work of pure cinematic art.


https://boxd.it/tm8l been using since 2018. would love more mutualss


[https://letterboxd.com/cbsmooth/](https://letterboxd.com/cbsmooth/) I aim to write a review for every film i watch; I don't use the ratings feature anymore. Currently watching a lot of French cinema.


Hi, new to the subreddit, I am very interested in film and have been using letterboxd for 5 years. I've been mostly using it to watch more of the classics and find films I wouldn't have otherwise. I'm a big fan of the more stylistic side of movies (think Knives Out, The Witch, What We Do in the Shadows, like all of Laika Studios) and I love editing and cinematography. This is me! https://boxd.it/XMsL


[https://boxd.it/1tKjB](https://boxd.it/1tKjB) Always late to the party... I'm Jenn. (duh) My babysitters were Fred and Ginger, Ma and Pa Kettle, Mickey and Judy, Shirley Temple, The Marx Brothers, Alice Faye, Betty Grable, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Bob and Bing, Dean and Jerry, and The Three Stooges (all six of them). We spent almost every weekend together for many years. I did the film school thing - studied Greenaway and Almodóvar. Shot in Super 8 and 16 mm film, 1 iinch and 1/2 inch vhs. Edited film (and audio tape) with an actual splicer. I ended up working in another field but I still have a huge movie collection. As I've aged, I've become really tired of misogyny, toxic masculinity, and female objectification so I tend to lean towards the genres that include female assassins, girl bosses, rom-coms and holiday movies. I also log a lot of Asian dramas. I like the format and the majority of scriptwriters are women. My reviews are generally short and the story is the most important thing. I love a good costume. "Amadeus" (theatrical version) will always be my favorite movie.


[me!!](https://boxd.it/1eA4L) harmony korine super fan


https://boxd.it/1dXI3 Horror centric, but I’ll watch everything. Trying to catch up my backlog of watched movies. https://i.imgur.com/5mvPkTb.jpg


Slowing working my way though Robert Altman and David Cronenberg. I go see most new releases that aren’t sequels. Current top 4: Crash (1996) Showing Up (2022) Stagecoach (1939) California Split (1976) https://boxd.it/bHFT


Can you unban be from the discord?


https://boxd.it/4CKMD My name is Nathaniel and I’ve had Letterboxd since last summer! I love watching just about everything, but lately I’ve been delving more into old Hollywood classics, silent films, and whatever looks interesting on the Criterion Channel!


[it me](https://boxd.it/16ySt) Found some great film fans via these swap threads. I watch tons of stuff, also host a podcast covering different flicks (currently on a Ridley Scott watch series).




Hey folks! I just wanted to share my love for horror, sci-fi, and comedy films. If you're a fan of these genres too, feel free to give me a follow on Letterboxd! Here's the link to my profile: . Let's share movie recommendations and have some fun!


Hi I’m Leslie and I just followed! I recommend children of men, one of my favorite scifis ever!


I’m not the most consistent reviewer anymore, but when I do write one up I usually put forth some effort. If you enjoy my reviews/taste in movies, shoot me a follow I always follow back! [my profile](https://boxd.it/40Rxp)


https://letterboxd.com/Splagodiablo/ Always looking for film recommendations and will gladly give suggestions when asked. Always trying to watch different things so recommendations are welcome! Will gladly follow back. Need to get better about it. Have been using the site for about 8 years now. Favorite movies include anything Kurosawa, Kubrick, and more recently Gerwig.


Hi! I’m Matěj (like Matthew but in Czech), and [this](https://boxd.it/3lqBd) is my profile. I’m 21 and I’m from the Czech Republic. I started using letterboxd around August of 2021, and I became a patron last Christmas. I study Theater and English, but I’m a big film enjoyer, I write reviews for a couple of websites from time to time, and I hope to get into film eventually. I like to watch a variety of different genres, my top 4 can confirm that, and my guilty pleasure movies are shitty Netflix Christmas romcoms - the worse the better. And I’m almost afraid to say this here, but my favorite director is Spielberg. Oh, and I make way too many lists.


BEHOLD [THE PROFILE](https://boxd.it/1ZsKt)!!!


Hey, all. I’m Heath, and you can find my profile here: https://boxd.it/23jvn I write for some websites so I watch a lot of movies. Usually about 15 a week. I write at least one review for everything I watch, and they’re anywhere between 200-2,500 words long. I like big action blockbusters, small indie film, and awards caliber dramas. I keep up with modern releases, I do retrospectives on years gone by, and I do awards reviews. I try to cover everything. If any of that sounds interesting, I would appreciate a follow!


hey, I'm [Patrick](https://letterboxd.com/themoviejunkiez/)! I am currently in the midst of trying to watch every film that has been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I'm nearly finished with the 1930's. I also watch a lot of new releases and various other films that are in my watchlist, but the bulk of my movie watching is dedicated to those Best Picture nominees.


[https://letterboxd.com/jimmy\_the\_scumb/](https://letterboxd.com/jimmy_the_scumb/) Hi, I write in-depth reviews for movies that I particularly love/admire/find interesting for whatever reasons. Last month I got around to writing my very long-winded thoughts on BABYLON (not once but twice - that ending needs its own review!) and THE FABELMANS (*what a picture*). I'll be doing the same for AVATAR this month, and of course its sequel. If you like what I like, or what I write, consider following.


https://boxd.it/5hJ3f I’m kev. very new to this sub and letterboxd, i don’t even have 100 films logged yet but I’ve loved film for most of my life, usually seeking out the more surreal / narratively loose and ‘vibey’ stuff. looking for people to follow mainly so i can find more films and get reccs, hit me up !


https://boxd.it/1jJH < Stop on by! Hey, everyone! Been using Letterboxd since the invite only days and I still find it to be my favorite website around. I watch a little bit of everything and the best thing I can commit to is always trying to share my own objective opinion. That's what makes film interesting! In a given week you may find me watching both My Dinner with Andre and Lake Placid: The Final Chapter. I'll be straightforward that I like to follow those who follow back because I am looking for thoughtful and fun conversation about movies, not for people to simply track my progress. Current favorites: Harold and Maude The Master Y tu mamá también The Fall


https://letterboxd.com/choekaas/ Name: Christian Age: 32 Country: Norway I've been using the site for 9 years. I log everything I see and love a little bit of everything. Either an experimental eastern-european film or a blockbuster, and everything in between. My two favourite films are *2001: A Space Odyssey* and *It's a Wonderful Life*. I tend to veer towards dramas with a hint of the supernatural/sci-fi. Love narrative puzzles.


Hi all I don't have a Letterboxd account APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!! I do [here's my profile](https://boxd.it/ih0z)


I haven’t posted on one of these in awhile but I’m always watching movies and my current top 4 is Midsommar, After Hours, Amores Perros and Uncut Gems. I can be a little bit of a harsh grader 😅 but that’s only because im always looking for true greatness out of the movies I watch. I’m looking to follow people with the same/ very similar tastes as me. Here’s my profile https://boxd.it/2e0jJ.


It me! https://boxd.it/AufD Love talking with new people, discussing films and old. Especially this year as I’m trying to expand my pallet with more old films and short films. I change my favorites based on rotating monthly theme and this month it’s the decade of the 2000s.


I’ll join the fun [my Letterboxd](https://boxd.it/3Yq1) I’ve been a little lazy getting to films lately. But I like all kinds. Generally spend the month of April watching as much B-movie, exploitation, drive-in, cult films I can fit in.


Hey guys, here's my [account](https://letterboxd.com/KyleMatthies/), I joined Letterboxd in February but I've been keeping track of all the movies I've watched since June 1 2019. I try and watch movies from all genres and eras by shuffling through my watchlist. I'm also slowly making my way through De Palma's filmography and I recently got a laserdisc player, so I've been watching a lot of movies on laserdisc. I write reviews of every movie I watch, sometimes short, sometimes long, it all depends on how much I have to say about a movie. Give me a follow and I'll follow you back because I love seeing what other people have to say about the movies I watch.


Here’s me: https://boxd.it/3Sbi7 Right now I’m neck-deep in the Criterion Challenge, so that’s mostly what I’m watching.


Hi! I'm [Troi](https://letterboxd.com/troifrancis/) . I've been using letterboxd for about ten months. I love watching sci-fi and thriller movies but I'm also into other stuff. My watchlist is currently at 2,610. At this point I've accepted the fact that I'll likely never watch them all. Follow me and I'll follow you back!


https://boxd.it/3kkLT Somewhat new to lb and just trying to catch up on what everyone else has already seen!




wassup my names viol and I post reviews 💯 im 16 and ngl I make alot of hot takes maybe??? ​ https://letterboxd.com/4viol/


https://boxd.it/5Bw5 I watch mostly anything, but I favor horror, film noir, and classic Hollywood above all else.


Hello there! https://boxd.it/3GWXx Quite average taste, not too artsy not too mainstream. I gave 4 stars to Die Hard3 and 3 starts to Vertigo, yes. Schindler’s List is my favourite sharing the throne with The Matrix. That’s me, vote me. :)


https://boxd.it/4SWZV Diverse viewing habits. New, old, blockbuster, b-movie, 80s/90s rewatches, director tangents, deep cuts, defender of overlooked gems. Every logged film comes with either stoned reactions, live commentary, half-assed reviews, or semi-clever quips that makes you question why you started following me. I try to be interactive with other users that post reviews. No trolling


[Here’s my Profile](https://boxd.it/4TO61) I love watching all types of movies but but notably my favorites have got to be The Dark Knight and John Wick I’ve only been using Letterboxd for a few months now but love it so far. I can’t wait to have my feed filled up with good recommendations.


https://boxd.it/k3Sr Hey guys my name is Kellen, love this silly app. If you follow me I’ll follow ya back. Looking for some modern comedies, it’s harder and harder to find a good one nowadays. Please drop any recommends you might have. Have a good day everyone!


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/PnPp Been using letterboxd for almost two years now and my tastes are trash!


First time sharing my profile! https://boxd.it/4l1Eb Let's see, how do I sell this... Top 4 = Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Thief, Fallen Angels and Paris, Texas I'm currently trying to set up my list so everything I've seen has a written review, and that's taking a very long time...but I've made it past 50%! Never thought I'd end up writing over 500 reviews on this stuff but I've completely fallen into the logging and writing lifestyle. I've got a special love for kaiju flicks, character studies and anything dark, moody and mind-bending. I'll follow back anyone that wants to add me to their list! I can enjoy any genre, but if I've been focusing on anything in particular lately it's probably horror. Still got tons of classics to take in!


If it's April Fool's Style, should the link just be a rickroll or something? Anyway, I like movies. My comfort zone is horror/action/sci-fi but I'll watch almost anything unless it's too monotone, has too much rape, is an American sex comedy or is about a 50-year-old guy in a romance with a 20-year-old woman. I also love movies from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea a whole lot but don't even watch that many? 'B. Towner' is a character from House II (1987). [Here's my profile](https://youtu.be/o-YBDTqX_ZU) ​ [I mean here's my profile](https://letterboxd.com/BTowner87/)


https://boxd.it/2utSv I watch everything I can because I just like watching movies, I watch about one thing a day and more on weekends.


Hi! This is my first time posting in one of these threads, [profile](https://letterboxd.com/cynthsapps/) I only really got into movies around a year ago so I've been watching just about anything I can get my hands on. Been watching everything from classics to more niche picks to releases this year. I try my best to give a review for every movie that I watch because I love writing and reading about movies!


Hi, You can find me here https://boxd.it/4Pe7T I started using the app in August (movies in my diary before was because I used to keep a physical diary) but I’m not watching as much as I used due to the birth of my son but I still log and review when I can. My four favourite directors are: Nolan, Scorsese, Spielberg, Tarantino. I’m probably a bit vanilla but I am wanting to expand my horizons


[This is me!](https://letterboxd.com/scenophile/) I'll watch anything but my fave is probably coming-of-age, slow-burn romance, drama, dystopian, and psych thriller — bonus points for anything to do with memory, reality, time*,* or death games. I log the occasional Asian drama because Letterboxd has them for some reason. Will follow back everyone!


Hi everyone!! my name is Leslie and I’ve been using letterboxd since the beginning of 2022. I post very unserious reviews and am a fan of sci-fi, horror, and rom coms! I post daily and I watch pretty much anything anyone recommends me so please reply back with y’all’s favorite movies and I’ll give them a watch😊 my favorite movies are kill bill, Spider-Man 2, interstellar, and my big fat Greek wedding! I follow back too! https://boxd.it/3UsoF


This is me: https://boxd.it/hOrL I watch anything that seems to stick out at the moment, reviews are pretty short.


Hey guys, I’m pretty new to Letterboxd. Spent the last few years touring the country in a rock band and now I’m taking a break for a few months and trying to feed my soul by getting back into my love of film, dust off some script ideas I had back before I hit the road. I’m a sucker for indie films, dramas, or big budget movies that were written to make me cry. Anybody else who’s into writing or film making who have any tips or anything I would love to chat with and also see what movies influence you :) https://boxd.it/5XLPT


https://boxd.it/2wV9n Lover of all types of film, slowly trying to expand the breadth of my knowledge. I always love to read new perspectives on films I’ve already seen, and am always taking recommendations from others. Not all of my reviews are super thought out; mostly just stream of consciousness after watching but I still enjoy keeping up on writing a bit. I’m always down for someone new to talk about cinema with.


https://boxd.it/4lg2V Hi! I’m just your ordinary millennial, directionless and lost, too rich to live with my parents but too poor to own a house. My escapism is movies, my tastes are pretty random. I like good films. But I also enjoy really bad films. 80s and 90s genre films, action-scifi-horror, are my jam. I try to write a review for every movie I see. Sometimes it’s a few sentences. Sometimes it will rival my senior thesis in length. But I try to be genuine with what I like and don’t like, even if it betrays all logic. I always play around with my top four favorites, so please don’t assume what I’m showing is actually what my favorite films are (if they were accurate, I’d probably display The Terminator, Barry Lyndon, Manhunter and Evil Dead II). It happens to be opening week of baseball season, so I’m running with that theme right now Come say hi and drop a follow!


Hello! My letterboxd page is: https://letterboxd.com/samito/ I'm from Rio, Brazil. I love cinema so much since I was a child. I'm in film school and I watch a lot of movies. Also I love to make lists! I'm in twitter too, if you guys follow me on letterboxd please send a DM on my twitter so I can follow all of you back! My twitter page is linked on my letterboxd profile page. Hope you enjoy!


Hi https://boxd.it/3JrKj


https://letterboxd.com/aneclecticmess/ My wife got me a year of Regal Unlimited last Christmas, so this year is skewing towards new movies so far. I’ll watch most anything, though.


I just made my account after years of knowing about the site but never feeling a real need to be on it, mostly seeing memes about it being an awful place. Turns out it is and it isn‘t. I am someone who watches practically everything and I am very weird about watching great movies, I will know about one for literally a decade and hold out on watching it until i feel the perfect day has come, just so I can be sure that first watch is going to be just perfect. Also, I do that to make sure I don‘t run out of amazing films to watch and end up having to watch a whole lot of mid for the rest of my life lol https://boxd.it/61dQV


[My profile](https://boxd.it/2IY6b) Film is something that makes me life better, easier, and more enjoyable. Favorite Director is Paul Thomas Anderson and my favorite film is The tree of life.


[guy who doesn't know much about film](https://letterboxd.com/mr_rec/) Learning as I go, love horror and starting to branch out into more types of films. Just here to have a good time and watch good cinema! Quality and style of reviews varies, depending on quality and style of movie.


Hi! https://boxd.it/25Zqj I'm @miss24601 on letterboxd :) I usually write pretty long reviews about whatever movie I dragged my friends too this week. I am particularly interested in queer and feminist readings of films, and I love a good essay length reviews, both writing and reading them. Here is a list of my favorite reviews that I've written (link to review in entry descriptions) miss24601 highlight reel https://boxd.it/iyg6q


hello, everyone. this is a link to my letterboxd profile. if you follow me, i will follow you. isn’t that fun? ok, see you there. https://boxd.it/rnuD


https://boxd.it/4iLzb First time posting in these threads. After using Letterboxd for almost a year, finally decided to try and follow other people. I log everything I watch or have tried to. I don’t really leave reviews much. My favorite movie ever is Toy Story


Hey y'all! Sort of new to lb, made it a couple of monrhs back but this is just my second time in one of these threads. I still have a lot to catch up on classics and acclaimed movies so I try to watch that whenever I can. Also watch a lot for foreign films, some from my home country of Brazil as well as many from spanish or german speaking countries so I can improve my speaking abilities on those. Film is also learning for me Started writing reviews a few months back and now I always do that. Sometimes they're short and sweet and sometimes they're in depth, depends on the film amd how I'm feeling Always follow back and love seeing the more exotic and uknown films in my timeline!


Hey everyone, I'll keep it short. Here's my profile take a look if you want and I appreciate the follows. I'm always looking for new people to follow too! Thanks. [Profile](https://boxd.it/57vC1)


[Follow Me](https://boxd.it/28bIj) Jack here and not new to letterbox but new to this subreddit, I’m into really any kinds of genres, any era, wouldn’t say I have a favorite but more of a drama fan. I have been on the app for a while but I never logged until this year so yea. My rating system is weird I give 5 stars to films I love not necessarily if they are good (it does play a part though!) Looking for more followers/mutuals as I follow back. Also need recs lol.