I mean I get 2.8 and 3, but 1.5 & 2.5 should be a card


Ddd could run on the switch


But not 0.2 and Black Cover.


Back Cover is an MP4 file though lol


Final fantasy 10/10-2 remaster on switch had two movies iirc


Yeah but x took up a ridiculous amount of storage like 30+ GB


Back cover is just a movie, it'll run easily. No guarantee about Final Chapter Prologue. It's definitely pushing it. III would need a miracle.


Black cover is a movie if that couldn't run on switch then someone screwed up royally.


Yea lol


I'm thinking the same way. 0.2 and 3 are really high demanding graphicly... but MoM use KH1-2 HD graphic and run fine on switch so I don't see why they have to force cloud on them because of it


Well the engine the remasters are running on is different than MoM. MoM is running on Unity, which can easily be ported to other platforms. I believe the remasters use a in-house Square Enix engine. So maybe difficulties lie there in porting it. Apparently, they aren’t against the idea of doing a native port for the Switch. They probably just made a Cloud version because they were doing that for the other games, and also it would be easier anyway.


So, the plan to get a native port is still on the table. At least, it's good to know. Let's pray then this happen.


How do you think the public would react if the series was split into cloud and not cloud ?


Better than all cloud.


A lot better than all of it being cloud lol


I hear rumors that the cloud versions were pushed out the door in an attempt to get the games out in time to play off the Sora in Smash hype (fucking lol), but non-cloud versions are in the works. Here's hoping there's some truth in there


I doubt it. I feel there would be even *more* backlash if they released non-cloud versions. Unless they plan on giving them to people for free if they bought the games already. I'd be pissed as hell if I bought a whole collection of games for cloud, only for them to be released later non-cloud and I have to buy them *again*.


That's not a rumor. Someone made it up because that's what they want to happen.


Aka: a rumor




That's why they should just put everything besides 0.2. They could save that for the KH3 Cloud version.


Cloud’s finally back in KH3!!!


I guess I should just dust off my PS4 and play those versions again. Because clearly Square just doesn't want me to buy it on anything else. The PC version on Epic I would not mind if the games sold as cheap as the console versions do. And now this. Come on Square you could do better this is actually something to call devs lazy for.


Hey, on PC they're exclusive to Epic. Unless Playstation makes a portable console sometime soon, we may just be fucked and forced to bite the bullet on Steam Deck with EGS if we want portable versions of the games.


You could also... get it from *other places*


And then put them on the steam deck *cough cough*


I only do that for ages gone trinkets that no one cares for. Sorry mate.


1.5 and 2.5 are pretty "ages gone" imo


They really aren't considering they got released on PC last year. Pretty actively used and monetized.


They're still extremely old. If Nintendo were to put Mario Bros. on Switch for $60, would you lick their boots and just buy it, no questions asked? "It's being actively used and monetized, therefore it's no longer old. Totally worth this price point. After all, why would the multi-million dollar company ever overcharge for a 15-20 year old game?"


Worth is subjective. What you think an item is worth is not what i think an item is worth. I bought DMC 5 and Sekiro day one, but waited on a sale for RE2 Remake. Why? Because i placed more value in the former two and felt they were worth more of my money. People think value is just something that should degrade with time, when it actually comes down to both supply and demand as well as individual consumer confidence. Value isn't some hard coded structure that should be adhered to. If you think it's worth less cuz it's old, cool. But to me, if there is a legal avenue with a reasonable price to recieve the object i want, i will choose those legal means. I'm not just entitled to piracy just because it's old and priced $30 higher than i think it should be. That's like saying i have the right to steal a loaf of bread from a store just because it's a day past the sell by date. It's unreasonable and ridiculous. You can go by whatever value philosophy you want, but it isn't the rule, and trying to shame or goad a person because they don't hold to what you think an item is worth is just as dumb as it gets when it comes to buying things. I'm not going to steal something that i can buy for market price from the owners. And if i don't like the practices on a platform, i either suck it up, don't buy it, or buy from a seller that disallows the practices i dislike. That's the beauty of capitalism: you've got options. I reserve piracy for the times i can't reasonably recieve a product, such as abandonware games. You can't typically buy those anywhere, and if you can the prices are hiked too far above market value to be worth it and the original owners gain nothing from that purchase. In that instance, i can do what i want.


Whats wrong with it being exclusive to Epic? It's just a launcher, like there are a billion others of for other games.


I simply don't like their practice and approach to PC gaming. That being said, Kingdom Hearts was rightfully earned so in that regard, they have no issues from me. That being said, i still can't absolve them of their prior decisions regarding exclusive deals.


Would you prefer them to be exclusive to Sephiroth?


And just like that Square just lost me as a customer...Looks like BandaiNamco is one of the few companies that ACTUALLY give a shit about people wanting games on card (SRW 30 back in October and the .hack GU re-release coming in March.)


I am so unbelievably excited to triple dip on .hack//GU again 😂


Now I’m never gonna be able to complete my Lv1 while driving on the interstate speed run of KH2


Because money!


I heard that 1.5+2.5 would take a big amount of effort, DDD would be fine but 0.2 would require a lot of power, and I'm sure KH3 would need so many downgrades it's not even funny.


1.5+2.5 would be fine. It's just a bit more effort than just slapping the Playstation ISO in an emulator and streaming that over to your Switch. It wouldn't be a big amount of effort, but ANY effort is too much effort for Square. They simply couldn't be bothered.


Do remember that the ps4 version is based off the ps3 version (it was made from the ground up because they lost the source code), I can imagine it could take more effort than usual.


They only lost the source code for KH1 iirc, and they could have just ported the ps3 version over couldn’t they have? Would’ve taken effort sure but resorting to cloud versions of games 15-20 years old at this point is just beyond lazy


Remember that the PS3 had a different architecture, that's why it would have taken more effort. Had it released on, say, Xbox 360, it would have probably been much easier to port on Switch.


Yeah and they can't be played portably. I don't understand why Square thinks the switch can't handle these games.


They don't think that. But 1.5+2.5 runs on their own custom engine that isn't ment for cross platform play. They'd have had to update that to work on Switch, and they simply didn't want to put in work when they could just slap the Playstation ISO on a server and have that server do all their work. That plus apparently they lost the source code of the original KH1 and 2 so they had to remake them from scratch for 1.5+2.5 and they did that so badly that those games that worked flawlessly on PS2 barely worked on PS3. So it's not that Square doesn't think the Switch can't handle it, they just don't want to put in any effort when the Cloud version requires almost zero effort and is basically free money.


>But 1.5+2.5 runs on their own custom engine that isn't ment for cross platform play. Which is why they are on PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC, right?


The PS3 version came out in 2014, the PS4 version came out in 2017, the XBox Version came out 2020. It took them 3 years to port to every console EACH. And they very specifically said that for the PC version, Epic did most of the work. They very specifically thanked Epic for that when they made the PC announcement, and said it wouldn't have been possible without them. So yeah. Apparently the engine is so bad at porting to other plattform that it takes 3 years to do it, or they need to outsource it entirely. Could they have done that for the Switch? Yes. But then they probably wouldn't have been in time for the Sora for Smash release, which is undoubtedly good cross-advertisement.


>It took them 3 years to port to every console EACH. Difference in release dates does not equal time actually spent in development. >And they very specifically said that for the PC version, Epic did most of the work. So it's a highly custom engine that an outside company, who had no involvement in its development, had no trouble porting?


Then feel free to let me know how long it actually took them to port the games, when you know so much better than the devs do. I get it, you don't want to be wrong, you have something to prove or so, but dude, you're getting pretty ridiculous here. Just admit you were wrong and move on. And no it really isn't. KH on PC is pretty much just a fancy emulator with a few adaptations.


The fandom: "B..But why?" Square Enix testing the waters before making KH4 a cloud-only game: "*You'll see*.. "


Reminder those servers could go down at any time.


Wait, like you can't download it onto your switch SD card and play on mobile?


Well you can play it on mobile but you need internet connection all the time


No you can't. Cloud version means the game is run on a server. Your switch only sends your button presses to the server via internet, and the server streams the video of the game back to the Switch. It's basically like a Twitch Stream, except your button presses control what happens. If your internet is not top notch, your game WILL lag like hell, because if the video takes a second or two from the server to your switch, that's how much lag you'll have. And if your internet is ever gone completely, either while you are on mobile or your WiFi is screwing up, then you can't play the game at all.


I didn't even know the switch did that. That's horrible. I've bought a ton of games on the switch store and just downloaded them to my SD card and could then play them from anywhere. I can't imagine a good reason they can't let you download it if you're buying it.... so dumb.


It's basically just because Square is lazy. Porting a game to a different plattform is work. They didn't want to do work, so they set up a fancy emulator on a server, and just make you play from there. Almost zero work for Square Enix, but they get to sell the game anyway. They COULD make the games work on Switch, at least all but 0.2 and KH3 which might be a bit too taxing on the hardware, but all the other KH games would easily work. Square just doesn't want to put the work in for that.


Fair. Thanks!


How many people are just now realizing this even though we’ve known since October?


Idk, I was reminded by the trailer that dropped


Pretty late on that lmao


New trailer just dropped




The first announcement yes, this new trailer confirms their release date (February 10) so the meme is fairly relevant.




well give you non-cloud kh if you give us smt 5


That's not up to us, chief...


Living the best of both worlds PlayStation and Switch


Give us P5 as well and you can have Bravely default 2 as well.


ITT: a lot of people who don't know shit about game development or the hardware of the switch.


It can run the Witcher III


I mean i kinda get it. The games might be too big for a switch cartridge. Then again xenoblade chronicles is on switch so idk


So is Witcher 3....and Crysis trilogy....and the AC games....It's almost as if SE are lazy fuckers.


They are just lazy to make them not on cloud due to the switch performance I think


Because of how big they are


Quit hogging the games, Cloud!


My god I agree, from 8 years old I've loved the entries but this is residuals.


I wish they just separated the games individuals or at least put 1.5 and 2.5 on their own games.