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I was looking for my favorite: Gozu. Glad you mentioned it in your post though. There are so many standout scenes.


ikr! felt like i was watching mulholland drive on steroids


been recently digging my way trough takashi miike’s work, and wow i gotta say he is one of the greats. some of his films should be in history books! recently watched gozu and that movie straight up shot his way into my top 3 movies of all time. what a original movie told in such a crazy way WOW! everytime i begin a takashi miike movie, i have the slightest idea what’s gonna happen. BUT guess what! takashi miike bends that idea so flippin hard that you don’t really expect anything anymore in his movies. every scene is a suprise, this could either be a shocking or a.. never mind takashi miike just suprises you with gore and shock ;)


“Sukiyaki Western Django” a lot of people don’t like it but I thought it was fun.


i thought it was fine actually! far from his best work tho, but still enjoyable. i hated the english dialogue tho >:(


Yes not his best. Glad you still liked it. First watch was when I showed it as one of the free community movies for a friend who owned a movie rental shop that had obscure movies and featured tons of criterion. He named the store Bad Taste after the movie.


hahaha fun story! thanks for sharing :)


Ichi the Killer was so fuckin good


His best movie is obviously Dead or Alive 2: birds.


Preach! Straight up masterpiece! ​ Honestly my favourite film about positive male friendship and nostalgia. Other wistful friendship dramas are all poo because they tend NOT to feature giant pixelated dicks or Tsukamoto doing magic tricks.


I really love Miike’s stuff, Katakuris is my favourite film of his. I gotta say though, I really didn’t enjoy Visitor Q


Yesss Katakuris is my favourite by him as well, it's so bonkers yet fun. Visitor Q was too gratuitous for me. Another one by him, As The Gods Will, is kinda corny and has bad CGI but I found it super entertaining as well.


One missed call is one of my favorites


probably had way too high expectations for that film, it just bored me a lil bit. freaky movie tho!


Strangely enough the only film of his I've seen is his adaptation of the first Yakuza game. Its terrible but kinda fun. The main issue was that there were a lot of meaningless sideplots shoehorned in at the expense of telling the main story (which is a bit infuriating since the Yakuza franchise is perfect for adapting into a movie/movies).


i would recommend checking out his more popular work, and from there on move down his filmography. this man makes multiple movies a year. we can’t expect them all to be masterpieces :o


Audition is one of the greatest psychological horror movies ever in my opinion. I own Visitor Q on DVD actually, I have a little mini collection of his now, but I think one of my very favorites is Dead or Alive.


i ordered the trilogy on bluray, should arrive soon! i’m so hyped!!!


The sequels are great too! Actually though I change my favorite pick to Zebraman! Probably the best superhero movie I've seen LOL


also planning on getting on dvd aswell. weirdly enough my country made a lot of takashi miike films into a dvd release?


Well thats a good country to live then! All the ones in my collection I found out and about at used media stores funny enough, except for Visitor Q I ordered that on Amazon


awesome! check out my collection ;) [bluray/dvd collection](https://boxd.it/ex46q)


Ive only seen 3 of his movies, but I really liked Audition and 13 Assassins. Didn't care for Ichi the Killer.


Aside from his trademark weirdness, trashy sensibilities, and extreme content, he’s also proven his mastery of the craft with his wildly impressive remakes of Hara-Kiri and 13 Assassins. Not saying these are better than the original classics, but modern remakes of such classics (and by a filmmaker often dismissed as a B Movie king) have no right to be as good as his are. Genuinely great movies in their own right. My suggestion from the rest of his filmography: The Bird People of China. Another that feels like it came from a more sensitive and subtle director than Miike is stereotyped as. …and then from his long list of comic book and videogame adaptations, I’m a fan of Blade of the Immortal. Not a touch on the original manga, but miles better than the anime adaptation of the same, and a lot of lowbrow fun.


Dead or Alive is real good


I struggle so much with his films. So disturbing and most I can’t even finish. I liked 13 Assassin’s, but that’s probably his most normal film.


I haven’t seen any of these yet but they’re all on my watchlist. Any you would recommend starting with first??


i would recommend starting of with audition, and then moving on to ichi the killer / happiness of the katakuris / visitor q etc.


Awesome! Thank you 🙏🏼


I've only seen Audition which i think is one of the best things i've ever seen, not checked out his other stuff yet.


i would recommend checking out his other stuff! audition is great! but there are better films in his filmography imo


Obvious answers, but my favourites i've seen so far are Ichi The Killer and Audition. Such horrible films. The ending of Dead Or Alive might be one of the most surprising moments ive seen in a film in recent memory.


The first one I watched was Fudoh: The New Generation and I watched practically the whole movie with my jaw wide open, I was not prepared for Takashi Miike, such an underrated filmmaker


Miike is tough. Ive only seen Ichi and Audition. I loved Audition and wasnt a fan of Ichi. Any recommendations where to start next?


maybe visitor q / happiness of the katakuris / gozu?


Now this is a post I can get behind! I think Visitor Q is my favorite but he's got to many great films its tough to choose


visitor q was weirdly entertaining? i loved it so much!


Agree with that. Visitor Q is my favorite, followed by audition. 👌 💦☔️💩


Need to watch more of Miike’s filmography, I’ve only seen Audition. Regardless, you have to admire his work ethic. 100+ films but he only started in the 90s!


One of my favorite living filmmakers. If anyone is interested in him, I’d totally recommend Gozu. Absolutely insane watch.


Okay can we talk about how bathsit insane it is that Miike released Ichi The Killer, The Happiness of Katakuris and Visitor Q all in the same year ?! Also the contrast of making Dead or Alive and Audition in '99 shows his one of a kind workman ethic mixed with genuine talent and originality


he’s a genius, a master, a true director


Yakuza Apocalypse is fr his best movie, the action sequences are so bloody and fun.


Only seen Ichi, Audition and Visitor Q. Want to see Gozu next as i see that many people rate it highly


gozu is my favoiteee