I live in the us and have never been to Lesotho, but I like learning about other cultures!


You should definitely go!


I myself live in Europe but it’s one of my top destinations I want to go to at the moment


I think you would love it here. Although I would definitely need to drum you up an itinerary of places you must see. Sadly the English spoken here is not the best! But the beauty is that you won't have to interact a lot. Of the top of my head, I would highly recommend a helicopter tour of Lesotho, a visit to katse Dam and Mohale Dam. A visit to Thaba bosiu huge history about the origins of Lesotho and definitely a visit to afriski ski resort, the only ski resort south of the equator.


Indeed. I have for a long time been interested by Lesotho, by both it’s history and culture. If I ever get a chance to go there I will definitely visit Thaba bosiu. And who knows, maybe I will find Morosi’s grave.


I was born there to Indian parents. We are now in Sydney, Australia. I'd like to visit once more with my dad.


Hey there!! I currently live in Lesotho, Maseru to be exact. And I agree there are definitely some places, especially high up in the mountainous regions that are untouched by civilization and the wildlife really seems to flourish. Definitely a unique view that I would bet is hard to come by anywhere else.


I was born and live here in LESOTHO 🇱🇸, great to know that some people see the beauty, it is very beautiful place with beautiful landscapes, a virgin land more developements and opportunities, a potential trending tourism spot in the years to come. Come, visit all.