If you’re nervous, get a longer bar. Generally navels can get a bit red on the top because it’s impossible to keep your stomach 100% still while it heals, so your bar will constantly be moving. That’s my experience anyway


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i don’t know what metal it’s pierced with specifically, but i know it’s nickel free and i’ve gotten a couple piercings from the same place before with the same metal and they were 100% fine!


redness is normal, the bar does look a tiny bit short but id wait a few days to see if the swelling goes down. the top ball is nesting which creates a small crater under the ball but its nothing serious at this point. If the swelling isnt down in a few days id give the shop a call. also check what material the jewelry is made from


thank you!!


i think you need longer jewelry but i’m concerned that the bottom stud might be a bit too big. when you sit down does the bottom stud hit the bottom of your belly button?


how have you been cleaning it?