The Batman movie is like 4 hours long you could say you’re seeing it lol


And before that just say that you didn't charge your phone, pretty plausible that your phone went empty after watching Batman haha.


Perhaps let him know ahead of time you have an important appointment or meeting and may be unavailable? Or that you’ll be spending time with friends or family that you haven’t seen in a while.


You can say you’re getting your phone repaired


Tell them you're taking a nap.


"Ugh, I didn't sleep well last night. I'm going to lie down for a nap."


"A really long, looong nap"


Haha yup. I've laid down for a nap before and accidentally slept 12 hours straight.


Then a nap is believable lol. When you meet your SO just say something like: "oh hey! I took this really long nap and ended up right here! So weird!"


After running a Marathon in 2020, I laid down at 6 pm and woke up at 7 am next morning 😬


"Movie Marathon", some kind of seminar/in service/class for work, screen broke/getting fixed...


I’m a fan of the broken screen being repaired excuse. Not sure of your life situation, but an interview panel could be an option. Attending a seminar/concert in a lower level of a building where signal is crap is another option. Tax Prep appointment. A work shift. Switching mobile carriers. Driving. Laundromat. Anywhere noisy and potentially with shit signal or no wifi, really. I usually blame Target if I need to “buy” time.


The plan for my 12h flight was to just pay for wifi on the plane - until I found out that American was to use the freaking oldest plane known to humankind for that specific flight. So what I did, was tell her that I was changing phone carrier (which was true) and that it would take a certain amount of time of me being offline. It worked :-D


Seconding not purchasing the plane’s wifi ahead of time! I did this for my cross-Atlantic flight with Lufthansa, and could never get the wifi to connect. Then I had to go through the process of getting my refund of €9, which took forever.


You can say your phone has been acting up.


I thought to do that too.. but getting an excuse for a 21 hours flight is a bit harder


Going away trekking in the mountains no signal for a couple days ?


if I was that type of person.. maybe "isolating from the internet and living in an isolated village drinking only fruit juice and just starting at the skies" is more like it


Hahaha yeah I feel you my fiance would never believe it of I trekked either, maybe you could be forced by friends or something? He/she only has to believe once right? 🤣


yeah.. I guess I'll find a good disguise if I really want to. but it'll be hard keeping it a secret. I'll be so excited! and I share with them literally everything that happens to me


Just a suggestion but, like I said in my comment to someone else, why don't you ask them out just before you get on the flight? Say something along the lines of: hey, I'm on my way to pick you up. Dinner at 8? They will probably think you meant to message someone else, but you can tell them you're just about to board the flight, start getting ready etc.. Then you don't have to make up excuses and gives your SO some time to adjust, but it'll still be an awesome surprise.


Dont let them think you have a date with someone else? That’s kind of cruel. Edit: ah yes, my bad.


Read what I wrote again. If, and that's an if, they think message was meant for someone else, they can confirm it was meant for them and tell them they are about to get on the plane. What's cruel is going AWOL for 6h and lying about it then after 6h of potential stress for their SO(as they talk throughout the day) showing up at their door. I would personally be very upset, which is why I suggested an alternative way to surprise OP's partner.


Idk, we don't do the surprise thing just so we totally know we are both available the whole time. I think I'd just piss her off....lol...but to each their own, I agree with just napping something easy.


I was also thinking about this. I hope OP's bf is prepared a little bit for the surprise sometimes good intentions dont come in right moments.


I'm not too good with surprises either. I'd have a much better reaction if my boyfriend asked me 'hey want to grab dinner tonight' and then break the news of coming over. Gives me time to get my stuff in order, tidy a bit etc, and I'd actually be excited rather than freeze and get a panic attack.


I didn't use any excuse and just drove to her place Saturday. 14 hours in the car round trip to spend an hour with her. Just drove up there.


You're nuts. 14 hours for 1 hours. But you've got my hat off for you. Respect.


Crossed 3 countries and an ocean. Hadn't seen her since July because of covid so just a surprise run. 7 up, 7 back, 2 tanks of gas 😅. And I'd do it again. Smile on my 'daughter's' face was priceless and just holding her hand again was... Yeah. Just hope for things going back to normal soon and more frequent and longer visits.


Ok ok. With a daughter, too? Then, for sure, i absolutely understand you. Very very cool. If time is money and money is money, but the trip is priceless, then there wasn't any loss. ;)


Technically bonusdaughter but since Christmas our kids started calling each other brother and sister on the phone and she basically became daughter. ❤️


Bonusdaughter /-sister /-brother is a great word. Amazing. Did you take your kid with you on the trip? Although i can imagine the struggles with bringing make the family one, are there any plans to close the gap soon?


We were planning on it. And no, mine was visiting his mother (he lives with me) and I didn't want to drag him along with such a long ride being pretty sure we wouldn't be long.


Understandable. I really wish you luck! Either her in germany(?) or you in UK(?). (Wild deduction, with Sherlock sense)


Deduction isn't correct. 😂 Was nearly the case though, had a job opportunity in Germany a few months ago but housing prices were insane in that area.


Well, yes. Germany's real estates are rater unreal eatates, especially in cities. Commuting is the only proper possibility, but then you pay with time. I have no watson around, so i tend to miss the last little piece. However, if you cross 2 countries and you cross an ocean in 7 hours, Europe to england is the only option, although you don't really cross an ocean. And if you're not German, and your son is trilingual you're dutch. So he speaks dutch, english and flames 🔥 😂 or you're Belgian, then he speaks English, french and german. This would he a crazy cool combo, with huge opportunities. Border or multilingual countries in central europe are crazy cool. I lived in north italy, you cannot imagine the bickering and problems about language education.


And well, I think a lot of logistics need to be re-examined first again. I did my research on how to move either way and I don't mind giving up my life here for it, neither does my son if it means having our family together.


If it's fine for all the parties, it's pretty neat and nice to read that people have will and strength to create ldr-patchwork families.


My son is trilingual so moving there should work, and schools here have the option to take all classes (besides language classes) in English.


I love this so much!


Love them so much. Just wanted to see her for a moment. Calls and videochat didn't happen anymore because of 'life' getting in the way.


Im going through the same. My so and his twins are my bonus daughters. I wish I could drive to em. . .


You can use the phone broken or phone dead reparing excuse 🙂. But let us know after how he reacted when see you ☺️. Wish you best


Tell him you weren't able to get enough rest so you'll be catching up on some sleep.


Tell him right before take off that your gonna take a nap and as soon as you land be like "omg I did NOT mean to sleep that long I'm sorry"


Tell him your screen cracked the day before then on that day tell him you have to drop it off to get fixed


Tell him you're going on a hike and you may lose service.


I surprised my bf on Christmas day, it was a 9 hour flight and the night before I stayed at a hotel. I told him I was visiting family (mom's aunt) on the other side of the country and that I wasn't sure if I would have wifi there. Now, this only works if you're a little behind, like me, and use a prepaid sim :') The night before I told him I was going to bed early and then just ignored him lol. He said he thought it was weird and odd but it wasn't enough for him to expect anything.


If you’ve got family or friends you see often, be like “hey we’re going to hang out and my signal might be spotty.” Then if you text him it’s not suspicious but you can’t video chat because you’re busy.


Does anyone know any good excuse for a 30 hour flight 😭😂 just joking i could never fly 30 hours as a suprise without knowing if he would be available 😭


Phone broken and you can't get fixed replaced for next 6 hours


u have to attend a wedding or have guests over


Say you’re feeling extremely I’ll and you couldn’t sleep the night or past 2 before. Now you’re catching up on rest. 6 hrs


You forgot to pay the WiFi bill and it got shut off. Forgot to pay phone bill and it got shut off.


Dropped your phone in the toilet and now it’s acting weird. :)


You're not feeling well and you need to take a nap