Take your own guns away to own the libs

Take your own guns away to own the libs


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And most didn’t wear a mask to hide their identity during a pandemic. It’s one thing if you’re dumb enough to make a pandemic political but to think the orange asshole had their backs is the best. I love how he fucks his pathetic supporters over and over


Why would you not wear a mask to commit some slight treason, when an excuse to wear one is *handed* to you.


How would senpai notice them if they wore a mask?


The thing is too, they think he actually cares about them. Especially with emails his campaign sends out like "if you don't donate we'll tell orange wank stain"


He did call them beautiful people and say that he loved them or some shit like that. "you're special. You need to stop gouging out eyes now.(wink wink) We love you."


He actually said they looked "low class" during the insurrection. Maybe trump would have helped them if they hadn't looked like *those* people.


the irony of that vulgar pigshit thinking anyone anywhere is beneath him


Low class? Must have been antifa!!!




Oh my GOD those emails! They’re all like “it’s jr. here. My dad was just looking at a list of his faaaavorite and bestest supporters and he noticed that you didn’t donate this month! He’s worried that something happened to you! Please give monies please”


Like a fucking televangelist.


Hey, it works


That might be the most infuriating part.


There's usually a dramatic threat in there too "Donate now or we'll tell president Trump that you hate him and he'll be VERY disappointed"


I always wear top hat and tails when I commit treason. Can turn a riot into a more distinguished hullabaloo.


If you want to /ACTUALLY/ commit treason, run for president. If you win, you can do whatever the fuck you like




Oh, no, Daddy is gonna be mad!


Ya got a link to any of these? I've not seen them.




The best part is that God Emperor Cheeto was concerned they looked low class


This one gets me. Has he **not** been looking at the folks who attend his "rallies"? Who does he think his base is? These are all one and the same.


I honestly don't think he cares what his fan base looks like. I think he said that to push the blame away from himself, as usual. "They looked low class" as a beating down kind of remark could be a way to deflect any responsibility off himself and solely onto the insurrectionists, despite being very much to blame for the whole thing.


Wouldn't it be funny if it was the Qanon "shaman" weirdo who screwed it up for everyone, lol?


Orange Wank Stain 😆😆😆😆


He’s asking for extra birthday donations on his website right now.


LMAO I heard


The last part!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and they are still donating every month. They don't uncheck the box in the fine print.


They're not too bright


They are often grossly stupid. I would say always but... sometimes... every so often... they're just evil.


Please Sempai give me a pardon after some 'light' treason!


And then when he did notice his only remark was that they looked "low class." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/trump-mob-capitol-riots-poor-low-class-b1785099.html


They were dumb enough to think they’d get away with violently overthrowing our government and be lauded as “heroes” like the founders, who ironically would execute all of them for treason.


How else are you going to get your face on Mount Trumpmore after you save America from the commies?


Honestly, I feel like if I was dumb enough to do something like this it would be cooler to wear a mask or ski mask or something. Those tacticool guys in military gear at least thought it through, it was basically live action cosplay


What . . . What other kind of cosplay is there?


They said they wanted their faces in the history books. LOL.


*And another finger curled on the Monkey's Paw*


That guy carrying the podium is going to go down in history like Hazel Bryan, except she had the excuse of being a teenager. He's just gonna be that smug dipshit forever. https://www.npr.org/2011/10/02/140953088/elizabeth-and-hazel-the-legacy-of-little-rock


Because they didn’t think it was wrong to do. In their eyes they were so sure that the election was rigged and if they stormed the capital, trump would personally thank them. They aren’t your everyday morons, they’re semi organized fanatics.


Any other time in history they would have worn masks but they became a symbol of oppression (to them, not me, I’m normal) so they didn’t.


Because they don't like that excuse, therefore they don't work and mean something they entirely made up in their heads rather than looking at masks for what they really are.


>I love how he fucks his pathetic supporters over and over No reason *not* to when they are going to come crawling back and lick your boots no matter what.


I used to feel sorry for them. Now I laugh at them.


I never felt sorry for them.


Yeah it’s really hard to feel sorry for anyone who thinks “this guy’s been conning people for 40 years or whatever, **but certainly he won’t con me!**”.


"If I wear a mask, how can God Emperor Trump recognize me and reward me? Besides, I don't want God Emperor Trump to think I'm some sort of demonRAT! Also Q told me personally all cameras have been shut off so I will be safe, but I better do something outrageous so the media will take pictures of me so Trump can see me."


>If I wear a mask, how can God Emperor Trump recognize me and reward me? Also.. "How will I earn Internet cred if no one recognizes me in the selfies I take whilst prancing about the inside of the Capitol Building!!!??!!" Clearly, they didn't send their best terrorists


>but I better do something outrageous so the media will take pictures of me so Trump can see me. On 2nd thought, Fuck that mainstream media bullshit. I'll just do it myself. HEY FACEBOOK! I'M COMMITTING 5 FELONIES RIGHT NOW!! WOOHOO! Look! We're Stealing Federal Documents off the Libtards Desks! MAGA!!!!


They were bragging about it on Tinder. My cousin would flirt with them getting them to admit to it, and then forward the conversation to the FBI.


I rate your cousin 10/10 just based on this.


Prosecutors have wet dreams about evidence as solid as a real-time, videotaped confession.


**While committing the crime** no less. Makes you wonder why there hasn't been a flood of convictions....its right there in a package for them, open and shut. I thought Prosecutors *loved* padding their CVs with easy convictions. Makes them look "tough on crime" right?


"Tough on crime" only matters when it's a poor black kid caught with a small amount of drugs; *that's why* ***cops*** *who break the law are protected by Qualified Immunity.* At roughly $30,000 a year-per-inmate, we (apparently) have a magically-unlimited budget to enforce drug prohibition! "We can't afford to give you a $3,200 stimulus check during a global pandemic...***but if you smoke pot, we can suddenly and magically afford to spend $30,000+ to prosecute you!"***


Wear a mask to stop covid. "Absolutely not how dare you." Wear a mask so you can't be identified "I'm starting to think you're an antifa agent"


Didn't need to cover their faces, they are all American patriots. Goddamn heros in my book. Oh and masks = bad and that would make them sheep. /s


>Oh and masks = bad and that would make them sheep. I'm honestly surprised so many more of them didn't die from Covid immediately.


Considering the number of people I see come into my work breathing through their mouths like gasping fish I'd say they caught it but blame being "forced" to wear a mask on their now low oxygen levels 🙄


Dude at my work unironically will you tell you it's the "most American thing he's ever seen".


simping for the rich and then having them take you out with the garbage? I mean, yeah kinda 🇺🇸


> Oh and masks = bad and that would make them sheep. This is the part that baffles me. I've outright told the anti-maskers that I'm going to stop wearing the masks when stores go back to "You can't do that here." I like the privacy. But somehow... SOMEHOW the wearing masks that conceal most of our face was the government invading our privacy The right wing has some serious loopty land logic.


As an introvert, I **love** the ability to hide my face in public.


Kinda funny how the one great thing about the pandemic is it allowed people to demonstrate and protest in anonymity. In an age where most public places have cameras and many federal ones (looking at you, London) have intense face scanning tech, not standing out when wearing a mask in public was perfect timing.


I think you have to cover your eyes to remain unidentified. Remember Clark Kent? When I wear my sunglasses, no one at my local food store knows who I am.


Yeah but "masks are for commie liberals". They suffer from extreme group-think and must do as the others do.


> most didn’t wear a mask to hide their identity They didn’t think they had to hide their identity. Let’s back this up a second. There are three republican 2nd amendment wet dreams. These are those apparently wonderful situations where you “get to” kill someone and get away with it (I have heard many _children_ of republican families, when i was a child myself, even explain to me with pure glee in their eyes that if [pick one of the 3 scenarios happens] you can kill people and be right in both the law’s and god’s eyes). The three scenarios are: 1. someone traspasses on your land/property/home and you get to kill them in the name of self-defense 2. you are in a public place, and some bad guy will threaten people’s lives and you will have the opportunity to become a hero in your community by murdering that person before they have a chance to commit their atrocities. you may just be a dude in a public plaza and someone pulls out a gun and you put them down quickly to spare as many lives as possible, or you may be a teacher who gets to heroically end the life of a mentally unstable armed student well before any sort of counselor/therapist can get there to fail at talking them down, or you may even save the life if your pastor when anti-christian terrorists try to attack your church, or any other number of similar completely plausible scenarios. 3. (and this is the most important one) you may have to one day participate in a violent upheaval of your government in order to preserve freedom. to them this is the whole original point of the second amendment. one day there will come a time where the government has become oppressive enough that the only answer is revolution via guns. this is an inevitability and the reason the founding fathers put the second amendment in place. it might not be you, it might not be your children, it might not even be your grand children or great grandchildren. but one day you or your descendants will once again overturn a tyrannical government and the only reason you will have been able to do so is because of your family’s armory. Regardless of which of the above 3 situations, each of these provide the justification for being able to provide the experience and feelings of satisfaction from taking another human’s life. Something which under any other circumstance, you can’t do because you’d be in trouble, the above 3 circumstances (and of course a soldier in war) are the ways that you “get to” kill people and not get in trouble for it in either god’s eyes or the law’s eyes. Nobody doing any of the above should never need to hide their identity. this is why the second amendment exists to these people. Then on top of that, Fox news has spent decades convincing uneducated viewers that the apocalyptic oppressive government in #3 has already happened. Liberals are on a mission to tear down everything that is good and holy and sacred to god, and this war on everything you were taught in church is the very same same oppressive tyranny that the founding fathers intended for americans to overthrow. There’s also a belief that these 3 scenarios are complete monopoly style get out of jail free cards. as far as the law is concerned, any of those situations, 100% of the time, you are off the hook. So no, these people just thought they’d be considered the heroes. they’re just fulfilling one of the fantasies that they’ve been taught their whole life will eventually earn them a place of glory in both the annals of america and in god’s wacky bucket of all of your earthly actions, AND you “get to” kill someone and be a hero for it.


> And most didn’t wear a mask to hide their identity during a pandemic. It was one of the most stunning displays of freedumb I've ever witnessed, and I live in Florida....


Sometimes I wonder how stupid someone has to be to like trump after he’s fucked them again and again. Then I remember it’s a racist ass world and he’s just an icon to them. They only like him for his specific views. I’m sure even some of them are well aware that he’s unreliable af


Thinking the guy who casually floated the idea of stripping Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights would have their back.


Is that the same guy who said "I stand for nothing"?


Its a revolution of people blinded by their own anger at being repressed to the point they dont want the boot taken off their own necks, they just want to see the boot on others.


Honestly, on some extremely minor level I almost feel bad for them. They were SO FUCKING SURE Trump was going to protect them….and he sold them out to dry. That’s what you get for following a charlatan cult leader.


Why would they think trump would protect them? He's screwed over every single person he ever knew his entire life. Maybe not Ivanka because he really wants to screw her.


Because they are dumb cult members, so same way Jim Jones managed to convince 800 people to give him their entire existence and eventually their lives. Although I feel less bad about Trumpers because it’s more of a political statement to look down on people particularly POC/immigrants rather than religious and takin advantage of people who are looking for somewhere they belong.


They didn't vote for him because of what he is. They voted for him because of who they thought he was.


And we salute them for it! They singlehandedly disarmed more white nationalists than any law enforcement branch or Liberal


Don't worry, they'll blame "the libs."


They should because the libs should remind the courts in a year or two that they should search the property of these terrorist in case they possess any other firearms. Can't have terrorists in this country arming themselves. I'm sure these "tough on crime" republicans know the importance of being a law abiding citizen unlike those illegal immigrants they're always complaining about.


They arnt terrorist, they are law abiding citizens and the woman who was shot was defenseless to the Capitol Police. Antifa is the terrorist group who planted the bombs. They are the true fascists. /s


And all the actual fascists standing side by side and erecting a gallows were antifa thugs pulling a false flag operation. Natch.


But don't go investigating the whole incident because there is nothing to see here. Move along.


Mitch and the GQP will simply sweep January 6 under the rug with the other shit from the past four years. Bastards.


Mitch is literally the Palpatine of our time


Nothing says Antifa more like back the blue and trump flags... Somehow Antifa wants to make the right look stupid so they dress like them. At the same time it's the best thing they ever did to stick it to sleepy Joe


I'm sure there were agitators not aligned with trump there. Every event has them. Some people just want to stir the pot irl like trolls online. What i don't get is that my my mom says trump is super popular because of all the people that show up for his rallies. Tons of people showed up for his rally that day. Then they went to the capital. Then they became antifa. If everyone there was antifa then trump didn't have real supporters show up to his rally and therefore is unpopular.


All of the people that did the "bad" things were Antifa. Everyone else was a trump supporter but also a victim. But also don't investigate it at all.


"We love you."


["You're very special."](https://youtu.be/FLlfcz9pp6c?t=25)


Speaking of agitators, do y’all remember MITCHELL WESLEY CARLSON aka [Umbrella Man](https://heavy.com/news/2020/07/mitchell-carlson-umbrella-man/), the Nazi biker [felon](https://www.publicpolicerecord.com/minnesota/anoka-jail/CARLSON_MITCHELL/1907448) shitbag that dressed like a black ops “ANTIFA” ninja and spray painted “Free shit for everyone zone” on the AutoZone near the protests in Minneapolis last summer before busting out its windows to [instigate rioting and looting](https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/07/28/896515022/minneapolis-police-reportedly-identify-viral-umbrella-man-as-white-supremacist) after George Floyd was murdered? Anybody know whatever happened with him?


I’m guessing a fat pile of nothing, because depending on which news articles you follow he was involved in incidents throughout the end of last year, including a shooting in December. So strange how they can’t seem to keep a repeat felon in prison, when he reoffends every three months or so.


You have to be careful introducing logic to Trumpsters. Go slowly, don't give them too much logic all at once or else their brains may smolder. They're not accustomed to logical thinking.


I haven't seen a single shred of evidence that there was even 1 non-Trump supporter there.


If the horns fit


I mean, like...how do you actually satire these people because the most insane thing you can think of to say they've probably managed to find something even more insane to scream into their echo chambers. At this point satirizing them just involves filming them.


You could make something up, post it on NNN and then get awards because it's great research. But only if you say fauci is a fraud, at least once.


You secretly fuck with them by feeding them crazy tangents then in a year you reveal it was a game


You already know what would happen; They would just turn around and accuse you of being a part of the conspiracy and incorporate all the crazy nonsense you already fed them. See Jones for this.


Yeah, I’m with the other guy… this wouldn’t have nearly as entertaining an effect as you think it would.


They’ll believe the crazy tangents, but they won’t believe the ‘it’s a game part’


what about hilareeeeeeee's eeeeeeeeemail???


And Hunter's email. And Fauci's email. But don't check Trump's email -- that would be catastrophic because there's nothing to see there. Edit: for the record.. /s


Implying that Antifa would 'dress' like trump supporters made me violently ill. No decent person would ever want to be caught in trump apparel.


I love how they keep saying that the fascists are the group whose name is anti-fascism.




No, I think it’s like deer or sheep, like a flock of terrorist.


In the months to come, we're going to see a number of articles questioning why felons should lose their access to firearms. Especially from right wing pundits and media outlets.


They can get their rights back, they just need to submit an application to the ATF. Unfortunately Congress hasn’t funded that office since 1992 so tough luck lmfao


Ahh the old “it’s not a problem until it effects me” routine. Conservatives know that one all too well.


Republican Senators actually did send a letter pleading for clemency for these scumbags.


Because taking guns away is for violent criminals and drug dealers. Attempted murder and planting bombs in the capital is not violent because all they wanted was a tour.


I always remember to take my flexicuffs on a tour.


How else are you supposed to greet someone?


Oh yeah the ol' handshake from behind, with your wrists tied together.


I mean.... That's how the police do it. I don't see a better way than that.


I believe a fistbump to the face is customary.


\*your own face\*


That’s what make a patriot these days I guess


Don't forget - those mental giants literally spread shit on the walls. Someone brought in shit and spread it around on the fucking wall. The best people


They must've paid for the premium interactive experience Capitol Tour package.


Did they bring it in or just drop their pants and produce it on the spot? Well, clearly the tour guide failed to show them where the washrooms were. Bad tour guide. /s


They were so overwhelmed by the pure poetry of that day's speeches and awestruck by the MAGAtness of all of the hugging and kissing going on between their fellow tourists and LEOs they couldn't help but smear feces on the walls.


It’s for any felony. I have a Theft 1 charge on my record and I cannot own firearms. They don’t have to be violent crimes, unfortunately. Either way, these traitors can get fucked.


"If demonRATS didn't steal the votes, then Trump would still be in office and he would pardon me for trying to terrorize the Senators and House Members. But fuck the BLM and Antifa for storming the Capitol!!!" - Jan 6 terrorists.


Gotta admit the Capitol got stormed to even use this line of reasoning


No no no, you see, it was the ANTIFA BLMs who stormed the capitol. They infiltrated the peaceful prayer circle the patriots were having in order to make it look like it was the right who attempted insurrection.


I had (keyword) a friend who, no matter what you said about republicans, would always respond with "but democrats..." Literally anything they did wrong would be twisted around to blame democrats. Yet all he wanted to talk about was politics.


They will just see it as an illegitimate government trying to cement power by disarming the populace. They are so delusional they cannot conceive of a world wherein they could be the ones who are wrong.


The next president will pardon them and personally hand them guns. …and probably tell them where AOC is.


No worries, when Trump takes back office in August, he'll of course immediately pardon them all.


But... he could have pardoned them all while he was still in office...


No, you just don’t understand how it works. See, our lord and savior Donald J. Trump, he’s always several steps ahead of them libs and the deep state and them lizard people pedophiles. All this happened because him and Q planned it out this way. See, they had to let Sleepy Joe Biden win, even though he stole the election, so he didn’t actually win. It’s all real hard to understand for somebody like us, but our lord and savior is gone get back in that White House in August, just you wait. And if he don’t, well him and Q they got a reason for that too, but they can’t tell us because it’s classified.


It all makes perfect sense when you explain it like that.


It makes sense as long as you don't think about it.


And he was absolutely never a Democrat...never...that was just a mask


All part of The Plan!


That's the best part. Paid exercise.


Man even THAT is a contradiction, these dipshits don't believe in masks.


I see that you see what I did there ;-)


Man, this is Comedy Gold right here!


It would be a lot funnier if it were satire.


Copy paste that into a conservative board and watch the upvotes pour in


I’m really start to think re-education camps are an ok thing. But not like the Chinese version the American version with rainbows, and bunnies, and Eagles and American flags.


it was different then… HE’LL COME BACK AND SAVE US…. RIGHT???


Any day now.


..... right?


I’m a bit OOTL. I get that the goalposts keep getting shifted. What reason are they coming up with now as to why it’ll be August? The last reason was that it was going to be March, because that was when presidents were inaugurated in the 1800’s, I believe?


Trump said it, literally sent out a memo that he's going to be reinstated in August.


Oh I see - basically “just because”. Looool In which case, I’m putting out a memo that I’ll be the first person in history to win the lottery without buying a ticket. There, I said it, therefore it’ll happen.


Gotta keep stringing them along so they keep donating to his "campaign". I cant even blame him at this point. If all the dumbfucks in America wanted to hand over what little money they have, I'd take it from them too.


Everything republicans donate to is a scam. Good thing they get all those tax breaks or they'd be hurting.


Same reason behind all their beliefs: because Trump said so.


woah woah woah there leopard face eaters, lets not get ahead of ourselves. 516 arrests/charges. Nobody has been convicted of anything yet.


I mean, that is most definitely strategic. They have to connect the dots to build stronger cases. Each one in this group of cases will build upon the last. The more evidence they can collect about association, what they all say regarding their motivations is important because there could very well be major conspiracy charges levied. Personally I want the state to go in there with as much firepower as possible. These lunatics should be exiled, but I'll settle for federal prison if that's the best we got.


right there with you compadre. I am simply tempering expectations. Until we start seeing the fruits of the investigation, I am not tooting any horns. There were 300-something subpoenas in the impeachment case against Trump, and he walked away unscathed. So I am just saying before we celebrate people losing their right to hairy bear arms, we shouldn't hold our collective breath until they are actually convicted.


God damn I had to come far down in the comments to find this. For the rest of the class, an arrest is not a conviction, and most people are only being charged with misdemeanor trespassing. Constitutionaly, the government cannot take away your rights without "due process" meaning a trial and a conviction. An arrest record is not due process, and therefore your second amendment rights cannot be curtailed on account of one. Thank you for coming to our American Civics 101 talk. Now, do I feel the government oversteps it's limits and punish people without due process all the fucking time with things like asset forfeiture and gunning black men down in the streets? Of course I do. But I'm not gonna play whataboutisism with it.


I wonder if some of them might even get stuck paying _trump's hidden, recurring donations after they're convicted and in prison. That would be a weird double whammy. They then would need to sue him to stop the steal. Edit: Sorry, auto correct messed up name spelling, fixed. Is there lower than lower case letter? Underscore?


I wouldnt be surprised to find out they are willingly/happily still contributing.


Sending Trump letters asking him to fuck their wives while they're in jail.


That would be the ultimate schadenfreude.


That's awesome they are caught and gonna get punished but I feel like I'm the only one who seems to remember there's an actual attempted bomber out there and like how are we not all talking about that?


Can't talk about it all the time


No one mentioned that the last white rhino just died. Why is that? The last white rhino just died and here we are.


r/keeptrack is why. There's a gish gallop of controversies that none stick.


It will somehow be Antifa or the Liberals fault. Just wait.


Insert Always was meme here


Already is


"Take the guns first, go through due process second." ~ Their Dear Leader


Their spouses are going to inherit some collections, assuming they don't have records. That's how G. Gordon Liddy got around it.


Might have worked for him but it doesn't work for the average felon. If there's a gun in your home and you can get access to it then you're considered to be in possession of it. A lot of people do exactly what you're talking about and get away with it, but not because it's a legal loophole, but because cops can't just search your house for guns, even if you're a felon. They'll catch you on this shit during the investigation of some other crime though.


Alternatively, non-violent felons shouldn’t lose their right to own firearms.


I’m waiting for those guys to ignore that and get busted hard when they’re open carrying at protests later.


Will they break laws to own the libs because they can't get their guns taken away: yes Will they post pictures making sure everyone sees their crime : yes Will they cry about it when they are punished... Again : also yes


I want the hot summer song this year to be "You Lost Your Own Gun Rights" with a really obnoxious but fun dance.


With a terrible dance. Something from fortnite like the floss. Or something overly sexual to hurt their religious eyes.


It takes away their LEGAL guns. Been seeing a lot of posts on conservative channels showing them “losing” their registered guns in “boating accidents”


That's an old joke and only gets parroted for the sake of tradition. It plays on the fact that the ATF has no idea what firearms a person owns (because guns aren't registered, sorry), only that they had a background check to buy one at some point. So if they show up to take your guns, you just claim they fell overboard and the ATF literally has no way to prove anything otherwise. It's just a dumb joke. Anyway, you have nothing to worry about. Conservatives love LAW AND ORDER above all else so there's no possible way they'd try to *illegally* purchase firearms. (/s obviously)


They only support gun control against brown people. Can't have those Black Panthers owning rifles and following cops around.


I'm not a "conservative", but I am a huge gun advocate. There is (in most cases and states) literally no way for anyone to know what guns you have unless you show evidence for it. I know people who absolutely will use the boating accident clause, if need be. And if these clowns face felony charges there are countless ways today to get or make firearms without going through an FFL. But they won't get charged and literally nothing will change with their lives from here out.


Thugs and criminals, the lot of them.


That joke is coming up because the gov is going up make pistol braces illegal again. And it's in the liberal gun subs too.


The only reason they support felony gun laws is that they couldn't write a racial based requirement.


The right was also the original group to push for gun laws because God forbid the black panthers had guns.


The *original* push for arms control in the US, post-England’s attempt at confiscation from the colonies, was entirely based on racism. Some of those laws are still on the books and get defended by the “left” despite them doing nothing but make it harder for poor (see: historically oppressed communities) to defend themselves.


Wow, it's almost like the laws in place that are hundreds of years old could use an update for modern times. The Regressive Conservative Party doesn't like change though, so good luck with that one.


How does that work? Assuming any charges are actually brought against them. Does this just mean they can’t buy NEW guns or is someone going to take the guns they have already? If so, is it an honor system?


It is an honor system. A convicted felon cannot own/use guns or live in any place that has guns in the home. If they're caught with guns, it's an automatic second felony conviction. But nobody goes around checking up on it, it pretty much only applies if they're somehow caught with the guns, usually when getting caught/investigated over another crime. Though with these guys, they might just post pictures of themselves with guns online, which if anybody is watching would be enough to turn them in. Felons also lose the right to vote, which will also piss them off royally. Most of them won't get felonies in the first place though, so then the whole thing is moot.


It's the liberal long con. bait them into committing felonies, and boom. *gun control*


Unfortunately, this is about the extent we can gloat about when most of them are going to get off with probation and no prison time. Pretty nice legal system when violent insurrection has a sentence of probation while theft or drug possession can go up to life in prison.


I wrote a song about it. The opening lyrics are: Big truck, Beer gut, Arrested by the FBI for the Capitol riots I'm crying now...


I see potential summer hit


Their attitude towards felons accessing firearms is gonna change real quick.


This assumes they're convicted, of course, but assuming they are, [those won't be the only rights they lose. ](https://thelawdictionary.org/article/what-rights-do-convicted-felons-lose/)


Well it’s not the felony arrest; it’s the felony conviction. But point taken.


Nah. Theyll do what most criminals do. Own guns anyway. Because fuck laws.


I don’t know exactly what they’re pleading these cases out to but only felony convictions matter.


As they should. Responsible gun owners don't fuck around with stupid bullshit.