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Not legal advice. But... Just because his wife is around doesn't mean it wouldn't get sexual. There are perverted or kinky couples put there who engage with other people individually or together with consent. These people are equally into these of things. And nothing wrong there. But then there are people like these, who groom a you get girl or guy to become their sex toy. Please be informed of this. Also what kinda teacher gives massages in bedrooms and unhooked bra of a barely legal girl who is also a student of his, while his wife can watch? Please talk to your father. Remember... If it wasn't clearly communicated to you and if you didn't explicitly say that you are ok with it... You haven't given consent. Please be brave and inform your father. An action has to be taken on such people. To add to this... He asked you to scream for him. That's not massage. So, under the pretext of massage he definitely tried to take advantage of you. You are not to be blamed here. He asked you normal questions. And you are not to be blamed here. Such bastards.


You are not to blame. The guy and his wife are both creeps, stay away from them. It's not sexual assault, since you consented without pressure, but they do know how to manipulate you and get you into a vulnerable position. Stay away from them. If things get worse definitely tell your father no matter what. Once again stay away from them no matter what.


I asked my relative who is a well known high court lawyer. He told me this will be considered SA. I won’t go into the reasons, but I’d advice you to tell your father and he will tell you exactly why.


Don't feel bad OP... you brain was in a state of shock and adherence due to his pretentious friendly nature and the presence of another woman(his wife) in the room. Don't blame yourself


Lawyer here. Yes this is sexual harrasment done by person who in trust and authority of the victim. If he has done it with you, he has done the same with other people also. You are borderline minor, that's very disturbing considering that he is a teacher which is an aggravated offence. Think about the sisters who have to go through this because you decided to stay mum about it. You should approach the police, but approach your parents first as they are the ones who will think for your best interests.


The first question from him is itself a red flag... It's pretty much a manipulation or a coercion... sometimes the relationship is such where you don't even know how to react or what's exactly happening...but I guess you need to stop going to his classes.. because it seems you don't have strong will to speak up at the moment and there are high chances you will give in again if he will manipulate you. Both the husband and wife seems creepy here and there are numerous crimes happening like sex rackets, trafficking through massage centres and so on..maybe they are involved in such crimes better to stay away. Or you can make a complaint against both of them. You are 18 atleast you understood that something is off the younger ones might not be able to understand if something happen to them.


Sounds like grooming, yes.


OP, if your story is right, you didn't really consent to sex. You were in his house, and he is your teacher. You were not in a position to act against him. If you start to take steps now, you will feel more empowered to resist and speak up against these kinds of advances in the future. As for who to talk to, that's up to you. Since your father is a lawyer, maybe you can start from him. Btw, from your post, this guy seems like a very experienced offender who is manipulative and knows what he is doing (He didn't really ask for your consent. He asked you yes or no so he can save himself in case you speak up against him).


Are there any mods here ?!? Ppl post here to get legal advice or to get judged and be called a bitch ?!? I can see lawyers advising and supporting the victim, where as randos being crazy up in here.


He did all this in presence of his wife? You said "we all moved to the bedroom"


yes, that was the reason I felt that maybe I am being paranoid and he was not doing it with any mal-intensions


Just because his wife was there, it does not mean it was not SA.


But she consented to everything, not a SA.




Its definitely not ok but she's of legal age and consented, end of story. In courts innocents are being regularly prosecuted with similar arguments you made.


I'll repeat for you again, they're Teacher - Student and she is barely legal. This isn't an innocent guy.


A teacher of 35+ something trying to hit on girl half his age is always predatory


He's in the grey area.


she's a minor????


No she's 18, legally an adult.


Tell your father. That’s it. That’s the only legal advice I’ll give you. Also, engage a therapist and work through this - it will help you process this event with a professional. Therapy works best when pre-emotive. This guy is a predatory- which makes you a victim of a predatory attack - it will have a lasting impact - therapy can help you mitigate the damage that may show up 5 or 10 years later. You said you’re open with your dad who is also a lawyer so tell him this happened and then do therapy. Yes, this was sexual assault. No, it’s not your fault and you didn’t consent because he’s a teacher which makes him an authority figure - it’s got nothing to do with age - it’s literally the same as workplace sexual harassment where adults don’t exactly ‘consent’ give the nature of the dynamic with a subordinate and authority figure. Basically your guitar teacher is a trained hardened criminal - so please don’t blame yourself.


He manipulated you. I am sorry you had you go through this OP. I am not here to advice as it is beyond my expertise but that assaulter has to be brought down.


This is not an SA prima facie, but the scenario that you are giving, it can be considered SA. 1. You were the student he was the teacher. 2. You were at HIS home in HIS bedroom. 3. You are smaller in age and strength compared to him. 4. You saying 'yes' inside his house can be challenged as coercion of consent as *Sec 375 IPC (5) says-* 1. *Even if consent is given, where she is unable to understand the nature & consequences of that to which she gives consent.* 5. If he is asking those questions in the presence of other students, that also adds up. Although, he also has an adequate defense. Another thing you can include is he is using his house as a place to teach music, which makes it easier for him to abuse young kids. I have seen some lawyers pull this off. You can also complain about him to the 'Mahila Aayog, or other NGOs if there are some' However, I am just gonna say, it was very very ignorant of you of going to some other person's bedroom. That is a BIG and clear NO NO. Unless it is someone you trust to a very deep level. Like your blood relatives, S/O, friends etc. Also, if you see this from other perspectives, it seems he got consent to everything. So that guy is a pervert but he did not force anything which makes his case strong. this shit is complex and further will go beyond this sub's scope. NAL, Not a Legal Advice.


That's insane. You should talk to your dad especially since he is a lawperson and go after your teacher in every way possible. You are not his first victim and probably wont be his last victim if you don't act now.


Please report the creep


OP or anyone who's reading this. If you're in a situation you don't want to be in it's OKAY to say NO and gtfo! Even if you do overreact it's better to overreact than experience something you don't want to!


NAL. The responses here are pretty immature, like most Reddit responses on serious issues. I don't know how the law would read this particular instance. But it seems OP was taken advantage of, and she's not to blame for this. This is a teacher-student relationship where the power dynamics skew to the teacher. The teacher is also a predator who knows how to manipulate people into getting what he wants. I'd say there's a good chance he's done this to other people. OP shouldn't blame herself. Many people in her position may not know how to get out of a situation like this. The discomfort and fear can be paralysing. OP should remove herself from this class unless something worse happens. While her father may know best from a legal standpoint, she may also want to take therapy to process the emotions linked to this event.


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Where is the original . It felt like a shitpost since beginning


Right? I thought so too. I hope it is a shit post


*Well I consented but didn't feel great afterwards so this must be rape*


Exactly, at every point she nodded, gave consent, cool understandable at times one just cannot say no under fear and all but for multiple actions? It is just guilt that is taking over her but the most imp part that she agreed multiple times is something one cannot ignore.




What an absofuckinglutely disgusting take. Get a grip.




Oh fuck off. Nobody needs to explain themselves to a creep who comments in seduction subs. You’re clearly a child or an incel




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That guy is a predator.


Man, no wonder people don’t trust men who play the guitar


Bro started playing guitar with this one intention


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What kind of teacher gives foot massages ? Also his wife was okay with this ? You were okay with him giving foot massage ? Wtf is wrong with you. You are supposed to learn to play guitar, not get played yourself neegaa


You're 18 and you consented. No need to feel bad about it if you didn't liked it and spare the poor guy, it's not a SA.


Yeah, well let's see if this happens w your daughter then if you would give same advice to her. She did mention their that there was one minor girl, if not today but some other day these predator couple would call her and ofcourse manipulate her into same or worse things. And Foremost thing is he is a fucking teacher and you're defending his actions "poor guy" if your daughter is manipulated into the same let's see what if you would defend the "poor guy"


My daughter will never consent for this.


Ofcourse i don't think you know the term "manipulation", nvm you just defended a predator here as poor guy, just keep your daughter in that place and see how would you react.


So If I had consensual sex with someone and then they blame me for manipulation afterwards because they didn't liked it, so I'm at fault?


First of all, he is a TEACHER. Is it moral? As per your poor guy comment huh? It's evident that you're unaware of the meaning of being in a state of shock. During the incident, she was in shock because: 1. The perpetrator was her teacher, and you believed that he wouldn't engage in such behavior. 2. His wife was present, leading her to believe that nothing was wrong. She felt uneasy because she never expected him to act inappropriately and manipulate her. Despite this, you referred to him as a "poor guy," without fully comprehending the situation. To illustrate my point, I used the example of your own daughter in a similar scenario, where a teacher was manipulating her. Would you still consider the teacher a "poor guy?" Using that term to defend a predator is unacceptable, and it's essential to look at the situation from all perspectives.


She knew because he had already talked about something “Kinky” with her. She knew what he can do to her. You need to understand both sides before judging.


Hell No. The woman was extremely scared, and since you have never been in her position, it's understandable that you cannot fully grasp the fear she experienced. I can see both sides of the situation; the men were planning to trap her, and she never anticipated this could happen with the perpetrator's wife present. However, you are blaming the victim, and unfortunately, this type of thinking and the attitude of parents like you contribute to the high incidence of rape and sexual assault in India. Putting aside all other issues, why would you label a perpetrator who has such intentions as a "poor guy"? There is something fundamentally wrong with your thinking.


Are you even in your fucking correct mind like literally you're defending the teacher as poor guy, Bhai kya chadake Aya hai tu? It says a lot about your parenting bruh even if these things happen with your daughter she would be hella scared to report it to you, bc of victim blaming.


No-one's victim here.


Answer the previous question bro don't dought it😂 Let's see if you give same answer to your daughter if this happens, terming the person poor guy


OP this was SA. I don't know how to explain it in 'legal' terms. But you need to talk to an adult ASAP. His wife being there in the room doesn't make it less of an offense. If these people are into kinks like this, they should fulfill it with someone who has actually consented to it, not a barely legal student. Dubious consent is not consent. Anything apart from an enthusiastic consent is not consent. I was 18 years old once and I thought for the longest time that I let something happen to me because I did not say no loudly and clearly enough. It is completely up to you if you want to pursue this legally, but I would suggest to stop going to that place. And if possible, let the other girls know.


Legally U can sue him but don't be the bitch if u consented he asked your will every moment. Also u wouldn't win the case at all cause there is no solid evidence


As stupid and arrogant as this is advice is,this isn’t legal. In situations like this, most of the time people freeze up and just consent to keep life safe. OP please talk to you dad and although legally he did ask for consent, you’ll need therapy for it.


Its it the persons problem if she says yes cause she was frozen it's her responsibility to be reasonable that's such a bitch thing to do first agree and then say it was not consensual cause i froze up but say yes. Think of it from mans prospective


Exactly what a manipulative predator would say.


The privileged world a man lives in.


At least leave a review on google mentioning that he is the next epstein. Or share that asshole's details here and we'll leave reviews.


Do you live in a gated community?I know some creeps in my community


Sister, please let your parents know, this type of vultures need to be behind bars. High chances he must be doing with other innocent souls.


This is not SA


What is S.A.?


Sexual assault


Sexual Assault ig?




I hope a man does that you and worse.


To me it seems like a bad decision...idk how people even agree to this and they cry about assault...u knew what was happening from the begining and you agreed to everything and then u feel bad abt it too...Just try to be more cautious and not wait until things get out of hand Imo tell this to your dad if you guys have a good thing going..u can save and help others waiting to be trapped


Thissss, also seems like a troll post to me.


Yeah looks like that..I'm getting downvoted for not being sorry for her fucking clowns


if you were even one day under 18, at the time of incident, people may give different advice. were you ?


I wonder why in these comments there is no mention of POCSO Act. OP is now 18 years of age but she must be a minor at time of incident. So, its a fit case under Pocso act.


Nah that's creep as fuck . Forget the tutor and his classes and move on as quickly as you can . Forget this and forgive yourself and move on .


we really need a r/illegaladviceindia


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NAL and frakly this is wrong amd dsigusting. You should tell your parents asap. He is grooming