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This is fun. No one who drew these drawings gave this as much thought as you all do on a regular basis. Someone in another thread said Hank looking like his half brother is a “plot hole”. Nothing made in the 90s was meant to stand up to this kind of insane scrutiny.


Realistically, Hank's half brother would not resemble him at all, because Hank looks a lot more like his mother than he does Cotton. But the joke and the shock of the reveal would have been lame if he didn't look like Hank.


Yeah no one on the staff of king of the hill thought about his mom when they made that episode. I guarantee you they had to go to references to remember her name between appearances.


I don’t buy into the theory that bill is Bobby’s dad but I like the theory that Cotton is bill’s real father. Yeah bill’s from Louisiana but maybe he was born in arlen and then moved.


Or maybe Bill's mom was just one of the 273 women Cotton slept with while he was traveling around though they did show Bill's father and he looks just like Bill so... Do wonder if Hank has any more siblings around anyway...


Why does Good Hank look like Bobby? Bill also had sex with DiDi. She looks a little like Lenore in the right light…