I believe they got 1800 seats to sell. I know for sure in section 117-118, I think they only sold like 400 seats. But that doesn’t include the away supporters up on 216-217. So you maybe right.


I was sitting in section 213 for the WCF and Austin fans took up 217 and parts of 216. To echo ckotoyan, my guess is since it's a final, the away section will expand to cover 215 and possibly 214, but just my guess.


twice as long of a trip though


More than twice as important of a game.


As someone who sits in 213 I doubt that 214 will be majority Philly fans because I’ve never seen that in the playoff games - however this is mls cup so who knows


My regular seats are in 214 so I got on to buy my Cup tickets as soon as the email came and 214 was already totally blocked out. I bought seats in 213 for the game, and it's probably a fair assumption 214 is being held for away support.


I normally sit in 214 and I had the same experience. I got mine in 213 too


The Philly sports website selling the tickets says they have sold 500 tickets alone and that isn’t counting the supporter groups and team allocated tickets. I’m Guessing they’ll have 3 sections at least up there


I wanna say they probably gave them 700ish, probably around what we give the Galaxy




Dang, that really a bummer for the union staff! The club should def fly them out to the match! 😕




Yea I Agree! Bummer for the staff Well, Good luck Saturday! Will be a great game