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Nerf war and Amongus made no sense to me at all (I blame my own ignorance). I'm a sucker for the two Valentine's Day arcs - from making chocolate with Onemine through the Chapter 300-305 climax. The cultural festival was brilliant, too.


Fave: The New York trip Least: Among us


I forgot about the NY trip! That was great too


Am I the only one that actually enjoy the Among Us arc? I found it quite humorous, even though it wasn’t really necessary.


amogus arc they said sus and that was the hyped shit of the series by far


Favorite: either confession arc or eye contact arc Least: tadano kidnapped


Favorite: Golden week where they like meet on vacation (chapter 150~) Least Favorite: among us. Why the fortnite did they make among us into a plot point


Culture fest year 2 least: nerf war


favorite: amogus and isagi least favorite: forgor but i knew i don't even care enough to remember this chapter


Fave: Don't have one. I think. Least fave: Whatever the fuck's happening RN.


Favorite: New York Least: the entirety of year 1


Favorite is really hard to pick because there are a lot that I like. Least favorite is probably the Amongus arc because it feels like they’re trying too hard to be topical and current. I don’t hate the current arc with Kawai, but coming off the panel with Komi is really flustered and upset that she didn’t get to smooch Tadano has made me enjoy it less than I probably would’ve otherwise.


Most: Among us Least: Among us