* Blow the Man Down (2020) * Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (2021) * Aftersun (2022)


Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy is so underrated! I’m glad to see someone mention it!


Hamaguchi really popped off in 2021


All three stories were bliss, each in their own unique ways. And that second story...my goodness. Had my mind reeling for days.


Second story was an absolute melter!


Love seeing praise for BTMD. That film was fantastic.


2020: First Cow 2021: Drive my Car 2022: Aftersun


The first cow is pretty great


kelly reichardt, queen!


2020: I'm Thinking of Ending Things 2021: Titane 2022: The Banshees of Inisherin 2023: Jackals & Fireflies


This guy Kaufmans


Adore Titane so much


Man I need to give it a chance


Buckle up.


My favorite for 2020 and 2021 as well, absolute all timers no doubt


Just curious why did you like I'm Thinking of Ending Things? I remember watching it and being super confused about the third act. Not that being confused is a bad thing but it didn't feel like a 2001: A Space Odyssey type confused, just disinterested and confused.


It’s nuanced and layered but it’s all right there from the beginning. The old janitor guy is the narrator. Jessie Buckley plays a fictional girlfriend he is imagining a life with, when in reality he is contemplating suicide. My favorite par of the film is if you pay close attention to Jessie Buckley’s character she changes name, occupation, and entire personality throughout to reflect Jake. - But even in his fantasy this girl doesn’t want to be there. She opens with that beautiful Coming Home poem and had a paper to write, but then later on she’s a physicist or whatever and doesn’t read much, then in the car headed to the school she is literally just channeling old famous actresses and pseudo-intellectual quips (the movie review part is a a real thing said verbatim, I forget the details though sorry). The whole musical bit was just him having spent his whole life watching students play Oklahoma but never getting to do so himself, so he imagined an awards ceremony for himself with everyone who ever ignored him. Basically it’s a super bleak musing on loneliness, despair, self-pity, coping mechanism, etc… you can read a lot into it but plot wise story is really as simple as old guy freezes in parking lot and has sad death fantasy. Him confronting her in the school was releasing her, realizing he is just the maggot infested pig that nature claims, alone. With this in mind I LOVE that opening monologue even more if you view it from his perspective - I’m thinking of ending things is him deciding to end his life, not her with the relationship.


I want to add that there are countless eclectic, esoteric references to other films, poems, artworks, literature, songs and even the director's own previous works. All of which reinforce the themes and narrative of the film.


Well I have to re-watch it now because I definitely didn't watch it with the right mindset the first time around haha. Thank you for this awesome writeup!


2020 - The Wolf of Snow Hollow 2021- The Worst Person in the World 2022 - Everything Everywhere All At Once 2023 - Rye Lane (thus far)


crazy i had to scroll so far to see eeaao on a list


Mid movie


2020 - Nomadland 2021 - Drive My Car 2022 - TÁR 2023 (as of right now) - Infinity Pool


2020: Palm Springs 2021: Licorice Pizza 2022: RRR


2020- Another Round 2021- The Green Knight 2022- Top Gun: Maverick 2023- Creed III (so far)


\- Shithouse (2020) \- The French Dispatch (2021) \- Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) \- Scream 6 (2023)


\- I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020) \- The Worst Person in the World (2021) \- Bardo (2022)


This. This is THE list. So glad to see Bardo love


Tenet, Dune, and a tossup between Tár and The Fabelmans. I barely saw anything in 2020. Still need to see The Father, Da 5 Bloods, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, and Sound Of Metal. Haven’t saw much from this year that I’ve liked either.


Tenet and Dune are easily the best of their years. I’d choose Banshees slightly above Fablemans and Tar tho


2020-I’m thinking of ending things 2021 Bo Burnham’s Inside 2022- RRR


2020- Pieces of a Woman 2021- Nine Days 2022- Everything Everywhere all at Once 2023- Creed 3 as of so far


Wasn't my choice, but Nine Days is a damn good movie that doesn't have nearly enough love.


According to my Letterboxd lists it would be - I’m Thinking of Ending Things - Nine Days - After Yang I’m happy with that. Haven’t seen many 2023 releases yet, but let’s go with Skinamarink for now haha.


2020: the Father 2021: Dune 2022: The Batman 2023: John Wick 4


2020 - The Father 2021 - Lamb 2022 - Everything Everywhere All At Once


2020: Sound of Metal 2021: Titane 2022: Everything Everywhere All at Once.


* Soul * The Suicide Squad * Everything Everywhere All At Once * Rye Lane


2020 - Shithouse 2021 - Worst Person in the World 2022 - Close 2023 - TBD


2020 - The Father 2021 - The Power of the Dog 2022 - Nope 2023 - John Wick 4


is John Wick 4 something I can watch without seeing the other 3?


It depends on how much you care about the story. The action sequences stand on their own but everything that happens is set up by the others. There also a ton of call backs and payoffs so it depends on how much you care about that type of stuff.


Wow! We're the same in 2020/2021 and Nope is top 5 for me in 2022, (Marcel the Shell #1). Congrats on your great taste in film!


2020 - Da 5 Bloods 2021 - Worst Person in the World 2022 - The Menu


It's always nice finding someone who ranks The Menu so highly


Perfect black comedy! Honestly surprised it’s not rated higher


2020 - The Father 2021 - The Mitchells vs The Machines 2022 - EEAAO 2023 - Knock at the Cabin (of the two i have seen)


2020 - Palm Springs 2021 - Pig 2022 - Aftersun 2023 - Knock at the Cabin (only seen three)


palm springs and pig were probably my second favorites each year. still need to see aftersun!


2020: Tenet 2021: Dune 2022: EEAAO 2023 so far: John Wick 4


Assuming JW4 lives up to the hype (which I'm sure for me it will) my list will be exactly the same


Banshees Worst Person Wolfwalkers


2020: Another Round 2021: Dune 2022: Top Gun: Maverick 2023: Creed 3 (Seeing Wick 4 on Saturday)


**2020:** Soul **2021:** Scream **2022:** Aftersun / Terrifier 2 **2023:** Scream VI / Shazam! Fury Of The Gods


Aftersun and Terrifier 2 are 2 films I never thought I would see next to each other.


They both feel like movies that were written specifically for me. They both instantly became two of my all-time favourite movies.


W for both Scream


You was cooking till I saw shazam


I’m not usually a fan of those kinds of superhero movies, but I just love the Shazam! movies. Also, so far I’ve only watched 3 movies that were released this year so there isn’t much competition yet. As much as I loved it, it isn’t even in my top 20 first-time watched movies this year.


going by listed years on lbxd 2020 - Some Kind of Heaven (honorable mention Riders of Justice) 2021 - Marcel The Shell (honorable mention Barb & Star) 2022 - EEAAO (honorable mention Banshees of Inisherin) 2023 - Have only seen 3 releases so Magic Mike's Last Dance lol, not a bad movie but definitely not going to be one of the year's best for me (3.5 stars)


2020- Soul 2021- Dune 2022- EEAAO 2023- Too early to call. I’ve only seen Creed 3 and Infinity Pool


2020 - Nomadland 2021 - West Side Story 2022 - EEAAO or Babylon


2020 - Tenet 2021 - Licorice Pizza 2022 - Babylon


2020: Palm Springs 2021: The Green Knight / Inside 2022: Everything Everywhere All At Once


I go back and forth between a few: 2020: Days / Minari 2021: C'mon C'mon / Petite Maman / The Worst Person in the World 2022: Decision to Leave / Aftersun / Nope 2023: Cocaine Bear (Note: I've only seen two movies from this year so far)


2020: Shiva Baby 2021: Last Night in Soho 2022: Everything Everywhere All at Once 2023: M3GAN


- 2020: Red Post on Escher Street - 2021: Titane - 2022: EO - 2023: Infinity Pool (i'm sure this will quickly change as it's the only one i've seen)


I'm waiting and waiting for Red Post to get a physical release! It was going to come out last year but now it seems like it's completely silent from the company that was releasing it...


yeah, haven't heard anything new about the physical release either. seems to be streaming on Fandor though.


Sadly Fandor is not here in Sweden, but thanks for the heads up! With patience I'm sure it will released some day. I still have all of Sionos other films to watch though!


- 2020 - Horse Girl - 2021 - Censor - 2022 - X - 2023 - TBD


2020: Tenet 2021: Dune 2022: Babylon


2020 - Sound of Metal 2021 - Pig 2022 - Aftersun 2023 - Missing so far, but I feel JW4 or MI7 will definitely be the best


2020 - Possessor 2021 - The Green Knight 2022 - Babylon 2023 (so far and i am expecting this to change) - Infinity Pool


My favorites, not necessarily the best- 2020: Onward 2021: Spider-Man: No Way Home 2022: The Batman 2023 (So Far): Haven’t seen any from 2023 lol


2020 - Nomadland, 2021 - Lamb, 2022 - Tár


2020 - *Nomadland* 2021 - *Dune* 2022 - *Babylon*/*Avatar*/*Fabelmans*


2020 - Da 5 Bloods 2021 - No Time To Die 2022 - Banshees Of Inisherin 2023 - John Wick 4


Honestly probably banshees of inisherin


My list https://boxd.it/hz7O2


The Father (2020) Spencer (2021) Aftersun (2022) Creed III (2023) I’m certain this will be surpassed quite soon


Wolfwalkers, Drive My Car, Shin Ultraman, Knock at the Cabin


2020: *Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets* 2021: *Drive My Car* 2022: *Top Gun: Maverick*


Very curious what you appreciated about Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets? It is one of the worst films of the 2020s for me. Not knocking you, honestly want to know what the hell I missed.


Thanks for asking. Mostly appeals to me because I'm a drinker and love to go to the bars, and it captures the vibes of a dive bar more authentically than any recent film I can recall. I've enjoyed what I read of Charles Bukowski, and the scuzzy elements of the film appeal to me as well (also why I loved *Trees Lounge*, which was no doubt an influence). Its hangout structure appeals to me as well, but so do the conversations and the universal topics brought up between the patrons. Finally, its structure is what really elevated it for me, its mix of realism and fiction deftly blending the lines between film and documentary. Basically, I saw it as Charles Bukowski meets Abbas Kiarostami, which is a wholly unique approach to the subject. Here's my full review for further details: [https://letterboxd.com/henrykrinkle808/film/bloody-nose-empty-pockets/](https://letterboxd.com/henrykrinkle808/film/bloody-nose-empty-pockets/)


Thanks for taking the time to reply! My brother also loved it, so I definitely think I wasn’t in the right mood to take in all it had to offer. That being said, I don’t think I’ll return to it any time soon, but never say never!


No problem man. 2020 was a terrible year for movies, for obvious reasons, and *Bloody* probably wouldn't even crack my top 5 of, say, just the previous year (2019 was a stellar year for movies imo). Are you a drinker, or enjoy dive bars? I think you have to enjoy both to be on the same wavelength as the film. But even if you are, its style is definitely not for everyone. I also saw your choices for this topic, and you reminded me to check out *Another Round* (which sounds like it has *Bloody Nose* vibes) and *Dune*. Thought *The Fabelmans* was great too; gotta respect it as the most personal film of a Hollywood master. I was also *very* pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite directors at the end.


2020: Small Axe/Lover’s Rock 2021: The Hand of God 2022: All That Breathes


This is just my preference for my favorite of the year: 2020 - Promising Young Woman 2021 - Dune 2022 - X 2023 - so far, I’ve had the most fun with Scream 6, so much so I’ve went twice. But there’s a long year left and I’m sure it won’t be for long.


2020: King of Staten Island 2021: Zack Snyders Justice League 2022: Barbarian 2023: Creed 3


2020 — Tenet 2021 — Drive My Car 2022 — Aftersun


For me, my highest rated were: 2020: Soul 2021: Boiling Point 2022: Banshees of Inishirin


2020 - Tenet 2021- The Green Knight 2022 - Top Gun: Maverick 2023 - Knock at the Cabin


2020 - I’m Thinking of Ending Things 2021 - Licorice Pizza 2022 - Everything Everywhere All at Once 2023 - Missing (I’ve only seen 5 movies from this year though)


2023 so far: Skinamarink 2022: Close, followed by Aftersun and The Whale 2021: C'mon C'mon, The Father, Titane 2020: The Painted Bird, A Sun, Sound of Metal


2020: Shiva Baby 2021: Licorice Pizza 2022: Nope


2020 - Minari 2021 - Dune 2022 - Tar 2023 - Creed III (only one I’ve seen)


2020 - Possessor 2021 - C'mon C'mon 2022 - Banshees of Inisherin 2023 - Knock at the Cabin


2020: Haven't seen enough 2020 movies, my favorie was... idk Sonic, the idea of that being my favorite 2020 movie is honestly depressing 2021: Spider-Man no Way Home 2022: The Batman 2023: John Wick 4 well, I guess I'm not going to be winning any points for having a cool opinion


2020 : Beyond the infinite two minutes 2021 : Titane 2022 : X 2023 : TBD


2020 - Ride Your Wave 2021 - Licorice Pizza 2022 - The Fabelmans 2023 - Knock at the Cabin


2020 - I'm Thinking of Ending Things 2021 - Licorice Pizza 2022 - Nope 2023 - Kokomo City


2020 - The Father 2021 - Petite Maman 2022 - Banshees of Inisherin 2023 - Scream VI (so far)


2020 - Another Round 2021 - Dune 2022 - The Fabelmans 2023 - Missing (thinking that John Wick: Chapter 4 will surpass it tomorrow)


2020: The Devil all the time 2021: Titane 2022: The Banshees of Inisherin 2023: Infinity Pool


My personal favorites: 2020: Little Fish 2021: Titane 2022: Tár 2023: Idk yet 🤷🏼‍♀️


2020 - Dick Johnson is Dead 2021 - Drive My Car (Underground Railroad if we count limited series) 2022 - Barbarian/TAR


2020 - Palm Springs 2021 - The Worst Person in the World 2022 - The Banshees of Inisherin


2020- Another Round 2021- Vortex 2022- Babylon (not even close) 2023- Infinity Pool


2020: The Father 2021: Red Rocket 2022: Triangle of Sadness


2020: another round 2021: the green knight 2022: EEAAO


- Promising Young Woman (2020) - Worst Person in the World (2021) - Aftersun (2022) - John Wick 4 (2023)


(2020) Hamilton, (2021) The Suicide Squad/ Last Night in Soho, (2022) EEAAO / Babylon.


2020 - Palm Springs 2021 - Belfast 2022 - Aftersun


2020 - Another Round 2021 - Drive My Car 2022 - Aftersun 2023 - Knock At The Cabin (so far)


2020: Nomadland 2021: Licorice Pizza 2022: TÁR


• Psycho Goreman (2020) • The French Dispatch (2021) • Terrifier 2 or Banshees of Inisherin (2022) • Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania (2023) I’ve only seen Ant-Man and Scream in theaters this year and I really hated Scream.


Love and Monsters, Tick Tick Boom, Top Gun: Maverick, Creed III


its so broken pearl **just** came out in the uk. literally 3 or 4 days ago


2020- Shiva Baby 2021- Red Rocket 2022- Tár 2023 so far- Infinity Pool


So far this year John Wick Chapter 4


Another Round 2020 Red Rocket 2021 Top Gun: Maverick 2022 John Wick 4 2023


I’m thinking of ending things, Pig, Everything Everywhere All At Once, John Wick 4 (so far)


Shiva Baby, West Side Story, Top Gun: Maverick


2020 - Shiva baby 2021 - Judas and the Black Messiah 2022 - Everything everywhere all at once 2023 (so far) - Scream VI


I’m thinking of ending things (2020) Licorice Pizza (2021) Banshees of Inisherin (2022) Only seen knock at the cabin this year which stank


2020 - Druk 2021 - Petite Maman 2022 - RRR 2023 - Knock at the Cabin (so far)


The Father, Belfast, Top Gun


2020 - **1#** Palm Springs **2#** The Father (Runner-up) 2021- **1#** The Mitchells vs. the Machines **2#** Bo Burnham: Inside (Runner-up) 2022 - **1#**Everything Everywhere All at Once **2#** RRR (Runner-up) 2023 - Cocaine Bear (so far...)


Best films of 2023 so far are Eo, Bruiser, Of an Age, and Huesera: The Bone Woman


2020: Enola Holmes 2021: Spider-Man: No Way Home 2022: Top Gun: Maverick 2023: Creed 3


2020: *Da Five Bloods* 2021: *The Last Duel* (Haven't seen *Drive My Car* yet, though. Have a feeling it's going to shoot past this) 2022: this was such an amazing year for movies, but I have to go with *Top Gun: Maverick* for me. We get awesome art stuff every year, but it's rare to get this type of film. 2023: I have not yet seen a single film released in 2023, weird. I've been traveling.


2022 hit the road 2021 titane 2020 Boys State


2020 - Palm Springs 2021 - Flee 2022 - Babylon 2023 - Afire


2020: Another Round 2021: Red Rocket 2022: Babylon 2023: John Wick: Chapter 4 (so far)


**2020:** *Tenet* **2021:** *Dune* **2022:** *Avatar: The Way of Water* **2023:** *Tina & Bettina 2: The Comeback*


2020: Promising Young Woman or The Invisible Man 2021: Titane or Last Night In Soho 2022: Everything Everywhere All At Once 2023: Scream VI


2020: Collectiv 2021: The Power of the Dog 2022: TAR


Soul 2020 No way home 2021 The Batman 2022 Creed 3 2023 (so far)


The Father (2020), Drive My Car (2021), Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)


2020: Shithouse 2021: Judas and the Black Messiah 2022: EEAAO 2023: Cocaine Bear (the only 2023 movie I've seen yet)


2020 - Soul 2021 - The Suicide Squad 2022 - Top Gun: Maverick 2023 - Only seen Ant Man: Quantumania so far, but I reckon it will be The Super Mario Bros. Movie or Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1.


Another Round (2020) Old (2021) Nope (2022)


2020: Riders of Justice 2021: Pig 2022: All quiet on the western front


2020 - Hamilton, if that's not counted, Taipei Suicide Story 2021 - Inu-Oh 2022 - Prima Facie, if that's not also counted hehe then EEAAO. Sorry for recent releases I don't really like many feature films


2020 - David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet 2021 - Bo Burnham: Inside 2022 - Aftersun


Sound of Metal, C’mon C’mon, The Beatles: Get Back, Turning Red, EEAAO


2020: I'm Thinking of Ending Things 2021: The Green Knight 2022: RRR 2023 (very limited sample size): Creed III


2020: Saint Maud (or Sweat) 2021: The Humans 2022: Nope (or Everything Everywhere at Once) I haven’t seen that many good things in 2023, but Skinamarink is up there. I don’t get scared by horror movies, but this freaked me out in a way that I’ve never experienced before.


Thinking of Ending things The Hand of God Bansheesof Inisherin


• Another Round (2020) •Dune (2021) •Babylon (2022)


For me it's: 2020 - Love and Monsters 2021 - The Harder They Fall 2022 - Everything Everywhere All At Once 2023 (so far) - Rye Lane Some honourable mentions: The Half of It (2020) Da 5 Bloods (2020) CODA (2021) Dune (2021) The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021) The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) The Northman (2022)


2020 - Tenet 2021 - Dune 2022 - The Batman 2023 - John Wick: Chapter 4


2020- wolf of snow hollow 2021- Pig 2022- Everything everywhere all at once 2023- Candyland


2020 The Father 2021 Power of the Dog 2022 EEAAO Haven’t had the chance to watch a single 2023 movie yet even though I’ve been to the cinema over 20 times already, still catching up with 2022.


2020: I'm Thinking Of Ending Things 2021: The Green Knight 2022: Tár (or Aftersun, still not sure which I prefer)


2020 - The Devil All the Time (4*) 2021 - Luca (4.5*) 2022 - Aftersun (5*) 2023 -


Sound of Metal, The Green Knight, Tár, Godland (so far)


2020 - The Father 2021 - Drive My Car 2022 - Aftersun 2023 (have seen two films) - Creed 3


2020 - I'm thinking of ending things 2021 - Titane 2022 - Babylon


2020 - probably also Soul for me actually! 2021 - Titane 2022 - Tár 2023 (so far) - Infinity Pool


People on this thread purposely avoiding Everything Everywhere All At Once just to appear more snobish it's hilarious


2020 sound of metal 2021 licorice pizza 2022 banshees of inisherin Haven't seen any 2023 movies yet


2020 - Another Round 2021 - The Suicide Squad 2022 - The Whale 2023 - Scream VI (so far)


Minari, Titane, The Woman King, Rye Lane


- 2020 - another round (legit saw like 3 films from 2020 coz covid) - 2021 - worst person in the world - 2022 - aftersun - 2023 - Pearl (I live in the U.K.)


Invisible man Spencer Bones and alll


2020: Tenet 2021: Licorice Pizza 2022: Nope 2023: Knock at the Cabin (so far)


2020 - Boys State 2021 - The Worst Person in the World 2022 - Aftersuh


2020 - Mank 2021 - The Worst Person in the World 2022 - The Banshees of Inisherin 2023 - Infinity Pool


another round (2020) the french dispatch (2021) everything everywhere all at once (2022) john wick 4 (2023)


2020 - Palm Springs 2021 - Dune 2022 - Aftersun 2023 - Missing


I haven’t seen so many films from 2020 and 2021 anyways: 2020 - I‘m Thinking of Ending Things; 2021 - Titane; 2022 - Nope; 2023 - Sonne und Beton


2020: I'm Thinking of Ending Things 2021: The French Dispatch 2022: Everything Everywhere All at Once


2020 - Da 5 Bloods, 2021 - Drive My Car, 2022 - Aftersun, 2023 - Knock at the Cabin (so far)


2020 - The Invisible Man 2021- West Side Story 2022- RRR 2023(so far)- John Wick: Chapter 4


Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) The Suicide Squad (2021) Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) A Man Called Otto (2023)


2020- Nine Days 2021- Mass 2022- Joyland 2023- predicting it will be Past Lives but we’ll see


Emma (2020) On the count of three (2021) Aftersun (2022)


- The Father (2020) - The Last Duel (2021) - Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) - (Haven't seen enough good content to even make a so far opinion) (2023)


2020: The Father 2021: The Power of the Dog 2022: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On 2023 (so far): Scrapper


2020 - I'm Thinking of Ending Things 2021 - Drive My Car 2022 - Pearl 2023 - Yeah I guess so far it's Scream 6... It's only March lol.


2020: Soul/Palm Springs 2021:titane 2022: everything everywhere 2023 Megan? (The only movie I’ve seen lol)


2020: Nomadland 2021: C’mon C’mon 2022: The Banshees of Inisherin 2023: Creed III


2020: The Forty Year Old Version 2021: Titane 2022: Everything Everywhere All at Once


'20: Another Round '21: Licorice Pizza '22: Decision to Leave


I'm thinking of ending things (2020) Titane (2021) Babylon (2022) Infinity Pool (2023 so far)


The father (2020), Dune (2021), Top Gun Maverick (2022) and John Wick 4 (2023). I haven’t watched everything everywhere all at once yet.


Boys State (2020) Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) Close (2022) Knock at the Cabin (2023 so far)