Best I ever had was just like this. We got a sheet and had to measure, draw and cut. Strong and clean - never had shit that good again. This was back in 1994.


Yeah every white on white I’ve gotten is fire, honestly when people gift me perforated hits I regift them, if someone gifts me white then I eat it. Also beautifully easy to transport and conceal, half a sheet can be cut like a business card with some bullshit phone number written on it with pencil


Yea if im ever flying I just stick mine in a book like a bookmark


That’s actually genius and I never thought of that


Man just do liquid lol


In all my years I’ve never gotten the chance to try liquid lsd. One day...


Random girl tripping completely off her face gave it to me for free. She had a full eyedrop bottle full of spearmint flavored. So clean. Best shit I've ever had.


How do you even get shit like that? Not in America I take it, right?


America. I got blessed. Hard.


Yeah you did


Also in America, my first time was from a dropper and nothing has ever come close to that lol


It's quite easy to extract liquid LSD from tabs. Buy a strip, place it in alcohol or distilled water. In the past I have used a 50/50 ratio. The LSD will quickly leach from the paper. If you'd like you can remove the paper from the mixture. Do the math to figure out how many micrograms per milliliter. Presto, you got liquid L.


Festivals man. Liquid moves through fests like crazy. Had a hard time getting tabs in my area cause of it for a while.


Dissolving tabs in water


You get shit like that on the deep web, so yeah in America


Had some like that. Summer ‘09


Is liquid hard to find out where you are? All i get is liquid where i live


Man, I've dropped hundreds of times and never once got the opportunity to purchase in liquid form.


Never even seen it offered near me


You need to make friends with a bunch of old school dead heads.


You said it like its easy to get


Yeah he did


Idk not here where I live, and ordering drom the deeps isnt an option for me


Good lsd is hard to find where I’m at in America let alone liquid lsd


It’s more common than you’d think here


Explore the dark web and get it shipped


It's under a different comment, check the thread


♪┌|∵|┘♪ └|∵|┐♪♪┌|∵|┘♪ └|∵|┐♪♪┌|∵|┘♪ └|∵|┐♪


For some it is


Yeah, if I could fucking get any.


Same every time I’ve got it like this it was bomb af. Went thru so many sheets of blank card ones like this


those usually come direct from small ‘family’ labs from what i’ve seen, i’ve come across full A4 sheets a few times in the late 00’s, this removes the need for printing and cutting equipment and is a most discreet fashion of shipping alice from one place to another, the quality is usually incredibly high (talking purity, not necessarily dosage)


Same . It came out like a whiteout strip too shit was crazyyyy


Also had strips like this before


Called white-on-white, probably gonna be some of the best you’ve ever had tbh


Yeah white on white tends to always be good dosed acid


Bc it usually comes from the deadhead community


I get mine from a deadhead who only communicates via mail


Sounds like just the right guy to get acid from, some of these deadheads are truly mythical creatures


My plug sold me 40 hits and said. Sorry the paper’s dirty, I get it from some hippies in California that never clean their house😂


Anyone else been getting bicycle print? 😂


Just try a small piece of one of the smaller ones to make sure it’s not RC’s (will be super bitter if so). If all good, take one full square. See how that is. Then you know it’s safe, and the approximate dosage.


This is shitty advice. Get a test kit they’re super cheap.


By all means get a test kit, but if you’re telling me that properly testing a tab by taste and then only after no taste at all you take only one is shitty advice, then I beg you please just tell this boy to get a test kit, something most people just don’t do (unfortunately), and don’t give him any other viable option to make sure he doesn’t fuck his brain up beyond repair.


There's tons of drugs that fits on a blotter that's not LSD, and not all of them are bitter. Doing a taste test is not the way. Allways test your drugs, allways!


There's not that many, especially ones that have similar effects. I'm not really counting lysergamide as they're so close that it's basically the same (plus the market is so saturated with it at the highest levels that if you're not gcms testing your stuff there's a high chance it's an RC lysergamide) There are fentanyl analogies although those will have a taste at that amount. I don't know, what else is there in the sub mg range that has no taste? Not a lot of things that's for sure.


If it’s bitter, it’s a spitter


Better than gel tabs? My friend sells gel tabs and she makes it sound like those are the best in existence lol


Never heard of gel


Depends on the chemist really, and also the purity of the crystal to start with. Odds are they are the best to her since she makes them. Nothing like eating out of your own garden. Then again there are many diamonds in the rough.


They’re stronger than blotter only cause the tabs are bigger. Not worth the price markup tho.


This guy eats acid




I mean you made it through so happy to see that but just commenting for anyone who sees this, that shouldn't have happened, I tested WOW with Ehrlich and Hoffman and got distinct reactions (purple and dark almost black color respectively)


Flip em over lmao and yeah all the time it’s a strip man. Grab scissors and cut it but I like them in strips lol


„lol sdıɹʇs uı ɯǝɥʇ ǝʞıl I ʇnq ʇı ʇnɔ puɐ sɹossıɔs qɐɹ⅁ ˙uɐɯ dıɹʇs ɐ s,ʇı ǝɯıʇ ǝɥʇ llɐ ɥɐǝʎ puɐ oɐɯl ɹǝʌo ɯǝ dılℲ„


Dude wtf




There is literally nothing on the other side. I really hope I didn't get scammed it's from a trusted friend's boyfriend who said they are close friends


This looks identical to the stuff I bought religiously for 4 years. You're freaking out over nothing. Test it if it's bugging you that much.


Yeah bro needs to chill out 🤦‍♂️


Just test it


Lmao that is a 10 strip of white on white tabs looks good 👍


Bro got sold a strip of cardboard 💀


That cardboard can fuck you up though lol


i’d bet good money that those are legit. white on white is the tits


Why do you think you got scammed ? Super confused by this post.


I've never seen anything like this my whole ~50 times picking up. Only blotters and gels


Best cid I’ve ever had came exactly like this. I see that’s been resounded in the comments. I would cut one and save the rest in a safe, unless you can get these all the time I was never able to find another with them.


Yeah you’re buggin. Most of the doses I took were white on white like this. You’re buying acid, not paper. Don’t think the lack of perforations or lines means it’s bunk, it’s literally just different paper because believe it or not some drug dealers don’t make their drugs to look pretty for the snaps


I honestly think there's probably acid on that otherwise why would they draw the lines indicating a dose.


Idkkk... it's so sketchy compared to what I usually get but I guess I'll take peoples advice and cut it with a ruler and scissors. I used to have a reagent testing kit I'm going to look for that too


It’s only sketchy since you’ve never seen this bro. Take the advice of all the comments here, this is normal in a lot of places.


For years we would get full sheets like this. It was fantastic.


It’s funny how times have changed - 20 years ago if paper was cut / perforated it was DEF a sketchy RC, and now we’ve all come to expect it on all tabs.


Yeah when we got white on white sheets we would be happy before we put anything in our mouths. We saw that little 2.5x2.5 square and we knew. Times definitely change.


No actually the other tabs you get are kore sketch lol.


Bro I had the exact same looking tabs, they weren’t cut or anything. I will DM you a pic!


Test test test bro. Always when it doubt test. All of the white on white tabs I’ve had are just blank blotters. Never had something like this but people are saying they’ve had acid like this so idk. I still say grab a reagent before you drop.


If you’re sketched out by it, test it


Man back in the Midwest all I would get around 2010-13 would be WOW blotter(white on white) it always was fire man and always tested with Ehrlich too. And more stealth then carrying around perforated hits. It's not sketchy. Should be a little thicker that just regular paper ofcourse.


Get a test kit but I get a bunch at once almost always white on white.


It's called a strip my man.. a sheet is all of 100.. so 10x10.. usually when you have to mark your own tabs its 2.5inch long so every .25in is one tab..


Plus people probably don’t cut them beforehand because it’s extra work. They can just cut a strip and be done with it. The doses are marked. Seems legit. Best lsd I’ve had looked exactly like this


This is normal


Yeah the absolute best LSD I’ve ever had looked exactly like this


It’s always entertaining to see all of the people that haven’t had plain white blotter tabs before. Sometimes the person laying the sheets will opt for plain white blotter paper rather than art blotter paper. Could be bunk, could be a blockbuster. If you want to be sure, test kit. There is absolutely zero chance that anyone here can identify if/what drugs are on that blotter just by looking at photos


Ahhh fuck it perhaps that's a sign to do then all at once. Joking probably wouldn't recommend.


White on white is 9.9999999/10 times the best....


Cut them into squares using a ruler


Can't believe I had to scroll past so many "you got scammed" comments to see this lmao how have this many people never heard of WoW?


White on white are some of the most potent hits I’ve ever laid my hands on I promise I lost my mind and couple brain cells in the experience but it was so worth.


As mentioned before, this is W-o-W. It should be 2.5" inches for 10. 0.25" for each tab. The line placement looks like it could be off a bit. Flip it over and use your own measurements and draw/cut new lines.


Found the newb


Apparently I broke some rules posting this, I didn't know so sorry but wanted to thank you all for the help. I just found my old testing kit and ended up testing a corner. It's turning purple indicating presence of lsd or another indole.


I called it


Happy tripping!


Yeah that’s actually considerate of him he could have left you to guess the size on your own


Some LSD wholesalers will sell blank and uncut sheets of blotter. It's more discrete, so it's easier to ship without getting caught.


I’ve had tabs that genuinely looked like paper exactly like this and it was the strongest shit i’ve ever had. Some people are just too lazy to buy actual blotter paper and end up using thick paper. Or you just got scammed and that’s why you always test your drugs


Yes I have and it was really hard to know how much we were taking usually found out how strong it was once we were tripping


Could be a water color paper that absorbed the L and homie just didn’t cut it for you cuz you wanted a strip


Yea thats the cheapest way lol


This is super normal. They are called white on whites. usually a sign of some good lsd. Just cut them.


Yea happens alot. WOW is known to be like that


Also, no pictures of tabs is literally the pinned post at the top of the sub. It's such an easy rule.


Omg whoops I didn't know sdry I'm dumb lol


I used to get tabs that were uncut all the time. If it's the as long as a dollar bill is wide, it's 10 hits


By far the best tabs I have ever had looked like this. Test them for sure, but your brain about to go brrrrrrr


Gonna have too take em all one big tab


see how many you can boof before the paper bends


Everyone saying “white on white is the best bro” lmaoo, I’ve had some really amazing wow and some really gritty wow. It’s not all the same purity/the same people making it


Right lol, ironically WOW is the least identifiable tabs


Unperforated white on white some of the best lsd you can get…… Either cut off a pinky nail sized hit or measure 1cmx1cm


Bro half theses people don’t know what their talking about. You didn’t get scammed that’s white on white. It’s just a different type of blotter. It’s 90% definitely gonna be LSD because RC’s are a lot more rare than people like to make it seem but I can’t tell you that for sure. Get a test kit if you really wanna know but I’ve never got an RC🤷🏽‍♂️


they arent rare at all, every shitty plug most likely has rc. Tripped for about a year off of one consistent guy, like an idiot i bought a tab off a rando, didnt test it and the next 8 hours were the worst of my life. Test your shit!




How. It’s white on white. Unless you test it you won’t know. Some of the best doses I’ve had have been on sketchy looking white on white.


No you're an idiot.


No this is a very normal thing. I doubt OP got scammed.


Don't know what you're talking about.


Yeah, fuckin bs


Perspective is key could be 10 could be 1


They don't cut the tabs and the savings go to the customer. It has to be.


Looks good most likely your dealer has a dropper and just dropped it on paper


Seems normal to me.


People saying this is BS are obviously newbies! I bought acid like this on a regular basis for years, and it is single handedly responsible for some of my most fucked up and crazy LSD experiences I've ever had. It is called White on White, aka WOW, and is entirely legitimate. Good grief kids... lol sure, the perforated, patterned blotters are more fun. But this is WOW. [Here is an example of my own(back when I was motivated enough t actually draw each hit, instead of just doing what your dealer did and make little lines to know where to cut)](https://imgur.com/a/q4tZHVo) WOW is smaller than a regular sheet. That picture has 50x Hoffman blotters(25x in each square) and 100 WOW, which is what you have a 10 strip of. Also, I remember this batch. And one single hit of that WOW was as strong as at least 2.5-3 of those hoffmans Don't listen to these people on here who obviously have no idea what they are talking about. That stuff is going to work just fine, you've just never seen it before. Which is surprising since so much WOW goes around everywhere, I am disappointed in each and every single one of the people here saying that it is BS lol


1/4 in by 1/4 in is a regular size tab. Looks like more than a 10 stop to me but sizes and pictures don’t go well


Those are called WoW tabs(White on White) and it's somewhat common for tabs to not be perforated.


Looks more like 9 hits bc the bottom and top are like 1/2 hits lol


Ikr >_>. It's fine I only paid 70.


Can be the best acid or just paper


Bite it like a candy bar lol it would be funny


Best dealer I ever had gave me white on white like this


Yeah man it happens there just unperforated. At least he marked where to cut on yours!


Measure twice, cut once.


If anything you got extra large tabs bro and you should be happy. and the marks on the side are from a pencil


The fact that so many people in here have never seen unperforated tabs is astonishing.


Yeah I’ve had that before, shifty pencil lines and all. Dosing is a guessing game unfortunately.


Looks like they gave you 9. Both ends look like just half a tab. Either way prob a good deal bc this is probably some insane fire


I think everyone should test their shit 100% of the time no matter what. I loathe the comments that are just like, “ur fine bro, ur overreacting.” If you don’t know what you are putting in your body, don’t do it. Be as safe and educated as possible!


I just wouldn’t trust 1 and 10. Put those two in water and drink equal amounts with a friend


Looks strange, although not the strangest I've seen. Once I got my acid on sugar cubes, it was weird, but went beautiful with tea.


Looks like 20 to me


Seen similar comments but my best acid always looked like this! I swear someone went wild with a dropper, safe travels!


Yes this common with white on white, great way to not get arrested.


White on white blotter. I’ve been taking lsd for 7-8 years and this is the most clean, pure lsd I’ve ever come across. You should honestly get more when you get the chance


“Love em!!!!!!”


You're lucky they even drew those lines for you.


Them being uncut is fine, but it looks like they def only cut you half tabs on the edges.


Is this not how people usually get acid? This is how ive always gotten it


Yep makes proper dosages harder but makes for fun ride


it's called white on white, always top tier stuff


If they are legit WoW tabs you shoudlnt even care really


It does look like he got you on 2 hits though. The only down side to wow is that your plug can cut your strips thin or measure out smaller hits to maximize profit


Beat shit I ever had was white on white


Best L I ever got was like this, except my dealer cut it before giving it to me and he did a shit job at it.


They’re not cut so you get busted for 1 instead of 10 hits. Especially since each individual hit Carry’s its own extremely harsh sentence.


I always thought they went by the weight. Like if you have a vial you get charged with the weight of the vial plus whatever’s in it. Or the weight of whatever paper


White on white fkin excellent trips


Lol I get pages and pages with no perf no pic. It’s the best imo


Yeah this how mine be except he did draw the lines on there to help me out 😂


Tabs aren't supposed to be cut but nails are.


Never too soon for a 10 strip trip


Unperforated white on white were allways the best sheets. They used to be needlepoint from the family


Like others have said here, you may really really like this stuff. Growing up all I ever saw was uncut blotter and WoW knocked my socks off when I found it about 20yrs ago or so.


The uncut white on white with pencil marks I had like this was some of the best I ever had. Don’t judge a book by its cover, maybe they didn’t need advertising for this product lol


My first time ever taking tabs was on a long sheet of white paper. I was initially confused at first but when I cut them into 5 pieces it was the best experience of my life. Nothing really compares to this kind of white on white action


That's good stuff man. Blank and unmeasured Is some of the best I've had.


One time I actually had gotten tabs that were legit drawn on with pen on blotter paper. I was pretty heated, thought they were fake. Needless to say, we tested one and it came out positive on the marquis reagent. Tripped HARD off them. These ones in the pic at least are perforated and easy to see to dose them. I would try and get a reagent test online and check them. That’s always the best thing to do anyway if you’re gonna trip.


One time I bought 5 tabs, and the dealer didn’t realize he gave me a 10 strip folded up, and that day I knew that the acid gods blessed me I was smiling from cheek to cheek


Yeah, "white blotter." Some of the best. Like home grown. My secondary plug sells it like that.


Must just be non-perforated paper, but WoW has always been amazing in my experience, just test it as always with at least Ehlrich, but I like doing Ehrlich and Hoffman for peace of mind, I'm prone to paranoia when tripping so I need the extra layer of certainty lol


Called whites I believe. I had some good ass whites from a homeless dude I let stay with me one cold ass night. He said if I tested it he'll split em. I'll always test somones shit for free but that offer I wasn't refusing. Also he was homeless but I always stiped and talked to him so we had a decent relationship I wouldn't take tabs from a totally stranger even tested tbh.


That's sweet. How was your experience.? How much do you think you were on? Did you stay with him the whole time.


Yeah we chilled the whole time ordered pizza and watched cartoons. I believe I Took 3. They where pretty good. Maybe 100/150ug? The best thing about it was I felt almost nothing the following day no "hangover". He's not homeless anymore he figured his shit out we talk time to time. Somtimes people just need support and me being a constant good in his life Maybe helped. I just know I've been there and I needed all the help I could get.


Great for him and good on you for that!


Too many shit people in the world. So why be one too? Words I live by.


The first tabs I ever got were like this. The guy who got them hyped them up to be really strong, but I took two and had the same effects I'd later experience when trying a single 125 ug tab.


cut them


One quarter inch square is one hit. White on white is the shit.


This is white on white or WoW. Plain white blotter, sheets come like so. Markings on there should be a good indicator of dose, personally i like to perforate mine, its easier to just snap the tabs off that way. You'll want to cut yours along the markings of course. The sheet of wow i got is the best shit I've had, know these tabs may be a lot more potent than what you're used to


Every time


I’ve gotten a full sheet that was uneven…lol


This is what we would call a"10 Strip" back in the day. 10 hits and all came not cut in a strip like this. Shit was always fire.. good times.


I’ll take those if you don’t want them. Some of the best cid I ever got laid on those 🤣


Best acid I ever had was on unmarked and uncut paper. I crave that shit sometimes


White on white is always right my friend. Enjoy


White on White. You’re in for a good time


First ever experience with acid was white on white, bought a ten strip exactly like that, 1 was amazing! 3.5 tabs with my best friend and we tripped for 10 hours, one of the best trips I’ve had, comparable to Team Trust, or Gels


Shii lesser charge if you get caught with it but I just eat the whole strip