Crackhead Capri Sun. Also, awhile back, management rejected my proposal that we all shotgun a Bang at line up and call it a gangBang.


This is the way. However fuck your crack in a can. Gave that shit up in my teens. Back then we only had jolt then redbull and monster. We also walk 18 miles in 4 feet of snow to dice 50lbs bags of onions.


Tied one to your belt on the way back, as was the style at the time. Now to buy a Red Bull cost a nickel, and in those days nickels had pictures of bumblebees on em back then. Gimme 5 bees for a quarter, you’d say! Now where was I? The important thing is that I had an onion tied to my belt, which was the style at the time.


I actually gave up caffeine about 3 months ago, and it blows my coworkers' minds. The only caffeine I've had since then, if we're being sticklers about this, is the Coke in a few whiskey-and-Cokes.


That's exactly how I quite caffeine and energy drinks. Only time I had it was Jack & Coke however I didn't count those. LOL At the time I was walking up downing a redbull then taking public transportation. By the time I hit work I was cracking a new redbull. It's been over 15 years since I had one.


Give me back blue raspberry jolt and I'll give up so many of my vices. This was my perfect drink.


This is the winner


We did this ALL the time at my last gig. Actually had pitchers dedicated for employees. Fill one of those bad boys with ice water, wrap it, jab a shake straw through the wrap, and say hello to having enough water to get through the rush.


Always get a pitcher when you get in, never going to have time after you start cooking.


I still have images of my old chef standing in middle of the line during a holiday rush, unable to step out for that spot for 6+ hours at a time, yelling for anyone in foh to please get him some fucking water and no one would do it. I felt so bad. We made eye contact and I considered running to grab him some but I know he'd be yelling at me about falling behind on my station so I put my head down and just kept working. What a weird fucking industry.


Might be unpopular opinion, but idgaf how much of a rush were in I am taking 30 seconds to run and grab a water bottle


What the hell were your servers doing??


Serving lol. That place was busy af, especially on the holidays. They'd usually run into the kitchen, grab the plates for (hopefully) their table and run off. There wasn't really a dedicated expo, all the house managers only came into the kitchen when shit started getting fucky and it was usually to scream at employees rather than help.


Those key lime pie flavored ones are DISGUSTING and I’ve had 2 of em today




I really like them when they’re cold and they’re absolutely vile once they warm up.


Bangarang peter.


Bangarang, Rufio


The law in my town says "all drinks must have a lid, straw and be handled in a sanitary manner" it's a straight copy of the FDA recommended food code but the local inspector interprets that as meaning it must have a handle as well. We got dinged for it and now have to drink out of 1qt hospital tumblers.


Well how do you know that they put the handle on (handled it) in a sanitary manner?


I’d challenge that interpretation because they are objectively wrong. It doesn’t matter if it has a handle or not, you’re touching the same part over and over regardless. Don’t be afraid to challenge the inspectors on violations because they’re often wrong! Just try not to be an ass about it or else they’ll probably throw the book at you. Approach it more so from a trying to understand point of view.


The key lime pie bang is ambrosia, I’m FOH but that’s what gets me through life(with the birthday cake bash sprinkled in!).


I put mine in a sippy cup with lots of tequila


If someone at our bar spills a drink, this is what they are greeted with on the replacement.


Ooooof. Bang, really?


The owners not mine, ADHD has me wired enough.


The ones that don't have wild ass names I've tried were good. Once I got back into the gym I quit them so my preworkout worked better.


Blue razz the best hands down


What wrong with bangs?


I like them. They’re all sugar free




That is genius!


There's pop can toppers for that reason only 5$ and reusable


have done this many times


Plastic straws… I remember those from back in the day