As excited as I am to be able to have KH on switch I can’t support the cloud gaming either. I’m not too picky about things usually but if I can play these games cheaper and smoother on PS4 probably even PS3, there’s no point in getting this at all. I’m hoping sales aren’t as good so they can make some sort of change/consideration. I’m thinking it’s probably because it would take hella space and switch doesn’t have a lot of space to begin with so I can see why they went the cloud route but it’s not online so we shouldn’t have to play through the internet.


I'm very much a Nintendo-only kind of person, but Kingdom Hearts is the one series I've always wanted to play, so when they announced the Switch versions, I was super excited to finally get to experience Kingdom Hearts (although the cloud thing was annoying). Well, I tried the KH Final Mix demo earlier and it's borderline unplayable (and I don't think my Internet connection is that bad because I never have any issues with Netflix or even stuff like Zoom). So yeah, guess I'll just get a used PS4 sometime and play the games on that. Very disappointing.


If you are not that fussed about the platform, you could wait for either Sony or Epic to put them on sale?


AFAIK the Plebic store requires a connection to launch the game. Thats why i play the Jack Sparrow edition, and bought the games for PS. although i don't even own one. Fuck such stupid DRM. EDIT: and fuck whoever thought encrypting savegames makes ANY sense


Same. I'll happily buy the entire series for the... fourth time? Once it comes out on Steam, but until then I'm exclusively playing in Port Royal. On the plus side, game saves are going to be super easy to move from one version to another since the saves are literally just png files.


oh boy i almost forgot.... thanks plebic for including encryption for the savegames in KH3. WTF?! ENCRYPTION FOR SAVEGAMES because the world is going to end, if someone uses another player's save. anyway, if one day they have a final 'all-in-one' collection on steam, yeah might buy it.


It's cheaper to buy a used ps4 and the collection than it is to buy the games on sale at Epic


Your internet connection IS trash. I also am a Nintendo only person. I played all 3 demos and they all ran smoothly.


It's nice for you that it's going smoothly, but not every person is as lucky as you, so you should start not making such comments in the first place :)


The routing from the ISP could also be TRASH. No matter how much Gbits he has, he can't change anything about routing.


It's the saddest thing. Unless you literally only have a Switch, every other method for playing the games is far superior! If they couldn't properly port the games to Switch, it would have been better for them not to bother at all


It's very annoying, especially when 1.5 and 2.5 could be easily emulated on Switch. I understand KH3 being a cloud ver with the switch being somewhere between a 360 and a ps4 power wise, but this is just lazy


What would the hardliners (who want fans to not buy the Cloud versions on Switch) say to someone like myself who: (1) owns a Switch (2) is unlikely to buy a PS3/4/5 anytime in the near future (3) is a big fan of the series who has played every game except Fragmentary Passage and KHIII (4) and is considering buying the cloud versions, assuming I have a positive experience with the demos and get them to work smoothly on my internet connection On the one hand, I really want to play KH3; on the other hand, it sounds like the Switch cloud versions might be the worst way to play these games. That being said, this is currently the only option I have to play KHIII.


This is the wrong sub to ask because everyone is upset about it. However, personally, if I was in your position and really wanted to play 3 and had no other way to play it, I’d still wait for reviews on performance, and if they’re positive and you have good internet, go for it. This whole rollout is a bummer to people who *have already played all of the games.* If you have no other way and don’t plan on shelling out a significant amount of money for an alternate platform to do so, I’d do it, even knowing that you might not get the best product. I’m someone who probably won’t buy this because I have them all on PS4 and I have no need to spend the money again. However, the Switch price is a lot cheaper than whatever you’d pay to get a PS4, Xbox or PC *just* to play these games. edit: I just played the demoes, and I want to emphasize that you go in knowing you’re getting the *worst* version of the product.


I' not gonna gatekeep anybody that buys the Cloud versions for any reason. My goal is to impart the same idea as boycotting pre-orders for games that dont live up to the mark. It may be futile, but these practices shouldn't continue. I am not demonizing any consumer that still pre-orders a game, or buys these KH Switch ports. You do you. Developers and publishers, on the other hand need to not be given a pass on these terrible practices. That is my point.


thats literally me. i got every new console like psp and 3ds for the sole purpose of kingdom hearts. i was literaly going to spent 200 on a ps3 black friday way back in 2014(?) in anticipation of kingdom hearts 3. actually leaning to get it.


Nice. I played Chain of Memories on GBA, then bought a slim PS2 for like $200 (less than that I think) to play Kingdom Hearts I & II and a few other games. I also owned a DS and 3DS for playing Coded, 358/2 Days and DDD, and bought a used PSP to play Birth By Sleep. Unfortunately the Playstation 4 and onward have been a little out of my price range and I have much less time to game, so I've been a Switch-only guy for a while now.


Yeah I already have them all on Xbox. If I were to get them on Switch, I would actually want them to be portable. But naw.


Or just play the demo. See if it is for you and decide based on that. Cloud gaming ain't for everyone plain and simple. Voluntarily boycotting it on Switch in fact DECREASES their interest to pursue anything on this platform.


I played the demos and they didn't run badly. No input lag or anything. I'm not gonna buy them because I have them on other consoles already, and the other reason for me to get them on Switch would be for portable purposes, which the Cloud version defeats. But I don't think you should gatekeep the series just because you don't agree with someone who wants to play them on Switch. If someone wants to play them on Switch and they don't mind them being Cloud-Only, who are we to say they can't enjoy the series? It's silly. Let people spend their money however they want.


Or just buy the damn game if you want it. Some people don’t have a Ps4 or Xbox and want to play Kingdom Hearts, suck it up


"I don't like this thing so you should not like this thing. If you do like this thing you are bad and a problem" Thanks man. Don't care.


I agree, no one should buy these to teach them a lesson. but unfortunately people won’t always listen. I remember how we used to request everyone not to buy medals in Union X just so we can stop Square form being greedy, but some selfish people (whales) always ruin this motive plan by buying lots of medals.


What do you expect lol. They would have to redevelop most of the franchise a second time sense the engine apparently won’t run on switch properly and doing that would be a massive waste of time and man power better used on anything else. This is what happened when you port beg for a game when devs say it ain’t gonna happen


Citation needed for "*engine apparently won't run on switch*"




Even when those games play like crap, due to terrible framerates and lag? I'm sorry, but no. As a Kingdom Hearts fan I will definitely say this series deserves better than that on Switch. Especially 1.5 and 2.5, games Square could have EASILY port over, as they are simply PS3 remasters of PS2/PSP games. Yet they have the nerve to not ONLY put the series on the CLOUD storage of all things, a service that again has insane lag even with the BEST internet connection, and REQUIRES an internet connection to even PLAY or it will completely shut off the game, but they also have the nerve to charge a lot of money for it. More than the Story So Far Collection on PS4 that has every game. That's completely greedy. I have no personal reason to complain about this. I have the whole series on BOTH PS3 AND PS4 (Well...aside from Melody Of Memory of course. Lol), and still play ALL the games on both. I'm completely fine. However I'm complaining for my fellow KH fans who either ONLY have a Switch, or have the other platforms, own the games on them but want to play the KH series on the go. This is complete BS, and Sqaure needs to be called out for it.


Last SE game I bought? Trials of Mana remake (it was on my list for a while and got it for half off for Switch.) That will be truly my last one after this shit storm. Hell, Ubisoft of all companies knows what fans want. UBISOFT. Never supporting SE again after this.