What's the worst franchise you've ever gone through and gone all the way to the end?

jesus theres 11 of these


jesus theres 11 of these


theres one in space


Can say the same about Friday the 13th and Leprechaun


honestly i like jason x lol, not that great but good fun


Jason X rules.


And Fast & Furious lol


And Critters


There's also two in da hood


Saw that one in a theatre. I really didn’t know what to think of it other than the poster looked really cool.


Jesus wept


And that was #4, when they were still releasing them theatrically - imagine how bad the rest get!


Children Of The Corn There are 11 of them. The original is great (4 stars for me). Some of the sequels are ok. Most are awful


The original short story is 16 pages


Unfortunately I’ve sat through all 5 Air Buds and all 7 Disney Buddies 😐


There are FIVE Air Bud movies?


5 too many 🥲


It's only 4 too many take that back.


I’m planning to watch them as well, watched the first one but got too occupied with other stuff for the rest


Hellworld at 4 what? lol


If I'm not mistaken, it's the only one with a different plot and ending... it's at 4 but it's still a 2,5/5 movie.


Hellworld was the one that I enjoyed the most. Did not see that ending coming


I watched 31 Amityville films during Halloween season. You don't know pain... Hellraiser is overall a good series. I also watched all the Leprechaun films this past season... they were far worse than Hellraiser as well imo.


There are *31* Amityville movies?!


40 according to wikipedia


That's insane.


I was thinking. Hellraiser is known to be one of the good ones.


From what I understand, Hellraiser is known to be one of the worst. The other major slasher-esque franchises may do the same thing over and over, but they were mostly all theatrical releases and had decent budgets. Hellraiser descends into VOD garbage made purely to hold onto the rights quite quickly.


Just gonna say this ranking is insane


Hellworld is absurd and hilarious. It's a terrible Hellraiser movie, but so are all the other direct-to-video sequels. At least Hellworld manages to be kinda fun.


I was more referring having the new one so high especially over Hellbound.


Ah yeah, that didn't stand out to me as much because I know the new one has its defenders, whereas Hellworld has very few. But putting it over Hellbound is definitely a choice!


The Alpha and Omega series


Probably Home Alone. I love the first one with all my heart and somewhat like the second and fifth one. But the rest are pure garbage




yeah i didn’t like 3 at all got nothing out of it


I mean. I'm happy for you but home alone 3 is my least favorite


Have you seen the TV one from like 2013


That's the 5th one


I thought that was 4 and the 5 was the one with the McCallisters again. Oops


No. That one sucks. They even forgot about Linnie and Jeff! We only see Buzz, Megan and Kevin. If the movie can't do something as simple as rewatching the first film to check which kids are Kevin's siblings and which are his cousins, then what else can it not do?


Home Sweet Home Alone was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, the rare half star.


the second was honestly almost as good as the first


I’m so shocked to learn that there are more than two movies… But I’m also not from an English speaking country so that may be the reason why I had no idea that there are six??


Six movies. And only three of them focus on the McAllisters.


Zoombies maybe.


i had no idea more than 11 people ever saw this


Aren't there just 2 of those?


Halloween... i only liked 3/4 films in the whole franchise and i cried for like 2 weeks over the disappointment that Halloween Ends gave me :(


After the Halloween Kills ending I was already expecting for the worst to happen at Halloween Ends. I also got disappointed anyways.


Halloween Kills is one of the funniest movies I've had the pleasure of watching drunk


I’d probably have to say Fast and Furious, I watched them all for the first time recently. I wouldn’t say any of them are bad but I also wouldn’t say any of them are good. If you can count the DCEU as a franchise then that’d probably be the worst.


Tokyo Drift is on another level!!


I didn’t get the hype.


By far the best racing scenes of the series Everything else in there is laughable, except introducing Han to the series


Imo it's aged the worst out of all the movies. I remember loving it as a kid and as an adult it's easily the worst film in that franchise. Not that any of them are award winners.


On another level of shit


They should’ve just ended after Paul Walker died.


I personally have been unable to site through more than a half hour of any fast and furious movie


I thought I’d have a similar problem but I was pleasantly surprised.


The first 3 are easily the best out of the franchise. After the 4th one, they become so unrealistic. I might be biased though since I'm a car guy.


Oof you watched hellraiser past number 8 brave soul no pun intended


Being a horror movie fan, I've watched a lot of questionable (to say the least) stuff. Recently, I found an old list again where I had listed and ranked the films in the Hellraiser franchise (I added the 2022 one without a second thought). I reflected a bit on the films and remembered that Hellraiser 5, 6, 7 and 9 have exactly the same plot line and were only made so that the production company would not lose the film rights. Fortunately the 2022 reboot gave me a satisfying story and I feel excited about the future of the franchise with its upcoming series.


I really liked the 2022 reboot movie. I seem to be the minority, but I found it be far superior than anything from 5 onwards. 1 through 4 ranged from good to great to OK.


I have to say that I also have read the books while going through the franchise. That's why my placement is like in this image.


No real problems with your rankings. I just put the first 4 films as the best because they had a budget and some of Clive's involvement...and maybe because the writing seemed fresh at the time? The later films are kind of derivative of each other. I really liked the concept/idea around Hellraiser: Inferno, but the execution wasn't there.


Can I get a top 5 cenobite ranking OP?


Pinhead Angelique Chatterer Deepthroat The Doctor had to look up on google for the names of numbers 3 and 4, I only remembered their faces...


The Silent Night Deadly Night movies


The second one gets too much hate. It's so funny and meta.




Not sure how we got from Santa slasher to insect cult and killer toys, but here we are.


All seven Leprechaun movies


I liked 1, 3 and 5 the best. iirc there is now an eighth one.


Me too... I could laugh with those.


Oh jeez. I have a collection of all those movies but I found no desire after the second one to carry on.


The howling




Omg YES!!! I'm not gonna say I loved it but that movie is underrated!!! I feel like it was a few fixes away from being a genuinely great film


I really need to finish that franchise. 2nd movie was.... a lot to take in.


Iiiiiiiii disagree that there's any need to finish the franchise


Probably Saw. A couple of the later ones are funny but most of the sequels are painful.


I think this is mine too. Lots of other franchises I just dropped off but for some reason, even though it is diminishing returns every time since probably the 3rd one, I'm there for it. And will be whenever Saw X comes out.


The later Hellraiser’s really put into perspective how bad movies can get and how we take the worst Friday the 13th’s and Halloween’s for granted.


Ringu still holds up... But then there's the other Ring films and the shitty American remakes. (The Korean version is somehow worse, though.) The only other Ring film I kind of like is the slice of life one where Sadako goes to college and joins a theater group. I just think it's bad ass they gave her an origin movie that wasn't even horror. I want to say the Resident Evil films, but they get absurdly stupid in a good way. Just a lot of fun.


hold up what's the name of that slice of life?


Sounds like Ringu 0.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They’ve never been able to come close to matching up to the original no matter how hard they’ve tried.


Well I think they stumbled onto something else entirely with the second one. I think I actually prefer TCM2 over 1 but enjoy both for very different reasons. I recognize I’m not really throwing out hot takes here.


What have you learned from your journey traveler? Which ones do suggest we watch? What would you want to see from future installments?


Watch the first one and read the first book. Maybe watch the reboot and discard the others. The HBO Max Series is going to be awesome.


Star Wars Not because SW is bad, but because I don’t watch most franchises to completion. SW is the only big (4+) film franchise I’ve ever completed. Thus it is both my favorite and least favorite.


I just learned recently that Henry Cavill and Katheryn Winnick are in one of these together. Never gonna watch it, but good lord what a couple.


It's number 4 in my rank. There' a scene where Henry Cavill fights the Cenobites...


Finished all the howling movies with howling 4 being so bad I literally didn’t want to sit down and invest in another film for a month


I have seen all of the Hellraiser movies, too. But it wasn't nearly as bad as the Transformers (except Bumblebee). I can't believe I have sit through 5 full length commercials.


Not this one! Lol. I like Hellraiser. I found things to like about all the Doug Bradley entries; I haven’t seen the last 3 without him so I don’t qualify for making it to the end.


I did a Hellraiser marathon around Christmas. Had only ever seen the first 2 before. Hellraiser 3 is probably the only one that I hadn’t seen that I might watch again because of all the fun cenobites in it. It was also weird to see actors that I recognize like Henry Cavill, Adam Scott and Dean Winters.


Aw, I like the Hellraiser franchise. I think the first 2 and Bloodline are legitimately great movies, the reboot is solid and the rest are at least "fun bad." For me, gotta be Final Destination with zero good movies. The same lame concept 7 times. Formerly, it was Children of the Corn, but oddly enough, I actually thought the recent reboot currently in theaters was pretty damn good.


I think Hellraiser 2 is better then the first and I really like the first one. Also really enjoyed the reboot.


I admit that I checked out after the first Hellraiser. When watching it I thought maybe I was accidentally watching one of the later ones as I was aware of the series' reputation. Maybe I'll give it another go one day.


It was Saw, but they keep releasing damn movies so I haven’t been able to catch the latest ones. I enjoy the first two quite a bit, the third one was okay, and the rest were not at all in my wheelhouse.


Wrong Turn, first 2 are fine (extra points for Henry Rollins in #2) but after that it gets terrible


Pretty happy with the remake at #2, I really enjoyed that one!


Literally this one in the picture, Evil Bong, Halloween was rough as well, Police Academy


Please tell us more about the Evil Bong franchise. Is there anything there worth exploring?


Not really, just had a lot of weed and binged them really fast. The best one for me was #3 gave it 4 stars which is really stupid but it was an alien bong!! There's a lot of boobs, campy toilet humor, unrealistic smoking, silly computer effects, a zombie gingerbread man running around (has his own trilogy too), and they frequently travel to other dimensions so if that's what you're into then you'll like it. Pretty much need to be high to make it somewhat enjoyable.


Probably Puppet Master, there's 15 of them and it was *not* enjoyable imo.


The kissing booth


First one is one of my favorite films. Rest are so bad (remake was atrocious).




I'm not really into James Bond and I made myself watch every single one I hadn't seen (most of them) last month. So probably those, though a few are ok. But it says a lot my "best" Bond movie got 3.5 stars. As a sidenote, they've trashed my Letterboxd stats for the year. The recurring actors for Moneypenny, M and Q have an unassailable lead at the top now.


I haven’t seen any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. I’m not a huge Bond fan but I do want to watch the Daniel Craig ones sometime because they at least seem like decent movies.


Hellraiser for me too. The original is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. But boy do the movies get bad *fast*, especially once you get to #5 and all the subsequent repurposed script cash grabs. That said, I'm glad to see someone else who appreciates Hellworld for the bonkers movie it is. It's the only one that successfully crosses the so-bad-it's-good threshold for me, though I wouldn't rate it higher than the theatrical releases.


Totally agree with you. When I got to see Hellworld I was finally happy to see something different... it's placed in 4th but with only 2,5/5 rating


Resident Evil. Started off as stupid but whatever and ended in just a sad pathetic state.




All of it including the disney+ originals?


Tv shows don’t rlly count


Friday the 13th. Though this reminds me that I need to rewatch the first two and then the rest of them for the first time. I love Hellraiser and wanna see how bad it got.


I’ll take some downvotes, but all of them after the first Friday the 13th kind of suck and are boring. I know people love them but I binged them all in a week and it’s really amazing that they kept making them. Jason is pretty iconic, but I stand by the movies being very subpar.


the first one is also not good


If that first movie didn't spawn a franchise then it would have been remembered as just another cheap slasher trying to cash in on Halloween's success.




Yeah, I'm sorry. Admittedly, I did my binge about 10+ years ago and watching them back to back was kind of tiresome and they just started to mesh together. Probably not a fair assessment. Is it bad that I kind of liked the Friday the 13th reboot from 2009? I feel like I've made a lot of enemies today. I remember being the most disappointed with Jason Goes To Hell. Cool title, bold concept, a couple years removed from Manhattan, bigger budget, even a very cool poster. The result was just so underwhelming and I remember just being angry that it wasn't better.


Post this again a year from now and I will tell you that the Ernest movies are the worst. I'm currently four movies in and it's already tiring.


Does that include Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam?


The Hobbit. I’d like that time returned thanks.


The Scary Movie franchise. Nothing redeemable about any of them


I love 1-6, hated everything else including the remake.


I get it from 1-4. I didn't enjoyed knowing since the beginning that the protagonist was doomed from being trapped in a puzzle like from 5-7.


5 and 6 have their moments for me but I understand where you are coming from. Past 6, I mean I don’t think we need to talk about how bad they get but the remake I was really excited for. Unfortunately I very disappointed with the lore directions they took plus I hated the Cenobites design. They somehow took really unique characters and made them all look the same.


Open Season


Definitely Saw. Love the first two or three but the rest are… well, they’re only fun to watch drunk with friends or something


the “Before Trilogy”.


I saw the entire Saw franchise, which I really like, even though most of the films are bad. ([Here's](https://letterboxd.com/Russellroot/list/saw-films-ranked/) my ranking.)


Saw. Only the first two are good imo


Highlander, but thankfully only five movies. Fast & Furious for longer franchise though.


That last one... was sure almost a movie.


Probably the Saw series. Watched most of them in one sitting.


Hell House


strong start anyway


Howard Lovecraft. Second place is probably Andy Hardy


During last October I went and watched all of the Leprechaun movies, including the realllllly awful WWE studios one. I love most of them, but they are terrible


Wrong Turn. First one is great the rest variables very much :D


i thought there were like 3 including the 2022 one


Easily the 16 Witchcraft movies.




Friday the 13th


For me it’s the saw franchise. Watching all 9 of nine was pure pain (yes i even dislike the first one)


Respect my man🤝🏻 You watched them, so we don’t have to🫡


I Spit On Your Grave


Twilght would be the easy one but recently I watched American Ninjas 1-4 (5th one doesn't count personally cause it was just another movie given the name American Ninja 5) and I really only enjoyed the 2nd one. I thought a Ninja series from Cannon would entertain me a little bit more.


Idk if it's the worst franchise I've ever seen, but I absolutely love jurassic park, but thought jurassic world dominion was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in cinema


I’m working through Hellraiser right now and Jesus Christ they’re getting really bad. A review i saw compared Hellraiser to coke. The first time is amazing, but after that it just gets less enjoyable with every hit but you still gotta have it


The worst franchises I've gone all the way thru are: Anaconda, Death Race, Dr. Dolittle, House Party, Kickboxer, Police Academy, and Starship Troopers.


LoTR probably




I've been highly recommended the Hellraiser by a friend recently watched the first one with him and kinda enjoyed it, but the second was godawful. Is it worth watching 3/4/5/6 at all?


Police academy 1 and 3 are quite fun but the rest are meh or terrible


one missed call. that being said it's one of those series that's so bad it's good.


The Howling. Mostly terrible, but surprisingly inventive.


I did the hellraiser series last Halloween, it is really really rough


Haven't watched many franchises to the end. So my answer is either Jurassic Park/World or Jaws. Although Park has a higher high (though close) and Jaws has lower lows, the Jurassic franchise has more movies and more misses.


Paranormal activity, the later movies may as well be comedies




Marvel Cinematic Universe; really can’t push myself to watch that „eternals“ film though.


How did they do such a creative concept so dirty like that, with those later sequels?


Probably Transformers… yeowch


Star Wars There are only four good ones (originals and Roque) and many awfull ones.


Venomverse. 3 awful movies


Wrong Turn as a series is absurdly mediocre. The best they ever get it average and the worst they get is bad but not unwatchable. Then there’s the “reboot” which has so little to do with the original premise that it feels like they shot an entirely different movie then just slapped the name on it




I haven’t done this with too many but I’m currently going through all the alien/predators - and everything between predator and prey is pure unadulterated shit


There’s only 3 movies but I hate The Hobbit trilogy and I had to watch them all twice.


big momma's house trilogy 👺


Purge Every single film was horrible


The next gen era Star Trek movies. First Contact was pretty good but the rest are so forgettable.


Fast and the Furious. Peaks with the first movie, then nosedives. Peaks again with Fast Five then nosedives again.


Final Destination


Kissing booth


Jeepers Creepers. The first two are good, finally saw 3 last year and thought after it was done “There’s no way the new one can be any worse!” And then I watched Reborn and was proven wrong…


The Puppet Master Extended Cinematic Universe


Hellraiser isnt that bad cmon


paranormal activity. the first one isn’t great, but it’s nostalgic enough for me to be enjoyable. the rest of them… egh. they have the same scare factor as listening to 24 hours of silence with random vine booms sprinkled throughout. it’s a lot of staring at the screen waiting for something to move


The Conjuringverse


The Jaws franchise is so fucking bad. Obviously, the original is a masterpiece and a pioneer in slow building thrillers and ofcourse I love it to death. BUT. They made sequels? Like wtf bro, they are so ass. Should of just kept it at Jaws 1.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


I've seen all of the Anaconda movies. No real reason why, the first one was poor and they only got worse... yet I've sat through every minute of them