Bruh drink water lol


For real tho. I made a terrible mistake one shift and filled my regular 1 gal pitcher with coke instead of water...for science. I felt terrible by the end of my 9+ hours and switched back to water forever. Hydration is life in kitchens.


Rule one, stay hydrated. Rule two, stay hydrated.


Rule 1: stay hydrated Rule 2: Don't not stay hydrated


This man gets it.


hydrate or die-drate


If he die-drates we can get some zydrate out of him


If you need the bubbles try seltzer. I chug at least a liter every shift and the need for all the bullshit sugar/aspartame in soda goes away pretty quick. Black ice coffee and seltzer are the way.




I have a co-worker that only drinks coke or redbull at work and nothing else. He's constantly complaining about feeling groggy and having headaches etc. I tell him all the time to switch to water or at least some iced tea's if he needs the sugar but alas. He never listens.


Yea, with this kinda quantity you're flirting with type 2 Diabetes. I'm sure you've heard how unbearable the cost of that is; people literally die here because they try to ration their insulin.


A GALLON? Isn't that like a lot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFUvmZWf4hI


Ha, my first thought.


"Man I just drank a salted corn syrup diuretic and I'm still thirsty for some reason. I bet I need more. Hey you get me another Pepsi"


salted corn syrup diuretic is such a funny way to describe soda I am going to use that


I hope I remember this in like a day lol, cause imma definitely have a coke zero when I get to work tmr


"Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world" -- Steve Jobs https://signalvnoise.com/posts/2813-do-you-want-to-sell-sugar-water-for


I’ve had trouble quitting soda but this post might do it. The way you explain it makes it sound so silly. Water from now on!


Studies have shown that half of the craving/addiction to soft drinks is the bubbles. They explode on your tongue and your brain believes it’s being damaged so it sends endorphins, hence the pleasurable experience in the very beginning. If you can make the move to soda water it craves half of that urge. I read it years ago in time mag.


Topo Chico is way over carbonated - in a good way. Definitely releases some endorphins.


This is why i taught myself to enjoy sparkling water like san pellegrino and la croix, and now generally when I drink sugary drinks I'm drinking sweet tea and I try to get stuff made with as natural of ingredients as I can. I went from somebody who drank a few cans of soda a day to maybe one a week


I switched over to seltzer too, ya fancy fuck. It's gotta be a special day for that sweet brown cola.


I had a Dr Pepper at my husbands celebrating-a-massive-promotion dinner not too long ago. Tasted way, way, way better than when I was a 3-4 Dr Pepper a day kind of person


DP was my go to for quite some time, started working and coffee at work was free so so cut back substantially. Eventually completely Weaned off to water and bubbly water. Need to try a DP again, now only the occasional coke or sprite after athletic events to feel better after big efforts.


It had been MONTHS since I’d had a soda, so when I for some reason had a wicked stomachache from a restaurant steak last week, I broke out the ye olde Mexican Sprite. As a kid, my mom would always give me and my siblings Sprite whenever we had a stomach bug. I tell ya what, it brought back memories and tasted like heaven


I usually have a 4oz portion of Dr Pepper when I'm working in the kitchen. Just for a change from the red bull/water/gatorade cycle


Just an FYI from a firm believer in r/fucknestle but pelligrino is a nestle product.


I think that the appeal of effervescence is that it atomizes aromatic solutions into a mist so more of it makes it into out olfactory bulb. I suspect that everything is smellier when it is fizzy. Also the bubbles mechanically cleanse the palate by scrubbing crap out of your tongue. Take a crisp glug of caustic Coca Cola between bites at a greasy spoon Chinese restaurant and your next bite is punchy like your first bite.


Yeah this is pretty much how I kicked sugary soda. You can macerate some fruit in the bottom first if you want some extra flavor too.


The easiest way to tell if you like soda or the bubbles in it is drinking flat, but still cold, soda.


Nothing wrong with soda in moderation, it tastes good and is a fine source for a quick pick-me-up. Just don’t be like OP




… I hope he decided to drink more water.


Probably not until he gets diabetes and even then maybe not. "I'm drinking more water, I'm proud of myself" *drinks same amount of soda*.


I found switching to tea and Gatorade to be much easier than going from soda to water. I still don't drink enough water, but those are better than soda.


Honestly Gatorade isn't really much better.


Yes and no. In a physically intense environment, sweating, burning calories, sugar is beneficial for two reasons. First, for rehydration. Your body can only absorb so much plain water. Glucose (sugar) and sodium (electrolyte) help it absorb water that would otherwise pass through your system. Second, it’s an efficient source of energy. Simple carbs like sucrose and glucose are easy for the body to break down and use rapidly. So for energy *now*, sugar is better. Complex carbs like brown rice give longer-lasting energy, but break down too slowly for a quick boost. Moderation is key! Outside of extended periods of physical exertion, Gatorade does about as much good/bad as soda. Edit: for those downvoting basic facts, look up sodium glucose cotransport. Or read a book idk. This shit is established science, not some personal agenda.


If you can just drink water for like 2 weeks, you will love water and not be able to go back to soda. I mean it. Just two weeks. Try it


Your name says otherwise, but I will trust you on this! Thank you


This is bullshit. I drunk water for years when I was really poor. What rest kicked my cravings was that I suddenly started to like soda water 😅


I found that if I drank the pure cane sugar cokes, I’d drink them slower and less often. Dublin DrPepper or pure cane Dr B’s from H‑E‑B are the best!


R/hydrohomies in shambles


i am for sure lol


Seriously. I don't know how so many of y'all sweating ya dick off and decide "yes, soda is what I need right now". Swear I drink anywhere from a half to a full gallon of water every shift.


Water should be the main hydration supply but man sometimes after a rush when Ur just so tired a can of coke does help u get a lil sugar rush going


Oh, for sure, I totally get the occasional soda. We have a draft root beer that I occasionally go in on, but I work with some guys who drink nothing but soda. I don't know how they fuckin do it.


Their pee probably looks like chicken stock.


He’s got ice in it !


Working the line is one of the best ways to lose weight but so many people ruin it for themselves and gain weight solely from drinking sugar


100%. This is why we die


Yeah, on shifts I drink enough of whatever low sugar caffeine source is available to keep me moving and the rest of the time is either water or electrolytes or both


Hey, cut him some slack he's also working on that strawberry protein milkshake.


r/hydrohomies doing the lords work


Seriously. I work straight nights and stopped drinking pop years ago. I get a much nicer awake feeling from water. No bloat, no crash and no diabetes.


Super excited for when that spills. Into your station.


and it's going to happen in the middle of a rush too or when you are doing a table of 20. 😂


What are you guys doing putting your drinks next to your stations? They go down below or on a table away from swinging limbs


The bad bitch from Ratatouille taught me to keep my elbows in


me too, and i also refer to her as the bad bitch from ratatouille


Ugh I loved how angry she was <3


i think about her like, a lot


Tsunderes do strange things to people


I worked with this guy for seven years, SEVEN YEARS, and every day his fucking drink cup went at the end of the cutting board by the dredging station. People would knock it over all the time and he'd get pissed, every time. Still he never moved it. If I was the one to knock it over I would just leave it for him to mop up and sanitize, like "well that's a 'you' problem now buddy".


I think some people somehow make it to adulthood without an understanding of object permanence.


Can confirm, adhd brain fucking sucks. "If I can't see it, it doesn't exist anymore"


And now I feel bad about never moving my water cup from the night stand. Ex and I always got in spats over it.


In theory...




I wear a beer cap with Pepsi in one and also Pepsi in the other


We installed cup holders in our low boys so you could put a drink in it and not worry about spilling it lol.


Just use something with a tight fitting lid? My drink is a part of my mise I need it during service so I don't really knock it over but if I did it wouldn't spill anyway


I don't even allow my cooks to have their drinks at the stations. We have a tray in the back of the kitchen. We once had a piece of glass chip into a dish, luckily we caught it before it went out. But I'm not taking that risk even again.


Been there…


Maybe it will make them wipe down that board at least


Guy I worked with who used to do a similar thing for water plastic wrapped the top first with a straw laid against the pour spout


Open container on the line here we go


Next come the cutting board police. “Um akchually celery should only be cut on teal colored boards” A clean and sanitized cutting board is just that. Color coding is stupid. I’ll die on this hill


Have to disagree on this, its an extra step of safety against any cross contamination for the guests. Granted its an absolute basic measure but considering that pretty much all the bacteria that we deal with is invisible to the naked eye I see it as a super simple preventative step and personally I champion it!


Red is for meat, white is for everything else. Nothing more to it.


There actually is a lot more to it.


Yeah color coding is bullshit.


So, I've worked in a place where color-coding made sense. It was huge, it was corporate, and most of the people there knew less than 0 about food. Nor were they inclined to learn. It was just 40 hours a week to a paycheck for them. So having something really point and click like color-coded cutting boards helped streamline everything and make sure that nobody got sick. Yellow boards on the station with no chicken - instant cue to go check that shit out. Purple cutting board on the same station as nuts - major fucking issue. For the vast majority of restaurants though? It's a complete waste of time and money


Ok now that makes sense. I can get on board with that.


I see you


I see what you did there


Yeah I worked at a large chain steak house that made sense to have color coded boards. We had like 40 cutting boards. Current place I run. I have 8, and half of them are white. I still make some of the new guys adhere to the chicken only on the yellow rule because you never know.


It's a useful tool in the right scenario. The more you scale up, the more useful it gets


It's bullshit around professional and responsible chefs. These places that hire drug addicts or teenagers because they can't find work... let's just say it's better for us all if they cut meat on a separate board from veggies. Some people just do not and will not understand what sanitization truly means.


They’re coded by food stain already




I used to poke a straw hole into a quart container lid and hook up my kitchen staff with covered waters or sodas.


Has no lid…. Bad juju for a health inspection.


That, plus in a hot kitchen you really need water. Occasional soda is fine, but this is so bad for short and long term health.


Liquid diabetes. Yum. 😋


”Do you want to loose 20% of your body weight? With this simple step it will be easy, getting diabetes and loosing a leg because you can not afford insulin! 100% guaranteed works”


This was my first thought too!


cling wrap


Was about to say that , like a boba


The day before I got the boot a sever came back with Pepsi's for the prep guys in disposable deli containers, (that we sent through the washer and reused) I took one drink of mine, looked down and saw the entire surface was covered in a thin film of something expect from where I had just taken a sip. I only drank water that I got myself from then on (1 day.)


Gotta be able to chug the whole thing clean at any moments notice.




Water is love, water is life


It's all hydro now...


Hell yeah


Amen, brother. Hydration is key.


Drink Pepsi like that all shift and you’ll be hoping there’s a payroll deduction for insulin someday.


Nooooooo! Water my friend!




RIP kidneys


And liver.


And diabetes


Is this sub delusional or just too young of a crowd? Every critical mention under the sun in the comments while completely ignoring dental health. Take care of your teeth folks! Nothing worse when you're approaching upwards of your 40s and your entire mouth is under severe decay. Having even small sips throughout the day can and will do this.


Small sips throughout the day is actually worse than just drinking one big one in a 15 minute window. Doesn’t allow your enamel to repair it’s just under constant attack.


I could feel a stone starting to form just from looking at this


Bro you finna die


Your servers bring you drinks? Damn, I had to sprint across the restaurant to grab a water while my flattop was covered with stuff cooking. Stressed-filled sprint walk if you will.


Lately ive found myself just filling my water bottle with ice(the ice machine is at the end of the line) rather than going out on to the floor to the server station. By the time I get around to drinking the ice is melted. Which is perfect, because I hate ice in my beverages lol. Win win.


I've brought the guys drinks, but I don't think about it often so it would be easier if they asked me to. The food runners hang on the line all night so I feel like the cooks could ask them too. Idk. FOH doesn't bring you guys drinks?


Wait your restaurant had servers AND food runners? The more I read through these comments I'm realizing I worked at a really shitty company


Let’s just get whimsical here and throw an expo in there too!


I think for my first 6 months of working in kitchens I drank pop but after that and the last 4 years I just drink water pure sweet delicious water


Use to work with a guy who drank a pitcher of 50/50 Pepsi and coffee.


This guy has never not had jitters and could drop a fryer basket with his mind


I'm 20 years of experience and have yet to acquire this ability. I got it work just one time but my coworker was convinced it simply fell in at the right moment.


have you tried drinking the elixir of Pepsi and coffee mixed together? I'm convinced that's part of it


When I worked in the kitchen this was my vessel of choice. Beginning of the shift I would grab a water pitcher, 2 lemons from the walk in and cut them both in half, ice and fill it up with water. Would usually go through 2 in the night.


"Easy on the Pepsi Fuller!"


That's around 200 grams of sugar.


Quick carbs for a true athlete. /s


So only about 5x the suggested daily max intake.


Two straws, is that a communal soda?


One person blows, the other person sucks. Increase in soda uptake.


Its gonna get flat brah. And like others have stated, Drink water and get something with a top/lid.


I've gotten the dirtiest looks from people for admitting to liking flat soda 🤭


I need water just staring at this picture.


Right. Im starting to feel terrible just looking at it


Jesus dude. Drink some water.


wait you guys have servers who will bring you a drink? mine just take the wrong food out of the window. edit: all love to all the thoughtful and hard-working foh workers, y’all are important, too. bless every single one of you for dealing with customers. i wish i had the time to hop off the line and get YOU a drink.


"All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and they wouldn't give it to me!"


Or they don't communicate when they start running an order that isn't complete 🙄


To join in on the buzz kill- Needs to be in a covered container, or health dept will slap the shit out of you. Also, I worked for a chef who only drank Diet Coke. All day. Every day. Got the most wicked kidney stones ever and had to have them surgically removed. Twice. Drink some water!


At my old job I worked with an absolute unit that also only drank Diet Coke all day. No coffee, no water, no nothing. He also had terrible kidney stones and since then started drinking water. Maybe 8oz a day but it’s a start.


Pro tip… plastic wrap over the top and stab the straw through. Lid and straw for the health inspector buddy


I commented this a couple times and just saw your post. Cheers to my Saran wrap homie.


To all the people hating - yea, drink more water - As a seasoned FOH I always ask the kitchen if they need liquids, whether it be iced coffee, water, whatever, sometimes BOH literally has no chance to get water for themselves - serve in quart containers with a lid


This was a really nice reply. Even if it’s not standard procedure for foh to get boh drinks, it IS a nice human thing to offer that every once in a while, if you happen to have time and see that they’re slammed and sweating.


we always try to get the people who are standing in front of the hot grill, making the food that will calm down our tables drinks when we can. they're also good about asking us when we have a second which makes it easier


bless FOH people like you. i hope you get appreciated as much as you deserve, the kind and thoughtful ppl like you make the job a little easier. (:


Dude you’re drinking like an entire days worth of calories


Reexamine your life.


Drink water


Thats more pepsi than I’ve had my entire life…


Just use Quarts with a slit in lid, you philistines


Yeah, I think everyone over at r/hydrohomies would like a word with you


You have been banned from r/hydrohomies


If you drink that every night I hope your job comes with good health insurance.


We decided to do bottomless mimosas this coming Mother’s Day. Not for the customers for the chefs 😂


When you're jonesing for a litre of cola.


I went to a bar and did this for water. I'm honestly just a thirsty dude (take that as you may) . Jk I really just like ice cold water


Fuck the haters your out here working, get thru your shift bro. Health dept isnt gonna walk in tonight anyway


Cover that shit gross


I knew a broiler guy who drank these every day for years....he is no longer with us. I know what its like behind the line....but drink water dude.


I bet you’re skinny


People here be like Cocaine? No problem Soda? Drink water you degenerate :D


Look at fancy man with his fancy pitcher , what's wrong with a 1/6 insert?? Also that's 15 year old me talking you should really drink water.. cutting out soda is life changing


Paper straws? Five bucks says he drank it in before those straws melted. Another five says he’s got burns on his legs from stashing chicken fingers in his pockets.


That moment when you choke on a tendie in the cooler and you gotta choose between getting caught and death.




What happened to the "line cooks and coke" kitchen confidential I'm used to? Anyways I drink about one of these in my first hour, then switch to water, so I have the best of both worlds.


If your servers don’t bring you drinks then don’t be afraid to ask. In my restaurant we are trained to ask BOH if they are dying of dehydration during the dinner rush. Sometimes I forget but if someone asks I will always bring them something.


Luckyy. I asked one of my servers for water during dinner rush last night and she said “You got legs”


Ah the chef chalice of old


Hello diabetes


I know I know... Everyone who worked in a kitchen is bitchin about your pitcher on the station But that bowl on the cheddar gives me the creeps.


Paper straws are the the worst feeling ever.


Maybe drink less soda


R/hyrdohomies have declared war on this man


“Good morning. I’m Wilfred Brimley and I’d like to talk to you for a few minutes about die ah beet us”


The only thing i would drink in the kitchen was water with lime juice from the bar, shots from customers and Jamison


Unironic diabetes speed run


Wow no one ever thought of that before. Your a real Einstein.


Kidney stones


RIP to your kidneys


First place I worked, had a guy who'd drink 3 or 4 liters of coke every night, until one night he fell into a diabetic coma while working grill and fry. Now he drinks 2 or 3 liters of diet coke a day


One of the worst moves young line cooks make. This dehydrates you so much and makes service way harder when it’s time to really fight your way out of the weeds. Drink water man. Standing on the grill and drinking Pepsi is going to fuck your performance on a busy night.


A 16oz coke has 104% of your daily sugar intake. That probably close to 50oz so that picture is probably well over 300% of your daily sugar intake. As chefs we beat our bodies up enough man. Drink some water please.


No lid on your "cup", sitting on the cutting board of your station, where you prep food...fuck outta here


Nothing like drinking 120 sugar cubes.


Sodies don’t hydrate?


I want to criticize you. But I go for the sweet stuff especially when I'm stressed. I walked to Joe's Pizza on my break today and got two slices and a dr pepper. B o reason for this. This week just kicked my ass.


Now I understand why Mike was put in an institution. It WAS the only solution.


When I was in my early 20’s working in a hotel kitchen, I would drink 6 of those full of Dr.Pepper in an 8 hr shift.


Quart deli containers for the win


They only just figured this out? We used to serve the kitchen ice buckets full of cola 😅


Those straws are just for show


Dude, I would do the same thing, but with San Pellegrino.


No judgement, I do this with water lol. Lots of double takes while I'm slamming my pitcher of water on line I do love some fountain pop with my food though


I'm more of a ginger beer guy myself


Water is better