Learned my lesson about the explosiveness of mango booch

Learned my lesson about the explosiveness of mango booch

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my first mango booch exploded like that too lol then i read the sub thing about chilling it first 😫


Outside. Smart. I kind of forgot about my blueberry ‘booch & it exploded in my kitchen at 5:47am. If anyone knows how to get blueberry stains out of curtains I’m all ears.


Oh great. I just bottles my first 2f this morning and it was blueberry/raspberry. Now I'm paranoid. Lol


In addition to a good chill, tilting the bottle to 45° before opening your booch (and continuing to hold it at that angle for a few seconds after opening it) can really help! Enjoy!


Puts coke and mentos to shame haha


Refrigerate after 2f to settle carbonation before opening. Should prevent it from going flat too quickly.


At least you did it outside! Lol. I had to clean my kitchen ceiling a couple of times . 😝


Oh yes Mango can be really an explosive item.


How excited brewers get when the kombucha is ready...


This is why I stopped putting actual fruit or spice pieces into my kombucha. Even after chilling for days, they’ve exploded. I totally ruined the kitchen in a place I’d just moved into by thinking I could slowly open a bottle of pineapple booch I’d had sitting in my fridge for a while. There are still stains on the ceiling. Now I just make fruit / spice infused syrups by mixing some water, sugar, and whatever flavoring I want. Then I strain and use that to flavor the second fermentation. It seems to create a really fizzy but non-explosive mix for me.


Llcoolj explosion!


At least it was outdoors!


I'm amazed that we don't see anymore bottle bombs on this subreddit. That much pressure can be dangerous


*insert nutting joke*


Full throttle kombucha


You gotta start letting them burp as they ferment! It's a fine line between this and a pipe bomb.


Please read the subs wiki, you should not burp your ferment


How do you let them burp? I'm about to move onto my first 2nd stage and I need to know how to prevent this


You don't burp it. Burping stops the 2F and doesn't carbonate. To stop it exploding like this, just put it in the fridge overnight


Ok ty


Its fermentation slang for releasing the pressure. So a couple times during its ferment you open it just for a few secs to let out some co2 and prevent this.


Opening the bottle a couple of times during 2F also prevents carbonation


Not sure why you’re getting downvoted, I do this all the time in 2F and get nicely carbonated booch out of it.


Yeah you don't need to burp it normally but seriously, this result is close to exploding and is dangerous


Happy new year


Been there!


How long was it sitting before you opened it?


About a week and I burped it everyday. The last two days and the day I opened it we had a heat wave so it went from 60° inside to 80°. But only one bottle was explosive. The other 5 were fine






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