What did you watch this week? Week beginning 27th February 2023.

What did you watch this week? Week beginning 27th February 2023.

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Let us know what you've watched this week (beginning 27th February 2023). Which movies did you enjoy the most? Something everyone should watch? Something we should definitely run away from? Which ones really stood out to you? Be sure to share your reviews from Letterboxd, as well as any lists they're associated with.

You can talk about any movie you've watched in a theater, at home, a new release, a classic, whatever and wherever you've watched, it can be shared and discussed in here.

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Another great week, only first viewings. Little Women: 5/5 I LOVED this. Absolutely brilliant. Lady Bird: 3/5 Kinda disappointed after Little Women but it was fine. Paris, Texas: 4/5 A slow burn but worth it by the end. 10 things I hate about you: 4/5 Heath Ledger dancing on the stairs and singing I love you baby is top 10 cinematic moments of all time The Graduate: 3,5/5 I never wanna hear Scarborough fair again. No time to die: 3,5/5 Great action, terrible villain. Life of Brian: 3/5 Wasn't as funny as I expected


- Goat Story With Cheese - 1/10 - Cinematographic holocaust. - GoldenEye - 7/10 - Really good and well paced but not better than The Living Daylights. - Tomorrow Never Dies - 5/10 - Brosnan here's already too old for the role. - The Whale - 6/10 - These kind of movies don't work with me anymore. A movie that tries too hard, almost forces the viewer to feel sorry or pity for the character, there's literally nothing-else-here. BUT, anything other than it's screenplay is really good. - The World is not Enough - 5/10 - Brosnan stop it you made GoldenEye it was a good film you're still in time. - Die Another Day - 4/10 - u fked up pierce. - The Naked Gun - 8/10 - Leslie the greatest. - Den of Thieves - 6/10 - Nothing special, basic heist movie. - Sleep Has Her House - / - Watch it. - Tár - 9/10


How'd you like Tár


Just finished. Great. It's intriguing as hell. Majestic directing, acting and screenplay. The fact that it's secretly a horror makes me love it even more.


Damn, your comment that it’s secretly a horror movie has me intrigued. I didn’t find it appealing from the trailers, which made it seem like a pretty familiar Oscar-race character study, but if it has that extra layer, I definitely want to give it a watch.


Rear Window (1954) - 4.5/5 Carrie (1976) - 4.5/5 The Last Duel (2021) - 3.5/5 Cocaine Bear (2023) - 3/5 The Graduate (1967) - 4/5 Harakiri (1962) - 5/5


Harakiri AND Rear Window in the same week. What a treat!


Aye! Both brilliant although I was hoping Rear Window would end a different way. I’ve been going through the most popular (most watched) films from older decades that I haven’t seen.


All but Creed are first viewings, my friends and I basically spend our nights watching movies while I do schoolwork during the week (hence so many bad movies at the beginning, Coraline on was Friday and Saturday) Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire (2017)- 1.5/5 Dragonheart: Vengeance (2020)- 1.5/5 Look Who's Back (2015)- 5/5 Blade of the 47 Ronin (2022)- 2.5/5 (but I liked it, solid choreography) Kull the Conqueror (1999) - 1/5 In the Spine of Night (2021)- 3/5 Happytime Murders (2018)- 2.5/5 Coraline (2009)- 4/5 Willy Wonka (1971)- 3.5/5 Shaun the Sheep Farmaggedon (2019)- 3.5/5 Predestination (2014)- 4/5 Creed (2015)- 4.5/5


Emma. (2020) The Platform (2019) Rango (2011) Nobody Knows I’m Here (2020) The Princess Diaries (2001) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) tick, tick… BOOM (2021)


Room (2015) - 4.5* Before Sunrise (1995) - 5* - Third viewing Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021) - 4* Come and See (1985) - 5*


‘‘Twas a great week. Closer - 4/5 Pulp Fiction - 5/5 (Rewatch - last time I watched was in 2013.) Women Talking - 4.5/5 (I have not seen TG: Maverick and All Quiet on the Western Front yet, but this would be my pick for best picture.) City of God - 5/5


Summer Interlude - 4/5 Summer with Monika - 4/5 Sawdust and Tinsel - 4/5 ( accidentally logged it twice ) The Remains of the Day - 4,5/5


The Strays - 0.5/5 The Edge of Seventeen - 5/5 Malcolm and Marie - 1.5/5 The Edge of Seventeen (Rewatch) - 5/5 Cocaine Bear - 3/5 Elvis - 3/5 Bullet Train - 3.5/5


Isolated with the plague, so i have been catching up on a lot of those "one day" films, with the occasional filler: 12 Angry Men (1957) 5/5 Seven Samurai 5/5 America As Seen By A Frenchman 3.5/5 Tootsie 3/5, Haven't seen it since i was a kid watching HBO all summer. The Long Goodbye (1973) 4/5 Donkey Skin 5/5 Bo Burnham: Inside 4/5, Glad i waited until i was quarantined. The Party (2017) 4/5, Told my wife we are rewatching this when i get out, great cast yelling at each other in one setting for 71 minutes, that's my sweet spot. Chinatown (1974) don't hate but i did 3/5, it was fine but i just did not see what other people see i guess. Sunset Boulevard (1950) 5/5 Hunt For The Wilderpeople 4/5 M (1931) 5/5 Withnail & I 3.5/5 The Red Shoes (1948) 5/5 - probably the best thing to happen to me all week The War Room (1993) 4/5 - saw pieces of it on cable back in the day, what a time capsule. Inspired to rewatch thanks to Documentary Now. Persona (1966) 5/5 Glass Life 3/5 - looked visually interesting but i think i would have appreciated it more stumbling on it as an exhibition in a gallery. Salesman (1969) 4/5 Suspiria (1977) and Suspiria (2018) back to back, first watch for both. Not sure how to rate these, but i am glad i watched them together. Amarcord 4/5


- Marcel The Shell (4.5)


The Munsters (2022): a strange artefact that feels incomplete and meddled with but somehow Zombie’s passion for the material shines through. Not as terrible as I was lead to be believe but far from my favourite of his. Kill Baby Kill (1966): gorgeous gothic sets and incredible use of light and shadow. Certified banger. The Losers (2010): ugly, ugly movie. 8 1/2 (1963): one of my major blind spots and what can I say that hasn’t been said? Some truly unforgettable images in this. The Fabelmans (2022): I didn’t get much from this. I tend to find the ‘power of movies’ movies to be corny and I this felt more like mythology than memory to me. Not to mention how I couldn’t connect with Michelle Williams performance. I appreciated the cameo at the end, which played out as a chimera of two of my favourite filmmakers.


I'm also one of those who thinks that the fabelmans ain't that special or great. It's undoubtedly Spielberg most personal opera but it's so cliché.


Batman Begins (2005) TÁR (2022) The Conversation (1974) Green Room (2015) The Sea Beast (2022) The Dark Knight (2008)


I watched green room for the first time a couple months ago and absolutely loved it


I watched it this past weekend for the first time and I also loved it,!


I rated four of my seven watched movies this week 4 stars or higher, so I had a pretty good week. And I wasn't expecting my 4.5-star ratings to be this excellent in making me cry: 1983's nuclear holocaust movie [TESTAMENT](https://letterboxd.com/wischofsky/film/testament/), and 2022's [WOMEN TALKING](https://letterboxd.com/wischofsky/film/women-talking/). I also watched 1997's [THE RELIC](https://letterboxd.com/wischofsky/film/the-relic/) to celebrate the life of Tom Sizemore. I couldn't do that properly, unfortunately, because most of the film was too dark to see anything worthwhile. For my weekly movie challenge, I watched 2000's [IN JULY](https://letterboxd.com/wischofsky/film/in-july/). I dig road movies, and I love them even more when they are shot on location. It's like I took a trip through Eastern Europe for real.


Testament and In July look really interesting to me. I love road movies, shot on location ones even more! If you have some to reccomend feel free to drop em


- ***Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)*****:** 4 stars ❤️ *Spoiler!* This is a great beginning to the *Fantastic Beasts trilogy (2016-2022)*. First of all, I really loved the technical aspects; the cinematography, the good editing, the fantastic visual effects, and the amazing sound effects. Such a cinematic experience! I also liked the characters. They were played by great actors, and I think Eddie Redmayne (as Newt Scamander) played perfectly for his role. Newt was such a weird character, and it truly brought characteristics to the movie. I also loved the scenes with Credence Barebone, especially Henry Shaw Jr.’s death and the last battle. So brutal and intense! It’s so hard to tell what the negative parts were, because I really enjoyed this. I just think this movie is well executed! - ***Alien Resurrection (1997)*****:** 3 stars *Spoiler!* This is an okay fourth installment of the *Alien quadrilogy (1979-1997)*. I really loved the psychology of this one because I think Ripley 8 was very interesting; a hybrid of a human and a Xenomorph which was not quite like what I imagined this to be. I loved the scene with the failed Ripley clones and those with the newborn. So strange and frightening in some way. I can’t forget to mention the hilarious Dr. Jonathan Gediman because of Brad Dourif’s fantastic performance. I just love his work. Anyway, except from this, the movie was quite mid, especially the other actors and the script. I didn’t quite like Winona Ryder. Even though she played a robot, she didn’t really convince me like Ash from *Alien (1979)* and Lance Bishop from *Aliens (1986)* and *Alien³ (1992)* did. And in general, I think it would be better with less characters in this movie. They took too much space in the story. So overall, a very interesting inner story because of its psychology, but the actors and the script didn’t really impress me.


[Gone With the Wind ](https://boxd.it/3UYOyP) 5 stars [Parasite](https://boxd.it/3VuldH) 4 stars [Locke ](https://boxd.it/3VH6G1) 3 stars [Stagecoach ](https://boxd.it/3Wcwez) 4 stars I liked Parasite but it was not a best of all time movie for me. Was blown away by Gone With the Wind, but I can totally understand if others find it too dated. Its racist world view is seriously problematic, but also why I found it so interesting. It probably says more about American society in the 1930s than the Civil War period. I am planning to watch Casablanca tonight and trying to not have too many expectations though it is difficult with these all time classics.


This week I only had first viewings. In the Mood for Love: 5/5. Loved it. Falling Down: 4/5. Enjoyed watching this random guy becoming Joker. Under the Silver Lake: 4/5. Here I was looking for an *one crazy night* flick and got reccomended to this awesome A24 underrated mystery. Duel to the Death: 4,5/5. This one was the start to my journey on the *Martial March Madness Challenge.* It's a great action packed Kung Fu movie. Master of the Flying Guillotine: 4/5. Another great Kung Fu movie. This movie had one of the most impressive antagonists I have ever seen, and EVERY time he appeared, he appeared with a banger theme song playing.


Ranked: 1. Quiz Show - 5/5 - all I knew about this movie is that it beat Pulp Fiction and Shawshank for the Oscar. It’s a shame that seems to have overshadowed the movie itself, which is excellent. It probably shouldn’t have won over those two, but it’s hardly the egregious robbery it’s made out to be 2. Bringing Up Baby - 4.5/5 - this was the most stressful movie I’ve ever seen. Even more so than Uncut Gems. It felt like one of those nightmares where you’re unable to communicate with anyone 3. The Killing Fields - 4.5/5 - first half was decent, second half was phenomenal 4. Broadway Danny Rose - 4/5 5. Becky Sharp (1935) - 3.5/5 6. The Conformist - 3.5/5 - I don’t know, I didn’t get it. But it was an ok watch 7. House of the Living Dead (1976) - 3/5


I rewatched the documentary [300 days alone](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leHb2hdCLqo), rewatched House for a 1 on 1 English class (my teacher tasked me with finding movies that have messages, and I can't wait to talk about this), watched The Whale (I was having such a bad day and it did not help) and I rewatched Trainspotting. Way better this time around, also way funnier than I remember.


Not much. Cha Cha Real Smooth yesterday (4/5) and a rewatch of Shawshank Redemption today (5/5)


I watched the Gerard Butler action movie Gamer (2009), from the guys who made those Crank movies. I guess unsurprisingly, it was juvenile rubbish.


Kung Fu Panda 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- lots of fun, I enjoy kids movies occasionally TÀR ⭐️⭐️⭐️- watched to see the Cate Blanchett hype, she was excellent, just not a movie I really vibed with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- brilliant, loved everything about it The Shallows ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- one of my guilty pleasures


Sorcerer - 3.5 Snatch - 3 Ran - 4.5 Predator - 4 All first-time watches. Sorcerer and Ran both used colour immaculately. Snatch was my first Guy Ritchie film and probably my last. Predator lived up to its classic status, what a blast!


Skinamarink - 2.5/5 One Week - 4/5 The Testament of Dr Mabuse - 4/5 Tár - 4/5 Triangle of Sadness - 4/5


A brilliant week. Cinema Paradiso - 5/5 M - 5/5 Return of the Jedi - 4/5 The Thing - 5/5 Kung Fu Panda - 4/5 Batman Begins - 4/5 The Dark Knight - 4.5/5 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - 2/5 Raul Jimenez: Code Red - 4/5 The Hangover Part II - 3.5/5 The Silence of the Lambs - 5/5 Do the Right Thing - 4/5 The Interview - 4/5


The Swimmer -1968 I'm not gonna lie. This movie is weird as hell, but that doesn't take away from how great it is. The only negatives I'd give it; is that the acting outside of Burt Lancaster and Janice Rule is pretty bad. Having said that- the film hits so well on all other fronts, that it doesn't detract from it at all. The score in particular is put to good use and is really haunting. There are also some really good visual shots. The trailer almost threw me off, but I'm glad that I decided to give a shot!! Excellent, excellent movie.