I read about a book a week but I prefer cinema because the investment in time is so much smaller, so when you hit a dud it doesn't feel as bad. Still I feel the highs are similar.


Cinema can contain all the other 6 arts so. Yep.


So can video games


I wouldn't say all videogames are art. Oh then OP are all movies art? Is Sharknado art? Definitely not, but as a lifelong "gamer" in my opinion videogames have the smallest percentage of art in them compared to other mediums if that makes any sense. Would you consider Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends art? Personally I wouldn't. Now a game like Cuphead easily passes as art in my book, or other games like The Last of Us, or maybe Until Dawn to give some examples. But the two latter seem to be more like playable movies, so are they art because they resemble movies so much or are they art because games can be an art medium? Art or not I still love games.


I mean all the games you listed are still works of art, with entire teams devoted to bringing the best possible experience to the gamer. Not really the creators fault for it being heavily commercialized and soulless due to yearly demands and cuts to their vision. Also I’d consider even the shittiest of movies art, someone had a story or a visual or a design to make, but art can be shitty. So yeah sharknado is art. Not exactly but almost the same way a 1st graders sketch is art.


sharknado is art so u lost me there bud


All games and all movies are art


i hadnt played much games but i cant tell any game with artistic painting, music, architecture, dancing, music, sculpture, cooking and story telling


is this a fucking joke


i will rather that you tell me a few game titles that you think that can make it to the 'art' category that are not mass produced kid targeted profit seeker products


i’m not going to do that. you are a fool. if someone else wants to step in and explain to u the insane amount of work and talent it takes to develop a video game they can, but i’m just gonna call u a fucking loser and move on with my day. if u were really seeking an answer to ur question u would google it and figure it out urself but ur just trying to make a ridiculous point that makes no sense at all whatsoever.


work and talent doesnt mean art and you insulting what you cant respond means you are unable to bring anything to this conversation, have a nice day


Journey, The Outer Wilds, Undertake, Nier Automata, Gris, Transistor, I could go on forever


thank you, will try to play them


If you want ones that are easy to sink into and just into Gris and Journey are the two "vibiest" games on the list. I think Nier Automata, although it's like a 60 hour long behemoth, is the best example of a story that could only ever be told as a game, and could not exist in any other medium.


video games is not art. audience can not be in 'art'. it can only experience 'art'.


That's a really weird rule that I have never seen anyone else express. I've seen other take the view that art exists as the interplay between the artist and the audience. Only by an audience experiencing and interoperating the work does it become complete. That seems to be more common than your view, and also completely contrary to it. Or how about any open-ended narrative? The graphic novel Watchmen ends in an ambiguous way and closes with the line “I leave it entirely in your hands”. It's clearly asking for audience engagement, telling you the ending is up to you to decide. The reader becomes a crucial part of the ending. What about a live-performance of a song where the singer allows the audience to sing one of the choruses? Does that not quality as art?




So live performances are not art?


Exactly, if you experience it, it can't be art. The only true art is something that only the creator has seen, as soon as anyone else becomes involved, it ceases to be art. /s


what? is that ur comment? really?


Makes more sense than your ridiculous take.


i just know you have half of all the movies you’ve watched at a 0.5


you're the kind of person everyone thinks of when they make fun of snobby film nerds im ngl


The kind of person to shit on others for enjoying marvel or other “mainstream” movies


100%. I’ve had those interactions with this very dude I’m pretty sure, and you’re exactly right. He was shitting on something popular and mainstream


yeah, cartoon boy/girl. i can send u my card.


good try man


all the people in here like u is not explaining his/her idea. they're all just talking shit about something. its ridicilous. i can not understand.


skill issue tbf


:( like that


It is not my job to enlighten you on why your take is dumb man


Stupidest comment I’ve ever seen in r/Letterboxd He’s trolling everyone. Don’t waste your time.




Typical u/heartofpompeii comment lmao


Okay, it’s just a good troll. Actually got me with the original comment


Yeah same. What kind of person doesn’t realize video games also have writers and directors and actors etc?


Yeah lol- if it had been worded differently I probably would’ve caught on but they said if so matter of fact that I thought they were serious haha


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All the best art has firm rules like this


I don’t see how that’s possible as you’re experiencing the art more interactively and often creating unique outcomes personal to your decisions. I will never understand this argument.


Horrendous take


Care to elaborate?


Is your mom art ?


here is my dose of retardness for the day.


Play The Quarry and try to say that again


Lol this is the most braindead take I’ve ever read. I can’t imagine acting like I KNOW the definition of art when it’s entirely unclear.


I’m genuinely confused, you’d call interactive theatre not art??


This is an INSANELY unhinged take lol


The [Museum of Modern Art](https://www.moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/5453) disagrees with you


Music by far, but definitely I also take cinema way more seriously than the average person


It’s tough. I probably take in music more, but appreciate it less. I probably take in visual art less but appreciate it more. Cinema is right in the Goldilocks spot.


I would put music slightly ahead, but not for anything that film lacks.


my life has always revolved around film so absolutely yes.


I watch more tv than movies, and probably look more forward to tv shows than any movie. But I think they both beat everything else out. Also it’s wild to see that one dude in this thread downvoting everyone who mentions video games, and saying video games cannot qualify as art. I just finished God of War Ragnarok the other day and they certainly had actors listed, and a director, a writer, a cinematographer, a VFX team, an editor etc


I cant say I have a favorite medium of art for the same reason as I cant say I have a favorite food. Different things fulfill different desires and provide different sensations.I can say I consume cinema the most, but I'm not sure if that's because it's my favorite or just because it's the most convenient.


Gaming is my fav but movies are a close second.


I feel like videogames are. Like Red Dead Redemption 2, What Remains of Edith Finch, Witcher 3, The Last of Us Part 1 and 2, Skyrim, Uncharted. It’s just that the best video games are a dime a dozen and movies have far more great ones


Well games are the youngest medium, developers (especially indie developers) are still pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the medium, and AAA studios are pushing the technical boundaries in terms of graphical fidelity and overall presentation


Medium is favorite cooking of steak


I place literature and visual art higher generally but I watch more movies than I read books or go out of my way to look at art, my attention span being what it is.


I used to say it was, even majored in it, but the pandemic proved that it's really music for me. Film, to me at least, conjure up what life is for and what life is about. Music is life and such an integral part of my life.


No I prefer ketamine


Funny, watched mulholand dr K rolling. One of best medium exp


My favorite medium is probably music but it is very close with film, if I had to rank them it would be something like this… 1.Music 2.Film 3.Video Games 4.TV shows 5.Books


Yes. Video games are my second favorite. Then again, both things do contain the list of other stuff you mentioned


Cinema continues to be the cloth that wipes the dust from my soul.


Without a doubt. And after seeing some of the other comments, it crystallized why I think so. Similar to how the color white contains all other colors, film can (and usually does) contain every other type of art. Visual, Music, writing, spoken word, poetry, design, and so on and so on. There's so much to appreciate.


It's a mix. I kinda get obsessed with different things in cycles. So at the moment i'm really into movies and reading books but a large portion of last year I was listening to tons of music. So it depends on my mood and I get different things out of each. Books are more of a significant time investment though.


It's different, I don't like to compare them. They benefit me in different ways. That's also why I hate people saying 'the book was better' and shit like that.


I get more immersed in reading, so I’d say literature. Film is definitely second


Cinema is the best art imo


Yep! It’s the most beautiful art medium to me.


Oof, I cannot choose between cinema, music and video games


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I love all arts. But cinema takes the cake, as it combines multiple arts in one. It is a collaborative art. Except the occasional video game nothing else ever moves me as much emotionally.




That, video games, and comic books are probably my top three.


Slightly prefer games


It's a tie between cinema and literature (which I'm actually studying) But ofc I'm a huge music snob too


I love cinema, definitely a top 3 medium of art for me, but I work primarily in theater and while it doesn't have the power of the close-up and editing and all of that, I think there's something magical about live theater that cinema will just never be able to reach. But, some stories are definitely better onscreen than onstage, and I love them both for different reasons.


yes. and music also.


Yes. As much as I love music, I would still say yes.


I love movies but will always love video games more


I mean I love music and I draw a lot, but I still prefer movies tbh


Yes. Actual art can come close but even the best painting can't tell the same stories of film


for sure. music can hit me harder in the moment, but a masterpiece in film leaves me thinking about it for the rest of my life. that cannot be said about an individual song. plus, cinema also uses music to its advantage so, win win




I study music and I’m gonna be a musician, however nothing impacts me as much as cinema


It’s probably my favorite because it’s the one I can most easily share and experience with others. I guess music is also easy to share and experience together, but I don’t personally enjoy music on the same level as movies.


I get way more obsessive about music, but I think film is the better medium in an expressive sense.


Cinema, music and visual art 💕 the holy trinity


I always juggle between movies and music, which is messed up cause I’m currently studying music production and I’m also having a career crisis, cause I also want to be a screenwriter


Yes, cinema is the best


Cinema/TV is the only art/craft I consume. I mostly audiobook non-fiction, and I don't listen to music.


Hard to pick a favourite between movies, music, and video games. My life would be lesser without any of them.


Video games are basically everything movies are but you’re actually the protagonist so I’d have to go with that


if you wanna separate it, then anime. Do I think anime is better than cinema? No, nowhere near, but it entertains me more even with its mediocrity. Also rewatching anime is a lot more fun. If video games count, then those would probably be 2nd for being the most immersive experiences imaginable, and being endlessly joyful.


It’s the same medium in my book.


1. Music 2. Animation


It’s the most complete art form, combining all others into one


gaming and opera also have a combination that can lead to anything


Literature can contain so much more it’s not even funny. Books like The Recognitions are just unfilmable and so much larger than any movie could ever be. Unless you found a clever way to film every word and let the reader hear the musicality along with beautiful visuals to go with it but that movie would last dozens of hours.


music is definitely better


Nah movies are just a bit of fun.


Ugh, gaming is art apparently...Sure, every now and then a video game will be created that is artistic but most are glorified laser tag simulators, glorified board games, and are much closer to a sport than art: a sport without any of the fitness or personal interaction of course. People can like that or not but I used to play loads of games and I know exactly what I'm talking about. When someone makes a video game that can even scratch the surface of Hamlet, Moby Dick, or Heart of Darkness give me a call.


Yes. I love listening to music and making music, but I'd trade all of my instruments if it was the only way to keep movies in my life. I sometimes hate that I've fallen for a more passive medium, but movies are a part of who I am in a way that music is not.


Is my favorite but is also the only one i can keep more constant, i love books too for example but sometimes is harder to focus when there's too much going on


Nothing quite beats a great fantasy book.


Well, I am a figurative/portrait painter and draftswoman, so cinema is a close second love. I am especially partial to seeing actors play artists in films. :)


I love cinema as much as I love indie games tbh


Probably music but cinema is a close second


Music Books Science Film


I have a much better grasp on the "art" of film making compared to music, painting etc. Music on its own can really hit me emotionally with lyrics, films can hit me with visuals or by combining songs, visuals and an impactful story. Yeah, i'd say cinema is my favorite, but i've been meaning to get into books, but my concentration is awful.


definitely music for me


I used to love video games and played them the most. Now all I play is pokemon and rarely do I play anything else. Movies are up there for me though.


Television, by a pretty significant margin


Absolutely, nothing else even comes close.


Music Visual art (specifically graphic design) Photography Film Television


As a magician, I would have to say the art and craft of magic. But cinema definitely is my next choice, right behind music!


nah, music is my personal all time favorite and i don’t see that ever changing


I consume a lot more music than cinema so i’d probably put music above but I would put literature and cinema tied at a close second


Hell naw its music easy ​ Music not only enhances other media but is good in and of itself.


too lazy to read or play videogames so yes, paintings and music are close


I probably watch films more than any other art. But music > books/poetry/comics > cinema > installation/performance/fine art > video games (i love all these things almost nearly equally in different ways but it’s fun to rate them). I find it odd that people think because film has many forms of art into one piece it is somehow therefore better than other mediums. Some things only work as one thing and that’s what makes them beautiful and has a complexity of its own because of the focus on a singular medium.


No, reading will always be my primary love.


Film wouldn't mean nearly as much to me without an deep and abiding love for visual arts and art history. It's because of an art history background that cinema is important to me at all. They spark similar emotional experiences, but visual arts a quite a bit more impactful to me because it's more difficult to access and therefore a little bit more special when I am able to.


My job is very text oriented, so my main favorite art forms are graphic novels and from, which both combine language and visuals moreso than any other forms, I think.


1. Literature 2. Protest Music 3. Movies


Cinema >> anime >> paper


I would have said yes years ago but I've recently got into music and books more than movies somewhat recently. I don't have a favourite medium because each one has something another one doesn't


It would be literature for me, but right now films is all I can take in. In my opinion literature is more accessible both for the “consumer” and for the artist and everyone can write a book but not everyone can make a movie since you need a certain budget and technical skills not everybody has. You can take as long as you want to read a book but you generally don’t want to take more than two days to watch a film. The plus that cinema has, however, is that, as another user else said, it can contain all of the arts. However, I feel like it poses a limitation to the author’s self expression since not everyone can use it as a medium.


Music will always be the one for me. Like, how can technically so ‘little’, make you feel so much?! However, film has all of the art mediums so to me…objectively one of the best


Movies are probs the medium I enjoy the most in terms of experiencing the work of others, but overall I gotta pick music since I not only enjoy listening to it but also playing it myself.


I mean my faaaavorite is probably large scale installation art in terms of emotional impact. There is nothing like standing inside of an installation where the entire space has been crafted around your physical experiencing.


I'd like to say yes, but music is proven to affect your brain. Some of my favourite movies all have amazing score, like Ratatouille, Whiplash, La La Land, Dune etc. So I have to say it's music


Music is a close second, but yes, I’m film.


Theatre. On any given night of a week, I can sit down and watch a movie. On a Friday, I can maybe go to the cinema on a whim. Theatre takes a bit of planning. It’s a ritual. You spend two and a half with a whole room full of people all centered around the same story, all in different ways. There’s no cgi. There’s only one take. Any magic you see—whether that be a man being lifted into the air or an actress crying deep, deep tears—is 100% real. The screen is a huge barrier between the audience and the performers, but in theatre, I make direct eye contact with an actor as I’m having the emotional experience they are trying to give me. I can thank them for their performance after the show. The popular movies of today feel like nothing to me. (I have seen many amazingly beautiful contemporary movies but I have seen many of them in empty theaters.) The movies of the past might have been magic, but good theatre is always a miracle, because it changes every time for every audience. I’m not talking about some shitty touring production Broadway cash cow, but those smaller venues doing a Sam Shepard or August Wilson play. Maybe it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s because it’s meant to be an event, not just entertainment.




Idk if this counts as an answer, but I geek out over architecture almost just as much as film!!


No, TV


Comics and graphic novels have been my medium of choice for quite a while now. Similar to cinema, comics can be anything. It’s such a varied medium and if you know where to look (like movies) it’s more than just superheroes :)


I’m a big fan of cinema and illustration. Films with great cinematography and color pallets es always become my favorites. If anyone has any recs of films that look like paintings, lmk!!


I think games are my favorite medium, particularly those that couldn't possibly exist in any other medium(Undertale, Nier Automata, Morrowind, Outer Wilds, etc). The way it personalized entertainment, typically a purely viewer experience, hits really hard for me.


I definitely think that cinema is the best art form due to how many films that come from the art form I love. However I believe the video games is the art from that has the most potential due to the fact that they deal with interaction. However there has only been one video game that I have played that has surpassed everything I have experienced in every other art form (the game is Bloodborne if you were wondering). Therefore I cannot call it the best art form due to how new and undeveloped it is.


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To be more specific, television is my favorite medium for art. During the last twenty years, television has surpassed film as the medium that interests me the most. No other medium in the history of art has combined for quite the combination of visual appeal, sweeping story arcs, and rich character development. Nobody is going to paint or sculpt or even make a film that can move me the way 5 seasons of the Wire or the themes explored in three seasons of The Leftovers, or the exploration of the birth of rebellion in Andor can.