If we’re talking gameplay, then yeah, generally speaking. Terra is unfortunately extremely clunky in this game, and while Ven is perfectly fine, Aqua is generally the best character to play as. She also gets the most story content, being playable in two whole extra mini stories.


She also evades attacks with cartwheels, and it is more magical than any Christmas morning I've ever had..


Not to mention she can use her 360 guard/barrier in air which came handy for a particular boss post game wise


Yes! Barrier Surge I believe.. THAT and her delicious looking rainbow shotlock. She's just so nice to use.


>*and her delicious looking* Yup, here we go. ​ >*rainbow shotlock* ...what a nice change of pace.


I was actually referring to her generic block (unlike Terra/Ven who just use their keyblade) Also, barrier surge looks SO MUCH PRETTIER aesthetically speaking, but it’s only a fraction of the damage that Thunder surge does :/ But that’s just another reason I love Aqua, her abilities are really unique and cool like magic hour or the ghost drive command style!


Ahh, yes I forgot that her block was that barrier. Honestly, that was a clever way to include it, without making it a command (can you imagine?) And yes Thunder Surge is indeed the best surge ability I think.


Counterpoint: I really like playing as Terra. The slower movement makes every action feel more intentional and weighty like in kh1. If it's ever too slow, you can use the ven d-link to speed him up.


That's all well and good on the lower difficulties, but if you're playing on Crit, you make a mistake and you die. With Terra being so slow and commital, he's much more susceptible to making "mistakes" Edit: This even includes most of his special commands. They're slow and usually he isn't invul for most of them. Getting counterhit mega easy. And having to use Ventus D-Link to make him actually usable means there's no variety in which D-Link you can use.


You make an excellent point. Before I knew there was a shop, I assumed Ventus would "learn" Cure after I made more progress. D-Linked with Aqua since it allowed me to use Cure. I think I found Cure in a chest later.. Didn't know how Commands worked at the time (I was 13 and expected it to be similar to 1 & 2, don't ask. I think I assumed if you found enough of the same Command, you'd "unlock" it lol Came back a few years later and abused tf out of the Command Deck


I *like* punishing gameplay lol. I'm a souls fan too. I play on crit exclusively. I only use the ven d-link when speed is the thing keeping me from winning a fight. Usually, though, there's another d-link that will help more than a speed boost.


I like punishing game play, too. But I also like fair game play lmao And BBS in general doesn't have much of that, let alone when playing as Terra. Aqua is really the only character where it feels like you have complete control of your character at all times, and even then, air combat with her sucks massively.


That's a really fair point. Something definitely feels off about bbs in general. I think the handheld games feel worse than the console natives, even after the port. I just redid the whole series and the numbered entries let me feel way more control than the handhelds.


People find BBS Crit hard? Have I been playing the game wrong on Crit? Though to be fair, I'm always grinding commands as early as possible.


It's not "hard" necessarily. It's just that the game is rather clunky by design, especially ariel combat, so that leads to a lot of cheap-ish deaths. If you know what the best commands are and level your D-Links early and *grind*, like, a lot early game, it'll be fine for the most part. The issue comes in with the bosses, at least in my opinion.


Even the bosses I find to be easy, sans the superbosses. I'm not even gonna *touch* MF as Terra


Lol. I was about to comment MF.


I find Aqua way harder than Terra. I did Terra on Critical and Ventus on standard and I died about the same amount of time as both characters. Terra was the easiest campaign for me besides his final boss. Aqua on crit I'm still stuck in Radiant Garden lmao everything one shots her


Just grind for abilities some more. Find an Ability calculator to get defense abilities if being squishy is your problem.


I'd say they did a good job remastering him specifically because I found it much more rewarding as time went on in the PS4 version.


I think ultimately it comes down to what gameplay style you prefer. I personally found Ventus the most fun to play being that he was the quickest.


Terra also becomes S tier with the ventus d-link


To be honest I never used the d-links when I played. I tried them at first, but I didn't find them super useful so I just stuck with leveling up my own command deck. I'll have to give it another go if I ever replay BBS.


The mickey mouse d link doubles xp at level 2, it's great.


D-links make the game way funner for me I just never really vibed with the standard command deck too much, the D-links give a good change up to the combat for me.


So they’re linking Ds now?


Wanna join 😏


Wingblade is addictive


That boy is pretty damn fast..


I find Ven vastly better than Aqua in gameplay, he actually can use perfectly well both Physical and Magic attacks while Aqua... only spams magic from a distance.


Honestly I agree that on paper, Ven is the most stable/balanced character. However, Aqua’s magic letting her spam seeker mines for good damage, her 360 barrier/block, and her Vanitas fights give me a really fun challenge/rewarding experience in the main story.


yes because aqua is supreme mommy


I decided to go with Terra first... idk if that was a mistake.


That's generally the recommended move. You can of course play in any order you want, but for story purposes, Terra - Ven - Aqua is the usual order


I probably heard that before getting into it, honestly I've had the collection for a number of years. One day I'll beat it, I just can't get invested because of the handheld limitations of the original, the worlds just haven't grabbed me yet. Gameplay-wise though even Terra has been pretty fun to play.


I personally had played in the reverse order and I regretted it. When I started the game originally on the PSP I thought "I barely use magic, I should play as Aqua first." I ended up loving how she played and it felt like I saw the wrap up of most of the worlds so when playing through them as Ventus it felt kind of pointless. Then I finally got to Terra and ended up hating how he played, to the point that I dropped the game twice during his story and still haven't finished it to this day.


It wasn't. Since you do get to see different POVs and they all come together. I am sure you weren't expecting to go for post-game right off the bat when you begin playing BBS. For me, I start with Ventus when I got BBS but I do enjoy Terra's story most, especially and purely against the final Boss. I mean Rage Awakened Origin OST is so good that I just prolong the fight just to use the Ultimate Shotlock as a finisher. You know, the process is the most enjoyable part compared to the achievement when playing video games. The only reason Terra sucks was because his evasive move, slide dash does not give him I-frames like Ventus's Dodge Roll and Aqua's Cartwheel when fighting post-game bosses. (Don't get me started why the BBS post-game bosses that hit like trucks are the bane of my existence even for easy mode).


A lot of people are just starving for aqua because shes the one of if not first girl you can play as with a keyblade.


Xion is first if you count Days on the DS.


Not to be that guy, but... Who?


I thought after Kingdom Hearts 3 we were done with that joke.


It’s a good joke.


It’s not. It stopped being a good joke on its 10 year anniversary.


I don't live on the internet so it's still fresh for me.


I think they mean sora which is weird because he isnt a girl


Definitely gotta count days. Though to be fair for a lot of people Aqua probably was the first girl keyblade wielder they played since you could only play as Xion in mission mode on Days.


I don’t think I miss mission mode or even 358/2 Days, but man do I miss the feeling of being a middle schooler and finding new gear and playing my favorite mission like 15 times to see how everyone’s weapon changed


Man I played Days during my Sophomore year of high school and those were great days. Even if Days isn't as good combat wise as the console KH games or even BBS or DDD, it was still great to have a proper KH experience on the go. I played tf out of mission mode, grinding to get everything I could. Wish I had friends who had played the game with me. Would have made it less of a chore. Lol


She’s just a puppet




I think you mean Xemnas. cause Saïx no longer thinks of her as a puppet anymore.


Sure, but He mentioned Days, my dude.


While I don't know if I agree with this a lot of people back in the day claimed that you can just play Aqua story and understand what was going on. While you would be missing out on quite a bit of context I do understand the premise. I also think that she's the most interesting character out of the trio. Terra and Ven have been seen in the game's already or at least parts of their personalities have been seen where as Aqua is brand new. She's also the first pivotal female character that isn't a Princess and isn't a villains so I think people latched onto her Unique nature. On top of all of that she's the first keyblade Master we get to play as in the series, Unless you count Mickey saving Sora in 2. All in all the writers had a lot more they could do with her because there wasn't a determine place she needed to be at the end of the story. We didn't know her fate going in. Where is the other two we kind of already knew, by at least partly through the game. Lastly I think she is the most underdeveloped character of the 3. While I do agree with everyone clamoring for a Kairi focused game. I want to see an aqua game because there's so much more you could do with her as evident by 2.8. ​ ^(Also she is hot)


I actually wouldn't mine another game about the whole trio again. I can see them focusing on how Terra is still trying to get to terms with the darkness inside him (there was that little side Story that Nomura wrote for I believe the KHIII Ultimania ((not sure where it was)), where the Trio was talking about sweets and Aqua wanting to make a cake, and Terra was thinking about how Riku and how he conquered the darkness, unlike him, suggesting that Terra is still not fully in peace with himself). Also maybe some PTSD from Aquas time in the realm of darkness. Ventus might start to remember where he comes from and wonders if Darkness is still a part of him, if it is still inside him, or if it went on to Sora. I mean, Sora definately has a dark side, Anti Form and Rage Form shows is that, and we can pretty much assume those to be canon, since he forcefully transforms into Rage Form during the Xehanort Fight. What if that darkness Sora used there is actually the one that was sealed inside Ventus? I can see how a game about the three might turn out! And I wouldn't mind actually =)


>Also she is hot OP can close the post now


I agree with the last point the most


I don't even know that means. It's hard to not pay attention to a character when you're playing a campaign about them. Like ok, obviously people can pick and choose a favorite, but you literally can't ignore them when you're spending hours playing them.


Aqua is both a powerful keyblade wielder and a beautifully designed character imo. She has a good heart; caring deeply for Terra, Ventus and her master. Aqua manages to be both serious and likeable, having plenty of charm in between. I never felt like she was particularly deep either, which might sound like I'm trying to downplay her. I actually think she is quite simple and clean; a character who's motivations are admirable and easy to understand. Not to sound funny or cheesy, but Aqua was actually a positive influence on me, back when I played through her story on my cousin's PSP. (2011 I believe..) It was a confusing time in my life, but she inspired me to be stronger and more decisive, as well as more kind to others. I'd share a sea salt ice cream with Aqua any day.


It’s Aqua > Ventus > Terra from fanart and stuff


Terra is so underrated


Too underrated, it’s unfair. I don’t see how more people don’t love him.


The story did him dirty, making a grown ass man look naive as hell by trusting everyone that people coded as villains.


Oh 💯%, we know Terra’s smarter than that. The fact that they make him never learn in BBS, like oh yeah let’s trust shady person after shady person, yet somehow never wisen up?? Unbelievable how dirty they did him.


Eh, it depends on where you're coming from and looking into. If you're hanging out in the Fanfic zone, people either swear by Aqua being the best thing since sliced bread or find her annoying. There are also hot takes that Terra is as dumb as a rock he's named after If you're in the GAMER™️ Zone, the challenge run people very much love Terra for being 'Not Broken' and 'actually takes skill to play as' (whatever that means) than the other two. If you're trying to crack into the Lore zone, Ven is obnoxiously important that I want him to just stick to the fridge in the Land of Departure to keep him from getting lost and triggering even more plots and plans.


> the challenge run people very much love Terra for being 'Not Broken' and 'actually takes skill to play as' (whatever that means) "Skill" in this case translates into "You can't just infinitely spam his Slide to dodge everything". That's it, that's the reason. If there's anything else, I atleast have never heard it.


For me, it's just that she has the more compelling story overall (not to say that Terra and Ven's stories aren't compelling or interesting- they most certainly are- it's just there's more of a focus on Aqua). Not to mention, she's... *really pretty*.


Maybe Ven since he's the Sora of the trio but definitely not Terra. There's a lot of back and forth with either really liking him or really hating him.


Maybe because Aqua was (maybe) the first playable female protagonist from KH (not sure if Xion came first) and is also a Keyblade Master at that with an interesting moveset, and she's the character you'll play more of throughout the game because of >! the final and secret episodes !< And maybe because of how their story ends with Aqua trying her best to save everyone.


Xion and Larxene were playable in Days' Mission Mode


They put the most effort in to making aqua the main character. Gets an air and ground 360 guard. Gets the flashier and extremely superior magic moves. Gets two be playable in 2 extra stories plus a tech demo. Has the best keyblade without superbosses or arena. First female playable character. Its hard for her to not be the favorite/preferred character. I like ven and terra more though.


She is Cute AF, probably one of Nomura best character designs he has ever done. Plus it's always cool when a female character is in the forefront and fights etc and is not just a damsel in distress.


For the post game: Yes. For the story: I'm a huuuuge fan of Terra and his storyline


I was always a Ven fan so I would focus more on him though I do love Terra and Aqua as well and Aqua is still my second favorite of the three of them.


I mean, she’s sort of the main protagonist of BBS with how much content she has in her storyline. Yes, Ven and Terra have bigger macguffins, but Aqua spends more time running around trying to do things and get the trio back together IMO. Even in gameplay she’s arguably the best of the three once you get used to her, since her default block is pretty much just straight up reflect and her cartwheels tend to have more range and less delay than Terra and Ven. The command deck system also generally tends to mean that her magic bend isn’t really that limited by things like MP costs in BBS, so she doesn’t really have any clear drawbacks like Terra’s bad recovery or Ventus’ lacking crowd control and single hit damage. When you start going after superbosses you’re honestly likelier to do it with Aqua. Even personality wise, Ven and Terra are sort of hotheads and Eraqus is kiiiind of paranoid, so it’s relatively easier to not get frustrated at her IMO. All in all you’re probably going to spend the most time with Aqua, have a better a game experience with Aqua, and get the most story content with Aqua, because she sees nearly everything that happens to the other two anyways. Even disregarding the fact that she’s a girl and everybody thinks she’s pretty, the game kind of primes you to give her the most attention.


Ventus for me. altho BBS has all three as the main characters, Ven still felt like the true main character imo. he's the one you start the BBS game with, and the one the story revolves around (X-blade), and the only one to accomplish his goal in the end by stopping Xehanort plan with his sacrifice. and he has a connection to both Sora and Xehanort the most. also Nomura draws Ventus in the center of the trio like 90% of the time, there's plenty of other reasons as well. His gameplay is the most balanced of the three, he's dodge has i-frames. overall he's not hard to use like Terra, nor is he a glass canon like Aqua. he's in the middle.


I don't quite understand the question. It's hard to just outright ignore anyone considering you play through each of their campaigns. I think the better question is: "Why do people prefer Aqua over Terra and Ventus?" I personally found her campaign the most fleshed out and engaging.


Aqua was the hero (and arguably main character) of BbS while Terra and Ven just got wrecked.


She's boiling.


Because they feel more for her because Aqua got stuck in Hell.


Her story is the saddest. Vens story is sorta like not too relatable, Terra’s is relatable but you’re mad at him bc he’s being reckless and endangering people. Aqua is the stern yet loving voice of reason and she’s got this survivors guilt and this remorse from winning something that meant the world to her best friend and she’s like blamed for things out of her control. My heart breaks for her slowly every time.


Yeah I like Aqua a lot more than Terra and Ven. Terra is the entire reason why things go wrong in the story. And Ven follows behind him and causes problems as well, not as bad as terra mind you but still. Aqua literally has to go around and clean up their messes.


Imo Aqua and Riku are the only characters with more than one braincell


I'm inclined to agree with this statement.


Because her dodge roll has no wind up or end lag, and while Ven has the same advantage over Terra, Aqua is better at fighting the superbosses because she gets Seeker Mine and a higher magic stat to better utilize it


Unrelated but what is this render from? She seems way too confident in herself here in this image alone than the entire KH canon has made her out to be.


The ratio of girls kicking ass to boys was just nearly non existent at the time we only got a few seconds of kairi with a keyblade in kh2 for instance, so hell yeah aqua basically


I mean. Have you SEEN aqua


I mean, look at her.


Nah, I like Aqua but Terra is based (even though playing as him is like trying to drive a lorry through a hedge maze) and Ven is wholesome as heck and real fun to play what with his whole reverse grip deal. Aqua may have extremely busted cartwheels and all the magic and the bonus story section ~~and a chest~~ and all that but it doesn't mean we can't ignore the other two parts of BBS's trio of blockheads.


Well, she’s pretty much the main character of BBS and 0.2


From the general audience stand point, yes. For me, I try to give them all equal love.


Gonna be honest, she's kinda got the best story of the three. Terra makes me groan by his bad choices at times, Ven's is mostly fine.


I personally had the most fun playing as Aqua but I think that’s cause I liked her cartwheel and her shield when she dodged


Yes we do 🌚


Cause she’s perfect


Stun Barrier shield and I preferred the magic attacks that she had, I used to annoy my friends when we played against each other cause I would stun them then attack with her stronger moves and cartwheel away


I hated Aqua when BBS first came out. Mostly the voice acting. I was a very critically edgy teenager, but I love and appreciate her now.


i only played vens story….you all know why


She just feels amazing to play as. Terra is fun but he feels like he weighs a ton, Ven is also fun but feels pretty grounded and it's hard to pin point a key fun feature in my opinion, but Aqua feels like she's a weightless feather dancing around her enemies and that just gets addicting


Honestly yeah, and IMO I think it's because she's like one of the only playable female characters in the franchise


When I was younger, I played Ventus the most When I got older and played the HD ports, I played Aqua the most. Terra never interested me gameplay wise.


I could give a whole essay but i can summarize it for you "Aqua is Hot"


I always preferred Terra tbh, but BBS didn't make his concept satisfying to play in endgame content. There's plenty of balanced (Sora, Roxas, Xion, Riku), speedy (Ven, Mickey, Kairi-ish) and magic-focused (Aqua, Kairi-ish) playable characters across the series, but no one but Terra goes for the unmovable juggernaut style who tanks through enemies and deletes things with slower, mightier swings. The focus on Aqua probably stems from her being the first playable female Keyblade wielder, who also happens to have debuted in a game built for her strengths... and she hawt.


I can only speak for myself, but yes.


I know I do. I love Aqua's gameplay over the other two. Terra was my least favorite, with Ventus being in the middle of the three. However, I am biased to like magic-based characters more than physical ones


Terra is essentially limestone-a crushable rock who thinks he’s all tough. Learn your magic, Terra! Geez!


Definitely 🔥😍


Lemme explain how a fanbase works: Boobs>>>>>Everything else


Its all about Ven!


Well, she's the main charecter


Tbh I think she is the most solid character in BBS.


Aqua is way more interesting than the other two, even in BBS.


She and them ain’t got the same attributes, if ya know what I mean.


Well, for one, she was the first main playable female character and also so-happened to be the one with the most story content. The fact that she also had a lot going for in terms of magic also made her more "attractive" for a lot of players given her variety in a game all about using Commands.


There are a lot of fans that are weird and horny for her, at very least. Though a better way to figure this out would’ve been to make a poll. Or better yet, look up em one of the past polls that people have done on the subject.




More like the degree that people are horny about her is weird. Like, it’s fine to think that a fictional character is attractive. It’s fine to even state this. But I’ve talked to TOO many people on the internet that are like: “Are you messing with my girlfriend Aqua?! Are you making fun of my queen?!” Which is just uncomfortable, haha.


Terra's story is just him making a cavalcade of terrible decisions, Ven is just trying to find Terra, and Aqua is trying to fix their stupid mistakes. Also Aqua is really hot


>and Aqua is trying to fix their stupid mistakes. Also Aqua is really hot What mistakes? that's only a meme started by the fans (mostly Aqua fans), there's so many posts on reddit that have been posted to put an end to this overused memes for years. cause they only give Ven and Terra a bad image. • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/uc2ubt/where_did_the_misconception_that_aqua_cleans/ • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/y78zml/aqua_fixed_the_messes_caused_by_terra_and_ventus/ • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/snhnuj/apparently_aqua_has_the_highest_record_of_being/ • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/yqji54/despite_many_fans_refer_to_aqua_as_the_problem/ And there are plenty more of posts like this.


I mean in retrospect Aqua is the most important of the 3 narratively. Not only is she one if the Guardians of light she is the key to finding Ven another Guardian. She saves Mickey and Riku in KH1 tho we didn't know that at the time. She is also the only keyblade master of the 3 and in a couple if Theories the reason Kairi can use a Keyblade. Also in BBS she does alot of fixing the other two mistakes. It makes sense why she'd be the fan favorite.


Kairi touched Aqua’s Keyblade in Radiant Garden so she is the reason


>Also in BBS she does alot of fixing the other two mistakes. It makes sense why she'd be the fan favorite. Seriously what problems of Ventus and Terra did she fix that you people speak of? that's only a meme started by the fans (mostly Aqua fans), there's so many posts on reddit that have been posted to put an end to this overused memes for years. cause they only give Ven and Terra a bad image. • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/uc2ubt/where_did_the_misconception_that_aqua_cleans/ • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/y78zml/aqua_fixed_the_messes_caused_by_terra_and_ventus/ • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/snhnuj/apparently_aqua_has_the_highest_record_of_being/ • Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/yqji54/despite_many_fans_refer_to_aqua_as_the_problem/ And there are plenty more of posts like this.


I like Terra because of his dark techniques and Zantetsuken


I did; she's got the most playthrough in the game and IMO, the best character arc.


Reasonable, because Terra enjoyers are chads irl, so it makes sense they're rare.


Because .... she's hot




Well both lol, you only need to see the fanart that is shared of her lol


Idk what you're talking about. My boi Ven is still my main focus of attention. Don't get me wrong, I like Aqua. Ven just takes prio for me.


Vens my boi


Actually Aqua was the one I paid the LEAST attention to, because I frankly didn't liked her in BSS until a certain point in the Story. She also was a dickhead to Terra, even if she didn't meant it (at least I hope she didn't menat it!), which lead Terra to distrust her and Master Eraqus and let himself get himself to trust master Xehanorts words even more. Also, when Terra told Aqua that he was the one that striked down Master Eraqus (which is only half true. He battled Eraqus, but it was Xehanort who backstabbed him), and he confidently told her that he will never gonna went astray again, she literally told him that it WILL happen again and that does not honor her masters memory. It is like she did not even listened to the little but important bit that the master was TRYING TO HURT VENTUS!!! BBS is my favourite game in the series, and Aqua HAS become one of my favourite characters, but it was not because of her main story in BBS...


Story Wise, Idk, Gameplay Wise, I've seen a lot of people play Aqua more than Terra and Ven, but I went with Ventus because he's awesome


I like Aqua, but Ven and Terra's story are way more interesting. Aqua's doesn't pick up until the end of the game.


I spent most of my time playing as Ven


Aqua is best girl


Nah I usually play as terra then ven then aqua and I usually switch characters when going from world to world


I dunno, she's hot so I played her before I played Terra but the first person I played was Ven. He looked like Roxas so I had to do it.


Because Aqua cute, bruh.


She’s my favorite of the three but my least favorite playable of the three 😂


I would prefer to ignore Aqua altogether. She’s a great character; but playing her sucked cause when I play video games, I like to charge in like terra, strong and brutal, and she’s everything he’s not and the opposite of my game play of choice.


Just gonna say that i first grinded out on the command board so i could have cure, the rest is story (except aqua since i have to steal it from her)


No I pay attention to ven more


I like Ventus more. in general i love all three of the Wayfinder trio, i would say that Aqua is my 2nd favorite after Ven.


Terra is the best character in BBS, and second only to Sora in the rest of the series




I agree with u/Remster101, in a game with multiple campaign's, it's not hard to pick one that's more favorable. Personally, I think Aqua had the most compelling story of the trio, whereas Terra and Ven were more of a "Oh, so that answers that" situation. That's not to say they were bad, but Aqua had the distinct advantage of having no prior ties to the story and was allowed to flourish as her own character.


I enjoyed Terra's fighting style, though his movement sucked lol. I didn't like Ventus' Fever Pitch, but the rest of his combat and his movement were good. I liked Aqua's combat a little less than Terra but more than Ven, and her movement is a bit better than Terra but less than Ven. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but I really enjoyed the diverse play styles


Well I usually play as a mage she's my favourite then ven I can't stand terra


Isn’t that the game that started the trend?


There’s a few reasons but among the most common I’ve heard is that Terra was too clunky to have fun with, and even though Ven was fine, Aqua’s style was more fun. Also she has the most playtime/story. Along with that, people gravitated to her cause at the time, she was the most prominent female keyblade wielder.


Terra is my favorite character to play as. Dude’s attack stats are unreal.


I didn't even know how necessary Terra is for the true ending. Seriously, what real reason was there to doing the mirage arena when you get nothing of real value with Aqua or Ven, literally no indication that a report is there for anyone, and you don't even get it right away, you have to do like 4 battles before you even get it. Whole time I thought Aqua was just missing something in her playthrough, just for it to turn out to be Terra.


I played as Ven first because I see him as the Sora of the trio


Because she’s pretty. Though, to be fair, Terra has some himbo energy going on


Apparently I'm one of the few who liked to play her the least


In conversation, yeah, but you see a lot of people pipe in about the other characters too. It's likely a very slim majority, just a more vocal one.


My fav to play as was always Ven. Maybe that’s just me. But I only played terra and aqua once to get through the story but otherwise I find ven by far the most enjoyable


Nah, she is usually the last character I played. Preferred order is Terra, Ventus, Aqua. Mostly because I did Ventus, Aqua, Terra and going from incredibly fast characters like Ventus and Aqua to the super slow terra is actual hell.


Ven is actually my favorite with Aqua being my 2nd favorite. That being said I played as Terra second.


I mean, Terra and Ventus had more weight to their storylines when the game came out originally for the PSP. It wasn’t until Final Mix’s release that there was any real attention drawn to our favorite master. And then it really wasn’t as big of a deal until closer to KH3 when 0.2 came along. Sure it’s essentially a tech demo, but I still loved it for all the creepy vibes it had.


Me personally I was indifferent to Aqua. Terra was where it's at for me. Even though his handling was the best of the trio I loved the weight to his combat. Design he was my favourite for default outfit, final kryblade and keyboard armour. Story wise I reckoned he suffered in that department for being gullible as hell. I do like the lore we get for him in a Fragmentary Passage, KH2FM and in KH3


Ven is definitely my favorite, but Aqua is probably the most powerful overall (certainly is in the lore). She gets a bunch of really great exclusive spells, not least of which being the homing mine, which is essential for beating Vanitas's Lingering Remnant.


I personally like ven more ngl


Personally, I like all 3 of them. I thought each was interesting, and I played and replayed each of them. I do appreciate how pretty Aqua and her moves are, but I also think Terra is hot and has cool moves, while Ventus is more cute. I always liked Terra and Aqua best equally. I find them both compelling and cool. I do understand more people leaning to Aqua for reasons stated by other commenters here, but I think all 3 characters are good. (Even though sometimes Ventus makes me facepalm haha)


All I can say is that my sister 100%-ed that game, playing Ven first, and Ven and Vanitas are now some of her favorite characters of all time. (And I believe she prefers Ven in terms of gameplay. She says the other two feel so slow after playing him.) As for me, I never actually got around to playing, but I love Terra and Aqua roughly equally.


I'm a big ven guy. Idc about aqua.


•Best play style •Playable in two extra episodes •Only keyblade master out of the three (lmao)


I started with ven then terra then aqua


Terra is my favourite character in the franchise so no.


Bruh I boot it up to play ven 💀


I like More Terra than aqua and ventus


Terra was my first choice when I played it and enjoyed his gameplay infinitely more than ven or aqua.


Idk I only play Terra when replaying bbs