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I never thought I would one day see my drawing being repost here, I'm quite happy !


Your art is really good, I like the colors & lighting :)


Thank you !


She gives you this look 5 minutes into the school day wyd




I love it




komi-san is just still and waiting #still


Komi is sitting outside peacefully, the tree's are bright green, the flowers are blooming. ​ The air is fresh and it's just a good time getting to experience it. ​ Not only that, but she's waiting for her favourite person ever, her boyfriend, her sunshine, her soulmate, her everything. ​ She thinks of him as the best thing in the world, so any time waiting or spending with him is all worth it. ​ She feels lucky, not only to talk to her boyfriend every day, she even gets to hold his hand, feel the warmth of it and the shape of it. ​ Since recently, she's been wanting to try other things aswell, but she's embarrassed to do it. ​ She thinks that a hug isn't bad, but she doesn't have a reason to do it. ​ She closed her eyes and breathed in the air around her, suddenly she heard some footsteps. ​ She looked towards her left, and saw the best thing of her life. ​ Her boyfriend, had sweat and a small blush, sun in his face, what looked like morning hair and the way he looked at her, his smile... ​ She looked down, face bright red and her heart skipped a beat. ​ She was getting butterflies again, she tends to always get it around him. ​ Not only was he the best imaginable person... He's also the most handsome and cute guy she's ever met. She's never found anyone attractive, but this guy... he's stunning.


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Looking a bit like Haruka Murakami from frag time.....


how about a Komi with glasses?


Kanna vibes