Hi all! Huge horror fan here although I do step out of the horror genre quite frequently. But right now I'm doing a "found footage february" so I will be watching a lot of those kinds of movies. i am also going to do the stephen king adaptation challenge this month. I try to review every movie but my reviews can be pretty informal. I'm a big fan of making lists and doing themed watches. I'm challenging myself to watch at least one movie a day this month (in January I did watch 31 films but there were a few days where I didn't watch anything). I love Nicolas Cage, David Lynch, slasher, folk horror, found footage, aliens... [Profile link](https://letterboxd.com/RachelBea)


> I love Nicolas Cage, David Lynch, slasher, folk horror, found footage, aliens. Aside from found footage we sound exactly the same (looks and sees we already follow we each other whoops)




I came, I saw, I followed


Nicolas Cage and David Lynch? Just today I watched a sadly forgotten gem called Red Rock West, starring Cage, and I described it as Lynch meets the Coens. Check it out!




Favorite film The Thing, I like, I followed!


I had a big time found footage phase. followed.


[Profile here](https://letterboxd.com/ChrisboMK) Hey! Currently working through my watchlist on Kanopy and trying to see more movies that are new to me as opposed to rewatching ones. Also I just recently bought my first home projector and love it :)


Just gave you a follow! I love your top 4 so much!


u/ChrisboMK trying to do the same. For a long time, I just kept revisiting old movies I'd watched instead of venturing out. Letterboxd is helping me do that and I love that about it. Followed you!


Hey everyone ! I joined Letterboxd last April. It’s been a great tool to connect with other people and discover films. I mainly like to watch foreign films, with a particular emphasis on Asian cinema. I don’t watch too many films, but when I do I study them quite intently. I also like to make video essays on certain films on my YouTube channel, with an emphasis on more art (auteur) driven films. My current Top 4 is: - Chungking Express - Decision To Leave - An Elephant Sitting Still - Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters. I’m always looking to connect with others interested in similar types of films. My profile can be found below https://letterboxd.com/omnislashjoe/ Thank you ❤️


Oooh, nice one. I don’t watch as much East Asian cinema as I did in college (when I ran the East Asian film soc!) and am now a decade or more out of touch, but am always looking for stuff to see. Have been meaning to catch Elephant Sitting Still for a year or two now, after strong recommendations from a dongbei buddy (Have put it on this month’s watchlist to tick off a movie scavenger hunt entry, so hopefully finally remedying that soon!).




Hey, everybody! I’ve been using the website since right around when the pandemic started. I try to watch a broad range of films, though the classics are a personal preference. I aim to review every film I see. Many of my reviews are first reactions shortly after seeing the film. Given that I’m busy with school, reviews tend to be brief. Some favorites: *Casablanca* (1942), *Persona* (1966), *Pather Panchali* (1955), *High and Low* (1963), and *Werckmeister Harmonies* (2000), among many others. Link [here](https://boxd.it/10Xrv)


u/MrPedroJ414 I've given you a follow!


https://boxd.it/4uV8D I mostly just post random stuff I find funny


the way i laughed when i saw your top 4 omg


My [Profile](https://letterboxd.com/Jason_Voorhees/) You'll mostly see me watch horror films mix with some action and stoner comedies. Please keep in mind that I'm just trying to follow accounts that also enjoy horror movies, so if you like them, follow me so I can follow YOU!


I’ve logged every movie that I have watched since July 2012. Mostly into obscure 70’s and 80’s stuff, but I watch all sorts of things. Like Horror and Exploitation especially, but most of all I just enjoy discovering otherwise forgotten cinema. [Profile](https://boxd.it/10kt)


I love your rating system


Anguish & The Silent Partner?! Followed!


Howdy, I’m [Patrick](https://boxd.it/8xC5) and I’m currently making progress on watching every single film nominated for Best Picture. As well as mixing in new releases and things that are deep in my watchlist.


Hi everyone! I’m a fairly new Letterboxd user, I prefer to write longer reviews so I don’t have many up yet. My favorite director is Richard Linklater but I’m also a fan of Denis Villeneuve and Wes Anderson. I love slice-of-life and coming of age movies, as well as character studies. I change my top 4 every month based on a theme, right now it’s music movies and my picks are TÁR, La La Land, Whiplash and Sing Street. My personal top 4 though is Dazed and Confused, Call Me By Your Name, Boyhood and Arrival. [Profile](https://boxd.it/4crG5)


Hi! My Letterboxd is https://boxd.it/4Skgj and I’d love to follow you for your reviews! You’ve got a cool taste in films, I’m looking forward to see what you’ve got :) I love coming of age films too, my favourite would have to be The Florida Project. Have you seen it?


Hi I'm [eel](https://letterboxd.com/eelwormcat/) I watch most type of films, but lately I've been watching a lot of films from Japan o0


hi eel, you have great taste ^


Hey everyone! For the next two months, I'm mostly focused on making my way through Oscar nominees and the "Leaving February 28" section on Criterion Channel. Here's [my profile](https://letterboxd.com/DrCarpenter/).


Hello everyone :) I'm on a huge horror obsession right now and have been exploring some classics and lesser known stuff. Excited to follow anyone else into the genre to expand my watchlist!! I'm also a movie poster artist and can be convinced to watch a movie by the poster alone, so don't be surprised if some odd ones pop up on my account. My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/2I1Vp See y'all there!


[Hi I'm Jack,](http://letterboxd.com/jckdvnprt/)long time Letterboxd user, first time caller. I watch a lot of movies! And loooove talking about them. Currently seeking Kung Fu recommendations and movies that capture the wild energy of Looney Tunes shorts. I've seen some good ones recently: Shoot Em Up The Villain And of course, Sam Raimi's Crimewave.


i’m also a big fan of asian cinema! followed :)


https://boxd.it/M4l5 I watch movies. A lot of movies. I like every genre, even westerns, but especially horror and thrillers, plus lately 80s sci fi action movies and my new interest in war movies after watching All Quiet on the Western Front. My top four are First Reformed, the Handmaiden, Paddington 2, and Fallen Angels. My favorite director is Wong Kar-wai (second being Scorsese, who’s filmography I’m trying to finish this year), and recently I’ve been exploring Ingmar Bergman’s filmography. I’m always looking for new foreign movies to watch. The last thing I watched was my (5th) rewatch of the Irishman.


Hello everyone. Here is my profile: https://letterboxd.com/poetryoflife/ I want to give you some information about me so that you can judge for yourself if you are interested in my opinion and taste. Here you can take a look at my favourite films: https://letterboxd.com/poetryoflife/list/my-favourite-films/ My main interests are French, American and Japanese cinema. My favourite film decades are the 40s, 50s and 60s. However, I watch films from all decades. My favourite filmmakers include Bresson, Antonioni, Dreyer, Welles, Bergman, Mizoguchi, Teshigahara, Resnais, and many more. For a better overview you can take a look at my list of favourite directors: https://letterboxd.com/poetryoflife/list/favourite-directors/ Please don’f follow me if you just want a follow, but only if you are interested in my opinion/taste and I can help you with my ratings/reviews, e.g. finding new films or giving insight into certain films.


[My Profile](http://boxd.it/vQN) Hi everybody, I'm SpaghettiNoir! I've been using Letterboxd for a few years now and love to interact with film nerds who have similar tastes. I watch A LOT of movies and try to review most of them, mainly for myself (NOTE: marijuana affects the memory). My favorite genres are psychological horror, slashers, '80s & '90s action, film noir, and generally the weird, wonderful trash that Vinegar Syndrome releases (subscriber here). I just finished a bad movie challenge and a Giallo catch-up for January, and am focusing on Black cinema and sci-fi/fantasy this month Current favorite four is hip-hop themed: **Belly, Juice, Bad Boys 2, Next Friday** All time favorite four: **Deep Red, After Hours, Inherent Vice, The Third Man**


hello! Massive fan of horror and sci/fi and love collecting physical media and finally got around to making my collection list. Enjoy logging each film I watch, by no means proper reviews just a couple of thoughts on what I liked or disliked. Give us a follow, love to follow like minded people, look forward to meeting more users and chatting films! https://letterboxd.com/REDRUMRYAN/


https://boxd.it/3yWTp I primarily watch Japanese films as well as most releases at my local chain theater. Last month I did Japanuary and explored a bunch of new directors, this month I’m doing all Kinji Fukasaku starting with an all-day Battle Without Honor and Humanity marathon today.


Tired of voyaging out into the Letterboxd abyss on your own? Looking for a virtual pal to give some validity to the movies you log so consistently? Look no further. I love all all sorts of movies but primary horror/thriller. I try to see all the new relevant releases and watch about a movie a day. Follow my profile below and you’ll get a follow back and a fellow companion to navigate the greatest app that ever was. https://boxd.it/4SuLr


https://boxd.it/HsYF Up top is my profile. My favorite genres are horror and sci-fi but I pretty much watch anything and are always looking for recommendations. I'm also a sucker for animation. Currently exploring a lot outside of the horror genre but a lot of really good and hopefully good horror is coming out or becoming available this month so I will probably try and catch a lot of that. I love reading other people's thoughts on movies so I'll especially follow back if you also write reviews.




Hello all, I'm fairly active on Letterboxd and I almost always read and react to people who I follow on here. I watch movies alot and I post reviews fairly regularly if I have something to say about the film. I follow back and if you have Twitter/Instagram ill give you a follow there too My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/1L4qV


Your reviews are really interesting from what I’ve read — my LB is https://boxd.it/4Skgj !!


Your poster choices are awesome!


https://boxd.it/3hPXl current top 4: ZABRISKIE POINT, M, THE HUMAN CONDITION, ZODIAC hey all! i joined letterboxd a year ago and it has completely rekindled my love of film. i had kind of abandoned some of my film weenie habits over the last few years for prestige TV, and am sooooo happy to be back to the world of cinemania! i watch lots of movies and shorts (just hit 2,700) and i tend to be kind of a classicist (american/french/japanese/italian film from the 30’s-50’s is my favorite) but i also like lots of contemporary and weirder stuff. currently trying to put together some lists of quality WWII films (spoiler: there aren’t that many) and good leftist/activist films. not a lot of followers yet so would appreciate anyone who wants to check out my profile! i’m happy to follow back as i’m always looking for new recommendations. and opinions. thanks, brian


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/3jt77 Hey Pacelli here. I'm always looking for new people to interact with! I mostly enjoy horror and anime, but I'll watch just about anything.


My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/42yqN Hello Letterboxd redditors. I am just shy of being on the site for a year. I absolutely love Letterboxd. I enjoy reading other people's opinions, I love getting introduced to new movies by paying attention to profiles on the app, and I always follow back. In January, I watched 16 movies. Some of my favorites were Soul, Casino Royale and M3gan. Some of my least favorites were House of Darkness, The Big Green and National Security. I watch a good mix of movies and sometimes I write a couple sentences about them. Other times I write a couple paragraphs. Cheers!


I write long form reviews and would love to connect with you. Do check out my profile at [https://letterboxd.com/PTankha/](https://letterboxd.com/PTankha/) . Thanks!


Hello there! I’m [LeeHammmm](https://boxd.it/26H39). I do a mixture of my idea of attempting to be a critique and fun, loose reviews. I write for myself and for keeping track of my thoughts and feelings of a film. I enjoy watching all kinds of genres, but I’d say I’m partial to rom-coms/dramas and psychological thrillers. This last couple of weeks I’ve been clearing as many Oscar nominated films that I was interested in. I’ve got a regal pass now so I’m about to see pretty much anything in theaters. Profile four: Her, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wall-E, Stranger Than Fiction. Recently enjoyed: Aftersun (one of my new favorites), The Fabelmans, The Banshees of Inisherin, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.


Stranger than fiction is great! I feel it’s slightly slept on


Quite active here on [letterboxd](https://boxd.it/nwMN), January went great having seen a movie per day. I do have a priority list, even tho I generally watch movies based on mood swings or whatever. Most of my playlists are private but since I don’t follow them strictly it doesn’t really matter anyway. Generally follow people with interesting taste or whoever writes a semi-decent review.


Kevincalkins I try to watch a variety of stuff but typically like weird shit that makes me think, fucked up films, DC movies, and lots of Gaspar Noé




hello everyone, [here’s my profile](https://boxd.it/1lGyr)! been using letterboxd on and off for a bit and am trying to be more disciplined with it haha! i definitely won’t sit here and say i have a super incredible good taste in movies, because i don’t, but i am funny and always looking for recommendations! to give you some insight, my favourite movies are everything everywhere all at once, black swan, fight club, and scott pilgrim vs the world :) and the last movie i watched was babylon!!


[My profile] (https://boxd.it/46WXp) Hey lads, I downloaded the app like a year ago but just recently started actually using it. Then I only rated the movie and left. Now I’m leaving a review with the heart and the stars. Obviously not going to be a 6 page review, but I try to resume my feelings in a few words, and I feel like that makes it a little entertaining


[Here's mine](https://boxd.it/POCx) I have fairly typical 'film bro' tastes but I always take the time to write reviews. Currently working through the Sight and Sound 2023 list.


https://boxd.it/4KLsP Mostly into thrillers and science fiction. I don’t leave reviews [yet] but I can like yours!


Hello everyone! I joined letterboxd this past month and really enjoy writing and reading reviews. Some of my film interests include Ingmar Bergman's films as well as 50s-70s global cinema in general. Also have a lot of love for horror and the documentary/essay film genres. Here is [my profile](https://letterboxd.com/toussainthd/) where I have lists for my favorite movies and directors. Robert Eggers, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Céline Sciamma are some of my favorite active directors.


Just followed you, there are a lot of new films that I just discovered through your letterboxd, it's interesting and I love it.


[Here’s my profile!](https://boxd.it/bHFT). I’m trying to watch at least one movie each day and I review all of them! My top 4 are: Rebel Without A Cause, Raging Bull, Fritz the Cat, & Videodrome. I’m about to start going through Altman & Miyazaki for the first time so shoot me a follow and let’s trade recs!


Followed you!


I can be found here: https://letterboxd.com/primordialsky I like horror, art house, and science fiction. Those can all intersect. I also like 90s movies, it is a nostalgic decade for me. Some directors I like are: John Carpenter, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and Terrence Malick. Feel free to follow.


Nice favourites! Just gave you a follow


[Here I am](https://boxd.it/qbX7) I’ve been trying to catch up on TV series lately, but still made time for lots of movies. Some of my favorite first watches of January are Strange Days, M3GAN, Infinity Pool, The Kingdom s1/2, Succession season 1 and Euphoria. Some of my favorite filmmakers are David Lynch, PTA, Wong Kar-wai, David Fincher and the Coens. I don’t do ratings, but I log everything and try to write short reviews often. Planning to explore some more Almodóvar works soon.


https://boxd.it/rnuD i watch movies and type things about them into the letterboxd. if you like stuff like that, come hither. i will most likely follow back.


I randomise most movies I watch from my watchlist using a couple custom roulette wheels, I just watched The Expendables 3. I watch from any genre and any year so I love movies from King Kong (1933) to The Menu. I review every movie I watch briefly and I recently started doing the Homer Simpson thing in my reviews by writing a letter to the movie, like he did with Die hard [Profile](https://boxd.it/IFAj) [Example of recent review](https://boxd.it/3JoRM5)


My Letterboxd name is Gandybars and here is my profile. https://letterboxd.com/gandybars/ I have been a mainstream movie fan my whole life, but when I met my wife, I started diving into the horror scene pretty heavily. Now my tastes have diversified quite a bit, but I really like movies that focus on the human experience. My two favorite subgenres of film are movies that focus on the labor movement and movies that focus on the intersection of faith and doubt. My favorite boutique label is Criterion. I think Vinegar Syndrome puts out the best physical product, and my favorite smaller label is Fractured Visions. However I think Radiance Films might make a run for that title soon.


Hi all, I hereby happily join the throng of brilliantly misunderstood and underappreciated movie reviewers, just pining for an audience to take in all those little gems :). I consider myself a low-brow cinephile: I alternate between unironically loving Pacific Rim and Kingdom of Heaven (director's cut!) on the one hand, and more art-housey fare on the other (Leave No Trace, The Handmaiden). I also have a soft spot for Epics like Lawrence of Arabia and Once Upon a Time in the West, and I'll defend The Fountain as Aronofsky's masterpiece until the day I die. I review every film I watch, about three a week on average, and I try to turn each review into a small one- or two-paragraph story. In case you're curious: https://letterboxd.com/Hoinie/


Hello everyone! Big horror nerd here with a penchant for 80s schlock. If I see a low-budget ripoff best believe that shit is getting watched. Just saw "Evil Toons", terrible, perfect. Rewatched "Brain Damage", such a great horny, hormonal horror flick. Currently watching "In Search of Darkness Part 3", and I just want to devour every single movie they mention! If you share that obsession, [do follow me](https://letterboxd.com/Jellebabz/). I try to follow everyone back - let me know here if I haven't followed you back!


https://boxd.it/luCn Hey everyone! Haven’t posted here in a while. I’m mostly new to film, having never seen some of the greats. I’m slowly changing that. I watch about 200-300 films a year (already seen 26 this year). I’m open to anything and want to broaden my taste. Always open to suggestions. Trying to get more into foreign cinema. I also have some personal lists I made ranking various franchises and series (Disney animation, Pixar, Ghibli, Bond, etc) if anyone wants to check those out too. I follow everyone back! Have a great day. :)


Ayo! I’m 18 and I work at a movie theater. Most of my reviews are just funny thoughts and one liners. I go in depth from time to time, its just depends on my mood. If you’re into a more lowkey and sometimes funny perspective I’m for you! I’ve been really into thrillers rn. I watch most my movies around 10pm-2 am, so sometimes the reviews are a little unhinged. Id love any recs and any convo abt movies :) [SQUEZ](https://boxd.it/54RQX)


[Here's my account!](https://letterboxd.com/scottsfilms/) I've watched significantly less movies than most here, I started watching more than 2 movies a year in 2018 (when I started my Letterboxd) and I've only been regularly watching new films/catching up on old films I missed under my rock since mid-2021. I love horror (especially older slashers), thrillers, musicals, fun, camp, queer stories, and women-led films. But I'm trying to expand my film knowledge/taste so I'm open to anything, feel free to recommend stuff! Right now I'm going through the entire Friday the 13th franchise so be prepared to see that on my profile lol.


bit late to this but oh well. i'm a fan of a variety of genres, but partially horror (aliens, zombies, found footage, psychological, slasher — you name it), thriller, caper, assassin, feel-good/coming of age, queer stuff, and a bunch of others. movies i watch are mainly based off of the actors i love though... jake gyllenhaal, keanu reeves, natalie portman, brad pitt, so on... i also love ridley scott and david lynch. **i watch a movie every day (on average)** and my goal for this year is 300 in total. might even raise it to 350 at this point in time. my all-time favourites would be **the shawshank redemption, rain man, call me by your name, toy story 3, and adventures of priscilla: queen of the desert.** ([here is a more extensive list](https://letterboxd.com/jeremyism/list/favourites/)) i'm also a big fan of lord of the rings and the hobbit, and star wars. and some marvel. and a lot of other stuff. i'm all over the place, but maybe we can be mutuals :) [profile link](https://letterboxd.com/jeremyism/)


If you like writing and/or reading longform reviews, be my friend. I don't want to just have to add people to increase my follower count, let's have a conversation about the films we watch, let's debate in the comments section or we can even talk about it through another platform. If you are interested in any of these and are interested in critical discussion of movies, add me: https://letterboxd.com/YungBengali/ Sample Review (CONTAINS SPOILERS OF HARAKIRI): This review may contain spoilers. I have always heard about the masterpieces created by the great Masaki Kobayashi, but it is a privilege to watch one. "Harakiri" is a film about the human desire for grand meaning, which has taken many forms throughout history, including religion, political ideology, and in this case, the code of honor held by the samurai of Edo. However, as the film so eloquently states, these "grand meanings" are nothing more than "houses built on foundations of sand. One strong wind and all is gone." To fully appreciate the brilliance of this film, it is important to understand the context in which it was made. The Anpo protests in Tokyo from 1959-1960 centered around the question of whether Japan should continue cooperating with the United States, specifically allowing the US to use Japanese land for military purposes. Many films made in Japan during this decade, including "Funeral Parade of Roses," address this conflict. However, "Harakiri" delves much deeper than this other fantastic, though more abstract, film. It is interesting to consider that these two films, made only a few years apart, address the same issue in such drastic and paradoxical ways. As for Kurosawa, there is no doubt that he is a genius, and it is a privilege to be able to watch his masterpiece from the comfort of our living room. The cinematography is perfect - forgive my repeated use of that adjective. It features square shots and brings movement to what would otherwise be static and stagnant camera movement. There are no sudden shifts in the use of the camera, and its lack of abstract cinematography gives the film an otherworldly feeling. The battle scene is one of the most extraordinary in film history and left me in awe. The plot? Do I really need to talk about the plot? Fine, I will, but again, forgive me for getting so political. The film is a message about the fragility of the ideologies that we hold dear. Democracy, fascism, socialism, communism - what are they but human myths, built on sand that can be easily toppled by one strong wind? And what about their failures? What if one person dies and another lives, not knowing how much they had to sacrifice to survive? It is a simple solution: tell a lie. Say that they died peacefully as "heroes." You don't need a history degree to see the amount of bullshit written in our history books. As a history student, I can certainly see the amount of bullshit written in our history books. This is not to say that the human story is meaningless or that these ideologies are fake. On the contrary, it is because we give them so much weight and power that they are the way they are. My professor put it perfectly: the law is just people making a bunch of shit up. That is what society is - a bunch of shit that becomes solidified in history through repetition. These grand houses we build are nothing but houses of sand, always one wind away from collapsing. But like sand, it is everywhere around us, and like houses, we can always build another. In the end, "this thing we call samurai honor is ultimately nothing but a facade."


Hi all! I love horror movies but really will watch most things. I want to watch more silent movies this year. Started with passion of Joan of arc and loved it. https://boxd.it/40Yv1


Hey everyone! Would love it if you guys gave my [profile](https://letterboxd.com/PTankha) a look. I know I'm probably quite late to the Feb chapter of the profile swap megathread, but I thought I'd give this a try. I started using Letterboxd a few months ago, and it's helped me rekindle my love for movies in a big way. I watch films of every kind, from drama to horror, comedy to action. My reviews are usually long-form, with a detailed breakdown of my analysis of the movie. I try my best to review every movie I watch, and enjoy scrolling through other people's critiques to understand how I can better my own. If you follow me, I'll definitely follow you back. Looking forward to connecting with you guys!


Hey everybody! Huge film fan and really enjoying my letterboxd experience so far. Would love to build up a bit of a community there. Here's my profile: [https://letterboxd.com/chrismarshall23/](https://letterboxd.com/chrismarshall23/) I'll watch just about anything! Would love to swap favorites or chat about anything film related.


hey everyone! Letterboxd: https://boxd.it/3Nc7T I just started being super active on the app and am currently on the journey of making a top 100 list. I post daily reviews on there so drop a follow and come interact and talk movies! Hope y’all enjoy what I got to say!


[https://letterboxd.com/Jinjonator/](https://letterboxd.com/Jinjonator/) Hiya! I watch a pretty wide variety of movies - old, new, artsy, trashy, everything in between. Got reviews of varying length in a regular, mostly-daily basis; everything from brief write-ups to Basically An Essay (usually somewhere in the middle). Occasionally do deep-dives into directors (still working on Visconti and Kieslowski from last month!). [Here's a masterlist containing all of my other lists.](https://letterboxd.com/jinjonator/list/the-creator-has-a-master-list/) [And here's a list of some of my favorite movies,](https://letterboxd.com/jinjonator/list/all-time-favorite-movies/) in case you wanna get a sense of my tastes. Come say howdy!


https://boxd.it/kaib I watch a lot of movies from all genres. I go to my local video store and blind pick 2 or 3 movies a week that range from action trash to art house and everything between.


https://boxd.it/dzuH Hi, I’m Carla, been on Letterboxd since 2016. I use it to organize my [podcast](https://podchaser.com/theremightbecupcakes) as well as my personal viewing. I watch mainly horror and documentaries. My favorites are my favorites, and I don’t have any weird system for stars or likes; if I liked it, I’d watch it again, and the higher the stars, the higher the quality. I wait to leave a review until I can leave a thoughtful one. I love using lists and tags to organize my thoughts and to help other users find movies.


Woohoo horror podcasters ftw!


https://boxd.it/4lg2V Hey y’all. I’m relatively active on Letterboxd, I try and write a review of each film I log. Sometimes it’s just a paragraph, sometimes they become essays. I can ramble. 80s and 90s “genre” films are my favorites, mostly crime/thriller/action/sci-fi/horror but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time going through famous director filmographies. Slowly making my way through Friedkin now. Don’t have many followers and don’t follow many people but I like to engage with other users when films I enjoy pop up on the friend watchlist.


https://boxd.it/8uQt Pretty aggressive with new releases averaging about 60-70 each year in the U.S. but also have a pretty big (130+) Criterion collection with some Cohen, Arrow, and Kino Lorber titles scattered. Love using Letterboxd to take on film challenges (currently doing the Palme d’Or challenge), drinking games, ranking franchises, programming double features, and other miscellaneous film stuff.


https://boxd.it/3QTPv use the site daily. watch a lot of movies- some really crappy, some really good!


Hey all! You can find me here: [https://letterboxd.com/Jaybee289/](https://letterboxd.com/Jaybee289/) I enjoy a wide range of genres but have recently gotten into the world of horror and am working through my 52 Horror Movie challenge for the year: [https://letterboxd.com/jaybee289/list/my-52-horror-movie-challange-2023/](https://letterboxd.com/jaybee289/list/my-52-horror-movie-challange-2023/) I also review every movie, these aren't intricate or fueled by jokes but simply a log to showcase my thoughts on the story, pacing, and performances. My rankings are based on a 9-point scale, meaning I split films into one of three categories and then again into a further three based on the first result. If you enjoy what I write or find our taste in films correlates, perhaps consider giving a follow. Thanks!


https://boxd.it/4uIvJ Relatively new to cinema and just watching stuff I have never seen but is very popular so far! If you’re interested in the opinions of a newbie, hit that follow!


Hi. I’m Pizza Venkman. I love shitty movies and writing reviews that reflect this. I also like good movies, but those aren’t as fun to write about. I’ve been using Letterboxd for less than a month and love it. My favorite genres are schlocky sci-fi, non-schlocky sci-fi and for the high class; SyFy. Check out my worthless contribution to human society [here](https://boxd.it/5Kkz9)! I’ll follow you back because I’m desperate for friends on this app. Check out my [list of recommended terrible movies](https://boxd.it/kURNy) that are still fun to watch!


My profile name is [https://letterboxd.com/BTowner87/](https://letterboxd.com/BTowner87/) . I watched A Chinese Ghost Story, Police Story, The Mission (1999) and Fallen Angels as a kid and thus fell in love with cinema (and specifically Asian cinema). I watch a lot of action, horror and sci-fi but also get excited about exploring other subgenres, directors, actors and time periods. I'm also often an contrarian and get annoyed with hype for certain movies to the point where I don't want to see them, even if they would otherwise interest me. I like my pizza with red onions, mushrooms and salami.


[schae](https://boxd.it/1m8I5) here! I'm pretty active, trying to find more mutuals to interact with. Big on horror and thrillers but it probably only makes up 30% of my watches these days. I don't post long reviews unless I am feeling particularly inspired, will do a jokey 1 liner here and there though Top 4: in bruges, zodiac, inside llewyn davis and punch-drunk love


[https://letterboxd.com/jimmy\_the\_scumb/](https://letterboxd.com/jimmy_the_scumb/) Hi, I write in-depth reviews for movies that I particularly love/admire/find interesting for whatever reasons. January was a bit of a cinematic drought for me, I only wrote one review (Empire of Light, which I liked more than most) because university work takes priority. This month I should get around to reviewing Damien Chazelle's last two films - First Man (very good) and Babylon (where to start). If you like what I like, or what I write, consider following.


Hey everyone! [Here is my profile.](https://boxd.it/ih0z) Working my way through all of the Oscar 2023 nominees right now. Anyone else doing that challenge?


Hey all. [Follow me here if you're interested.](https://letterboxd.com/theoneheathbar/) I write at least one review for everything I see, and watch about 15 movies on average per week. Reviews range from 150 word quick thoughts to 3,000 word deep dive analysis. I keep up with new releases, watch old classics, do franchise marathons, nostalgia picks, Oscar assessment, the whole deal. This month I'm doing a retrospective of films from 1986 and seeing a few Oscar flicks I missed. If this sounds interesting I'd appreciate a follow. Thank you!


Hi there everyone!! My name is Mad Monster Party and I'm glad to be here!! ​ If I had to choose what movies I like best I'd say comedies, 1980's comedies in particular. I like everything From Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure to The Heavenly Kid, Back to The Future to The Experts (John Travolta 1989 comedy). It's just one of my favorite time periods for movies and comedies in particular!! ​ I try to post something at least 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but usually that amount. ​ Hope everyone out there is having a good day!!! https://letterboxd.com/madmonsterparty/


[My profile](https://boxd.it/4Ux1Z) Hello guys, I have been a user of the application for the last 4 months and since then I have started actively watching movies again. I made a Challenge #70 if you want to participate in it. I write a review and give a rating for every movie, so I follow people who do the same.


[My Profile](https://letterboxd.com/breid93/) Hey everyone! Nice to meet you and happy February! I love seeking out twisted dramas, thrillers, and character-driven stories. Foreign and indie films are my jam. I love to write about film, and I'm eager to see what you've all been watching. I'll follow back! Thanks! **Last Month's Favorites:** * The Wolf House ([Review](https://boxd.it/3EFQp9)) * My Beautiful Laundrette * After Dark, My Sweet * Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the 60s in Brussels


hello everyone! you can find me [here](https://boxd.it/3njMx) i am very active on letterboxd and i typically log two movies a day! i’ve been an everyday use for over a year now and it’s the social media i use the most. i’m heavily into horror movies and dramas, and i tend to write very lengthy reviews because i love to analyze the themes and find commonalities between them! the longer the review, the more i appreciated the movie. i’m currently trying to watch 700+ films this year and am currently at 64! i love talking about movies so you’ll see me comment occasionally and i love finding new things to watch! i’m currently participating in two challenges that have been very fun and am trying to work my way though the sight and sound 100 slowly. i also really love foreign films and try to watch 3-4 per week! i love taking recommendations and am always just looking for people to share my love of film with. give me a follow and let’s be buds!


Hi all it’s me [nicole](https://boxd.it/11cwZ) again ✨ my profile is here : https://boxd.it/11cwZ i love movies thnx


Hey everyone, I started jotting my thoughts down on every movie I watched to try and be more intentional with viewings and what I consume. I'd love for people to engage with what I have to say and have a dialogue about movies with me! Reviews range from one-word exclamations to drawn out, long-winded tomes. Hoping to get to the point where I'm not forced to drag unwilling friends to the movies just to talk at them about it for an hour. Here's the link: My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/2WFG3


Hi, Watched 45 movies this month so far. Trying to complete some horror lists, because I love some good horror I regularly like reviews and interact with people and follow back. [Profile](https://boxd.it/56bHt)


https://boxd.it/I98n m_ace is the username Just to share how one of r/Letterboxd user’s recently described my favorite films of 2022: “There can't be too many people who have a top four like yours. I feel like people are either Top Gun/Batman sort of people or Aftersun/Petite Maman sort of people but not both.” i guess im a bit of an odd duck, because if you look at my overall film tastes most people would say i have good taste and I’m into a variety of dramas, horrors, thrillers, slice of life stuff. And i rarely dive into big blockbuster films but the ones I do are unapologetically the Marvel capeshit lol and then also Top Gun or The Batman.


Sup https://boxd.it/4q0bd I fire off a few brainless paragraphs after every movie I watch. Normally watch 1-2 per day, but don’t hold me to that lol. I follow back anyone who follows me!


Hey Everyone! Going to the movies has always been one of my favorite things. I love the pomp and circumstance of it all; watching the movie on a huge screen with surround sound and taking note of the reaction of the audience. I just joined the app this week but made sure to review all three movies I’ve seen in theaters so far this year. I really love to write and actually keep a music blog in my spare time so I feel this is another great outlet for me. My reviews are pretty short but I have a lot of fun writing them. My most recent favorite was Everything Everywhere All at Once (original, I know) and am watching Swiss Army Man as we speak. Shoot me a follow and I’ll be sure to follow back! [Link to Profile](https://boxd.it/5OWe7)


Hey everyone! My name is Jack & I’m from Ireland. I’ve been using the site since summer 2021, and I have reviewed everything I’ve seen since. I try to watch a different genre with each diary entry in order to keep things fresh! I follow everyone back as I’ve made some good friends through these threads and have found even better films that wouldn’t have otherwise been on my radar. Thanks for reading! 😊 username: j4ckwalsh


Hey everyone! I just watch whatever I want really. I appreciate the follows and I'm also looking for new people to follow as well. [My profile](https://letterboxd.com/ItsMichaelU/) Edit: Words


I love somber films **The Lobster, Manchester by sea, drive my car, End of evangelion** The small and big dramas inside and outside people [profile](https://boxd.it/h7GN)


Hey guys I love watching movies and checking out people's reviews. www.letterboxd.com/medinaox_ Follow for a follow.


Hello, my letterboxd page is: https://letterboxd.com/samito/ I'm from Rio, Brazil. I love cinema so much since I was a child. I'm in film school and I watch a lot of movies. Also I love to make lists! I'm in twitter too, if you guys follow me on letterboxd please send a DM on my twitter so I can follow all of you back! My twitter page is linked on my letterboxd profile page. Hope you enjoy!


So for 2023 I’ve been celebrating films where Laurence Olivier hams it up like [Sleuth](https://boxd.it/298c), still spending my time thinking of [Aftersun](https://boxd.it/Arw0) and [revisiting old classics](https://boxd.it/3JE8Dz). Why? Who knows. But it’s me. [Junglespycamp](https://boxd.it/yfPd) I love a good follow back, always looking for people with unique interests or just a good passion for positive vibes.


Hello! Here are my current top 4 picks of films (I've been updating it to include my favorites I watched the previous month) **Belle De Jour** **Umberto D** **Make Way For Tomorrow** **Dekalog** I've been watching a lot of films that were made before 2000 - not that there's anything wrong with films made after that, that's just been my mood for the last couple of months. [Profile](https://letterboxd.com/LutanHojef/)


Hey all! I'm Dorian :)) I've had Letterboxd for a while, but I really started regularly using it mid 2022. Now I log about one movie a day and leave a review for each! My reviews tend to be shorter and jokey, but I still will do more indepth thoughts now and then. Despite the jokes, I do take my star ratings seriously and put a lot of thought into them. I'm actually an animation student with a focus in storyboarding and additional interests in screenwriting and directing. So the script and cinematography are some of the biggest things I look for! Letterboxd has been incredibly helpful in improving my media literacy as well as giving me inspiration for my own films! Despite being an animation student, I ironically log more live action films (go figure). I love weird, experimental stuff, but I can also get down with a good blockbuster as well! I also make lists from time to time. They're mostly rankings, but last year I started doing Advent Calendars for December! I'm still working on this years if anyone is interested in participating with me :)) Some of my favorite movies would be ✨ Perfect Blue, Hausu, Persepolis, Eraserhead, Back to the Future, and Young Girls of Rochefort ✨. Some favorite directors would include David Lynch, Wes Craven, Sean Baker, Sam Raimi, and Satoshi Kon!! If any of thought sounds interesting, I'd really appreciate a follow 🤗 (I promise to feed you constant content 🫡) [Profile!](https://letterboxd.com/Dorsworth/) [Advent Calendar 2022](https://boxd.it/ikDEi)


Hi! https://boxd.it/25Zqj I'm @miss24601 on letterboxd :) I usually write reviews about whatever movie I dragged my friends too this week, with award season starting to pick up, expect a lot of rewatches and analysis from the award show enthusiast in me. Here is a list of my favorite reviews that I've written (link to review in entry descriptions) miss24601 highlight reel https://boxd.it/iyg6q


Hello peeps, here’s my profile https://boxd.it/fmmp I’m currently making my way through most of the Oscar nominations, here’s my latest review for Knock at the Cabin https://boxd.it/3O3Vw9 So glad to see this thread much earlier then usual! :)


My [Profile](https://boxd.it/2g3B1) Hey! I've been recently started using letterboxd actively and try to log every movie I see and write reviews of those that i think are brilliant! I couldn't believe there was a social media platform that you could connect with people, talking and discussing film. I've really been into movies since the Pandemic, and I'd love to discuss with you guys!


Greetings, film aficionados! Another movie buff with a passion for films has arrived! I have spent a decade on Letterboxd and it has become my go-to source for film inspiration and reading, and writing reviews, no matter the genre. While I can enjoy all types of films, I have a soft spot for horror, psychological thrillers, and sci-fi. As a parent of two young daughters, finding films to watch has become a bit of a challenge. The only thing scarier than these movies is having to endure the subpar children's films they pick. Hahaha :) Aside from my love for macabre, I have also developed a fondness for classic films from the past. From dusty old films to 70s paranoia flicks and classic B-movies, these timeless gems never fail to provide a thrilling experience. [Where to find me, see ya](https://letterboxd.com/skeldal).


Hello my name is Madi aka Doglover. I’ve been logging movies for about a year or so now but kind of really heated up this year. Had a lot more free time all of the sudden. Im trying to work my way through classic movies and then also watch whatever my roomate wants to put on. I try to write my thoughts whenever I feel like I have something interesting to say… which is somewhat often. Mostly looking for people to follow to broaden my horizon and discover interesting stuff. My current favorites are Barry Lyndon , The Apartment, Solaris and Perfect Blue although I change it kind of often. [feel free to follow me here](https://boxd.it/2DteD)


Howdy, I’m Jason, aka [JasonLDB](https://boxd.it/2iDrl) I leave short, loosely coherent reviews on everything I watch and don’t take myself too seriously. I enjoy pretty much any genre, but I’ve recently been delving more into Asian cinema and the French New Wave (trying to catch up on some classics). Shooting for the ol’ 365 watches this year.


Hello, my name is Grace. Working on writing more reviews and finding more people to follow [Profile](https://letterboxd.com/kiki09/)


Hey everyone! I'm [John](https://letterboxd.com/johnmathews/)! I'll watch just about anything, but I'm a sucker for a good horror film or coming-of-age story. My favorite director is Christopher Nolan, as *Interstellar* is my favorite film! You could call me an *Interstellar* truther! My reviews sometimes are brief thoughts, other times, my attempts at humor. If my profile sounds appealing at all to you, then feel free to give it a look!


[My Profile](https://boxd.it/3FflD) Hi! I’m just a casual movie watcher. My current favourite movies, as you can see on my profile are Babylon, Arrival, Cinema Paradiso and The Menu, though they change every month. I’m a big fan of drama and psychological thrillers. Some of my other favourite movies include Shawshank, Mulholland Drive, Girl, Interrupted, Portrait of a Lady on fire and many more. I don’t watch a lot of horror (loved Pearl tho) but I enjoy horror/comedies like Ready or not, Freaky and Jennifer’s Body. I know this introduction is a mess, but I’m looking to find some mutuals on the app, so drop ur @ if we can be mutuals.


[me](https://boxd.it/37rFx) Oh I’ve never gotten in early on these things! Been logging casually for about a year and a half probably averaging a few a week. Mostly streaming since I’m not in the stage of life to regularly get to the theater. Mainly down to clown and goof around but appreciate the occasional deeper analysis. Usually watching spooky stuff or obscure well reviewed works from yesteryear. Some recent reviews: [Chopping Mall](https://boxd.it/3NSd1J) [Strange Days](https://boxd.it/3M7zNd) [Banshees of Inisherin](https://boxd.it/3KVOOx)


Help me win a bet with my friends. My three friends and I just saw Babylon. I enjoyed it, they hated it to their core. So much so, that when I posted a review of Babylon on Letterboxd they scolded and laughed. They can't believe someone could possibly enjoy such a movie? Unlike myself, my three other friends are the hugest film nerds. The log every movie they see, and have extremely long essays of reviews, only getting a few likes on each review, which they boast about. "Hey Ben? Did you see my review? It has about 10 likes. Obviously I my film knowledge is superior." I'm not a huge film geek, I'm not at all big on Letterboxd, or Reddit for that matter. But I think it would be funny if I could destroy their ego's a bit. If you could [click this link](https://boxd.it/3JZgZ1) to my Babylon review, and give it a like. I wouldn't even be able to describe how shocked they would be if my review that they laughed at gets more like than they've ever gotten. If you wanna help me out with my elaborate scheme, I will thank you for eternity!


Here is mine: [https://letterboxd.com/a\_simple\_oddity/](https://letterboxd.com/a_simple_oddity/). I do not have a preference in genre and I try to watch whatever I can and write a paragraph review for it. Lately, I have been viewing short films.


Hello everyone! [My Profile](https://letterboxd.com/Maikeru7/) My name is Michael and I'm 18. I've been using Letterboxd since early 2020. I enjoy watching films, listening to music, and traveling. Right now I'm trying to reach my goal of reaching 1000 films seen by the end of this year. My top 4 as of now are: LOTR: The Return of the King Andrei Rublev Chungking Express Cure (1997) [My Favorite Films](https://letterboxd.com/maikeru7/list/my-favorite-films/) I'll give you a follow back and check out your lists if I like your taste. ;)


https://boxd.it/1sTjt I kneel and pray at the altar of Dennis Hopper. HEINEKEN!?


[here’s me](https://boxd.it/16ySt) I also host a podcast where we chat movies - currently doing a Ridley Scott watch series. Watch lots of stuff, follow if you like!


[Profile](https://letterboxd.com/MasonOz/) Top 4 are a revolving door for 4 1/2 and up until I find more 5's. Only thoughtful reviews. Hello from Austin, Tx!


Hi I’m [Mike](https://boxd.it/32qD1), I watch a wide variety of movies anywhere from the 40s to today. Normally around 5 a week and I try to see new releases within the first week or 2. Toss me a follow and I’ll return the favor


[My profile!](https://letterboxd.com/yakotrick/) Yoo, This month im getting back on track with watching and reviewing. Had to take a short break but I'm back to it today, I try and write a nice and concise review if I feel like i have something to say about a movie! Im focusing on just getting my watchlist down this month and will be watching and hopefully writing a review every day! Pretty happy with my two most recent reviews one of which was a rewatch of [Whiplash!](https://letterboxd.com/yakotrick/film/whiplash-2014/1/) Another review i was happy with last month was [Funeral Parade Of Roses](https://letterboxd.com/yakotrick/film/funeral-parade-of-roses/1/). If you enjoyed these reviews, id appreciate ppl to discuss them with!


[Profile](https://letterboxd.com/mhdef2/) I like watching old cinema and whatever shows up on my friends' radars, from good to bad. Right now I'm going through Billy Wilder's filmography, though time isn't really on my side as of late! (also my pfp is from Chimes at Midnight pls go watch it it's underrated af)


Hey this is [my profile](https://letterboxd.com/dantheman00020/)! I started using the app at the start of this year after I decided to switch from IMDB ratings to this which is the best decision of my life! I feel in love with the app and am a bit of a sucker of looking at stats which made me immediately purchase the pro version and can't wait until the end of the year when I can have a proper in depth look. I don't have a huge one genre taste when it comes to movies but I do enjoy comic book movies over all of them as well as biopics. I do not tend to leave huge reviews on films unless I have a strong passion over what I just watched or if I think of something humorous during it I can also wite that down. Personally, I really started watching movies fully last year so that is why I haven't watched loads of old classics but it is something I really want to do. The other films are probably ones that I watched as a kid and can remember!


**Hey there, here's my all-time stats if you want to get to know my taste and trade some likes.** [https://letterboxd.com/d4nnysf/stats/](https://letterboxd.com/d4nnysf/stats/)


Been on a 1930s kick lately. Throwing in some 1940s now lately as well. I watched 55 movies in January (that is not normal for me, but the 30s kick has gotten me excited). I love horror movies and screwball comedies. Recent favorite [Design For Living](https://boxd.it/3MiIXj) from 1933. I'm also a member of Film Independent, and have reviewed all the Spirit Award nominees that I've been able to see so far (still have a few to get to before voting). I've seen most of the Oscar movies too. I review everything I watch, some long reviews, some short, depending on how much I have to say. Often break into analysis. I also work in film and co-host a horror movie podcast (Cadaver Dogs), if that matters. Favorite 2022 movies: [Pearl](https://boxd.it/3etNlv), [X](https://boxd.it/3enTv5), [Babylon](https://boxd.it/3GYQ3D), [Triangle of Sadness](https://boxd.it/3qHBCZ), [Pinocchio](https://boxd.it/3xhWuD), [Marcel the Shell](https://boxd.it/3Hnht7), [The Whale](https://boxd.it/3BZWfx) I follow back everyone who follows me. [Profile: DBJfilm](https://boxd.it/2wmfP)


Have lists that contain lesser known Korean, anime and European films. I also have lists for Soviet Union films, amongst other things. Add me and will check out your profile and add you back. [https://letterboxd.com/Dipsew_Claptoe](Here I am)


hi! here's [me](https://boxd.it/5kxqn) big horror nerd but I watch mostly anything. tend to be biased toward horror but I try to be fair with my current thoughts and opinions. movies are subjective and I love to see different opinions on films. I love movies and I made this app mostly to record my thoughts and see other opinions, and to find new things to watch based on reviews I see. so far I've really enjoyed it.


I’d love to hear your meeting Kane Hodder story!


Hey y’all! I curate a lot of niche lists including a Valentine’s Day horror romance list every year! I just dropped my new one for this year on the 1st of the month. I try to leave reviews for everything and links when I can share a free public resource so ppl can see vintage or foreign films. I’d love to trade movie recs for romance movies, I’m always looking to scratch that itch! https://boxd.it/tRwD


I'm Cake, [MadeOutOfCake](https://letterboxd.com/MadeOutOfCake/), I love movies dearly even though I haven't been watching that many in the past few months. I occasionally write (short) thoughts on ones I feel like I have something to say about.


https://letterboxd.com/annanomaly/ Hi! 30, NB, lifelong film lover, sometimes-filmmaker. I’ve been a member since the early days, started logging January 2012. I watch a lot of movies, and lately I try to post at least a few words for everything I see. I'm most obsessed with independent film from the '80s/'90s and the horror genre in general, but I have a taste for pretty much anything if it's good.


hey yall! im [kaleb](https://letterboxd.com/cruzado/), an aspiring writer/producer/director with an affinity for heartfelt and raw fantasy stories for all audiences. i grew up on the beauty of pixar's finding nemo and toy story, and over the past few years have fallen in love with the wonder of studio ghibli - particularly worldbuilding masterpieces princess mononoke and spirited away additionally, im set to graduate from USC film school this upcoming may, and quite honestly i feel like SO far to grow in my film knowledge and familiarity, especially with classics. im hoping to use letterboxd to find like-minded creatives and just broaden my horizons and tastes of cinema, knowing i have so much more to learn. would love to connect with any and all of you guys!


Hi! I'm [Troi](https://letterboxd.com/troifrancis/) . I've been using letterboxd for about seven months. I love watching sci-fi and thriller movies but I'm also into other stuff. My watchlist is currently at 2,592. At this point I've accepted the fact that I'll likely never watch them all. Follow me and I'll follow you back!


[my profile](https://boxd.it/13BSb) my name's mel! i've been using letterboxd for a couple of years now and during those years have just been watching more and more films. i tend to watch dramas especially queer and east asian cinema, but will honestly watch anything. some of my favorite directors include xavier dolan, wes anderson, and hirokazu kore-eda.


[Profile](https://boxd.it/XLI9) I’ve been using Letterboxd since 2019 but really fell off until the end of 2022/start of 2023. I have a little bit of background in filmmaking/media and have recently rediscovered my passion for movie watching. In part, due to quitting alcohol (over 4 months now). Who knew you could have more free time by not being in a bar!? I set out with an initial goal of 31 movies in 31 days this past January then just watch more movies in general. My favorite genres are sci-fi, horror, and dark comedy/drama mostly. Just watched ‘The Death of Dick Long’ and am looking for more comedies and/or dramas set in small po-dunk towns in the U.S. I tend to review everything I watch. Helps me recall certain plot points or moments of a film. Recent favorite films: - Jojo Rabbit - The Thing - Big Trouble In Little China - Sunshine - Hot Rod - In Bruges - Fargo - Alien and Aliens This app is just the coolest!!!


Your recent favourites is banger after banger


Hello Everyone, I love surrealist work and use Letterboxd way to much. David Lynch is a director that I am fascinated with. Tree of life is my favorite film, and my favorite director is PTA. https://boxd.it/2IY6b


Hello! My name’s Jordan! Been slowly getting into film for a few years now, and late last year really made it a point to start watching more movies. For 2023 I’m doing a 365 films in 365 days challenge! My rules are I can watch anything at any pace, including rewatches, but not if I’ve already watched it this year. I’m open to most films. I love anything with big set pieces, practical effects, action movies, and comedy of most kinds. Been making an effort to watch older films, as well. Follow me on my journey! https://boxd.it/1v9EV


Hello! I have been on letterboxd since about 2019. I grew up around a movie theatre with my dad being a projectionist in the late 90s-early 00s. My favorite genre that i have discovered in the last few years is Film-Noir that has been an invaluable entry point for further exploration of pre-70s cinema. I began writing reviews of films, as an interest and exercise for creative writing that i never really pushed in life. You can see the evolution of it, and my exploration into wider genres and back through time in this profile: [FilmReDiscovery’s profile](https://boxd.it/1jYLT) Life has curbed my writing for a bit, but i have started a 2nd profile where i have added every film i can remember seeing, and where i am currently tracking my present watches. [FilmReDiscoveryJournal](https://boxd.it/5hwDf)


I've been using the site since 2020 but I recently made a new account (due to Letterboxd's blocking system being useless) and imported most of my stuff, though it's still kind of a mess. I'm just a casual watcher; I enjoy every kind of films, with my favorite kind being the ones that fuck you up and crush your soul (I'm open to recommendations). I don't usually write reviews or rate but I enjoy reading them and checking others' lists. I'm absolutely lonely and have no friends, so there it is: https://letterboxd.com/psalmism/


Hello Letterboxd fam! I’m about a year on LB and love it for discovering hidden gems and odd films from over the decades. It’s definitely helped to reignite my love of film. My favorite sort of movies tend to be sci-fi with practical effects .. lately been watching a lot of 80s cult classics, like Miracle Mile and Repo Man. I also love a good 90s indie film with a lot of heart that will make me question the meaning of life and what it means to be human… Here’s my profile! https://boxd.it/3JrKj


Hi guys, I'm Jack and I graduated in film studies. I'm trying to make posting on Letterboxd more of a regular thing. Most recent films I have seen are Babylon and Puss in Boots, couldn't be any more opposite 😂 I'm a big Toy Story fan and Anime lover also, my current goal is to watch all of the Studio Ghibli films as I have only seen 2. So yeah if any of you would like to follow and hear my thoughts on the films I'm watching my username is jsogle4. Any recommendations always welcome too! Thanks https://boxd.it/1eYVT


Hey Everyone, My name is Andrew and I'm pretty addicted to films and I watch a little but of everything and I am Egyptian so I watch some Egyptian films from time to time. Check me out! My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/47Ekr


hey!! here’s my letterboxd - [tasha](https://boxd.it/2utJD) i’ve watched 30 movies so far this year. my fave directors are wong kar-wai and park chan-wook. also loooove horrors. i’m also making an effort to be open minded and drift from my “comfort” films or genres. i’m having a lot of fun so far!


I need people to follow and people to follow back on Letterboxd asap. I love any type of movie and movies in general. It would be an honor to have people to follow and see what everyone else is watching and like all the reviews of the films you’re watching. [my profile](https://boxd.it/3QDhd)


Hola r/Letterboxd ! Soy un estudiante de cine en sus 20s que ama todo tipo de películas, desde el horror hasta los superhéroes, pasando por los thrillers, los dramas y las comedias. Empecé a usar Letterboxd este año y aunque la mayoría de mis reseñas son en español, también hablo y subo reseñas en inglés y por suerte la herramienta de traducir es ahora tan simple y accesible que me gustaría compartir y hablar del cine que tanto nos gusta con personas de todo el mundo! https://boxd.it/4tjdj


Hey all! My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/kCcb I'd call myself a casual enthusiast who tries to touch ground on different eras and genres, except maybe horror. Frequently try to write quick thoughts and reviews, and genuinely just want more people to sort of interact with on the platform. I do only mostly read reviews of films I've seen. Hope you guys could give a follow and I'd follow you back!


Late as hell this time, but oh well, [check me out if ya want](https://letterboxd.com/QuestionBxd/) Still working on [this Cage list](https://letterboxd.com/questionbxd/list/cage-ranked/), and Denzel and animated DC to a lesser extent. Also, getting incredibly distracted from all of those by things my friends are watching, and watchlist items that I've suddenly decided to stop neglecting. ...also, as of last night, watching everything on Letterboxd that Rich Evans, Mike Stoklasa, or anyone else RLM affiliated is involved with.


I love thrillers. I never write reviews. You can follow [me](https://letterboxd.com/colocate/) and I'll follow you.


Hey everyone! I am a huge fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood and most of my film watching is of films from the 20th century. I know there isn’t a huge section of Letterboxd that is into older films, but I’d love to not only find them but interact with them! https://boxd.it/5qkJj


[TheyMostlyComeAtNight](https://letterboxd.com/Marcus74/) Big fan of the horror genre and I try to watch a movie each day with a brief review afterwards. I always add back, thanks for looking.


Hi everyone. I suck at marketing my profile. New to journaling movies on letterboxd. You’ll get a film major vibe from my profile . Even though I’m not a film major. Lots of criterion collection and my 12 year old brother’s recommended films on there. 🫡 Obviously I’ll follow back everyone. [click for entry into SOLARIS](https://letterboxd.com/whysoharsh_/)


[PROFILE HERE](https://letterboxd.com/bydanielcuevas/) Hello! I'm Daniel and I honestly can't believe I didn't know about Letterboxd until just now, because I'm a huge movie fan. My family used to own a video rental store (sigh), and that has definitely shaped my personality. I'll watch pretty much anything, with horror being my favorite genre. I'm from Spain, so I watch many Spanish movies too. Some of my favorite movies are Scream, Midsommar, The Shining or REC, and recently I've been OBSESSED with Pearl. It would be great to connect with other movie fans with same interests and share recommendations :)


https://boxd.it/2oxub my movie viewing (much like my mind) is kind of all over the place. i’m currently working on the 2023 criterion challenge but also plenty of other films in between.


Hey I'm [amarchi13](https://boxd.it/3XYr)! I'm trying to grow my Letterboxd and have been logging movies pretty consistently. I'm an AMC Alister so try to see new movies as much as possible and also rotating through my Watchlist most nights. I like all genres of movies, especially horror and would love to make some Letterboxd friends.


Ello all! [you can find my profile here](https://boxd.it/5svBT) I follow all back! I have a pretty eclectic taste but am a huge fan of Korean cinema in particular but I watch just about anything. Look forward to sharing some films with you all


[https://letterboxd.com/vince2k/](https://letterboxd.com/vince2k/) idk, give it a shot lol


My Profile: https://boxd.it/1RKBN Hey everyone, I joined Letterboxd in 2020 and I'm addicted. So much so that I can tell people the release year for A LOT of movies! I have only started writing reviews recently because I managed to get one of my mates to join and we both agreed to start writing reviews. I have a 4K player, so I will review the 4K aspects of a film when watching on disc. Based on my reviews 70s is my most popular decade. I love 80s and horror too. Open to watch absolutely any movie. Check out my profile and you will see my 4 favourite films!


Hi! My name is Devin. I'm 23 years old and from Germany. I love films just like you and love to talk about it. I'm huge geek regarding films, tv-shows and games tbh. I love watching horror or mystery movies.Two of my favourite movies are Alien(I just adore HR Giga's design) and The Lord of the Rings. So if you want someone to talk about all kinds of films be sure to leave a follow. Usually I'll follow back, I'm very active on letterboxd. What upcoming 2023 films are you looking forward to the most this year? [My Profile ](https://boxd.it/4eiPh)


hi, my names joseph and i’ve been using letterboxd for a while now and absolutely love it, i’m currently looking for some recommendations and followers in order to grow my account so if that interests you, my link is below!! https://letterboxd.com/jxsephxinsanity/


Hello everyone, My name is Jon-Carlos, everyone calls me JC. I’m 20 and I recently found a real love for movies. The fact that you can turn on a film, and simply forget about life’s problems for a little while. Is why I appreciate the art so much. I like all types of movies! I love music too. Looking to meet some people on Letterbox and learn more about movies! [Profile](https://boxd.it/5rpL7)


[Profile](https://letterboxd.com/CharlesAxe/) You can follow me and i'll follow back, then we can compare our taste in movies.


Hey everyone ​ All about Follow for Follow as I traverse this site. [https://letterboxd.com/mickeytor/](https://letterboxd.com/mickeytor/) No particular genre here. I open to anything and everything. Happy movie watching!


Hi all, Long time letterboxd user, looking for more people to follow to get ideas on what to watch. I'll watch anything and everything. I'm a film student so always looking to watch classics and films from famous film movements! I follow back Heres my profile: [https://letterboxd.com/EthanBayes/](https://letterboxd.com/EthanBayes/)


Just started using the app a few weeks ago and I’ve been having a ton of fun with it. Looking for cool people to follow. I’m a sucker for a great action movie, a fun bad movie, or a classic screwball. Right now I’m currently working through Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong stuff, Wings Hauser and Jean Claude Van Damme’s filmography, and all of Larry Cohen’s joints. Top 4 right now are Police Story, The Stuff, Handmaiden, and Deathstalker II, but I keep trying to figure out if I need to swap something with The Jerk. Anyway here’s me! https://boxd.it/5AdCv


I’ve been wanting to see Police Story!


Hey everyone! I’m [Vrenks](https://boxd.it/4IwNT). I love writing long form reviews as a way to improve my writing skills, learn about cinema and express my feelings on a film. My favorite directors are Martin Scorsese and David Fincher. My favorite film is Taxi Driver. I watch about one film per day and I would love to share my thoughts with more people.


i watch tons of different stuff, always open to some good deep recommendations. ill follow ya back of course [Profile](https://boxd.it/yA7L)


Frank Ocean fan? Followed.


Hello there, Just a basic boy who would love a follow and will follow back x My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/4qJ0T 4 faves are currently Superbad, Truman Show, Collateral and LOTR. I watch a lot of major releases but trying to broaden my horizons!


Hey there. I’m Kyle. I’ve been spending most of my February rewatching Babylon and logging the numerous comparisons it has with Boogie Nights. Follow my page for more KINO, and I’ll follow back! https://boxd.it/6j87




My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/qs6J I have been insanely busy and haven't been watching many movies. But I have a rolling list of 2023 movies ranked (just one movie lmao) But I'm trying to do more and I'll be social!


hey there everyone! I'm a big fan of the app and I love using it to talk about whatever movies I watch! I usually log horror, Sci-fi, action, dramas, and mystery, with the occasional animation. I just love movies! if I like I log it! Plain and simple. Feel free to check out my page and have a laugh or feel free to discuss the films!! Have a good one! My profile on Letterboxd https://boxd.it/31DGv




Want to follow more foreign film watchers pleaseee !!! I’m really into Eastern European stuff right now All genres but the more weird or depressing the better 😂 [https://boxd.it/1Q2b5](https://boxd.it/1Q2b5)


Hello, my name's Dusty. I started using Letterboxd sometime around the midpoint of last year. Starting near the end of the year I started a habit of writing short reviews for each movie I log. They aren't too serious. Whatever stupid thought pops into my head about the movie. I attempted to catalogue every films I've seen, but every once in a while I come across something that I have not yet added. I think I'm missing a fair few films still but I am a bit lazy to try to find the missing ones at the moment. I don't claim to have good taste or anything. I just watch whatever tickles me. My friend and I enjoy watching shitty movies, so you'll see some turds pop up every week. I like to be nosy and browse random profiles to see what people are watching and what they have in their top 4. I don't have any films in my top 4 because I'm indecisive. Also, I don't have any ratings for the films I catalogue. My [profile](https://letterboxd.com/DharmaBumDusty/) Feel free to send me a message on here too if you prefer. I know letterboxd doesn't really have messaging outside of commenting on reviews.


My Letterboxd: https://boxd.it/2VAqH The excitement I get from adding a movie and thinking of a review is becoming an addiction. My reviews are based on whether you should watch something stoned or not. I lean towards high concept, surreal, psychological horror (Climax, Possession), SciFi (Aniara, Ex Machina) animation (Fantastic Planet) and experimental films, but I am not precious and will give anything a go.


Hello! Just another movie enjoyer here looking to grow my Letterboxd. Will follow back. https://boxd.it/4y1DN


Hi, recently started filling out my profile and transitioning from using IMDB, looking for mutuals. :) [https://letterboxd.com/llori19/](https://letterboxd.com/llori19/)


I follow back: https://boxd.it/3xdvP




Hey guys I’m here looking for people to follow and meet I’m a huge fan of movies specifically horror. I’m pretty new to letterbox but I’m inputting or at least trying to for everything I remember seeing here’s my link:) https://boxd.it/5lnEB


Hi everybody. I’m a film and animation fanatic and mostly cover classic and modern animated films, as well as sci-fi, though I frequently venture outside of those boundaries. I’d love some friends and followers to get some traction here and hopefully to grab a few recommendations from you all. Feel free to add! https://boxd.it/5zgFb (I’ll get Pro one of these days)


Heyo! Always exploring Letterboxd to find new films. I'm mostly into stylish/vibey kinda films but overall always fascinated by emotionally intriguing stuff. Current Top 4 consists of Blade Runner 2049, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Drive and Mad Max: Fury Road Here is my profile: [https://letterboxd.com/LukasBopp/](https://letterboxd.com/LukasBopp/) And here is a list of things I like (unranked): [https://letterboxd.com/lukasbopp/list/cool-stuff-not-ranked/](https://letterboxd.com/lukasbopp/list/cool-stuff-not-ranked/) Maybe we'll inspire each other to expand our movie horizon, cheers! (:


I’m Jason, I like making long reviews from time to time and I like (actually) reading longer reviews as well. My taste is pretty “basic” but I occasionally branch out. Check out some if that interests you https://boxd.it/2IzrX


[gemini_ghost](https://boxd.it/6AO5) I guess I love weird stuff, folk horror, doomed romance, MUSICALS, David Lynch, body horror, bad taste. I welcome any followers but i prefer those who love sincerely love Showgirls (1995)