How well do you have to know someone to eat off their plate?

How well do you have to know someone to eat off their plate?


Pretty well but I see servers eat off of customers plates all the time. Still even with covid.


This is beyond disgusting to me. First time I saw this was when I worked for a very high end restaurant. Servers would bring the half eaten plates to the back for disposal and dive in like complete pigs, even using the same utensils that the customers used. I was told that "hey we know most of the regular customers, so no big deal". Screw that!


Not to mention that only 10% of servers actually wash their hands anytime they drop things off at dish.


Plus they touch cash and credit cards and who knows what’s on those.


A clear sign that people should get proper breaks and paid more.


Lmao aw poor Britney can’t make it through her 3 hour, $250 shift. Give me a fuckin break. Meanwhile the cooks twice her age have been here for 13 hours, work 4 more days a week, and walk with less. They eat off customers plates because their lazy young adults who woke up 12 minutes before their joke of a hungover waitstaff shift, nothing more. Source: customers untouched steaks kept me alive for a decade


Damn right!


It's a difrent situation in the uk. You sound like you are directing your anger ytowards the servers and not the employers who are forcing people to live in poverty. It's not the fault of your fellow workers but of the capitalist dictators who exploit you. Alsoyeahi used to eat off plates when I was a dishy




fuck off, people are hungry out here




Example: the bartenders at the bar I'm at just took back half a pizza from a table and distributed the remaining slices to the staff behind the bar. So would any of y'all do it in front of guests or just in the kitchen?


I’d never eat off food that was at a customers table. That’s nasty as fuck.


Hard pass.


Wtf?!? Someone prob sneezed,coughed ,wiped their nose,set used napkins next to it..Pandemic or not..that is disgusting.C 'mon man.


I didn't even touch food that's been touched by a guest before Covid, and definitely not now! Once it touches their table I'll only inspect the dish for mistakes/remakes in the dirtyzone in the scrub. I've wolfed down a slice of pizza from the buffet once but never someone's table.


Fuck no that's nasty. I thought you meant if a group of friends went out or something.


I would if it wasn’t a pandemic. Or flu season


Close friend or immediate family. Also depends on if it's eating something they didn't bite like extra fries or something they ate like a sandwich/burger or salad


Unless I'm fucking you I'm not eating off your plat.


If I would have unprotected sex with someone, I’m eating off that plate


How about you don't do either one


That's right, *never have unprotected sex with anyone ever*. It's not ok.


friends, (certain) members of fam cause even if I like them some of them arent the cleanest eaters


Usually I have to be related to them or dating them. But coworkers also don't gross me out after about 2 months of frequently working together. I guess it comes down to how often I've been exposed to them and their personal flavor of germs.


I occasionally share drinks with staff when we are developing cocktails. Even with the same people, I let them know I drank out of the glass or give them a chance to drink first if they prefer. Straw tests help, but aren't good enough for getting the full experience of tasting.