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The when gay republicans reach out to republicans https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/3535577-chair-of-texas-log-cabin-republicans-group-resigns-after-state-gop-adopts-new-platform/ TL;DR not only were the Texas Log Cabin Republicans snubbed getting a booth, the Texas GOP platform defined homosexuality as an “abnormal lifestyle choice.”


They also said they don’t want to allow criminal charges to be brought against hate crimes that target the community. The whole texas republican platform is a nightmare. And they’re winning.


Whats their arguement as to why? Are they agaisnt the idea of hate crimes in general? I didn’t know this was a platform anyone had?


A lot of them *are* against hate crimes as a concept. "It's already illegal" is their excuse. Apparently graffiti of a name on a synagogue and graffiti of Jewish slurs on a synagogue are fine to treat equally. Graffiti is already illegal you see!


But fire bomb a church and all of a sudden its terrorism. "Fire bombing is already illegal."


It’s easier to be sneaky, in a political sense, when you give a group of people someone, or something, to hate. Blame issues on that group. Politically, are they doing their jobs well? If not, blame that group. If it wasn’t for that group, we could go back to our old “traditional, family values” that the “gays” want to destroy. It reminds me of The Hunger Games when the game master guy was talking to President Snow and mentioned smoke and mirrors. Shift the populations attention to these issues that way we can do x or y. At least, that’s my opinion. Someone please enlighten me if anything I said seems naive or wrong. Thank you!


I mean this is literally the oldest population control tactic in history. Find a weak, marginalized group and blame everything on them. And conservatives or their equivalent at the time have eaten it up for all of history. In a profoundly sad way you could simply call it the human condition. Not that it means we should stop fighting for a better world.


> Whats their arguement as to why? “Gays aren’t people.”


They’re the ones encouraging hate-crimes. They want the threat of random assaults on minorities to keep them in control.


My favorite part was reading the rationalization-"Oh don't worry, most people voting don't support this, just the politically active ones that are in charge." Thanks but that's not making me feel better.


>He added that he sees “DC and California LCR members inexplicably interceding in Texas affairs” and trying to bully the Texas GOP. Holy shit. Even after all that, with the GOP platform literally saying they don't want him, he still blames California and DC instead of the actual people that hate him. Fucking unreal. I don't even know what to say.


Now now, it's ok. it's ok. look, don't worry. they're all this way, evenly, alike, in all ways. makes it easy. just goes to show, doesn't matter your sexuality, when you're a republican you have no idea what things are actually wrong to do. it's why they suck at jokes.


I think they do know what's wrong to do, it's just that they imagine themselves as part of the in-group that the rules don't apply to, rather than the out-group who should be trodden down. As a recent high-impact example see Clarence Thomas. Writes a ruling that overturns Roe v Wade and says in that ruling that next they need to re-examine access to contraception and gay rights. He knows that what he's doing is causing immesurable harm not only to people but to democracy and the rule of law. But it keeps him and people he believes himself to be allied with in power, so it's good. And, because he believes himself to be a good ally, he will be genuinely shocked when* the next target is interracial marriage and his marriage isn't an exception. Once he's served his purpose as "one of the good ones" he'll be a legitimate target. And he really, truly won't see it coming. I mean, he'll know that they would eventually go after black people. They are currently doing so. And that's fine, because *he's* in the in-group. He just hasn't realised that that won't last once they have no more use for him. *if if the Republicans are actually stopped, but let's wait and see for that one shall we?


Clarence Thomas is one of those few people I call "non-white white supremacists." Controversial, yes, but there are plenty of non-white people who do view and treat white people as superior.


He might even be aware that it would affect him. But he will be dead and gone before its an issue. A conservative staple is to hurt and oppress people you percieve below you. He probably includes black people in that thinking.


I think it was yesterday that I was listening to a recording of a gay republican have a meltdown at a GOP conference about other Republicans calling him a pedophile. A friend of mine sent me a download of the tiktok. He went on and on about how much he did for the party for years and years and how he couldn’t believe that they would call him a pedo. Like yeah dude you voted for the “leopards who eat people’s faces” party and now you’re surprised they eat people’s faces. It’s fucked up but they’ve been very vocal about this belief for years Edit: managed to find it https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRRVfDCK/?k=1


I really hope this wakes people up. There’s no excuse for being a Republican, especially as an lgbt person. Unfortunately sometimes it takes being personally hurt for people to care about human rights, but it’s better late than never if you realize you’re wrong.


Thats because its the party of the selfish and self absorbed. Ofcourse they couldn't see the leopard until it ate their face. They *think* they are the leopards. It attracts people like that idiot in the video and in that post.


Doesn't the republican party have a reputation for defending their paedophiles? Gay and trans people are paedophiles, but the people proven to be paedophiles are ok. Edit: https://stuffthatspins.com/2016/04/28/who-has-more-sex-offenders-republicans-or-democrats/


According to my bat shit crazy homophobic, gay brother, that is because the democrats are all lizard people who've been controlling the world for the 6000ish years since the start of the video game we've been stuck in and therefore can control how we perceive facts or some shit. And because of that all the pedophilia democrats are doing is hidden on secret islands and also they kill and eat and maybe bathe (?) in the blood of those children soooo they can't really be turned in when there's no victims to turn them in. Fucking sound ass logic if you ask me (/s to infinity and beyond). It was great when he debunked my entire archeological background using only YouTube videos of mostly screaming, bearded men in trucks (also every ounce of /s reddit has).


Link to video?


“We’re against gat marriage, I get that, we’re not there yet”. Yeah, how’s this okay for the guy? “Oh yeah I know this party doesn’t want me to have rights, but at least they could take the “bad people”’s rights first? Can you guys leave me for last?”


>Texas GOP platform defined homosexuality The entire document goes way further. It wants to ban gay (and non-religious) marriage, remove all legal rights you get as a spouse from non-religously married couples (which wouldn't just apply to gay couples). It also wants to enshrine and protect the "right" to hate speech and to discriminate against LGBT people on religious grounds and to make laws that protect the "right" to send people to gay conversion therapy. They also want to reintroduce anti-sodomy laws and challenge the Supreme Court ruling that banned those. Not to mention how they want to erase sexual education, ban any talk about contraception at schools as well as any mention of sexuality from schools, etc etc. The only things in their platform that they advocate for in terms of sex ed is abstinence only and forcing people to watch and read anti-abortion material. The entire document is full of unhinged shit designed to inflict misery on people they don't like/agree with their Christian fundamentalism


For some reason Texas still allows divorce though. Pretty sure the Bible had a fuck-ton to say about divorce while having very little to say about homosexuality..


Like abortion, the Bible allows divorce


Like many topics in the Bible, there are verses that will support either view. The mentions against divorce severely outnumber the mentions against both homosexuality and abortion combined. Almost like the inconsistent story book should have no place in dictating laws.


Bahaha, this muppet blamed the gay Republicans in California for the straight Republicans in Texas bullying the gay Republicans in Texas. >He added that he sees “DC and California LCR members inexplicably interceding in Texas affairs” and trying to bully the Texas GOP.


“Why aren’t people ok with my support of the party that’s stripping away peoples rights?!?!?!?!?”


Classic r/asablackman


I’ve met irl conservative queers. They’re a truly ridiculous entity.


Most are rich. They know that republican financial policy will benefit them and that if a republican government decides to attack them and their community, they have the money to either be unaffected or escape somewhere else.


The same person I knew as a member of Gays for Trump through work also went to NYU for undergrad so this checks out 👀 I wouldn’t say he’s currently rich but he definitely aspires to be which is why he left LA for *checks notes* … Waco, of all places.


Not "poor" but temporarily embarrassed millionaire as they say.


My God I know the same guy. He was the topic of conversation because he was *aggressively* outspoken about it to other gay men to the point where everyone in the local LGBT community refused to have anything to do with him. He threw a temper tantrum when my mate turned him down point blank at a club, it was genuinely surreal.


Don’t forget that a bunch of the old guard queers, the white dudes that hob knob with real power, also created a whites only culture in gay and queer spaces that tried and tries to erase the contributions or issues of POC.


Cue Caitlin Jenner, the classic example of a rich, republican, out of touch boomer trans woman.


Hell I've met conservative transwomen. Like what kind of cognitive dissidence do you have to literally support a party that wants to exterminate you.


Yeah, like what other topic would be more important for them than their own rights? Is the remote possibility of paying fewer taxes or having more restrictions on immigration or whatever really more important or are they just secretly hating themselves because they grew up amongst conservatives?


There’s definitely conservative queers, but saying “I don’t dress like any of the LGBTQ friends” just screams straight to me


That’s fair. Though, I admittedly said shit like that as a cis baby bi guy. Sounds like person who may be ‘out’ but has a LOT of intneralized queerphobia.


To me it screams "I don't actually know any lgbt people because none of my lgbt friends and family have come out to me because they know I'm a bigot."


Tolerance does not include tolerance for intolerance.


Inaction in the face of discrimination is discrimination


Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. -Elie Wiesel If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. -Desmund Tutu


tolerance is not a moral precept; it is a peace treaty. And those who aim to oppress others cannot be protected by a peace treaty that they themselves refuse to honor.


You can't defend tolerance if you tolerate intolerance.




[Paradox of tolerance](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance)


“I support a party that wants the LGBTQIA community stripped of rights and dead. Why won’t that community accept me?”


I guarantee you this person's next post is shitting on the "iNtOlErAnT LeFt."


You what’s funny about that? I’m a leftist who is intolerant. I will not tolerate bigotry, racism, sexism etc.


This is where the paradox of tolerance comes in. To tolerate intolerance is itself intolerance. Therefore, to be tolerant, you must be "intolerant" of intolerance.


I don't just tolerate Republicans, I respect them. They claim it's perfectly ok to discriminate, so I discriminate against them. Sometimes they cry, but I just shout "fuck your feelings", and I assume they're happy to have that acceptance, and if not, well, I think I was clear.


What's your stance on lactose?


I tolerate it. But I don’t make others tolerate it. 😂


Hell yeah brother


It's the old paradox: Intolerance of intolerance isn't intolerance.


If they’re fiscally conservative they can just be like a biden or Amy klob type democrat, they don’t need to go republican.


They would have to. Republicans aren’t fiscally conservative at all…


Conservative fiscal policy: Give all the money to conservatives. "There, see how little money we're **wasting** on do nothing social programs! No, you can't see my tax return. I should have you shot for asking."


Not true. It's only rich conservatives they want to give money to. The poor conservative family that both parents have to work 2 jobs in order to feed their brood of 7 they don't think should get a penny. Even if those 2 parents vote 100% conservative.


It's almost like it's a political ideology created to protect the rich. Hmmm wonder why it started after the French Revolution


Yeah. Their core belief is that they should be able to pick you up and shake you until money comes out, and then take that money (if you don't have any money, they'll take your organs). That was not getting them good numbers in elections, so they added "oh and we hate everyone that isn't straight, cis, and white". That got them the 49.99999% they needed to be a pain in everyone's asses. I made myself sad.


In the late 60s they realized that they were losing ground because you know they have garbage policies. They also realized that there was a huge swath of single issue voters in Christian/Catholics so they went hard on those issues even if they didn’t believe in any of it… and here we are today


That poor conservative family you describe is the dumbest on the planet


I agree. I think this myth of “Fiscally Responsible Republicans” got started because FDR (a Democrat) ~~got the federal income tax started.~~ was president when the [Revenue Act of 1935](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenue_Act_of_1935), a wealth tax, was enacted. It’s a miracle that the myth survived Reagan, who was fiscally irresponsible to the extreme (and raised payroll taxes and, I think, taxes on Social Security benefits). EDITS: Corrected in response to comments pointing out a mistake of fact. I welcome further corrections!


He increased the national debt by close to 200% *while* slashing social programs. He was incredibly bad with fiscal policy.


Stupid liberal, fiscal conservative means I *conserve* my own money *fiscally* by not paying taxes and draining all of the government’s money into my friends’ businesses so they can *conserve* too.


When Trump became president, the debt was 16 trillion, and that started accumulating since 1837. When he left office after only 4 years, the debt rose to 28.9 trillion. Almost a 100 percent increase.


See the Iraq War. While the support was bipartisan I seriously doubt a Gore administration would have considered it all.


Or more to this point, Bush deciding not only do we need an unnecessary Iraq War, but that it could be funded [entirely outside the DoD budget](https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/cost-iraq-war?amp) using supplementary requests with minimal oversight. The Iraq War wasn’t just an unnecessary mistake that wasted lives, it also wasted approximately $2 TRILLION dollars with nary a peep about excessive spending by any leading Republicans. Republicans to this day still shamelessly refer to themselves as “fiscally conservative”.


Even being fiscally conservative doesn’t acknowledge that LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities (usually that have been instrumental in our fight for rights) are disproportionately impacted. These are communities that really benefit from social programs


There's a reason that every civil rights movement has had an associated socialist movement. Equal rights without the means to achieve them are just lip service.


[I'm sure it was just a coincidence MLK Jr was assassinated just before he was able to start this....](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poor_People's_Campaign)


Same thing with Fred Hampton and the Rainbow Coalition. They were a socialist alliance of the Black Panthers, Young Lords (Puerto Ricans), and Young Patriots (white southerners) who worked to help their communities. The government literally destroyed food that was meant for their free breakfast program, and they killed Hampton in his sleep.


keeps getting assassinated on his bday, every year, when conservatives take his words out of context to justify their bloodsucking racist vampire shit.


MLK Jr day on /conservative is truly a look into the darkness inside man


Oh weird. I was educated in the US and I never heard about this? At least I'm sure he never said anything about the white moderate and being disappointed with them, and never said that they were like a great stumbling block or anything like that may make the largely controllable middle class feel bad or guilty or anything. If he did that the working class whites might have decided that the black folks were actually their ally against the ruling class instead of their enemy. Man I bet if he had said anything remotely like that the goverment would have indirectly assassinated within a year.


I always felt fiscal conservative should mean getting the best value for the money, not " don't spend money" Make sure the money is working and doing good and not just lining someone's pocket. ( Looking at you PPP loans) now it just means fuck everyone but me


Fiscal conservatives should want single payer health care, sexual health education, access to family planning( contraceptives, abortion, maternity/ paternity leave), infrastructure investment. But no it's all fuck you got mine, cut taxes, privatize everything. Ya know, shit that doesn't work.


I have it on good information that it will trickle down!! We've only been at it for over 40 years, just wait a few more centuries!


If only! That would fit well with conservative's other non-political definitions.


Fiscally conservative and socially progressive do not mix the reason you stated. Its hypocritical.


"I don't hate you for being black. I hate you for being poor." - Fiscally Conservative, Socially Progressive.


"Fiscally conservative, socially liberal" is just an oxymoron under the "spend less tax less" definition of "fiscally conservative" they like to use. You can't "less government" your way out of social injustices like that


That is just code for "I'm a Republican, but I also want to smoke weed"


"Fiscally conservative" is a copout phrase by people who don't/can't stand by their beliefs, or don't really have any and just vote for the letter next to a name because they do/always have. Republicans have been some of the worst offenders against spending when in power for decades. Combined with their dependence on supply side economics, their absolute pillaging of the country's coffers is unprecedented. If you're truly fiscally conservative, then the Democratic Party should be who you vote for.


We get that a lot in Canada where people's entire political ideology is "balance the budget" without any idea what that actually means. They will fondly wish for the return of "fiscal conservatives" like Harper without realizing his heavy tax breaks for corporations and widespread social program cuts have made "balancing the budget" a near impossibility for any modern party to even approach.


It's true I'm intolerant of anyone who's intolerant of anyone


That’s the Dave Rubin model.


“I'm pansexual and support a party that wants the LGBTQIA community stripped of rights and dead, but I also really hate immigrants, women, the poor, and black people, so I don't really get along with my community. Why won’t they accept me though? So much for the tolerant Left...😒”


I was born Republican, why can't they just accept me for who I am? This isn't something I can change. You think I can just stop hating minorities, women and the poor? /s


I really think a lot of these people just want to be different for thr sake of being different and oppressed.they're republican because most lgbtq people are liberal. Now they get to be different. And also feel more oppressed than Regular lgbtq people.


More likely they were indoctrinated in arch-conservative households and just still haven’t reconciled the fact that their inherent queerness will NEVER be compatible with the only worldview they’ve ever known.


The same people that stamp their feet and wonder aloud why Pride exists every year are the same people who would gleefully cheer at LGBTQ rights being napalmed. You're answering your own question here, GOP.


Log Cabin Republicans denied again at the RNC, continues to support the party that hates and wants to remove them from existence. I wonder why they are not accepted by either groups. /s


Jews for Hitler.


Chickens for KFC


Jews for Hitler was, ironically, an actual party in Nazi Germany


Just a association, not really a party, iirc.


[There really were jews who supported Hitler.]( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_German_National_Jews)


"When I go to clan rallies I put in blue contacts with white skin tone makeup around my eyes and everyone is so accepting, but when I wear my clan robes to the cookout all my African relatives get offended!" Said no mixed race person ever.


It’s like wondering why Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott aren’t more popular among black people.


*hi I'm black and in the klan, im worried I won't be accepted in the black community cause of my extracurricular activities. Is this weird?*


Candace Owens? Is that you?


No, it’s Uncle Thomas on the court.


That’s uncle Ruckus!


No relation!


Had to expand the replies to make sure someone said it.


Clarence, is that you?


I just realized I haven't seen any posts about her in...a couple of months?


She claimed the texas shooter was trans and I think she toned it down a little after everyone found out that was not true.


Well, being an obvious liar has never stopped her before


I think she's knocked up right now probably why




Dave Chappelle's best skit ever. The blind, black, klan leader. The amount of irony these people bathe in.


We laughed at how absurd that was, but then groups like the Proud Boys actually got token minority members to join them to deflect accusations of being white supremacist.


Yep. There are unironically Transgender and Nonbinary catboy Proud Boys and Nazis. I can't begin to fathom how the fuck any Nonbinary and Trans catboys and catgirls are Fascist or Nazi supporters. It must be an unfathomable amount of self-loathing/lack of self-respect and "NotLikeOtherQueers" going on.


That's what happens when you play to much Hearts of iron and start making your pfp anime.


Has always been that way it is where the extremely offensive slur "uncle Tom" comes from.


Well, Uncle Tom was a character from an anti-slavery novel written by a woman who had little actual experience with black people and slavery. He was a passive, very pleasant character essentially made so white readers had no excuse to hate him and would be angry at his mistreatment. The insult is meant for black people whose entire personality and way of behaving is centered around making white people comfortable. Someone who outright works with the slaver owners, or the Klan, or the Proud Boys is far worse than an Uncle Tom.


Clayton bigsby.


Thank you, it was escaping me.


"When Clayton Bigsby found out he was not white he divorced his wife because he could not stay with a woman who loved a *Black Man.*" -Possibly the most tragically funny description of the cognitive dissonance bigots live with every day.


>**Hedley Lamarr** : Sign here.**Jim** : \[quickly\] Why, Rhett! How many times have I told you to wash up after weekly cross burning?**Jim** : See, it's coming off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIFRZBrOhqc


Clayton Bigsby is that you?


Sure I vote to ruin your lives but why don't you let me into the community?


Which community is worse: the one that doesn’t like that you are an a$$; or the one that wants you removed off the face of the earth. Humm!?


Quick question: what are the odds this person is a liar and it's just some conservative that made this post "to show how intolerant the tolerant left is"?




That low?


There’s a possibility they’re a genuine idiot, so I’m giving them a hefty benefit of the doubt.


It's safe to say we're quite intolerant of Nazis, proud boys, and alt-right shit heads. So much for the tolerant...err...everyone rational minded?


It's always the same shit. "I'm not straight, but I still hate Muslims and immigrants. Why can't you accept me?!"


I think there are just a subset of people who want, maybe even need, someone to punch down on. And they come in all shapes, sizes, races, genders and sexualities. The Republican Party is *the* party of Punching Down, so people try and gain acceptance with it even if their group is one of the ones being punched down on. They wanna be accepted by the bullies so they can be bullies, too.




'Libertarians/Centrists" "BotH SiDes ARe thE sAMe"


I’m Jewish. I’m also a Nazi. Synagogues and prayers make me uncomfortable. Most of my friends are Nazis. I don’t dress like any of my Jewish friends. I don’t think I will be welcomed by the Jewish community because of my political beliefs. Is this strange?


it boggles my mind how someone can be *this* self-destructive and ignorant about it. Tactless, to boot, in their post.


James Baldwin has a great read about people like this who thought being, likely, white would be enough to shield them. Only to find out, you can only hide among them, never be them.


Well their political model is predicated on the persecution of the outgroup. If the Nazis won the war, they would need to constantly find a scapegoat group to point at, to explain why their economic model doesn't work.


Ernst Röhm, the leader of the brownshirts (proud boys) was openly gay and tolerated until he was no longer needed and was killed during the Night of the Long Knives. He was found in bed with another brownshirt leader and a third man.


They said they support the foreign policy and economics of the GOP. There is a lot to be desired from either side on foreign policy. Economics though? They must like that trickle.


The GOP has no discernible foreign policy (other than "build the wall") and their economic policy consists of shoveling money into the pockets of rich people.


Honestly, I think even if they weren’t enriching the 1%. The current GOP would be willing to burn the money than let it provide social services to the “undesirables.”


That would be the exact same thing, with one less step. The 1% is literally burning the money instead of sharing. See the stupid vanity projects of scum like Bezos and Musk.


I teach high school and feel that “student lunch debt is valid” ppl should be burned at the stake.


"I support the foreign policy and economics of the GOP more than I care about the rights of the LGBT" is all I hear from those statements. And it's fine to say that, in some cases one policy is more valuable than another, but you better be damn well prepared to back up that belief and face the controversy of it when that belief outright tells your peers that you don't consider them of enough value and importance to vote for their rights.


You know what history calls germans who supported Nazis solely because of their economic policy? Nazis


Murdering brown people all over the world under false pretenses and stealing as much money as possible from the public trust to give to the oligarchs? Still not welcomed.


Crazy thing is I knew a guy like this irl. He was very openly gay yet loved trump and regularly made fun of liberal ideas. Needless to say the irony wasn't lost on me.


There’s a decent amount of people just like this. Look at the whole log cabin Republicans.


Actually happened btw. Nazis and their allies got like ~20-25% of the Jewish vote.


I wonder of many of the lgbtq voted republican


In most recent elections GOP candidates get between 25-35% of the LGBTQ+ vote.


Have a hispanic friend who moved to Florida and turned into a hardcore Trumper... her job is to lobby for school funding. Not sure which happened first, the job or the radicalization, but it's weird because I remember her as a sweet person, like finding out the nicest person you know gets off to stomping puppies.


I used to know a Hispanic guy who was a single issue (gun "rights") voter. I haven't heard from him since 2015; I wonder if he has regrets. Probably not.


The irony is if the white nationalists run the country, Ted Cruz and many other white hispanics will all be killed.


Rainbow pick-me




It’s just facts. If you vote for people that are against LGBTQ then LGBTQ aren’t interested in hanging with you. Funny that. And imagine posting that you’re a rightoid who’s uncomfortable around other queer folk on a queer subreddit and being surprised that you’re not welcomed.


​ Even as Republicans are calling all LBTQ+ groomers and proposing violence, this guy considers himself a Republican... Zero self-preservation and capacity for critical thinking, that one. Newsflash, to you and that Uncle Ruckus motherfucker on the supreme court; you will NOT be part of the Christofascist White Supremacist state just because you cozied up to them before they got the power they sought.


I hear what they call Clarence Thomas. “At least that one got it right”. I hear this shopping and it isn’t the word “one” used.


Why do they feel uncomfortable around people who are comfortable with themselves? Sounds like this person has a lot of issues they need to work through.


Also if you're not into prides then...just don't go? You won't lose your gay passport for it .


>Also if you're not into prides then...just don't go? You won't lose your gay passport for it . But how would they signal to their conservative friends that they're the good kind of gay?


For the majority of Republicans, the standard closeted tight-lipped homosexual affair will do.


>Why do they feel uncomfortable around people who are comfortable with themselves? And why do they feel comfortable with people who hate queer people, want to make being trans illegal, and don't even believe that pansexuality is even a thing?


My guess is they’re either single or in a straight passing relationship and so can entirely ignore their pansexuality until they want to berate the left.


I'm a straight-passing white woman married to a very light-skinned Salvadoran man. People try to talk shit in front of us because they assume we are a straight, white couple and we get the wink, wink, nudge, nudge, amirite all the time. We have no problem putting bigots in their place. It's a fun way to vet new people you meet, ngl.


I am a big straight white dude, a shaved head, a big beard, and the most leftist person I know. I get that wink, wink, nudge, nudge, amiright shit all the time too. It is so annoying. The worst was a coworker saying, and yes this is a quote, "it's gotten a little dark in here lately, don't you think" in regards to a few new hires. It was one of the first ones I got so I didn't have my confidence up yet to say anything other than "I'm not on your side here". Now I probably would have very loudly asked him to repeat himself and then repeated what he said after he refused to repeat it.


Internalized homophobia


From that same poster elsewhere in the thread: "I have been to GOP meetings. I have talked to people about this. We all want to think about anything except human rights." Way to accidentally tell on yourself.


… what?? What point could they have possibly been making by saying that?!


Normally I can manage to work out their pretzel logic, but this is the friggin Gordian's Knot.


If you find yourself identifying as a pansexual Republican, maybe it's time to admit that the whole politics thing is just not for you.


I love how the eradication or removing of an entire people is just seen as political position. Fucking doomed.


Conservatism and the liberation of lgbt people in society as a whole are anathema to each other.


I guess this person just hates black people more than they like themself.


The log cabin republicans in a nutshell, going either way politically


A pansexual Nazi is still a Nazi.


I’m intolerant, will you please tolerate me?


"I don't want to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Also, why aren't I welcome in the LGBTQ+ community?"


Internalized homophobia is a real hell of a drug.


As the Official Alphabet Mafia Spokeshuman, I can confirm, though we validate their identity and orientation, they are in fact not welcome at Pride.


Their orientation is also likely a lie. This is a 5mo old account that is almost blatantly an alt account (they have a post in freekarma4u about having upset people and needing karma to post again), and yet still 100% of their comments and posts about sexual interest are expressed as being interested in women.


Yeah, their account screams "Troll".


I think that is a fair distinction to make. Identity is valid and I’m not for gatekeeping the community, but an event centered on the past, present, and future fight for rights is not the place for someone who provides support to those working to undermine those rights.


Why do people join groups that actively want to kill them?


Long story short, being a tyrannical POS isn’t unique to any particular demographic. As a result, some members of minority groups want to participate in the maltreatment and abuse of others along with the tyrannical members of the majority. They believe by also being POS they’ll be exceptions to the minority targets rule. This person, like Christian Walker, believes when all the gays are rounded up, they won’t be. They’re special, being POS, too. They’re wrong, of course. They’re tokens held in as much contempt as the rest of us are.


They think being marginalized in one respect means they’re absolved of all self reflection


This. Similarly, I will correct anyone who misgenders Blaire White, but that does not mean I have *any* respect for her whatsoever.


“Fuck… wait, what pronouns do they use?” “She/her.” “Thanks. Fuck her!”


Pride events and rallies, sure. They aren’t for everyone and that’s understandable. But I don’t get “I don’t dress like my LGBTQ friends” Do you not dress?


I just can’t fathom how an LGBTQ person could be a Republican. You don’t have to be a democrat; you can be a libertarian or a non-denominational conservative who believes in limited government and all that nonsense, but to be a Republican is just asking to be shit on by the people you claim to support. They will take your donations and votes and give you less than nothing in return. They won’t even lower your taxes unless you’re already a multi-millionaire.


>I just can’t fathom how an LGBTQ person could be a Republican. See [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/LeopardsAteMyFace/comments/vpb132/what_did_you_think_would_happen/ieif9m5). TL;DR: because they're rich.


In my experience, those that identify as libertarian are still very far right. They do not believe in limiting rights to *their* freedoms, but are too eager to hypocritically limit rights on freedoms that they don’t benefit from. Abortion, LGBTQIA+ issues, a business’ right to require masks, etc. aren’t issues where they will support someone’s right to make their own decisions. I was put into heavily libertarian spaces and every time these issues came up it was a total 180* flip


Libertarians are usually man-children who want the benefits of a modern society without any of the downsides affecting them.