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I remember a flashback when Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer were kids. Hank actually kinda looked like Bobby when he was a kid


“I want my binky back!” 😂


“When I get older I’m going to drink this stuff everyday”


When I get older I'm going to sell propane and propane accessories. You know, if my grades are good enough






Yeah in the halloween episode he looks just like Bobby.


Further evidence of Bobby resembling young Hank https://i.redd.it/wn7zi5x337b91.jpg


All kids look alike if you want them to. Just watch Maury


I agree with this post, Bobby inherited a lot of Cotton his looks and his dead eye aim as well. From Hank he inherited his love and knowledge of beef


All the Hill men are natural leaders too, people follow all of them even though they have markedly personalities. I personally think Cotton was a lot like Bobby, personality wise, but his shins being blown off and time in a POW camp turned him into the cruel man that he was.


I can see Cotton being an entertainer like Bobby is


Yes!! I hate the Bill theory. Just because he simps over Peggy and is kinda lumpy doesn’t mean he’s Bobby’s dad.


I could never ever imagine Peggy being attracted to him.


There isn't enough beer in the world to make her think Bill is good enough for her.


It’s a theory for people who don’t watch the show.


You have to remember Bill told Hank when they were trapped in the ocean, that one stormy night he slept with Peggy LOL


“No you didn’t, Bill.”


Bill constantly makes easily provable lies to get attention. Remember those guys he claimed to play soccer with, Larry and Wayne?


Yeah I know I was making a joke about one of the times Bill said he slept with Peggy


It’s still better than the cotton theory


I didn’t like it either until somebody explained it and I’ll admit that compared to other theories, it’s well thought out. It’s still not true but I was surprised at how much people have ran with it.


GH also looks just like Bobby. It’s clear Bobby and GH take after Cotton and Hank takes after Tilly. Which is why it bugs me that Junichiro looks just like Hank, I know it was done for comedic effect but Hank looks like his mother so it makes no sense.


Cotton says about Junichiro, "As tall as mount fuji and has Michiko's sweet face!" They really should have had Michiko look like an Asian version of Tilly that would make his marriage to Tilly have a whole another level to it, "She looks like his lost love." Then it would have made perfect sense.


I came here to say this.


The real question is, Hank resembles Tilly but Junichiro looks a lot like Hank....


Yeaaaaahhhh, that one is a definitive plot hole in the series, it was even pointed out in an article that discussed plot holes through the series. I don’t think there is any justifiable explanation for it beyond “The writers didn’t think about it.”


The explanation was probably "It'd be a funny gag if there was a Japanese Hank"


And it was hilarious and unforgettable. Much more important traits for a comedy show than a highly consistent canon. Lot of focus of KoTH “lore” in the sub which amuses me lol


Probably because they didn't think up the character until after Hank.


Cotton has a type.


Yeah, that would have worked if they made Michiko look like a Japanese Tilly.


Tilly looks like Cotton’s mother.


I hate it but it makes so much sense


Recessive genetics


So you are telling me Cotton is Bobby’s dad? Interesting.


That's another theory that gets pushed around lol


Why do you think Peggy hates him? Not saying it wasn't consensual, but Peggy wanted a baby and Cotton doesn't miss.


Cotton is Bills father too.


It's really the only explanation that makes sense.


“I spawned fiddy men.”


That's actually a lot more plausible.


I wish they went more into how Hank’s friends are on better terms with cotton than cotton is with his actual son. I guess it makes sense, since Dale and Bill didn’t have good relationships with their dads so they latched onto cotton, but I always found it funny how Dale and cotton had that weird relationship.


It never made sense because it was based on the idea that two people as athletic as Hank and Peggy wouldn’t have an nonatheletic child, because they’ve forgot that Bill was a gifted athlete too, he just doesn’t take care of himself. In fact he may be even more naturally athletic than Hank, considering how quickly he was able to get in shape in several episodes, and Hank’s athletic success was probably based as much on his intense self discipline and mental toughness as natural talent.


Also, Bobby has the signature Hill head. Flashbacks of Hank as a young kid and also GH looks exactly like Bobby. Cotton, Bobby, and GH have the same head and hairline.


Wrong, the united states army made bill fat. Operation infinite walrus.


But he ended up in the placebo group for that.


Sounds like a Dale theory. 😑


Speaking of Dale theory, I go with he knows about Nancy and John redcorn but is in super deep denial. Like the alien episode was him basically admitting “I found the truth out years ago but telling myself Joseph was part alien was the only way I could wrap my head around it.”


I'm pretty sure Dale knows a subconscious and his conscious mind keeps twisting the truth in a effort of self preservation so Dale doesn't truly go off the deep end...


Bobby and Cotton look so much alike he has to be Hanks kid.


I like the conclusion paragraph at the end.


If you look carefully Bobby looks like Cotton............. more like if you ain't legally blind Bobby looks like Cotton


Cotton that boy's pappy


I just realized young Army-Bill's high-n-tight is the inverse of his current bald crop. That's hilarious. Also the baldness may not be something Bill brought on himself, but Bill keeping something like his old fitness and shaving his head would have him drowning in poon.


I thought it was obvious to everyone that Bobby & Cotton looked alike. It's pretty blatant.


I agree and don't like this theory at all. There's an episode that shows Peggy and Hank having a hard time conceiving but get Lady Bird which Hank says relaxes him and they then get it on on the couch which is implying that's when Bobby was conceived. Is this just a lie then? Peggy was having sex with Hank and Bill at the same time? I don't believe that for a second. Theories can be fun but this one is just so far fetched. What about Lenore in all of this? I couldn't figure out if Lenore and Bill were still together when Bobby was conceived/born. Seeing how jealous and erratic Lenore was in the Glass Elevator episode,no way she wouldn't have found out or known. I remember in an episode Bill acknowledges he has an abusive father and I swear it's a flashback to his childhood and his dad looked like him? Can anyone remember this? I'll try to find the episode when I can. Lastly,Bobby looks like Hank as a child and like Peggy. I feel like some people are confusing this theory with the jokes within the show. Part of the theory is that Hank is actually gay and I feel like at that point you're missing the entirety of the dry humor in the show that plays off Hank's personality.


I never heard the theory hank was gay before, where did this come from?! I thought the point of pregnant paws was that hank was so stubborn and one minded that he never considered any other option to have a baby other than the old fashioned way, even if the doctor had the point they could’ve tried options besides IVF.


writing “done it” in quotation marks like this just proves this is Hank’s alt discord account trying to cope. (no I don’t actually believe bobby is Bill’s son)


“Do I look like I know what a Discord is?!?”


Peggy doesn’t “spill out secrets” she kept the fact that Nancy was cheating on Dale with John Redcorn and that John was Joseph’s real father. Not that it even matters because the whole theory itself is super weak.


Only reason she couldn’t tell anybody about John Redcorn & Nancy is because everyone already knew. She tried to gossip to Minh and Minh laughed at her for not knowing


“I didn’t know at first. It took me about an hour. But I am a naïve and trusting person.”


Peggy Hill not know! Who I tell? Oo, I email Kahn!


"Peggy just found out about Nancy's affair! Ohh who do I tell! I know, I email Khan!" (Sorry I probably got the quote wrong lol but I loved that part)


"oh my god, Nancy is cheating on John Redcorn!?"


Exactly. She was the naive one in that episode. And generally speaking, someone who would cheat on their partners are very suspicious of others doing the same thing.


I could have clarified it better that the secrets Peggy usually admits out are usually situations she is directly involved in, I think of a lot of the times she took part in something Hank didn’t like & eventually she admitted to her wrongdoing or mistake, like when Peggy wanted to scam the person who scammed her into getting a fake PhD, or even Peggy admitted she messed up when accidentally smuggling drugs into Prison. If she eventually broke & admitted to those acts she was directly involved in, she’d probably breakdown even worst trying to keep the secret that she had an affair.


I can trust this to be true! I'm comfortable with this analayis!


The second she found out she started going to everyone, a better example is her shoe size. She kept that secret for years.


The fact she was able to keep it from Dale goes against what a “good Methodist” is all about. It literally proves she’s able to hide someone cheating on their spouse if it protects the family unit. Literally what the theory alleges Peggy is doing.


Thing is, lying about a Shoe Size is nothing to feel guilty for, it’s not like people are actively being hurt by not telling them you have big feet, it’s just something that Peggy has self body shaming issues with.


Shoe size isn’t anti be ashamed of but it was the plot point of many episodes that she was.


Thank you for the this. I hate the “Hank’s not actually Bobby’s dad” theories




Very good points made here today, thank you!


Project Walrus


…when Bill received a placebo?


Bill was 100% laying pipe before Lenore. Man was a stud.


Bobby also has too much of Cottons energy to be anyone else lineage.


Another thing to the point about having an affair. With how Peggy reacted to Nancy and John Redcorn, there’s no chance she would ever consider having one herself


Every time this gets brought up i like to mention the lesser known theory that Hank and Bill are half brothers. The theory suggests it was not Peggy who cheated, but Tilly who cheated on cotton with Bills father. We only see bills father once in the series during the snipe hunt flashback back in '66. During this scene we see the fathers of all 4 of the alley gang during their childhood. Surprisingly, during this scene all of the fathers are dressed the same as their son during the current timeline. All except, Cotton Hill & Mr. Dauterive. Cotton is wearing a collard long sleeve shirt and Mr. Dauterive is wearing blue jeans and a plain white shirt. So hank grows up to dress like Mr. Dauterive and not like his father. During this scene we also get to see Mr. Dauterive's face and while it obviously is more similar to Bill's than Hank's, he does have a squarer face than Cotton. ​ So while one of the biggest hang ups for the Bill is Bobby's father theory is that Peggy does not seem like the cheatin kind it should not catch anyone by surprise that Tilly being married to the infamous Cotton would find herself in the swinging 60s sniffin around another bulls pen, so to speak. Especially someone with shins. ​ So in conclusion the reason Bobby looks like Bill is because he is Bill's nephew.


But Bill is from Louisiana isn’t he? Or did he just visit family down there enough to learn French


To add to this: Peggy didn't even pick up on John Redcorn and Nancy having an affair at first. It had to be spelled out for her. Then spends time reminding Nancy of it after she gets back with Dale, iirc usually as a way to try and assert dominance. I feel like for all her faults, having an affair would be unthinkable for her.


I never understood why Junichiro looks exactly like Hank, but Hank looks more like his mother Tilly. Shouldn’t Junichiro look more like Cotton??




Yeah I never got this theory, especially after seeing how much Bobby resembles Cotton when he (cotton) was young. Plus Peggy would never go for Bill.


lol everyone knows that Bobby is not Bill’s son. Who even made that up? Ladybird helped them conceive Bobby, and that’s the truth


Yeah Bill is not Bobby’s dad. Bobby possesses all of the qualities Peggy thinks she has (humorous, nurturing, good moral compass), he just got none of Hank’s athleticism in exchange.


I said it on another thread recently. The only reason people like these theories is because they enjoy the drama of the least likely thing being true. It just doesn't even make any fucking sense at all.


I think at the same time it’s fun to speculate but know it probably isn’t true, if that makes sense. The owl house made the point that a reason people like coming up with fan theories is after a while it’s fun to watch/read something and make up little stories in your head. For example, I like to think to myself “the reason they retconned Peggy’s backstory is the skydiving accident screwed with Peggy’s memories: she no longer recognizes her mother or brother and thinks her mother never loved her and her brother is really a convict. So Hank hired actors to pretend to be her mother and brother to give her some form of closure and he’s paying everybody to go along with it.” It’s *definitely* not true, the likeliest answer is mike judge got to be hands off in the later seasons and the network insisted they stick to a sitcom format with little continuity, but it’s fun to watch episodes and be like “luanne, lucky, it’s great that you’re still pretending when Peggy isn’t there!”


Y’all act like they don’t call him the Bill-Dozer for a reason. He was out there plowing strange


Wait Peggy boinked someone before Hank? Didn't she make a huge fit because she found out that Hank got mono from someone before they dated.


I don’t think bill is the father, however the evidence against this is very shaky at best. We don’t know what bill looked like at the time of conception but Peggy very much talk’s about how attractive Bill use to be. So to say she couldn’t be attracted to Bill is pretty narrow viewpoint. Also to say Peggy cracks under any pressure is incorrect, we know the circumstances of Peggy and Hanks first date were fabricated and it took over 16 years for that to come out. We also see her hide her shoe size for decades. At one point she even tells Luann she lies about stuff to hank. In short when it’s a lie she wants to keep she will until she can’t,as she was never pressed on this issue we can’t say she would crack on this. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that two people (who are long time friends), whom find themselves in a crossroads of their life (one dealing with the inability to get pregnant, the other being disillusioned with his marriage) and in a moment of passion do something stupid. We also know no one in the neighborhood would say anything about it. At the end of the day I think it’s a pointless argument, even if Bill was Bobbie’s father Hank still raised him. Hank was still the one every day with him.


Actually we do know what Bill would have looked like if Peggy actually did it with him, in the episode where Hank tries to get Ladybird to conceive puppies, there is an albeit creepy flashback scene where Hank & Peggy get it on while Bill is watching through an open window only for an angry Hank to close it, we see even then, Bill was starting to bald & definitely gained weight, definitely doesn’t look like a guy that Peggy would go after since Peggy at the time honestly didn’t look too bad.


I forgot about this. This doesn’t really invalidate my points however.


Ya know what's funny is in an episode i recall hank talking about those "GO PILLS" that coach would give em And boomhauer said HEYMAN DANG OL' TALK BOUT AIN'T NO GO PILLS DANG OL' HORSE CRANK! So i'm pretty sure Bill's high school appearance may have been altered do to drugs.


I think Dusty is Bobby’s real dad. That’s the reason ZZ Top was at his birth.


The only flaw in this is that even though Hank looks almost exactly like his mom (bone structure and eyes are totally the same), his Japanese brother looks so much like him. So theoretically Hank got all his features from Cotton?? Even though Tilly's character design was obviously made to resemble Hank. This always bothered me


While Lady Bird, "relaxing," Hank makes zero sense .. I just subscribe to theory that Bobby is a miracle child plain and simple. Also if you want to go the more touching/supernatural route Llama Sanglug while in the afterlife choose Hank and Peggy as parents so he can be a normal kid and have a normal life for once. While the Bobby/Bill theory makes for fun fanfiction it just doesn't add up very much. One more thing I like to add is if there is a reboot I would love to see an episode making fun of this theory. Much like they did in the Pinky and The Brain reboot they made fun of the whole, "Pinky is the genius," theory in one funny episode while not totally answering the question. Lol.


If Bill didn't work out in high school he would have been fat. It's easier to turn fat into muscle than to build muscle out of nothing. If Bobby were to work out he could be muscular, too. Bobby isn't bald, he just gets a buzz cut. In this scenario, Peggy wouldn't have had sex with Bill because she thought he was attractive, but rather to use him to get herself pregnant so she could give Hank a child and he wouldn't feel so inadequate. Perhaps part of the reason why she finds Bill so repulsive is when she sees him she's reminded of when she did have sex wit him. Peggy would absolutely lie to hide something she's ashamed of. Like scratching the "1" off her size 16 shoes. She knows that telling Hank that Bill is Bobby's father would ruin everything. Hank would forgive Peggy for just about anything, but not that. >!I don't believe that Bill is Bobby's father. I'm just playing Devil's Advocate.!<


(Copy & Pasted explanation) I could have clarified it better that the secrets Peggy usually admits out are usually situations she is directly involved in, I think of a lot of the times she took part in something Hank didn’t like & eventually she admitted to her wrongdoing or mistake, like when Peggy wanted to scam the person who scammed her into getting a fake PhD, or even Peggy admitted she messed up when accidentally smuggling drugs into Prison. If she eventually broke & admitted to those acts she was directly involved in, she’d probably breakdown even worst trying to keep the secret that she had an affair. Another thing to note: Peggy keeping her shoe size a secret really isn’t something that is considerably guilt driven, her secret isn’t actively harming other people by not telling them about the size of her feet, it’s just an issue she has with her own image.


I was looking for this post. I don’t buy into the theory either but when I watched a few videos and listened to the ho yeah podcast, I have to admit, it’s more thought out that other fan theories. Adding on one piece of evidence is that bill somehow knew all those details about Hank and Peggy’s struggles to conceive, which I don’t think Hank would’ve told people outside of “the doctor said I can’t have a baby, so we got the next best thing.” If the theory is correct, Peggy could’ve told Bill “I’m not the problem, Hank is, and he doesn’t want to try anything else, not even IVF.”


Very nice but, could you explain how Bill brought baldness on himself? Thanks


It’s quite simple He didn’t use my coupon code for Keeps, which is the sponsor for this video, Keeps, helps prevent male pattern baldness in young men.


What if Peggy slept with cotton and Bobby and hank are brothers?


Sounds like a whole bunch of weak evidence to me. I’m more convinced than ever that Bobby is bills son.


Here is Bobby’s appearance compared to young Hank & young Bill https://i.redd.it/wn7zi5x337b91.jpg


Yeah...Bobby clearly looks a lot more like Bill than Hank in that example...


Maybe Peggy hates bill so much because they had a one night stand that resulted in Bobby. Her disgust with him is just projecting her self hate and shame of doing the deed. Maybe it wasn’t lady bird who relaxed his narrow urethra, maybe it was Bill getting in there in a time of weakness and doubt from Peggy


This is why I believe the theory. People are so up in arms about this it’s so silly. It’s a cartoon and it’s just fun to speculate. So in the episode where they go to the beach and forget to put the ladder down and are all making their “deathbed” confessions, bill says ‘in a night of weakness, Peggy and I slept together’. Hank of course says no you didn’t, and bill ‘takes it back’, because I think he’s too scared to own it, but that’s a big moment for me. Bill is disgusting and Peggy hates him anyway, deservedly so, but I do think it’s potentially pushed to higher levels by that one night stand. Hank never being able to conceive again when they try also. Just seems highly unlikely that literally one time ever his urethra relaxed enough to impregnate Peggy. I also feel Bobby’s personality is literally nothing like Peggy’s or Hank’s, and more naturally resembles Bill’s. A lot of Bobby’s intrinsic motivations are so similar to Bill’s imo. Also the pics of Bill shown here he’s in high school and very trim, I don’t feel like I can compare an 11 year old Bobby’s face to an 18-20 year old Bill. Lastly, in the episode where Bill is making the family barbecue sauce and Gilbert says it cannot be sold or shared with a single soul outside of the family or Bill will be disowned, guess who shows up and helps with all of the preparation and ultimately ends up learning the secret family only sauce recipe. ANYWAY these are my fun speculations I enjoy having, it’s not that serious, but I’m prepared for the downvotes and arguments. Bring ‘em on.


Here is Bobby compared to the appearances of young Hank & young Bill https://i.redd.it/wn7zi5x337b91.jpg


Thank you! I can still see it, personally. The differences I see are in the eyebrows and eyes, but Peggy’s genes could potentially make up for that.


I think even if the theory isn’t true it’s still fun to speculate on. For example, I don’t buy into the theory Dale is raising Joseph as a revenge against John Redcorn or to fuck with everybody, but it is fun to watch certain episodes and be like “I wonder if he’s doing all this on purpose?”


I think Cotton is bobby's father since hank is basically sterile. It's not out of character for him to screw younger women and he doesn't like Hank that much so nailing his wife isn't either. This also would give me another reason to dislike Peggy.


Hank is not Sterile, Hank has a narrow Urethra Sterile is somebody always shooting “blank rounds” when having sex Narrow Urethra is Hank trying to fire a big bullet through a tiny barrel Two VERY different things


Cotton and Peggy kind of hate each other so I doubt it.


The morons who push this theory really think they’re comedic geniuses. They’re not. They’re just annoying


It doesn't make sense in a nutshell because Bobby Hill is literally Peggy Hill's child and Hank is definitely going to remember his small urethra doing work


Cotton is Bill’s dad, of course


In a nutshell, bad argument. Whoever made this is trying to compare preteen Bobby to highschooler Bill. There are a couple flashbacks to younger Bill, and that Bill is not in peak condition.


Little Hank looks like a mix between Cotton and Bobby imo.


He's very mature for his age ? Lol






Or how brain broken Peggy was when she find out ab redcorn and Nancy. Literally so much proof that the theory is shit idk why it still gets play


😂 Bobby looks nothing like Bill! He looks like cotton and even young Hank in that flashback looked like Bobby a little. Peggy would also kick Bill’s ass if he tried anything.


It wasn't Bill's "fault" he got fat. Being fat isn't bad, firstly, and secondly, his cheese slid off his cracker after his divorce. He's emotionally unwell.


I dont think Bill brought being bald upon himself.


That's a lot of effort to refute what is just obvious trolling at this point.


I’ll be honest, I don’t buy into the theory, but you gotta admit it’s well thought out beyond “they just look alike”. Johnny 2 Cellos put it the best way: it’s probably not true but it’s fun to talk about.


My argument has always been that Bobby’s dad, if not Hank, is Boomhauer.


Oh please, if we're talking about looks AND personality, Bobby clearly takes after Buck!