It honestly looks like too much dough. Some of the smaller mixers aren't designed to handle a lot of dough. Have you looked up your model and capacity?


Mine is the Limited Edition Heritage Artisan® Series Model K 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer! That’s a pretty standard size, right? I’m specifically trying to follow a recipe from Binging with Babish and it looks like his stand mixer is also a tilt head KitchenAid, so I’m a bit frustrated.


Dough is just crazy tough. I'd cut the amount your doing in half and do it in two batches... You might break the worm (plastic) gear doing it all in one go.


Thanks for your input!


No worries, I think a broken worm gear would be more of a pain in the ass than 1/2 the recipe! Have fun cookin!


Which recipe? If it's something lower hydration or high gluten do the half batch thing. If it's just some bread or another add an extra tbsp of water before mixing. Higher hydration dough doesn't buck as much.


It looks like you are mixing a fairly large amount of dough for a tilt-head mixer which will cause the mixer to jump around a bit and sometimes unlatch like what you are seeing here. There is a set screw in the neck of the mixer that you can adjust to reduce the amount of play between the head and body of the mixer which might help prevent the bouncing and subsequent unlocking. It doesn't look like there is much play in your mixer but it may help. Here is a short video about how to adjust it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y_S5xLX8eY. This isn't guaranteed to help as the tilt-head mixers just don't play that well with big blobs of low hydration bread dough.


Thank you for that link!






Oh I am so sorry! No idea what happened to my reply! Just wanted to tell you I have this happen to me every time I make bread dough. Sometime it helps if you stop the mixer,and move the dough to the bottom of the bowl,then restart,and continue with kneading. And I make bread at least 4times a week,sometimes more.


You've got too much dough for that size mixer going, but also check the screw that holds the pin where it tilts. That may need to be adjusted.


Mine started to do the same thing , I adjusted the beater height via the "dime test" method and it fixed the issue, as far as stripping the worm gear as long as you don't hear it really struggling you should be OK these machines are designed to work fairly hard, but having said that if you bake bread often be prepared for a to happen one day through normal wear and tear. But it's an inexpensive part that's reasonably easy to change so go hard and have fun baking I say!!


The first mixer I got did the exact same thing. I ended up calling kitchenAid and they sent me a replacement mixer. Might be worth looking into especially if it continues to happen with a smaller batch of dough. I would also keep an eye out for metal in your dough. I made the mistake of turning the speed up too high while making pizza dough and ended up finding metal shards inside my dough!