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That's not a legit source


They use defence budget, overall numbers of troops, weapons, equipment,etc i think. Only those who think their country should have been better positioned in that index have problem with it.


Meh... it's a shit index and has always been lol. By the same logic, it is those who are satisfied with their rankings in it that don't find such methodology crap to adequately gauge military power. I am saying this because I know your comment was likely referencing butthurt Pakistanis who think they've got a better military than India. It is obviously false but the GFP index has the same kind of methodology that would've ranked Iraq as the 4th most powerful military in the world in 1991 when nations such as the UK or France would've wiped the floor with them.... and proved exactly that with what happened during their involvement in the First Gulf War.


I'm American (#1). It's horribly sourced raw numbers arranged into some meaningless value they use to compare countries with vastly different requirements and geographical realities. Anyone coming to with a "top ten" list of militaries is some amateur bullshitting you