Unfiltered Podcast saying Mariah is leaving the show

So I guess the small remarks we made here really got into their heads.

I would've thought they would have thicker skin and just let it roll, but to completely remove yourself after a few people didn't agree with what you say is cowardly.

People do enjoy Mariah's input on things but sometimes it just feels disingenuine.


I mean, it was multiple subreddits calling Mariah a “pick me” every single week for simply chiming in and doing her job. If I was her, I would have done the same thing.


Agreed. But many people were critiquing how they feel like she doesn't give creative direction and only wants to play games or talk about nostalgic things (which is ok to an extent). that doesn't mean throwing your hands up and jumping ship (also her prerogative).


Right, but she’s been vocal that she has anxiety so I’m sure it was causing her to overthink, which I totally get. I honestly liked her input so I’ll miss hearing her chime in more.


I agree, however that’s not really what I took from what she said. Obviously the bad comments she gets were apart of it, but from what I understood it came down to how she was making herself feel about the episodes, not about how other people were making her feel. Also, she hasn’t COMPLETELY removed herself. She’s still in the intro, and last weeks episode I felt like she chimed in almost as much as she would have in a normal episode. I agree that if you put yourself out there on the internet, you have to have a thicker skin and not care about what people say or think about you. HOWEVER, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to see people who don’t even know you continuously comment on your life. I definitely would not say anyone is “cowardly” for removing themselves from a situation that they are uncomfortable in. If anything, it would be cowardly of her to continue doing the show when she doesn’t want to.


I completely agree with you. Mariah has been bashed since day ONE. I’m surprised she kept up with it for 5 years. She receives negative feedback from the YouTube AND the Patreon comments. I literally internally cry when someone says I’m annoying so I couldn’t even imagine being in her shoes. I do think she’ll come back. This reminds me of their first season where matt and mariah had the intentions of not talking “too much” but they eventually adopted into their co-host role.


Dude every other comment on YT was about how annoying mariah was, now every other comment is how they miss mariah. she CANT win with the viewers and I respect her switching positions. people were fucking ruthless to her


I wouldn’t say she’s cowardly for prioritizing her mental health lol


Thank you


They must be reading in this subreddit a lot because that’s crazyyyy.


Unrelated but I was looking for a subreddit to rant lol and this is the only thing I found. I really don't like the new setup and format, I used to watch the show every week but since the new set I haven't been watching at all. It's just not the same and it tries to take itself too seriously but that's just not what it is




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i don’t even watch that pod anymore they’re boring. i wonder if heath and mariah are on their way out of the relationship


I don’t think so, they’ve always talked buying a house and future kids on the podcast. However, I think heath has been postponing a proposal because he’s been wanting to better himself like getting the coffee company back, feeling confident by losing weight and new hair etc. also , he said in season 4 that he “can’t imagine having kids at his current age” so once he snaps out of that mentality and becoming more aware of his age then it’ll happen. Lowkey think it’ll happen during thanksgiving since her family is coming down, which if you know mariah she’ll want her family to be there but who knows!


a majority of influencers get so much backlash on a daily basis and they still do what they have to do to make a living. i think if you can’t take a few people not liking you, then influencing is not the job for you. it’s sometimes unfortunate that these things happen but it literally comes with the job. it is also a good idea for influencers to note that if they are simply good people, backlash would be significantly less


Unrelated and i havent listened in a few years but it always felt like matt was there just to fact check zane, heath, and Mariah 😂 the 3 of them are airheads


Hence the name