World of War craft. We are now married and living together. Shared interests matter.


I think playing WoW accelerated our relationship. I knew he had played before and I got the urge to play again about 2 months into our relationship and he joined me and we played and talked over discord for over a year. We don’t play anymore but it’s okay. Have other shared interests.


That's great to hear! We are deep into Destiny now, but we have fun doing anything.


Same! Met my SO on WoW. Having shared interests, huge yes! We play other games and have similar backgrounds.


Same here! Met in a roleplaying guild on WoW about six years ago, and just instantly hit it off. We were "just friends" for a few years, and then eventually that blossomed into what it is now. Recently had our 3 year anniversary and while neither of us play WoW anymore, we still spend a lot of time gaming together.


Same here! Met playing WoW. We were friends for a while first, then it all developed from there :)


I want to live that dream


It really feels like one some days. It took until my 40s so there was plenty of nightmare before.


Hehe same as well! We raided together, now we live together and are about to get married.


Also, WoW. I was running Arena on my priest (Vanilla Classic), and he was a warrior looking for his SGC. He paid me for runs every night until he got it, and then we continued to hang out online after that. We had our first in person meeting last month, and it went amazing. We play other games together, among other things.


Met mine through a similar game, Final Fantasy XIV! No matter the game, love always finds its way


Reddit… he commented on something of mine where I said it was hard for ugly women to date.


Omegle. 5000+ miles away and it’s better than any relationship I’ve had in the past, we both also FaceTime every night. And we’re both teaching each other things everyday


Met mine on Omegle too, 2011. We moved together this year and it's been wonderful.


Omegle too. Also 5000 miles. We’ve been married 4 years ☺️


Do you tell people how you met? No shade; my own boyfriend (who I met on tinder) doesn’t like telling his family how we met. He usually just says we met at a bar because tinder has a very different connotation where he’s from.




Same here.


Who knew it was such a good place to find hot dudes. Lol. Except the being 1000 miles away part kinda sucks.


I feel you 😂 We’re 5600 miles apart.


That's rough. Have yall visited each other yet?


Yes, thankfully! We met before the pandemic. How about you?


That's awesome! Nope We have yet to ever meet in person. We keep planning it and things keep happening.


Just keep trying, I’m sure it’ll happen soon :)


/r/ForeverAloneDating specifically




Just curious how do you meet people on Reddit? Isn't it all anonymous.


Ayy same




This one is my absolute favourite




Tik tok lmao


In Miami. 🤠




Same ironically on a relationship advice discord 🙃


It’s a bit of a story, but my best friend met him through Twitter and was telling me about him. So I dm’d him on insta saying “don’t talk to my wife😪” And now we’re dating.


i hope your best friend didn’t like him,, i would be so upset lol


Haha no my best friend didn’t like him, I thought he liked her tho but I guess not. We stopped talking for like 2 months and one day I just randomly said hi to him and the rest is history


reddit, he msged me looking to meet friends and then boom! sucks we r like 3,000 miles apart




used to skate together, 2years ldr now


I actually met mine on reddit and we've been together for a little over a year


He was running a game at the fair. I brought my daughter out there to go on her first rides. He tried to call me over to play his game and I told him it was a scam lol. After our ride tickets ran out I went back towards the games for the kiddo to get a prize and I ended up with a boyfriend.


Mutual friend in college. Met while playing Valorant


Tiktok Hogwarts Professors tag lmao


He messaged me on Twitter.


We met on an online chatroom that was "made for" 9gag-ers and 4chan-ers about 10 years ago now. 😅




Lol this is the first time I am hearing about a story like mine. We met on a therapy site as well and I didn't think anybody could relate lol


Language exchange website :D


Me too


Tinder when she was local.




met on tinder, she lives the next town over from me we basically grew up 15 mins away from each other and never knew and now she's doing her master's in another state


We both were on Erasmus studying in Finland


Reddit on the thirftstorehaul sub and the lesbian ones. She kept popping up on my feed and i couldn't get her out of my head. We started talking after i gave one of her posts a award <33


We met on Palringo. She’s originally from the Philippines. We are living together in the US now and we have a one year old daughter. Edit: I guess they rebranded Palringo to WOLF now.


Business trip. He was at my place of work for a week to help implement new charting software. We got chatting and found out we liked the same video games. Traded usernames and he brought me into his friend group. Those guys became my brothers for years, and when my husband and I split I leaned really hard on them. He and I got closer and found there was more there. I'm actually flying in to see him today.


How I met my girlfriend was something that wasn’t planned at all. It was not supposed to happen, but it did happen and now we have been together since beginning of 2019. We both had created accounts on mylanguageexchange with no intentions other than learning languages and it all started when she (who was searching for someone to practice Swedish with) wrote in the search field for people with knowledge in Swedish and I was the one latest online, so she sent me a message and from there a journey that is still in the very beginning started. I have indeed found my soulmate and I know she is the ONE. We are going to meet for the first time in July this year and I couldn’t be happier.


My husband and I were separating due to him being a narcissist and I couldn't handle the abuse anymore. And I was feeling depressed as alot has happened over the past few years and my husband was never a support for me.. so when I feel like I'm in my lowest of lows depression, do I start up online roleplaying series. Where I partner with some one to make stories, my escape from reality. On what should have been my husband and mines 9th anniversary (may 2019).. I spent it alone in the bedroom starting an RP with who is now my current boyfriend. The first couple of months we knew nothing about each other, we just make our characters and started our story. It got to a point where all my family troubles got to be to much and I couldn't focus anymore on my story. I expressed that I o my partner who told me I could open up to him and be a listening ear. So I did.... He showed me so much kindness and respect that we started to talk more... And feelings grew. Next thing I know I'm on a plane, lieing to all my loved ones and meeting my partner. We had such a romantic weekend. That I returned home and officially ended it with my husband once and for all and started the process to leave....... Then Covid hit. I ended up staying with my ex for another year and a half and finally escaped when a friend opened her home to me. Few months later my boyfriend moved in and a month later we got our own place. And we never been more happy. He helps me with my panic attacks and severe anxiety as I heal from my years of abuse and trama.


She was an AU pair in the US, when that finished her visa expired and had to move back to her home country


Met on BDO and played games togther since.


My current and previous relationships both started by meeting at mutual friends’ weddings


Originally knew eachother in person through a mutual hobby, but connected on a dating app after he moved out of our previously shared city.


Discord server for board games


tinder passport lol, we have 3 months left for the 2y mark:^)


Met partner through a mutual close friend. I’d met this friend through a game we both loved (she made a post asking for folks to talk with her about the newest release and I responded, then we hit it off and have been friends for about 5 years), and my partner met her through a forum they were both on as young adults. Eventually my partner joined the larger friend group and we’ve been inseparable since. 😊


Over xbox


Scout camp


Online d&d game! We were playing video games/watching stuff outside of sessions after the first few months, and then we started dating. We still play d&d, but we’ve got a lot of other things we do together too :)


Tinder and he was in my area for a concert, the next day I saw he was 400 miles away and I wasn’t having it. But here we are 2 years later, he is working on closing the gap, planning our elopement and getting ready to live our lives together. It’s been hard. It has been worth it.


She sent me a message on Okcupid and we started talking, and kept talking.


Instagram, we became friends within a couple days and we started dating the same week. We just hit the 1 year mark back on the 21st of this month :)


Woozworld… lmao


She came to my highschool on exchange! We had a spark but only decided to persue something more 11 years later.


Facebook dating. He was initially close by me then he moved away.


Penpal World 😇


Wasn't looking for anything but just someone i could talk to, but i have no regrets going to omegle that night and talked to this charming and funny guy. 13,000 miles away from the love of my life. Never been happier 🤗❤


Long story short, my long distance SO is actually the cousin of my best friend, and she came where I’m from one summer and I thought she was the most beautiful woman (cheesy I know) but I didn’t ever have the confidence to talk to her so a year ago my friend FaceTimed her and apparently she thought I was just as cute LOL so we kinda just picked up where it should’ve started


we met on reddit, ironically. he replied to a comment of mine, then messaged me when he saw that i posted in a sub for a streamer that he liked too. i saw a photo of him on his profile & thought that he was super attractive, we kept talking… and the rest is history. replying to his message was the best decision i’ve ever made, i was able to meet the most amazing guy in the world all because of a silly comment ☺️




kys ❤️


Imgur...he sent me duck pics instead of dick pics and he made me laugh. I adore him!


we started dating my junior year of highschool, went to rivalry schools across town. he’s a grade ahead of me and committed to a college halfway across the country (united states) to play baseball right before we started dating. the time came where we had to make the decision whether or not we wanted to do long distance (4 months into dating). we both knew instantly that this was a forever thing and didn’t want to break up just because of the distance. fast forward 2 years later and we’re halfway through the distance! i visit him quite often, a few times every semester and he’s home for 3 months during the summer and for a few weeks throughout the year for breaks! we’re about 1200-1300 miles from each other and in different time zones when he’s away at college.


Telegram Werewolf


I was really close with a girl that I met on Black Ops 2 in 2017. As the years passed we were basically best friends. One time I was trying to text her on Snapchat and my now boyfriend was on her phone. He was texting me and joking around with me. I sent a friend request on Snap, which he didn't respond to for 2 weeks. I had to tell my friend to remind him. We didn't talk much for a few weeks after that until Thanksgiving break. He was bored and randomly asked if I wanted to call. We called and started talking for about two months. Then he asked me out and we FaceTimed basically everyday. We met for the first time last year and now we live together!


Discord server of friends that played War Thunder. I love planes, my SO works in the RAF, so we had so much to talk about. I confessed my feelings to him, and he said he felt the same. Now we are dating, have spend a holiday together, Christmas together and new year. And in less than a month, I’m going to watch the ceremony of him ranking up. He’s my one and only, never had such an “easy” relationship. ^^


Me and my SO met in a minecraft civ server (CivClassic) and I was just a “newfriend” (a new player) in it and he’s already been playing there for 4 years. We just kinda hung out in vc and started chatting in private as well as in discord channels until we got closer and started chatting on instagram, then whatsapp. ‘Til it got to the point where we would chat everyday from waking up, to going to bed. I confessed to him and turns out we like each other. We’re at our 6th month and 2 days now as an official couple :D


Discworld related FB group. We just clicked straight away.


Met on a mobile game. Actually his cousin was my first friend and later I got introduced because we all played the same game 🙈😂


Meet her from my older brother's old friends. She is one of their best friend's. Knew her for years, and everybody else. We were mutuals for a few years, and I would respond to her story every few months to say she was pretty, but never thought much of it. Her best friend makes a server, I join, I talked with her best friend and their boyfriend. I have spoken to them for years but weren't close. We spoke together for days, and played vr chat together. I talked with her all night long, and I absolutely fell for her. Luckily for me, she fell for me too. That was last may, and now she is coming to visit in 14 days 💗


Dating app He was spending time in my country and had a really good profile (not speaking about pictures but about information)


Both Lived in Dublin, met via Tinder, dated, became boyfriend and girlfriend, then became Long distance. We are waiting on her residence permit so she can come live with me. We are married as well.


Online, we're volunteering together for a month-long online event. Introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Hit it off after one month due to common interests, but took a few months to realise we like each other as more than friends.


Some sketchy app called Skout when we were 18, he talked to me all night about his favourite anime and now 3 years later we obsess over our favourite animes together💛




College bar, there was an instant connection


On omeagle, we're both autistic


Discord server of a guild in a game we both played (but hadn’t played together)


we met in a discord server that got deleted months ago haha! it was a server about our favorite indie cartoon from youtube and he started livestreaming and i was the only one whod attend his streams and i fell in love w his voice instantly. he found out i liked him cuz i posted to twitter saying "watching my crush stream" with a bunch of heart emojis and he saw it cuz we followed each other and he knew it was about him. he shortly fell for me and now here we are almost 2.5 years strong!! ❤️❤️


We met on tinder when we first started dating but then he got a job across the country so now we’re long distance




Sounds like a great guy that loves you a lot.


I am a massive fan of creative writing, and so I was scrolling a tumblr blog where people would post submissions about finding potential collaborative partners to write stories together! But, I was scrolling relatively fast and absolutely went right past his post. However, his username had an orange heart 🧡 in it and the sudden flash of colour in a sea of white and black caught my attention. I scrolled back up until I found the orange heart and while his area of literature wasn't what I was looking for, his post charmed me and I decided "why not?" And messaged him! Fast forward to now, we've been together 3 years and are getting married in around 78 days. I'm so thankful for that little orange heart, without it I would have scrolled right past my soulmate. 💍


We met online on New World! (been together 3 months now)


Runescape + discord, he appeared literally in my darkest moment, he made me laugh when all i wanted to do was cry and be alone 🥺 We met a few months later, fast forward to summer last year i moved in with him after our 4 year anniversary, and now we’re approaching our 5 year anniversary in July 🥰


Okcupid. She's in Sweden. I'm in Texas. Meeting in May to finally get off the "never-met" wish list.


I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to talk all the time. It's more like, text me whenever, I'm always there for people. So one time, a friend of mine (who is not my friend anymore), started talking to me again. She was talking about this friend group she found on Discord, and how they all watch movies together and play some simple games. I do want to say, I live in the Netherlands and the people in the group were all over the country, which at most is a 3 hour drive so it wasn't 1000 kilometers like some here. The group was like 6 people, age range between 17 and 21 (I was 17, now 19) I got invited. They were all watching dora the explorer when I joined, and we had a lot of fun. Eventually we started watching weird stuff, even PH and watched women insert bottles. I got comfy with the group rather quickly. So there were 4 guys and now with me, 3 girls. 1 guy was never around, let's call him Mark. Mark was an okay guy, but he was a bit weird. He had a different kind of personality, and was only around when we watched weird horror stuff. Another guy, who we'll name Shawn, was my friend's boyfriend and he wasn't really around unless my friend was active alone in the group. So me and the girls joked around a lot, and sometimes the other 2 guys joined in. We played a lot of dumb games, watched funny and weird stuff, and 1 girl soon fell away, so it was just me, my friend, and the 2 guys. We'll name them Alex and Lenny. Lenny was single, and he had a fun personality, but he just wasn't really boyfriend material. Alex had a girlfriend, and at the time he never talked about her. I soon figured out I had started developing feelings for Alex, and I told my friend. I also told her I wouldn't act on my feelings because he has a girlfriend and I don't want to trouble them with my feelings. Fast forward to about a month later, Alex and me had gotten really close. We always stayed up later then the rest and just talked, sometimes we talked all night. Slowly I learned more about his girlfriend, and she was a real bitch. They had been dating for about 8 months at that time, and I was surprised they still were. Even his friends told him he should leave her, but love blinds things. They were in a long distance relationship as well, and mostly gamed together. They barely talked, she made false promises about showing up and send a message 5 hours later that she forgot and wasn't coming (around 2 am). Stuff like that. She made him push away his friend, online and in real life. She never let him share social media, and he did all she asked because she was his first girlfriend and didn't want to loose her. Eventually, I kind of convinced him together with Lenny to break up with her, and he did. Not for my benefit, but more so he could move on with his life. It didn't take long before he told me he had feelings for me as well. That was almost 2 years ago. I forced him to pick up contact with his old friends, and not to be afraid to make friends online. In the beginning it was hard, and he had a bit of trouble adjusting to his "free" life, but it all worked out. Now, only me, Lenny, Alex and another guy are left. Alex and I meet every week or 2 weeks (200 kilometers apart) and have been planning me moving in with him and his dad. We have plans for future pets, vacation, houses, business, living locations, kids, marriage, etc. And I can't wait for all that to happen.


We met on discord in like summer 2018


Intern for a youth ministry program, age 19, she was 16. She crushed, nothing happened. Fast forward 14 years later, she's in town on a girl's trip and sends me a text out of the blue. Hang out as friends one night, next day we're making out in a bar. We've being doing the distance for 6 months while I wait to finish an apprenticeship in May.


Twitter. He followed me and started replying to my tweets, then he dm’d me and the rest is history.


Phasmophobia. He’s going to visit me on December and celebrate Christmas together! I can’t wait to meet him and his family. Please pray for us! 🥺


D&D discord server. We both watched Critical Role and were in a mutual server. We started talking in DMs a couple months after joining but it took us quite a while to actually come out with liking each other! We talked a lot about our D&D characters and drew them for each other, etc. Up to that point 😊😊 (and still do for the record 😂)


Bottled anyone?


Got shot down at an internship so I went back to my summer job of life guarding. My boss who was a long term coworker took me back and also hired a bunch of her friends from another college and they worked there all summer. Just so happened one of them was awesome and even asked me out. Had to go back to her college afterwards but we kept it going and it’s almost 2 years and about to move in together after graduation


Twitter ✌🏻✌🏻


met on kik she joined a gc I administrated for and we started chatting outside of it, things kind of just happened


A polyamorous discord server. And neither of us are polyamorous funnily enough. Best thing I ever did


We met through a mobile game that is absolute ass, I was going through a breakup and he was in a toxic relationship. He realized he had feelings for me first but I didn’t like him. He broke up with his gf but it was too late, she’s pregnant. Eventually I got over my ex and started liking him. We started dating in October and we meet next week.






He and my best friend met on a discord server and were mutuals on twitter He posted a pic and my friend replied, I thought he was hot and my friend told him and sent him a pic of me and he thought I was hot but we were too awkward to actually talk but eventually he talked to me and we started officiailly dating 3 months later and he came to Mexico 3 months after that


Tinder when he was on holiday here, been dating 5 years traveling back and forth 🙃


Badoo. She had her location set to where she wanted to meet men from.


Talking mad shit in Echo VR even though I had yet to play a single game, ended up talking the days after and dating after 10 days to “beat” my parents who started dating 13 days after playing online poker with each-other. She’s been my best friends for almost a year and a half more in counting! Couldn’t have asked for a better person to have met!


discord! how we met feels like fate but was really friends inviting friends to play and we just started talking. our big thing was music, so we were sending songs to each other constantly.(spotify always has our blended playlist at 95% or higher 😌)


Met 12 years ago in World of Warcraft. Drifted in and out of each other lives throughout the years until Jan/Feb last year where we started communicating daily again. There has always been something between us, we’ve always hovered on the border of friends and something else. So we decided to kinda peruse it, met on the 28th of Feb this year, now a couple who are very much in love. Meeting again on the 15th of April. He’s literally my best friend and my love rolled into one. Biggest regret is not trying this sooner. So wholesome to read everyone else’s posts on here 💜


We met in a Heartbreak server on discord lol


Some game called starbound. in a server


We met here on reddit, on a videogame subreddit. I made a post and she replied, we had some back an forth in the comments. I checked her profile and we seemed pretty similar so I messaged and we just kept talking there. It was like we've known each other forever.


I had been playing call of duty for about a year.. started playing with this little group and I’ve never really made a first move but for some reason I kept asking this guy for his snap/insta… we’ve pretty much talked everyday since he gave it to me.😂 8months later and 1500 miles apart and we’re still playing cod and I’m so happy I annoyed him that night. Side note, reading all of these makes me so happy and hopeful🥹


Tinder. I had downloaded it on a whim and he was staying with a friend nearby. Complete happenstance and when he moved a month later faaaaaaar away I figured it would be over. But 10 months later and countless weekend visits and nightly phone calls and I'm moving to him in 4 months and then I'm gonna marry his gd sexy face.


OLD, Bumble. Lived closer initially then he had to move, but just two hours away, so I don’t have it as bad as some of you. Problem is I can’t find a job near him and he can’t move because his kids are there. It’s getting hard. Tiring, I live with him about half the time as my job is somewhat remote but not totally. It’s like living two completely separate lives: two wardrobes, schedules, sets of friends and hangouts. Love him, but it’s taking a toll.


We met through a chat for League of Legends players 😂😂 and started playing together which led to us dating. my duo for life now


We actually met in person! We met at an anime convention in Chicago :) We found out we lived in different states and still decided it was worth giving it a shot. We’ve got a plan to move in together after I graduate!


overwatch lmao. found him late 2016 and got invited to play with his friends too, eventually ended up in the discord with that group and would hang out there a lot. i ended up distancing myself from that group for a bit but reconnected w the cool ones a few months later - him obviously included. we were very on and off flirty the entire time we knew each other, but timing was never right to actually make something work. now, we finally found the right time and have grown into the best people for each other. and i owe it all to fucking overwatch 💀


In a game, Overwatch competitive match. Still think what a chance that was to randomly find a soulmate in such a moment 🤣


Met mine through a mutual friend on discord. He went through a bad breakup I helped him through. We've now been dating for over a year and a half and met in person about 3 months ago. Now we're living together!


VRCHAT haha 2 years ago :) but we could at least have virtual dates and sleep next to each other in VR :)


Dungeons and Dragons! Been together two years now and counting.❤


We were both guests at a friends wedding in the UK and we met at the bar during the wedding reception. Spent basically the whole wedding hanging out and talking and enjoying each other’s company and decided to keep talking from there 😊 He still lives over in the UK and I’m in the states for the time being, but that should be changing this summer!!


He literally randomly messaged me on KIK. Now happily living together. (I flew 8,600+ miles on a work visa. Best decision I've ever made)


Upwork. She worked for me.


Tinder when I was traveling in her country.


He was on exchange at my university and was assigned me as his mentor. Ended up not being able to log my volunteer hours but hey, pros outweigh the cons


I met mine on Apex Legends lmao about three years ago


Met in freshman year of highschool, started dating in junior year, and been in an LDR ever since senior year ended (which was 2 years ago!)


Tinder. We are meeting for the first time in July when i am visiting my friend who lives near him 😅


Yubo 🤮 going strong though!


My best friend (that I met three years) met this group of guys in a COD lobby ten years ago when she was in junior high. When I met her I told her I liked games and we started playing together. She had me join a party with that group of guys and we all played together. She showed me pictures of all of them to put a face to the name. The one guy I said was hot, she told me he was in a relationship. We played for some time and he started messaging me during the day trying to get to know me. Little did I know him and the girl hadn’t been dating for a long time. We talked every single night, fell asleep on the phone, we met in person two months after our first party together. We were only 3 hours away, so we made once a month trips to each other. He’s playing Elden Ring in bed next to me while I play Kirby in our house we bought together.


My partner and I met over Instagram 😂