Ashli Babbitt family sues police that shot her during the capitol insurrection. Why didn’t she just comply and not storm the capitol building?

Ashli Babbitt family sues police that shot her during the capitol insurrection. Why didn’t she just comply and not storm the capitol building?


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I was surprised more people weren’t shot.


A lot of the cops were sympathetic to the rioters.


A lot of rioters were cops from out of town.


The officer killed by the mob was a Trump voter. EDIT: Please stop "wElL aKsHuAlLy"-ing me about this, I wasn't aware there was a bit more nuance to the story than originally reported and I thank those who corrected me but now I know and *quite* a few replies are in bad faith using this fact as some sort of "gotcha" And besides if you *REALLY* think the injuries he sustained during the riot weren't contributing factors towards his death, HMU because I have bridges for sale, dirt cheap!


Speaking about leopards ate my face...


They eat their own.


Don't worry, I'm sure he was "undercover antifa". /s


They were more than sympathetic, the panic buttons were ripped from progressive democrat offices.


Boebert gave key figures of the insurrectionists a freaking guided tour around Capitol Hill the day before, so they could scout out targets and locations. The Republicans gave tacit, material support to a terrorist attack on capitol hill. and not a single. fucking. one. of. them. are being held accountable. The only reason Trump called them off and Republicans have said even the most soft handed bullshit against them is because they took to long to kill the "problematic" people like Pence, AOC, Pelosi, etc etc. Republicans dont have a problem with the insurrectionists. They have a problem with the fact that they failed their mission.


I believe Boebert was also the one who was live tweeting their locations every time security moved them around.


Yeah, I don’t know how AOC can stand to be in the same room as her colleagues knowing half would literally love to see her brutally murdered.


Because she has been dealing with people like that for most of her life. A liberal, POC, woman who is not shy about calling out bullshit would be like a magnet for assholes. Good for her, fuck them.


Glad she's up for it, I wouldn't want her life.


She has stated multiple times that she may not be up for it :(. I wouldn’t blame her :/


Came here to say this. AOC has repeatedly said the hate she gets from her own colleagues and people who aren’t even in her district makes her question whether she wants/can stick around. I don’t agree with AOC on a lot of things (her strategies not policies) but she is hands down one of the best legislators we have in terms of being real and brave.


And she’s still in office as per normal. That is completely unacceptable.


Let's not forget they built a fucking gallows out front, all semblance of a peaceful protest was lost at that point


> Gallows out front [Built for Mike Pence. The terrorists said they wanted to hang Mike Pence.](https://youtu.be/270F8s5TEKY)


BuT ThAt WaZ [email protected] /s obviously. But two thirds of those mouthbreathers still believe that


Yeah, I'm totally amazed that those assholes are all "It was all antifa, not Trump's supporters," and then get all pissed off when these traitors are arrested and prosecuted for participating in the invasion of the Capital. I have to ask Trump supporters, "Why are you so soft on antifa?"


>The only reason Trump called them off and Republicans have said even the most soft handed bullshit against them is because they took to long to kill the "problematic" people like Pence, AOC, Pelosi, etc etc. I wish I had saved the comment, but someone here once pointed out that they expected a large counter-demonstration happening at that time. The plan had been to engage the counter protesters near the Capitol so when a smaller group entered the Capitol and carried out their "mission" they could later blame Antifa and BLM. That's why it so quickly got blamed on Antifa as the riot was still going on-because that was the *planned* narrative. The problem was that there were no counter protestors. So the group leading the march to the Capitol had whipped their group into a frenzy and their suspected targets weren't there, so it all got directed to the Capitol. So rather than the majority of the action happening outside while the inside was more targeted there was just a crush of people going into the building that weren't part of "the plan" and therefore not only exposed the group as Trump's supporters, but also impeded the mission. Trump had to tell them to knock it off because there was no conceivable way he could pin it on anyone else. If any lawmakers actually wound up dead it could be a bigger criminal matter against him, as it is he got a slap on the wrist and sent to his room because the Republicans could still push the narrative that it was a mostly peaceful crowd who just love their country so damn much, if Pence or Pelosi had been killed they couldn't hide behind that, and they couldn't day they were peaceful and all that until Antifa entered the fray, so to save his own ass and because at that point the chances of getting an actual target were dropping as the chances of the crowd hurting a staffer were growing Trump called them off and finally allowed the National Guard to intervene. If there's one thing Trump is proficient in it's saving his own ass, and that's what he did. I wouldn't be surprised if the people around him weren't begging to intervene earlier, when it became apparent there'd be no blaming it on Antifa, but they only succeeded when they pointed out that if staffers started getting killed that he'd be held responsible and even the Rs wouldn't save him. The dead police officer is one thing, do you see how hard they're pushing the "natural causes" narrative without listening to the "you cause heart attacks/strokes by stressing someone out enough" counter? To them the only blood that was spilled that day was Babit and now they're trying to flip the script where they're the good guys and the Capitol police are the bad ones.


Counter-protestors would usually be around, but everyone in the country knew Trump’s rally was going to be a violent insurrection. The cops knew. The people knew. The FBI knew. The National Guard knew. The insurrection was a surprise to nobody. What was surprising was the lack of security. There was still the idea that decision makers in the police and military were at least pretending to take their threats seriously.


Obviously it’s not funny in a “ha ha” kinda way because lives were at stake, but I’ve gotta say - it’s pretty fucking funny that even with all that inside help, they still failed miserably. Watching those clowns haplessly rifling through desks for “evidence” (remember the ‘Ted Cruz sold us out! Uhh oh wait I read that backwards..’ guys?) before kinda just giving up and wandering the halls told you all you need to know about who made up the lion’s share of that crowd. Even when this bitch decided to climb through the window to accept her Darwin Award, the chatter in the background sounded more like a COD lobby than a group of trained specialists. Makes it even crazier that so many people that aided and abetted Meal Team 6 have faced zero consequences and are still on the job today.


Too many white people in the way. Edit: I am humbled by the kindness of this funny little community. Thank you all.






I think BLM proved if white people challenge cops authority and ability to murder minorities the gloves come off for them too. The Capitol insurrection though was made up of right wing people so the gloves stayed on and cops died.


Well that’s always been the solution to the problem. Racists don’t listen to the people they hate and oppress. Even Dr King lamented this in his letter from a ~~Montgomery~~ Birmingham jail. That moderate white people, who claim to not be racist, are part of the problem if they say or do nothing to oppose racism. *edit* *It was the letter from Birmingham jail* thanks u/01020304050607080901


No different than tolerating people not wearing masks because "theyre fine"... you kill my grandma im NEVER letting you live it down.


Ugh, my husband's uncle killed grandma in January by not wearing a mask and I don't think I can look at his stupid face ever again. He almost died, too. Stupid fat fuck.


Im sorry for your loss. THIS is the reason why I didn't visit my parents for nearly a year. I used to visit them once or twice every month for 17 years. I live a couple hundred miles away. As soon as the pandemic started, i was like, I'm not going to visit them because i don't want their death in my hands. I'm so glad that my parents didn't let anybody visit, and my grandma also stopped taking in visitors.


We knew it was him because his whole family got sick. Grandma was in a facility (don't worry, it was nice and she liked it there) so her kids all came to social distance and wave outside her screened porch for xmas. But the Uncle hugged her. I get it. We wanna hug our family. But we also didn't see anyone for over a year, too! We caught hell for that, lots of "don't you trust your family??!" If we didn't have kids I may have been more laid back but I don't want my kids to have long term effects and we just don't know what those are yet. It just sucks. I know grandma was old as hell, but my kids loved her. And we didn't even get to see her the whole last year of her life.


This was the most frustrating thing for me, talking with conservatives during that whole movement. They just... Don't seem to be able to grasp the very basic message at the core of BLM: cops need to stop killing people. It's not their job nor their right to take people's lives. But Republicans still seem bewildered. What does BLM *actually* want they ask? What about the property damage?! What about the out of control riots?! Then you tell them *exactly* what needs to change... Cops need to stop killing people. And they just like... Can't fathom that? Like they don't even stop to think about it, it doesn't process, and their brains just don't seem to be able to comprehend a world in which cops don't have the unquestioned authority to snuff you out at any time. Try saying this simple sentence to a republican sometime: I don't believe cops should be able to kill people. The really smart ones will come up with some excuses why they should, and then quickly move on to a different point. Like they dismiss the whole idea out of hand as impossible. The rest just seem to glaze over, and start talking about something else like property damage or looting. I truly wonder if they just can't imagine how things could ever be any different.


If we want them on board, we need to frame it in a language they understand: Police should not be performing post-birth abortions!


It feels like at this point, they're being willfully ignorant. Because seriously. Who values property over humans?


It's not real to them because it doesn't happen to them.


Even when it does!! My grandma killing uncle still doesn't wear mask... It's willfull ignorance provided by the echo chamber they live in. My husband has good people in his family, but they're fox "news" loving, gun toting, Jesus loving folk. But they can't know better if they don't stick their head out of the echo chamber to really get it, you know? Because everything they consume tells them they're right. I'm not even a Christian anymore and even I know that the way these folks treat brown or poor folks is not what Jesus would do. I want to say they're good people who don't know any better. But maybe I'm trying to sugar coat it because now my kids have dna from these people...lol.


And white journalists and media, reporting on police violence and aggression, then you get beaten up or worse


Purposely shot in the face with less-lethal bullets causing permanent blindness ~~in~~ *and/or* brain damage.


Not to cause offence, this is the sort of crap you'll hear about in a third world nation(my world/country originally.) This should happen to no-one, especially the journalists. I swear there is a human rights law for this?


There are all kinds of laws in place to prevent it but the system is complicit and we're so influential that the international community is hesitant to step in. Same reason there are few nations that will speak out against the genocide occurring in China or the amassing of troops in Russia. If you're a badass people will let you do whatever you want as long as you leave them alone. The problem with sticking your head in the sand when it comes to fascism is that it will eventually be at your doorstep. It's the nature of the beast.


If those assholes were black the deaths would have been in the dozens


And it all would have happened on the Capitol steps, they never would have made it inside


They also wouldn't have been given a nice little tour if the Capital building prior to the insurrection! Still makes me so mad that several Democratic reps found that their panic buttons had been ripped out of their offices.


Holy shit what?! Didn't we use to hang people for this kind of premeditated assault on the very foundation of our society? What happened to that? We kill people regularly for less.


We condemned violence by pretending change came from peaceful protests while in reality it always came from the riots afterwards.


So fucking accurate. I don't enjoy violence but anyone with 2 brain cells at this point knows what is going to happen before things REALLY change. History has plenty of examples.


That was before the Republicans said «fuck your votes» and tried overthrowing democracy.


My brain has basically given to trying to reconcile that this wasn't even 6 months ago and it's basically treated as a nothing event with no significant consequences. Maybe people are still turning the screws and hunting the perps behind the scenes, but it sure feels like taking down the surface level morons on the scene was the limit of it.


I mean they acquitted the moron in charge on the senate floor.


They never fucking talk about the panic buttons anymore and I really want to know what happened with that.


Yeah for real that is so fucked up, surely there should have been a huge investigation into that and that Boebert bitch who gave rioters a tour of the place just before as well. I mean there's gotta be cameras covering every inch of that place to see what happened with the panic buttons


The Capitol Police showed an amazing amount of restraint. It seems like normally the police empty their guns at people.


Police are normally prepared to open fire on a single person, armed or unarmed. They likely didn't want to get into a shootout with an armed mob of traitors. I'm sure some were sympathetic to the insurrection and racist too but it doesn't shock me that they were reluctant to fire on an armed group that heavily outnumbered them.


This is why we should put automatic sentry cannons in every building. Robots don't care. Unruly uprising? BRRRRRT! Heavily armed group? BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! Old guy in a walker spilling a cigarette butt? BRT! HAIL SKYNE...*cough*


People dressing up for Halloween? BRRRRRRRRT! Someone undercooking chicken? Believe it or not BRRRRRRRRTTT! Overcooking chicken? Believe it or not, also BBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT!


The point of the insurrection was to hold the Capitol hostage long enough to force any sympathetic parties to take a side and light the fuse of a civil war failing to strong arm their dictator into office. This is not over, they will be back, because they will not be a made an example of today. Liberal democracies are ill equipped to protect themselves from fascists. Everyone should be ready for when they do come back within eight years or less.


People really seem to think that there was an attempt on the nation's capitol, and that was it. They don't realize that the timeframe between the Weimar Republic's first insurrection attempt and the installment of a dictator was *10 years*


Good point and noteworthy. This needs to be emphasized more imo. The implication is that this is far from over.


this has barely even fucking started yet. Garland's DOJ is going to do some real damage to these fuckers but they'll push back. I honestly expect some for real assassination attempts on a bunch of Biden admin people before this is over. These people are terrorists seeking to install a theocratic dictatorship, they won't stop of their own volition and have made it abundantly clear that they'll use violence towards their goal.


It's like my dad always said, he said, "Son, if you don't want to be shot and killed by the capitol police, then don't join a terrorist insurrection and attack the capitol." As true today as when he first said it.


your dad is either a sage wiseman predicting the future or just a normal patriotic American who doesn't try to overthrow the democratic process


> normal patriotic American who doesn't try to overthrow the democratic process I make genuine effort every day to not inadvertently try to overthrow democracy. Some days I succeed, but some days I find myself accidentally storming government buildings and falsely claiming I was allowed to be there. What can you do, besides try harder the next day?


Sage advice. Similar to the advice my dad always told me: “If you’re ever in Washington DC, do NOT storm the capital building with a bunch of white supremacists a few days before a presidential inauguration.”


Reminds me of something my grandfather would say. He'd say, "I'm goin' upstairs to fuck your grandmother." He was an honest man, and he wasn't going to bullshit a four-year-old.


Your daughter committed treason and became a domestic terrorist. She became who she was suppose to fight when she was on active duty. EDIT: To all the replies that I get that says "Since when is trespassing considered terrorism, treason, etc" - if you think the capitol building is just a "building" you aren't American. Also if you are comparing the Jan 6. insurrection from looters looting a Walmart... boy you are an idiot and should really take a good look at yourself.


It just shows that she never had America's well being at heart. Everything she did was about her, which has been a common mindset among the Trump worshippers.


Well it also speaks to her delusion of immunity. “I can do whatever I want and no one should carry out any consequences against me.” Then she gets shot and her soul does a surprised pikachu face. Ffs.


I mean have you even seen the video of her getting shot? She's smashing through a barricaded door about 4 feet away from a secret service agent WITH A GUN ON HER, yelling at her repeatedly to stop and get back. There was a violent mob attacking the senate, WHAT DID SHE THINK WAS GONNA HAPPEN? Fucking absolutely blows my mind that all these dummies somehow thought they were playing a video game instead of this being real life, with real consequences. I have zero sympathy for this stupid woman or anyone else that was hurt that was a part of that mob.




"Active shooter!" They're a bunch of fucking LARPers that played a little game of Fuck Around and Find Out.


Yeah its nuts because that was the last door leading to the senate chambers. Storming that has no positive or well intentioned motives...


If ever there was a situation so poignantly full of intent, that broadcasted her malicious agenda, it is her actions in response to the officer's. It's not normal to aggressively approach an officer pointing a gun at you unless you're suiciding by cop. This is known. So the fact that she saw the gun, heard him scream stop, and leapt through that window anyway speaks volumes. We don't even need her testimony to understand what her actions in that moment were saying: "There are more of us than there are of you. You won't shoot, because you'll face the crowd's wrath if you do." She was daring him to shoot in that moment, hedging her bets that he'd do what apparently she must have thought she would do in that moment: tuck tail and run, protect number one. I'm sure many people would do that in that situation. All I can say is that the cop is lucky that that bullet had such a jarring affect on those protestors, yanking them out of their fantasy of invulnerability and righteousness long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Otherwise, the situation we'd probably be discussing would involve six dead protestors and at least one dead Capitol policeman.


This take is bang on, thanks. It was palpable the shocking reality that hits all these idiots at once, their absurd fantasy crashing down around them as one woman falls to the ground. It was poetic in a very sad way.




To be fair, the actual story of how this lady became slowly more and more paranoid and brainwashed is a really sad (not to mention scary) tale. Flipping through her social media, you can see that just a handful of years ago, she was just a regular American lady, posting about the kind of mundane crap that half of your friends do. Then there's a gradual change as she becomes more and more embroiled in insane QAnon conspiracy bullshit. I feel sorry for her and her family to be honest. I know hundreds of Ashli Babbitts just waiting to happen.


I feel sorry for them as well but it’s hard to have empathy when they clearly won’t accept her part in this. They’re suing ffs. What’s next, bank robbers suing for being shot while apprehended?


I don’t feel sorry for them. They take joy when this happens to other Americans, I don’t see why I should feel bad when they get what they’ve been asking for others to receive.


Yea I feel as sorry for then as I do for those poor nazis that were tried for "just following orders".


Maybe her family should target their efforts at suing the people and companies that provided the platforms and materials for her radicalization rather than the cops who stopped her when she was fully radicalized?


Asking for an awful lot of critical thinking with that one.


You assume they aren't down the same rabbit holes.


this is all Foxnews' fault. They gave Trump a megaphone and helped him perpetuate a lie. babbit was another moron who got duped into his call to arms. think of what would have happened if Trump managed to convince a governor or two to call election fraud and swing the election to Trump. would we not be storming the whitehouse with pitchforks?


Her twitter join date is listed as 2016. The beginning of the end for her thanks to that app giving trump a megaohone, too


She joined because of trump. She was already on that train.


And she got exactly what she deserved


Imagine joining the military, swearing an oath to defend the U.S.A., getting radicalized, and then *flying across the entire continental United States*... just to get shot to death trying to lynch Congress and the VP because your orange fuhrer is a fucking loser, and branded a traitor. How did she reconcile these two opposing rationals? Who bankrolled this? Why haven't they been arrested yet?


>How did she reconcile these two opposing rationals? She didn't. Her death was the end result


And they thought Trump was going to join them on their March to the Capitol. But Trump just went home LOL


The fact the BLM march on the Capitol closed everything for 3 blocks and looked like a dystopian nightmare, only for these dumbfucks to pierce every single safeguard and barricade means this was an inside job. I wanna know who gave those fucking traitors tours beforehand and I want them charged.


Lauren Boebert definitely did the day before. Flynn and Giuliani were riling them up the night before. I could hardly watch that video of Flynn it was so disgusting.


Lauren Boebert - a traitor who gave material support to domestic terrorists. She deserves to be locked in a federal prison for the rest of her ignorant, miserable life.


Relevant copypasta imagine spending the better part of the last 5 years having your brain and ego melted by uninterrupted /pol/ exposure, flying to washington in the middle of a pandemic to hear trump whine about oprah and mike pence at a rally, marching up to congress on his orders to smash shit and then mill around aimlessly you go home and hear that biden won anyway and all of your favorite twitter news sources named like Patriot Newsman Of the West with avatars of roman statues have posted your photo online and are labeling you a "gay communist antifa actor." then the next day the god emperor you pasted into warhammer memes puts out a video cucking himself and bending the knee. "i'm sorry, those were heinous acts! p-please let me tweet again jack!!" you can't leave dc because the airlines have dubbed you a flight risk. you can't stay because the cops are actively looking for you after one of their own died. your roommate at the only hotel that would accept you is a guy named based_kekistani 1488 who wants to show you his goblin slayer torrents. the sun is going down and you're getting cold.


Imagine dying for Trump. Everyone, absolutely everyone he has fucked over in some way. He probably doesn’t know her name. She got herself killed defending his fragile ego. And hey Trumpists out there. Good luck with your joke audit in Arizona. Your boy lost. Stop being snowflakes and accept reality.


Imagine still flying that Trump flag and then lying to yourself that you’re a good American. Though, if you’re that stupid, imaging anything is probably difficult.


They know they lost. They're just trying to engineer new ways to cheat and create FUD.


>Imagine dying for Trump One lady got trampled while carrying a "Don't Tread on Me" flag... Her life amounted to an ironic joke, all for Cheeto Jesus


>how did she reconcile this She's a fool who willingly got played by Trump and the GOP, like all the others. If you were to think the election was actually rigged that *would* be cause for action, which is why the irresponsible liars who threw wise American tradition to the wind and propagated that goddamn lie deserve to be held accountable. I'm glad dominion's going after them, since they've otherwise done their absolute best to skirt the line the law draws on inciting violence.


My god. The absolute blindness they have. I guarantee that family, even just in private, has decried the very "defense" they are now attempting to use. The ungodly hubris is palpable.


> 'A rookie police officer would not have shot this woman.If she committed any crime by going through the window and into the Speaker's Lobby, it would have been trespassing. Some misdemeanor crime. All a rookie cop would have done is arrest her,' Roberts told Zenger. So all the people shot and killed for blocking traffic, vandalizing property, and protesting other injustices should have just been arrested, right? Also, this is the motherfucking *Capitol Building*, these people aren't storming a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Going through the window while shouting like an angry mob and ignoring lawful orders sounds pretty violent to me, and the officer would absolutely have the case of self protection and **protection of the government officials** on the other side of that barrier.


She was shot while attempting a violent felony, 40 USC 5104/5109 > An individual or group violating section 5104(e)(1) of this title, or attempting to commit a violation, shall be fined under title 18, imprisoned for **not more than five years,** or both. > ... > (e) Capitol Grounds and Buildings Security.— (1) Firearms, dangerous weapons, explosives, or incendiary devices.—An individual or group of individuals— ... (B) may not **knowingly, with force and violence, enter or remain on the floor of either House of Congress.** [After attempting to enter the floor of the House from its main doors, the mob went around to the Speaker's Lobby,](https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2021/01/08/the-journey-of-ashli-babbitt/) where they broke a window and ignored repeated warnings from armed and uniformed Capitol Police. PSGWSP indeed.


Having a cop arrest someone in the middle of that mob is tantamount to a death sentence for that cop.


What kind of defense is that? "A less experienced officer with fewer training hours would have done that differently"


They meant “*even a* rookie would have done the *right thing*” although it’s hyperbolic here and false.


I’m in a police Facebook group and the moderator posted this along the lines of agreeing with the family. So color me surprised when I saw the article too.


So the police agree that police should be liable for the people they shoot? Ok cool


No no no. Only if you shoot "the wrong ppl" like a right wing terrorist trying to storm the U.S Capitol to hang members of congress.


No those were ANTIFA special ops secret soldiers that broke in, Ashley was just one of the protesters that got lost in the protest, the cops should have realized this and not shot her /s


Even though the main door was breached, she was asked to stop, then proceeded to break a window and attempt to climb through? Wow Ashli is such a patriot. LOL just kidding! Fuck that Qunt!


Actual responses I've seen. 1. "They didnt have to shoot her" 2. "They could have fired a warning shot" 3. "They didnt warn her loud enough" 4. "They didnt have to shoot her he she was a woman he could have stopped her" 5. "All he had to do was push her back"




b/c Federal officers are generally better paid, better educated, better trained, better people when compared to Barney Cousinfuck of the local PD who barely passed high school and has a massive inferiority complex. It pisses on their power fantasy basically.


I never got the apparent beef between highway patrol and local police. Now I get it.


The local PD usually steps on the toes of the highway patrol's shenanigans.


I swear to God, I will pistol whip the next guy who says 'shenanigans'.


Don't color yourself, the police will shoot you.


Yeah fuck this terrorist, I recall seeing her tweets from before the terrorist attack and it was straight-up hardcore white supremacy shit.




?? They’re going with the police brutality defense? “She wasn’t a threat and wasn’t doing anything wrong so why did he shoot/why didn’t he arrest her?” That’s freaking ironic. I may be critical about the government but storming the capitol is insurrection, no matter which side you’re on. You can’t expect to try to get into the capitol forcefully and not expect to be shot. Come on. If people from BLM tried doing this shit they would have been mowed down by cops.


MAGAts stormed the Michigan State Capital twice. Once with guns, once with dildos. Not one of them were shot. I'll bet they thought that was some kind of precedent or something.


No consequences for the people who ran a Biden bus off the road in Texas. They have been shouting loudly about what kind of violence they're capable of for years and years of absolutely no consequences for their actions are exactly what allowed Jan 6 to happen. It was simultaneously the most surprising yet most expected thing to happen in America in a long time. These idiots are dangerous


God I forgot about that bus attack. A week after I was driving on an LA highway and saw a convey of probably 50-60 lifted trucks and SUVs ahead of me. All carrying pro-Trump flags and banners that were obnoxiously large. They were all driving below the speed of traffic to purposely slow everyone down and troll the commuters. It was so terrifying driving through the crowd because I couldn't tell what they were planning on doing with campaign bus attack being so recent. Nearly had an anxiety attack when I first saw them in the distance.


Remember the guy standing on a corner with a bunch of MAGA protestors on election day threatening people in line with their cars that he has their license plate number and if they don't vote Trump bad things were going to happen to them? [This fucking guy right here](https://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/2020/10/maga-rally-activist-threatens-driver-to-vote-for-trump-we-know-who-you-are-we-got-your-plates-and-we-got-you/)


This is the quote I like >'Whose life is he saving by shooting her? ... She's not brandishing a weapon. She's on the window ledge. And there's no reason to think she's armed.'  Like, was she not wearing a backpack that could have had a bomb? Weren't there members of congress back there? She was warned, it was her decision. She should have never stormed the Capitol and now her family wants to get paid for it. Fuck them, fuck that family.


She was climbing through a barricade behind which some pretty important government officials were hiding. That's a threat in and of itself


> “She wasn’t a threat and wasn’t doing anything wrong so why did he shoot/why didn’t he arrest her?” everybody who saw the video if this incident knows the answer to that. i guess the judges will see it too.


She was literally climbing through a barricade toward the vice president of the United States as part of a mob which was chanting to lynch him.




The officer was cleared of any criminal activity, but that’s not enough for the family of the woman died for conducting criminal activity.


She had a criminal history and was actively committing a crime. Per the right's own rhetoric she deserved it


correction: domestic terrorism activities.


Well you see it's wrong for cops to shoot people when they're white and right wing. Context like usual doesn't matter to these people


Cop who killed surrendering black man gets jailed Braindead conservatives: now no one wants to be cops anymore Cop who rightly shot white terrorist won't be charged Braindead conservatives: sue this cop reeeeeee


Her family would have more success suing the idiots standing along side her as she got shot. *edit* not an American.. applying logic and law from my country


Or suing Trump for instigating it.


They should be suing her Mango Messiah who egged her on.


I don't think it's conclusively true that the bullet killed her. Probably a heart condition or drug overdose.


There was carbon monoxide in the air and I heard she had been in a garage WITH A CAR at one point in her life. I haven't seen the autopsy report but I don't think she was carrying a carbon monoxide detector or didn't have time to plug it in, so chances are the bullet just hastened what was likely a suicide or accidental poisoning.


Well she did have a criminal background. Probably used drugs, likely OD’d.


_Just sprinkle some cocaine on the corpse and let's call it a night, Wachowski_


Acute lead poisoning.


I heard loss of blood was the cause /s


She should just keep better track of her blood and then she wouldn’t have died


It was Brain Failure


That happened waaay before she came to DC


I heard she had a history of playing violent video games.


Because of her preexisting conditions, she probably would've died anyway, so we shouldn't count it.


Nono I heard she flew in that morning for her terrorist attack. It MUST have been the side effects of flying.


Well she did jump up suddenly and then immediately went into a crouching position, that sort of physical manoeuvre can cause blood to be forcibly pushed up into the base of the skull causing a stroke or worse still, a cerebral embolism. Ironically if security had shot her in the head the release of pressure may well have saved her life. So it's in my honest opinion and due to my years of experience watching General Hospital I can categorically state that this was death by natural causes.


A medical incident? Those seem to be going around.


Start posting pictures of her posing with guns now, it wasn’t just a domestic terrorist she was a THUG


I honestly can't think of too many scenarios that would be a more justifiable shooting


As she lay there, choking on her own blood, everything slowly growing dim, her last thought was probably ‘take *that*, libtards...’


Libs were real owned that day


Terrorists still trying their best to win bigly I see.


I'll bet she got livid when the family of a black person killed by cops sued the police.


She’s a fucking idiot Done. Edit: *was*


What a waste of money for her family. They won't even get a settlement. I wouldn't be surprised if a judge doesn't toss it out.


I can guarantee you that her family isn't paying a dime for this. Just look at the money raised by Kyle Rittenhouse. They crowdfund/take money from major donors to fight this culture war, and the lawyers are probably working on partial contingency.


A silver lining is that this is less money going to the traitorous GQP party campaign funds.


They might as well have infinite money anyway with all the billionaire doners they have.


The Koch brothers constantly throw their money at creatures like this.


*brother* One down, one to go (Well, then there's all the *other* billionaire republican megadonors)


That edit, goddamn dude haha


> Edit: was The bullet fixed that. Sometimes, not thinking at all radically raises one's IQ.




I'm not happy that somebody died but I do believe the shooting was justified in the circumstances. She literally stormed a government building. How is it reasonable to not expect any resistance from security and police? They'll use deadly force if threatened like that.


Also, it wasn't just that she stormed the capitol building. Lots did that and didn't get shot. [Here's the NSFW video of the lead up to the shooting and the shooting](https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/kt9w21/new_video_angle_shows_cops_walking_away_and/). It starts with police blocking a barricaded doorway with politicians on the other side. After repeatedly punching windows inches from the police's heads they finally intimidate those police to leave. They see an officer on the other side pointing a gun at a broken window and call that out. Despite that, she tries to climb through that window and is shot. The officer had no choice, he had a duty to protect the people on the other side and once she was through, he would have lost the ability to control the situation and guarantee their protection plus others would have followed her. As it was, his actions stopped the mob in their tracks.


> his actions stopped the mob in their tracks. "Why are they shooting us? Don't they know we're on their side?"


I feel bad for her children. They will go the rest of their lives knowing (hopefully) that their dumb dead mother was a fucking terrorist. That's not their fault. The rest of her shitty family can get fucked.


What was it that Trump said he would do to families of terrorists?


She had no children. Thank God. [source](https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/local/learning-more-about-the-san-diego-woman-shot-and-killed-by-police-at-the-capitol/509-7fd8770b-9aa5-4568-8d5b-0e08dcb5e01e)


Darwin award winner!


Oh. So I guess conservatives are not doing “castle doctrine” any more?


They called it “our house”


You mean ashli babbitt, the idiot domestic terrorist who committed high treason and assisted in carrying out the terrorist attack on the capitol building? That ashli babbitt?


I’m in the U.K. we don’t have guns, we have armed police but only on call for extreme circumstances, they don’t generally patrol around with guns. I have no doubt I’d be shot dead within 4 minutes of entering either House of Parliament with malicious intent. That’s gonna happen.


Same. I don’t understand why people are (or pretend to be) shocked and surprised by what happened.


I think it's important to point out that Babbitt wasn't shot for resisting arrest or for being part of a mob that had overwhelmed police and stormed the capitol. If the police were killing people that day with as little justification as the killings that resulted in the BLM protests, the capitol building would have looked like Tiananmen Square. She was shot because the mob had pushed to within a few yards of where US Representatives were being evacuated, and was the first member of a large group who tried to step through a breach in security. Had she and her fellow rioters been allowed through, there would have been no way to protect the representatives from the mob: ​ >Ashli Babbit is seen turning the corner towards the House lobby doors as members are leaving. > >House Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern is spotted by the mob as he leaves the House floor. > >In a hallway outside the House chamber, a group attempts to force its way through a set of locked doors. The glass window panes on the doors are shattered. A rioter uses a baton to smash through as the crowd around him chants "break it down, break it down". > >Footage shows the hands of an officer on the other side, holding a gun and pointing it toward the mob. We hear a shot and see Babbitt fall to the ground. > >People still inside the gallery of the chamber are trapped. They tell each other to take off their congressional pins. [https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56004916](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56004916)


But no one is asking the important question. Did she have any drugs in her system that could have killed her before the gunshot could have?


What do we know about her previous criminal record?


Waste of legal fees, she had ALL the warning in the world, and went to JUMP the barrier, dude...there's no fucking way this lawsuit stands a snowballs chance in hell asides some bs kangaroo court


That lawsuit is going to get kicked to the curb.


But not before the lawyers bankrupt the family which is probably what they deserve if they agree with her views. I'm sorry they lost a kid & I know we need a LOT of police reform but there's no way in hell they're getting $10mil from the US Capitol Police & the Feds who have MUCH deeper pockets than this family.


If I recall they don't and her mental illness was of great concern for her family. She had recently gotten divorced and it sent her "down the rabbit hole"


Down the Babbitt hole


6 feet down apparently


Fuck it, I say we have our own Cadaver Synod. Dig her up! Dig her up! Dip her up!


Family of domestic terrorist Ashlii Babbitt? They seem as thick headed as she was.




The shooting was justified


They should be suing Trump instead. Imagine how embarrassing it has to be to lose your daughter to Trump. Ew.


maybe if she wasn't a treasonous scum she wouldn't have been shot.


You’d think the MAGAt crowd would be applauding the cop’s actions as a text book example of the “stand your ground” ethos.


What's next, is the family of Bin Laden gonna sue Obama?


This trash is a terrorist and her whole family is trash too.


Her estate should be charged for the bullet. She picked a hell of an orange hill to commit suicide on.


She died for a piece of shit of human waste who immediately threw them under the bus when they failed. I have absolutely no sympathy especially since they tried to undermine our nation.


\>tresspasses into government building during riot \>breaks window through locked door \>attempts to enter window despite guards aiming guns at her and telling her to stop Absolutely fucking braindead.