I think she means just the normal information taboo gives because very few have taboo


But what is taboo I don't mind spoilers upto vol 10


Taboo gives a lot of information that's why people pass out the information is about what the system is how it operates how the world came to be and so on so in short the system exploits the humans soul's by taking the skills from there soul when they die and reincarnate them to get more skills to harvest the energy but the souls of the people can't take this forever and are slowly starting to break


Taboo is a skill. When it gets to level 10, the user passes out and learns the secrets of the world, basically the whole backstory of the world, the system, the administrators, and stuff.


Worth noting that she learns the secrets of taboo long before the audience does. So you might not have forgotten anything.


So what actually is taboo is not explained till vol 10?


The only thing we learned from LN (as fa I know) till Vol 9 from Taboo. The world is ending. It had something to do with machines.


Taboo is all the knowledge of the world including the inner workings of the system I’m going off what I remember what the anime said so it should be spoiler free


It's also the history of the world leading up to the system


(Iirc this is the part where wrath encounters Mrs Oka?) Also not sure where exactly this is revealed, but if you are on vol 10 it shouldn't spoil anything. Its likely referring to the fact that the rebels are upset that they are being ordered to fight the humans which will basically ensure their death, but some of the secrets revealed by the Taboo skill are that people of the world have to die in order to generate the MA energy to keep the planet alive.


Ya later i get to know about it at the end of vol 10