"F*CK the government I supported"

"F*CK the government I supported"


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"We need to get out of here ~~because I hate all of these brown people stealing my jobs~~ for the children!" "Woah, wait! No! This isn't what I wanted! This is....it's ruining the future for the children!"


The funny part is the white eastern europeans that were coming for the shitty jobs will now be replaced with more coming from India and Pakistan. Not that I consider them in any way less qualified or deserving but I hope it pisses off the very same people that voted out.


A cunt I work with admitted to me that he voted leave "to stop Muslims coming in." I took great pleasure in pointing out that if white Europeans aren't coming over, someone, likely brown-skinned will, and the idiot voted against his own fucked up interests. What a cunt.


Uneducated people will be the death of us all. Out of curiosity what was his reply / how is he defending it now? Businesses already started complaining about the lack of seasonal workers.


The cunt just laughed and dismissed it, because that view clashes with the screenshots sent to him on his socials. You can't win with cunts like that, so don't try. It was very unsatisfactory. Strangely enough the cunt is an anti-vaxxer too. It'd be a shame if he got it.


If they’re truly anti-vaccine then they shouldn’t have a problem registering as such. That way if they end up at the hospital with covid they can be either sent home or sent to a no-treatment Mother Teresa ward, saving the equipment for people who took it seriously at least.


You can register as anti-Vax in UK or is this hypothetical lol. Sounds cool if so


If only...


Is that a real thing?


If only...


While the treatment under Mother Teresa care was highly variable, it certainly was not no treatment. If there was a doctor in the house, the patient did get medical care. When there wasn't, the medical care was dependent on the sisters or the volunteers with variable medical knowledge. If the medical knowledge was first aid, the patient was cleaned, bandaged and given OTC medication or whatever is on hand. Sometimes with incorrect diagnosis. The controversy was Mother Teresa not divert more resource into the patient care when funding was available. BTW, I am not defending Mother Teresa. I am defending the sisters and volunteers who helped the patients to the best of their abilities. The front line staff were not deliberately depriving their patients of medical care.


Perhaps the anti-vax nurses can take care of the anti-vax patients.


American here. I love how much y’all throw around “cunt” a word that is completely unnecessarily demonized by my puritanical countrymen.


Be the change you want to see, comrade.


It's pretty top of the tree of swear words here in the UK too... We just don't let that stop us when someone is being a real Cunt.


Bro. I’ll come work seasonally. From the US. Like can’t we just carve out a section of somewhere to put all of these imbeciles and then watch them form sub hate groups when there’s no one else around but them? Their whole fucking identity is based around what they aren’t and how it’s not as good as what they are because if it were they would be that instead. Bunch of fucking simpletons.


Not uneducated, stupid people who don't think critically will be the death of us all. I know some mightily stupid and ignorant people that graduated with good degrees from good universities.


Education isn't always how many degrees you have. Stupidity comes from ignorance. You can combat ignorance by educating. Being informed, having the ability to do research and think critically is still a form of education. You can teach these skills in school and a lot of countries do but many don't which is where the main problem lies.


I'm very uncertain about this. There's no shortage of highly educated people that are incredibly ignorant


That's because education isn't a flag that you have or not. You can be highly educated in a field and completely ignorant in another. The problem is you have to be aware when you're uninformed and look into things. Lots of people think just because they are good in one or two fields they know everything about anything. Which is not true...


Picking up on an old thread, but just to say: in life we need to recognise experts as best we can and listen to them. It is supremely unlikely that we are the expert, but many people act like they are.


I want to know too. Probably *Suprised Pikachu face*


Ah yes, my favourite was asking which country in the EU is Muslim?


All of them, Sweden has no go zones and errrrrr there's black people in France /s


I live in Sweden and there is a no go zone in the back of my house. If you hang out there just for a bit a swarm of huge forest mosquitos will suck you dry. Those beasts are vicious and relentless. I tried camping equipment and they completely ignore it. I definitely don't go there.


It's like that in Scotland too mate, fucking midges, wish they'd go back to where they came from


No no, it's England that has the no go zone where Sharia law rules /s




My very misguided brother voted leave to 'get the p***s out'. It felt wrong even typing that with censored letters.


I don't even know what slur that is, and I'm a Progressive trans woman whose dealt with literal Neo-Nazis. Your brother sure has mastered the art of hatred.


Just googled it. P*kis is a slur, huh? Racists managed to imbue so much hatred and derogatory sentiment into a shortening of the word "Pakistan" that it became a slur. Not surprising. Jeez, humans are messed up.


One of my buddies is an undercover racist, he won't admit it but it often comes through. During Brexit he was talking about legitimate fears about 'immigrants' which quickly devolved from stopping people from Africa and middle East etc from coming here. I told him it'd be the Polish etc who will be hit and those jobs will be replaced by those not in the EU from erm... Well you know. "Something something our borders" Well here we are and when EVERYONE wanted the borders closed they refused.


Him: we shall source our labour from our Commonwealth! Queen: shows map of the commonwealth members states in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and India-Pakistan-Bangladesh Him: shit




This kind of people only remember the white part forgetting the backbone and future strength of the commonwealth is literally the African and asian countries


I remember all the jingoistic flag waving seemed passe but somehow it's back with bigger gaps in history than ever.


I always thought UK is those countries that would only go on flag mania for Royal, national or sporting events


It used to be so in the UK. I was there for the Silver Jubilee and that was the last time I remember some serious flag waving Heavy Bunting Forward Action Commemorative Plate With Teacozy Deployment for the next nine years I lived there. And I was there for some of the royal weddings, the Falklands, etc. It was rarely done. But Johnson et al brought it back in a big way with help from the right wing press and no it's not very creepy at all...


I knew their arguments were major BS the moment I heard. Emigrated to Sweden, not the UK and I can tell you it's friggin hard even with EU citizenship. You don't get to pay visas and that's about the only benefit you get. You don't have access to many things people need for seeking employment, including being given a SSN, until you're in the work force. Which is a problem since employers generally avoid people without a SSN because it implies extra paper work and you can't do anything without it like rent accommodation or simply open a bank account.


Why are you friends with a racist?


One of the people who was more a brother to me than my own brother is a racist, and I don't really talk to him much anymore because being the person I am I have to confront him about that stuff so the relationship has definitely become strained. It's hard for me because there's so much we share and yet I can't stand parts of him. But as his friend I want to try to help him understand, not just abandon him to the people I know are making him worse.


Because I've known him over 45 years and like I said he's an undercover racist, and it only comes out during debate. Most of the time he fixes cars, talks sports and comedy and has a laugh. I've never seen him racist in public at all. Brexit seemed to bring the worst out of him, and tens of millions of others.


Not just Brexit, but so much of the propaganda behind it. That is still going on.


Sometimes people are friends with people who have cheated, commit sum crime or other shit cuz they are fun/good friend yadda yadda. Or they think thwy can push them in the right direction.


Because the other commenter is okay with racism as long as it doesn’t directly affect them


Am I? Thanks for speaking on behalf of others but no that couldn't be further from the truth. If you know someone 45 years and one day they randomly during a debate about Brexit, start talking shit about minorities and it shocks you to the core, you have a number of options. Crying about it and unfriending on FB isn't going to fix anything. But you do you.


This actually. The person that made the most people leave the KKK was a black dude befriending them. Empathy and being nice is gonna get you a lot further than booing someone. edit for source but there are many https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daryl_Davis https://www.npr.org/2017/08/20/544861933/how-one-man-convinced-200-ku-klux-klan-members-to-give-up-their-robes


As an american, we have massive experience with these types. Trust me when I tell you that they are not fixable. You are wasting your time. Remove from your life and move on. That is the only thing that will have any affect on them whatsoever.




No, you live in a fantasy land. Telling people you'll smack them during a debate, is exactly why LEAVE won. You should always try and educate and keep things civil. Take the higher ground. I haven't even barely mentioned what was said but you've taken whay little I did say to claim I'm friends with racist because it doesn't effect me. Fucking ridiculous. We are talking about Brexit and 99% of his talking points were in our very own newspapers. That's a bigger issue to me.


Right. Must be super nice to not be impacted by racism so you can just treat it as a quirky personality trait your friend has.


What a cunt comment. He is obviously conflicted and attempting to deal with a complex relationship issue with someone he has loved for years. But yah, be a cunt about it


>Must be super nice to not be impacted by racism I mean . . . yes?


Don't you think it's better to try and influence differing opinions rather than cut off anyone that disagrees with you? Seems like you've got a really simplistic view of the world.


I think that gives a false equivalence. His friend is racist and just doesn’t want brown people in his country. If he was able to make the decisions they probably would have less than equal rights compared to the “deserving” whites. I don’t give people who think others don’t deserve rights based on their skin color equal weight.


Right but cutting them off does absolutely nothing. People need to engage with these people and call them out when there wrong. It's a lot more powerful if that criticism is coming from a friend.


I work at a hospital and loads of our European nurses have gone due to Brexit. We’re replacing them with “International Nurses” mainly from Nigeria, Philippines and India. Farage will be fuming! 😂


If only there had been any signs...


Unfortunately the signs weren’t on a bus


Yes, I mean just anything to warn people. Frogs raining down from the sky, locusts, the sea turning red but we got nothing! How were we supposed to know without one of the approved signs?!


Man,It’s really something that the UK sorta has the same problems and people as out country(USA)


It's Murdoch. Same problems in Aus too I believe.


Who/what is Murdoch and how do they relate?




TLDR is that Rupert Murdoch owns TV news stations and newspapers across the English speaking world (e.g. Fox) and uses them as a mouthpiece for right wing propaganda, and to influence governments in US, UK, Australia.


He owns like 80% of our media. 100% or near that of all media outside the major cities. Shit is fucked. He is the single biggest piece of filth on the planet.


same vibe, same party creating the artificial adversity for their constituents to own the libz


Hmm Britain, Australia and America....theres a (nice imperial) pattern there somewhere


Mmm that quite a riddle, guess we'll never know.


Yea. It's becoming nearly as divided as well. And it's kind of proving that the two party system in the US is actually the only thing keeping it together. Without it, it's gonna be like the UK, where you're gonna have Republican rule that's basically going to be unchallengeable for many, many years to come because the left/center is just nothing but infighting and purity testing.


> ~~because the left/center is just nothing but infighting and purity testing~~ systematically disenfranchised and undermined by the rich. FTFY


Yea, thanks for proving my point. You're exactly the problem and why if the US got away from a two party system, we'd all be absolutely fucked. You'd genuinely be shooting yourself in the foot and would basically kill the progressive movement, but you dont have the sense to see that.


Wait, Boris is a bad prime minister? First I hear about it.


To be fair, he's bad at everything worth doing.


I think he's pretty bloody good at doing things for Boris and only Boris.


Except for his hair.


I like the backwards through a bush look. Makes me think "Ah this guy is down to earth, like one of us normal people. He must have my interests at heart... because he clearly doesn't give two sh\*ts about his appearance. Or have any moral standards. Or an ability to govern. No care for his illegitimate children he has an injunction about. Or any time for his journalistic standards. He must be using his free time to be just like me. Joe Normal. With my awful backcombed blonder hair"


I studied psychology and we were taught that people who are unkempt, smelly and dress like crap are doing that out of disrespect to other people. Not talking about homeless but people with enough money to not look like one and still do. The British parliament is just a shelter for bums! Boriska's not down to Earth because he looks like he woke up from a week of drinking with his russian buddies, he's a narcisstic prick who shows he has zero respect for other people, Boris is unkempt because he enjoys making you uncomfortable, as it's so unpleasant to look at his ugly mug... same with tRump, who looks just as bad. Thankfully, at least you can't smell them through news so far, backwards pants or not!


>I studied psychology and we were taught that people who are unkempt, smelly and dress like crap are doing that out of disrespect to other people. Not talking about homeless but people with enough money to not look like one and still do. Must not have been a very good psychology degree if that was the takeaway.


Is this an attempt to get me out of my yoga pants?


His hair has done amazing things for him. It fits perfectly with his manufactured buffoon persona. If he'd had normal hair, he might not be PM right now. Yes, I'm exaggerating, but not by much.


He does it on purpose. I can't remember where I read but one family member (sister I think it was) says he does it in order to appear innocent or naive so people can trust him more. The guy knows how to play people. Too bad that's all he's good at. Edit: I didn't read it I got the info from [John Oliver's episode](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXyO_MC9g3k).


He's good at cheating on his partners... Oh wait, he's always getting caught. He's bad at that too.


His Wikipedia page lists his number of Children as 'At least 6' - that should tell you all you need to know about the level of shady this guy is when it comes to the women in his life. It's also fucking hilarious. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris\_Johnson


What a strange charisma he must have. It's not like he's physically attractive or anything.


Being rich and part of the aristocracy will do wonders to loosen knickers, it seems.


I mean I have nothing to say other than his partner is a decade younger and was an intern on his team when he was married to someone else. Some people do not mind being a pathetic cliche but in her defense, she is the only one who believed he was gonna leave his wife and it worked out


Charisma is the nickname he gave his bank account.


I don't want to imagine women getting closer than 5 meters to that uggo creep.


5 meters is 5.47 yards


I like to think he literally has to use a £50 note on a fishing line. Reeling women in with money MUST be his only gimmick.


He's good at getting what he wants.


Great Trump impersonator


From what admittedly little that I know Boris is donnie light. Corrupt in many of the same ways but not as extreme.


Boris is Trump who actually is a smart fuck, which is terrifying.


Boris is better than Trump. And he doesn't command some cult army like Trump does in the US. But yea, he's still basically a conman like Trump, if that's the comparison you want to make. And is better at it. I really think it's hard to overstate how awful a human being Trump is. There's genuinely not one redeeming aspect to him whatsoever. I'm not sure I can think of anybody else who I can say that about.


He's got too much brains to be a convincing trump though


Boris was there first, I think.


[Video from 1999](https://imgur.com/a/Q2nLVgN)


Frankly I wish trump was like Boris


Classics is worth doing. Being an off the cuff speaker is also quite good. Let's not fuck around, the man is a menace but he's dangerously competent in certain areas.


When someone with some intelligence does dumb shit, I asume he is doing it for money. People get offended, shrug, I just assume it’s probably an easy explanation. These amoral gobshites do not care about your well-being


Boris Johnson is living proof of the British public school systems ability to educate upper class twits way beyond their intelligence.


>intelligence Okay, now define intelligence. I just don't get it, you're allowed to acknowledge that someone is smart without having to like them for it. He's a cunt, and he's smart. So what?


But he isn't smart, he gets away with things because of his connections and has hoodwinked people because of his naughty schoolboy persona. He has a degree in a dead language which hardly anyone bothers with, he can barley keep his head financially above water despite a good income and as for his personal life it can only be described as a car crash. He can't even push an agenda, as Hestletine said about him, he looks to see which way the crowd is turning before pushing his way to the front and shouting 'Follow me'. Unfortunately, acting like a comic book school boy with a cheeky smile is what seems to pass for intelligence with a public who put more thought into who they vote off Love Island than who they put in Downing St.


>But he isn't smart, he gets away with things because of his connections and has hoodwinked people because of his naughty schoolboy persona. He has a degree in a dead language which hardly anyone bothers with, he can barley keep his head financially above water despite a good income and as for his personal life it can only be described as a car crash. How do you want to define 'smart', then? He has a 2:1 in Classics from Oxford, I don't understand what you have to gain from diminishing a respected degree from, well, Oxford. Especially when he retains enough knowledge to competently debate Mary Beard.


if only someone had said something.


I couldn't tell. Everytime he ruffles up his hair, I get blinded\* to all his other flaws.


Oh yeah. He is basically a smarter Trump.


Easily one of the worst people in the world


I thought he was the greatest leader since Alfred the great. After all he led the UK out of the oppressive EU, negotiating great exit and trade deals and singlehandedly defeated the Corona virus without problems to speak of. Now he is building the greatest fleet the UK ever had.


this is the internet, please don't forget the /s


As many partners as Henry VIII.


You reap what you sow, as the saying goes.


These days they can't find enough workers to do the reaping.


Bloody foreigners, not comin over ere!


And sometimes you have to reap what some other cunt sows.


Yeah that's the worst part of it.


Did she learn a valuable lesson?


"Conservative" has become a polite word for "complete fucking idiot" because there's nothing traditionally conservative about the far-right complete fucking idiots who get called "conservative."


Do you know why the vaccine makes the forks and keys stick to my skin?


That's not the vaccine. You're just dirty and sticky. Be less disgusting.


And they are always the loudest too.


_surprised Pikachu_


We are not married to our current opinions. Good for her for being able to change her views


If this is the person I think it is. Her tweet was about being anti lockdown, she's also part of turning point UK and in general a bit of a wank.


If thats the context, sure. But the like given information of the post, the way most people are seeing it undoubtedly, is just people being dicks about someone who looks like they changed their mind


Everyone knew Boris was a twat beforehand. There was all the information in the world he is a twat. It wasn't suddenly new news a year after he was elected. Her fault


>Good for her for being able to change her views In America it wasn't hard to find Trumpers mad at Trump for not being more racist and authoritarian.


Remember when Justice Gorsuch voted to protect LGBT rights, because any reasonable interpretation of the law in question compelled him to do so, and conservatives were [absolutely furious](https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/502834-gorsuch-draws-surprise-anger-with-lgbt-decision) that he didn't just ignore the law and vote to be a bigot instead? Good times.


I suspect the problem is that "they're doing Brexit wrong, why aren't they doing it right?" but without context hard to know for certain.


My GUESS is that it's actually anti-lockdown stuff. While I do see people complaining about brexit and it's effects, they rarely actually blame the government for that. But there are a bunch of right wingers who ARE getting pissed off at Johnson actually doing the bare minimum to save lives during the pandemic, instead of letting people die. Edited for clarity.


*American here* BJ and the Tories sure lucked out on COVID coming along to deflect blame away from Brexit for fucking up the UK's economy. That's including when Boris got COVID and almost died from it.


Fun fact: "lucked out" means "bad luck" in all English speaking countries other than the US!


are you sure? i’m scottish and lucked out to me is getting lucky


Could just be American media is influencing colloquial speech. Here's an [interesting article](https://www.writerscentre.com.au/blog/qa-luck-out/) on it.


could be it, thanks for the read :)


Erm, no. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/luck-out


> But there are a bunch of right wingers who ARE getting pissed off at Johnson doing the bare minimum to save lives during the pandemic. where?? this is some bipartisan hope I can get behind, I just need more info


Oh, I may have not been clear enough. They're getting annoyed he's doing anything at all. They wanted to not lockdown at all, and just let people die. ​ They're the people taking after the US "libertarians", who take any thing they don't personally like as an attack on their "freedoms". (And tbf, they aren't ALL right wingers complaining like that, there are some lefty people, and while I get and agree with their gut instinct to not let the government abuse powers, they're currently expressing it about the stupidest things, while often not commenting on more (imo) concerning things.)


I think they meant that they're mad he did anything at all, and would prefer no safety measures be in place.


Lol, no once a racist conservative always a racist conservative. These people are way too stupid to ever change their racist ways.


>Lol, no once a racist conservative always a racist conservative. These people are way too stupid to ever change their racist ways. Are you an idiot? People consistently demonstrate not only the ability to change, but oddly enough they sometimes critically reassess their points, or come upon new information which is presented in a fashion that will sit with them. It's not like there a thousands of examples of people changing their beliefs at a point in their life. If you don't know them from Adam, how can you possibly say that they're incapable of change? It's just stupid, it reflects more on your clear and current idiocy than anything else. Do better, stop being part of the problem.


>People consistently demonstrate not only the ability to change, but oddly enough they sometimes critically reassess their points, or come upon new information which is presented in a fashion that will sit with them. to be fair, if they are ready and willing to change then they're not conservatives. conservatives, by definition, do not want to change - they want to conserve.




Oh, I'm a leftist, but thanks for the thought. Have fun with your dedicated troll account. Do you only log in when you've had a bad day?


Just a few more troll posts before i clock off for the day.


That mindset is even more ignorant than a racists. You can't possibly believe that's true


Have you tried giving them 5000$? Buying a US politician is surprisingly cheap.


yeah, I just see someone changing her mind here. No context. No leopard eating faces.


The whole schtick with LAMF subreddit culture is judging people who *don't* see the error of their ways. Like... a priest saying God is punishing people with covid... but denies that God is punishing them when they get it. Or a Trump supporter who *still* supports Trump but directly comments on the failures that Trump caused.


Is it? I thought it was laughing at people who make shit decisions and then complain about the consequences.


It's kind of that, but it is a specific shit decision. It is the decision to support someone who very clearly will inflict harm upon you with the power you've given them. And then being surprised that the monster you've empowered turns it's gaze upon you. "He's just not hurting the right people!" You scream, realizing you were fed lies, and the person you supported doesn't limit their harm to people you dislike. It's like supporting the release of leopards into your community, and being shocked when those leopards eat your family and your face. Except the leopards are politicians and they eat your face with policy.


Its not just about changing your mind, it's having the lack of self-awareness that means you bitch about the problems that you brought about directly through your own vote. If you think "well, this is shit but I did vote for it so can't really complain" then that doesn't qualify. But in this case, woman proudly flaunting a 'back Boris' t-shirt is now loudly complaining that he's a shit PM.


This you?




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This women is horrible. Seen her a few times on Twitter and her takes are awful


Please reply to this comment explaining why the post fits the sub and make sure to have a good day!


You could just go with /u/salladfingers' statement from when this was posted [back in October](https://redd.it/jdndtd) (same title and everything). >She supported a government and presumably voted for them, only to tweet later that the government had failed her /u/Hot-Silver-2689 is a repost bot.


Girl shows support for dollop of yoghurt in a suit with hair sprinkled on the top, she later realises that the yoghurt is sour


yoghurt has been growing mold for a while now.....


How do we know the person in the picture is the person tweeting?


The red scribble mark


I guess we can't unless the person is doxxed. So we just need to trust the OP


As a UK person that uses Twitter I can confirm it's the same person, they're fairly well known for reasons such as this post. And if you're wondering, no, they are still right wing.


Critical thinking can be difficult


Imagine seeing politicians like a team you support regardless of how good ir bad they are. Now imagine the team you support is Boris fucking Johnson.




I'm pretty sure I know what seething arsehole that is. Can't remember her name, but I remember her Tory shite, then her "muh freedoms" shite.


The right when they once again get exactly what they wanted: 😢


Brexit truly is the gift that keeps giving. Sadly, it's at the expense of people who didn't support it as well. It's pretty telling that people who did support and vote for it are so incredulous when their livelihoods are affected, as if it was only supposed to affect those "filthy immigrants" not white people, gee whiz. Like those idiots being kicked out of Spain and other countries, who voted for Brexit. Shit, I don't have a degree in polysci or geopolitics but even I predicted this shit would happen. Numerous people predicted this. They told the UK voters this would happen. It wasn't a prediction, it was just common fucking sense.


To be fair, I'd rather have an imbecil see the light and stop being an imbecile. Changing your politicl views based on experience isnsonething I can respect.


I assume she changed her mind because Boris is not as right wing / libertarian as she thought when she voted. I don't think she has changed her political views.


Something tells me the things she’s mad about the government ruining aren’t the thing that everyone here thinks she’s mad about


I need my caffeine to kick in quicker... For a hot second, I thought Boris Yeltsin was back on the scene.


If he was, you wouldn't be needing caffeine anymore with that stress


Ha! Welcome to Tory 'reality'. Same as it ever was!


He might be stupid, amoral, self-serving, incompetent and a complete buffoon but he is quite funny, isn't he? Much more charming than the others. Oh, let him off.


They don't call them dupes for no reason. We have weaponized and automated duping people.


I’m always so confused with what’s wrong with people who are smart enough to change their mind?


As a Brit living in the area."


No way to tell if its the same person with the profile pic blocked out. [This is a repost from October 2020](/r/LeopardsAteMyFace/comments/jdndtd/fck_the_government_i_supported/)


These kind of people are some of the worst. Same kind of people that blindly follow a religion and every instance they get they tell you,”how you are not going to heaven because you are not part of their cult.” If god is real and knows everything than why do you keep trying to talk it. Shut the fuck you might learn something


I mean, that title describes 99% of modern political views


Hot take but maybe we should be encouraging people to be objctive and admit when they fucked up and drank the koolaid


Yes, but that doesn’t stop this instance from being fitting for this sub


I’m not sure I like this. Yes they’re idiots to have supported him to begin with but it’s not a bad thing to change your mind and make the right decision


They're not, they are just anti-lockdown... in other words they don't care about infections, they just want schools open so they don't have to look after their kids all day. Idiots.


I assume the change of heart is Covid restriction related rather than in relation to Brexit or the implementation of Boris' manifesto. Had Boris not won the election then restrictions would have likely been worse.


Theres nothing to suggest restrictions would have been worse had there have been a labour government.


Restrictions would have been shorter if government policy hadn't been "let people spread covid19" for a long time


On reflection it is a valid post, Boris had always positioned himself as a libertarian before the 2019 election whereas now with covid restrictions he has shown himself to be as much an authoritarian as his Labour, Lib Dem and SNP opposite numbers.


Louis CK is actually a bitch move.


It's ok to call the cops.