There is no real equivalent to the term “y’all”, especially since pronouns aren’t that important in Korean since we omit the subject all the time, but here’s some examples of “y’all” and how I would translate them in Korean: I love y’all! 얘들아 사랑해! / 사랑해요 여러분! Y’all suck! (Like a cheeky way of responding to a prank) 다들 너무해! Y’all, I just heard the most ridiculous thing! 야/얘들아, 대박 사건! So I guess in a positive sense I would use 얘들아 or 여러분 depending on the context, and for a negative sense I would use 야, 다들, 모두들, etc. This is just a quick summary I made after a minute of thinking so no way this is a definite rule but just wanted to give you some idea. Also to me, “y’all” is a dialect/slang considering how it’s not very common in the parts of US I lived in. If you want a slang-y word, “이것들아” is a word that’s often used in the younger generation in particular to refer to the 2nd person plural, but it’s more commonly used in negative sentences.


First, thank you so much for the in-depth reply and providing examples! I greatly appreciate it. I’m gonna review and study these phrases as I’m still learning new words and studying as a newb. Also,yeah y’all could be considered slang. However, down south it’s like butter on toast for anything you say lol. Again, 고맙습니다 .!


There probably isn't a Korean equivalent, but I'd say 얘들아 (casual way of saying "you guys")


Ah,I see. Thank you for the explanation


y'all is definitely slang depending on where you're from in the US. Different regions have their own versions.


I’m sorry I meant would saying y’all in Korean be more of a dialect/slang thing in S.Korea?