How does Hank, a propane salesman, not understand how dealership sticker prices work?


He actually indicates that he does understand in the episode with the *Flowers of Time*.


“To the flowers of time!!!” -Bobby Hill


See that, Hank? Now THAT is a pillow sham


Exactly. This annoyed me when I saw the later episode. *BOBBY: I love this truck!* *HANK: Yeah, me too. But when we get back to the dealership, pretend you hate it.*


In that same episode, how in the fuck does Hank just get off Scott free, he's the prime suspect in blowing up a car dealership. I really don't like the later episodes


Why does Bill, the largest friend, not simply eat the other 3?


Perhaps they are saving that for sweeps.


*Single Cajun Dauterive*


Strickland probably lies about how much it costs.


Pretty sure they meant how Hank pays sticker price for new cars instead of haggling, and doesn't realize that's not the norm there.


hank would have access to all those numbers though, there's no way in hell buck strickland is gonna sit at his desk tallying up all the figures, he has hank do it.


It’s possible he trusted that dealership in particular as that being his special price and doesn’t have to haggle like with other places.


The episode where bill steals a tank with no backlash.


then got blown up in it with only his fingers broken which healed like 5 frames later lol.


Dale also got into a stand off with the fbi with no repercussions, if I remember correctly


It was regular police, I think, but y'gotta remember Dale's got CIA connections. They probably killed everybody else in the area to protect their asset and made up a story.


Let Bobby take the shot. He'll put me down clean.




Stand off*** sorry to be that guy


No no. Something felt wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it lol


This might be the most civil sub on Reddit. It’s so fitting.


Want to fight over whether or not Peggy is a good character?


God said to me, "don't do it." But you know what? I knew better.


Oof you right


Nancy/Dale/Peggy steal a news van, blow it up, and no backlash...


It's the perfect crime, who will report it???


To be fair, the news station maybe had an incentive to make Nancy out to have been a hero there


There are a couple of instances where characters get away with crimes that the police definitely should have known about. A couple are already in this thread, but the two I’m thinking of are Peggy smuggling coke into the prison and Bobby burning down the church. Don’t they record phone calls from prison? Seems like they would have heard Hank telling Wes about their terrific plan to get out of the charges. And then with Bobby, aren’t those interrogation rooms recorded? The Arlen sheriffs need to spend less time stuffing Sugarfoots ribs into their faces


They discarded two perfectly good plans to come up with that plan.


Hank neglected to tell Peggy about the terrific plan, tho


It was the man with the terrible smell!


Cotton took the hit for Bobby with the Methodist church, and they dropped the charges when he "admitted" it was an accident.


When Bobby kicked Peggy in the crotch and she didn’t flinch. That shit hurts regardless of what’s between your legs


She’s bluffing! Finish her!


Legit the funniest line of the whole series. How he says it with the rising tone is so good


Kahn and Minh's quick backhanded comments always leave me in stitches!


Minh! Come quick! Bobby redneck finally marrying cousin!


YOU OWE ME $5!!!


She was bluffing


To be fair, Bobby was kicking up from laying on the ground (iirc) so he wouldn’t have a ton of power. Also it’s easier to resist flinching when you’re expecting it. There’s no way it didn’t hurt tho!


Not to mention the fact that he isn't the most athletic kid in Heimlich County. *"Peggy, last night I saw Bobby reaching for a dinner roll, and I think I saw a muscle!!"*


Peggy also wrestled his shoe off before he kicked. First time he kicked someone with just a sock.


He really dug his toes in there though. Which probably should have inflicted some psychological damage on him.


It’s also Bobby, not much power to begin with


I mean he kicked Hanks nuts inside his body. I say he has some force.


That’s only because hank is a pump jockey!


Works for tips


Works for tips.


You……..have…….been……kicked…….in…….the testicles.


but he shops in the husky section = strong legs


That boy ain’t right


Hoo Rah!


honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Peggy would have prepared for it, especially considering Bobby wasn't bright enough to realize that it wouldn't have worked as well on Peggy


hands down Bobby making meth at a science fare


And then Connie getting away with assaulting the cop.


Prove it wasn’t *yo*


That was Connie's most badass moment, it's probably my favorite line of her's in the entire show


Hank borrowing Davy Crockett’s clothes and hat. And why was he wearing the hat


He has to hide his nudity


Because its awesome


Hwhy’mi wearing the hat?


Why wouldn't he?


The Texas Rangers and Arlen police letting Buck go after confessing to framing Hank for murder.


came here to mention this. Buck brags about planting evidence in front of a cop and a Texas Ranger and nobody even comments on it.


When Bobby convinced the entire high school that he was a high school student that had a kidney disease. He was skipping class at TLMS to hang out at Arlen High and yet not one teacher or counselor reported him absent or brought it up to Peggy who WORKS there and not one teacher or staff member at the high school questioned who this random new kid was. He wouldn’t be on any attendance sheets, etc. and he literally was in the same room as the principal to do the dishwasher challenge for the radio contest and that guy didn’t even flinch at who this kid was. I mean, I get that there are hundreds of kids at schools and there’s no way that any one person can know all of them by name but Bobby was so much smaller than the rest of the high school kids, you think that would’ve been enough to have a high school principal tipped off. The whole kidney thing doesn’t make sense either bc if there was a kid at school with those types of needs it would be on the staff’s radar on some level.


Chuck Mangione living in the mega lo mart behind stacks of TP without ever getting caught? Lol


That’s hands down one of my all time fav episodes. I had it recorded on a VHS years ago.


Just watched it last night LOL the obsession with Chuck Mangione kills me


“Chuck don’t want us to leave”


Man im talkin bout dang ole Chuck Mangione man!


it feels so good...


But it feels so good!


Randy Travis stealing Peggy's song was great and I loved that episode....but cmon lol


“I have a boggle trophy on my bedroom shelf. I won it on my own, with help from no one else.” - truly on brand for Randy Travis, I tell you hwhat haha


I feel so bad for peggy in that episode.


Nah that one is so real honestly. I lived in a house of musicians and I’ve heard my guitar licks in some of their song mixes. Shit that I’ve played only in my room or during jam sessions. Musicians are really like that. Also I’m not disagreeing with you. Just wanted to let you know that it’s a common thing to happen.


Peggy's mom's appearance changing like it did.


Maybe not the most unrealistic but Nebraska calling that quick kick was def absurd lol


That's why it's a good play, Texas will never be expecting it


the unrealistic part was actually Nebraska beating Texas in a big 12 game lol


Have you not been paying attention to how generally *abysmal* Texas football has been the last decade? I’ll grant, however, that was unrealistic when the episode aired in 2007. I say all the above as a Longhorn.


I thought that was Nebrasky


I call Nebraska *Nebrasky* now all the time IRL because of this episode


That weird pig guy just getting mutilated by machinery and then Luanne and Peggy just…leaving afterwards


Hank’s participation in firebombing a car dealership without any repercussions. But the tattoo shave issue has always been a sticking point, it’s tough to come up with head-cannon to explain it.


The way I figured, Boomhauer likely told Hank that while he was blacked out, he fell and hit his head, had to go to the ER, and get stitches. It perfectly explains the shaved spot where they'd have to work and the pain he'd experience from a fresh tattoo.


Hank never talking to or mentioning his Japanese Half Brother again.


Junichiro is at Luannes wedding.


I retract my previous statement.


Tbh the more unrealistic part is Junichiro flying all the way around the world for the wedding of Luanne who he's never met and isn't even blood related to.


I figure it's an excuse to spend time with his brother (who HAD been the one to travel last time)


Junichiro for the reboot!


They also both look like Tillie even though Tillie isn't his brother's mom.




No no, that’s makes sense. Clearly Cotton likes them with a big butt and strong cheekbones regardless of what country he’s in




Boy, bring me mah shin jelly!


That is something that is actually real. It's for leg amputations when the foot and ankle are intact. Unlike Cotton's case, the ankle and foot are attached backwards so the ankle can act as a knee when a prosthesis is used. It makes for a easier and more natural movement than an above knee prosthesis on its own. https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/images/ic/1200x675/p029nfkw.jpg


They did tell him he'd never walk again though. It seems to me they did it as like.. we're gonna make sure this vet keeps his feet kind of thing and Cotton just broke physics through sheer force of will and rage. Even Hank considers it a major, heroic accomplishment. It is a little silly how he *can* walk though


Dale never figuring out that Joseph isn't his son. I mean come on.


I heard somebody asked mike judge about this. According to TV Tropes, Dale probably knows the truth deep down but he uses all his conspiracy theories to stay in denial. Which considering how he thought his dad was a federal agent and not gay seems really in character. I feel like they tried that in the episode about the alien or the one where he thinks he’s Native American.


Dale is in deep denial


I do like to go with the theory he knows John fathered Joseph but just acts dumb either to fuck with everybody or as a long term revenge scheme, but it’s kinda like the theory that Bobby is bill’s son: fun to wonder but there’s so much evidence against it. When the reboot comes out, I wonder if they’ll finally have Dale learn the truth and then he theorizes something like JR is an alien or the aliens hypnotized him.


Deep State of Denial


He is the Albino Buffalo...Deal with it!!


His inflection when he says "Deal with it" is amazing.


this. and joseph not realizing as well


Joseph not figuring it out is believable. The kid is a fucking idiot.


That episode when he actually say he’s a white man so he basically has guilt over so many death xD


Man he really is Dale’s son


Peggy never got into real trouble or loose her teaching license for her shit, especially for kidnapping and smuggling a mexican girl


At the very least I would expect her to stop teaching substitute Spanish


Eh. I used to tutor kids after school in Chicago. And we needed computers so I said. Hey let’s all get in my car and go to the computer room in the central office ( moved from public library to civic / community organization building ) 2 kids not signed up to the program came along with the 6 kids who where. We did the homework and school projects. And about 2 hours into it cops show up asking where the two kids where and telling me I basically kidnapped them. I was horrified. The kids thought it was hilarious. The mother was furious. And … I didn’t lose my job That day I learned. You can accidentally kidnap kids without much repercussions If you say “ oh man I’m so sorry “ enough. This was pre 9/11.


Are McMansions usually that shittily built and obstruct neighbors houses that much?


Some are, yes. I saw my cousin's neighborhood go through an awkward transition phase where some people were tearing down their older/smaller home to build McMansions in the same (or similarly-sized) spaces. There was a fair amount of obstruction.


Ted Wassonasong's definitely would be.




I've seen some monsters around some of the nicer parts of town where it is clear they bought some ranch house built in the fifties and put every square inch to work. Can't say it's shoddy or not but they're huge and I wouldn't want to live next to one


I thought Dale building tunnels underneath their homes and the street was pretty unrealistic, until this just happened in real life not long ago. Some doomsday prepper weirdo had his tunnels collapse.


Didn't he build a huge tower one time? Khan tried to get it taken down but it was up to code so they couldn't do anything or something. I completely forgot about that until now.


Yeah, he built the tower, but it didn't have a foundation, and it basically fell over


I don’t have one but to OPs point about the episode where Bill plays football again to rebreak his record, i remember Hank telling Bobby his records would never be broken. I’d love to see a remake of this episode with one of Hanks records getting broken in the remake.


When they put sal-mon in the fish tacos


Basically everything about Luanne Gets Lucky. * Luanne pressuring a 15 year old to take her to the prom. * Elvin and Mud Dobber repeatedly threatening him. * Kevin sending his little brother to dump Luanne because he was scared. * Peggy trying to defend the prom all by herself when they try to crash it. * Lucky further crashing the prom and just declaring everything settled because he told his friends to stop trying to assault a teenager. Seriously, why does no one tell Luanne that she's being super gross and that she needs to deal with missing her prom? Why are at a minimum Elvin and Mud Dobber not in jail by the end? Why does Peggy not enlist the aid of one single other person when violent rednecks are trying to attack a gym full of students? *Where are Kevin's parents in all this?*


I just sum this up to Rednecks being Rednecks.


I read that in Khan's voice. Actually fits better as Minh's.


Something tells me you don't live in a small hick town where something like this is definitely possible.


Yeah I’m from east Texas. It’s definitely possible


Kevin was a ward of the state and that's why no adult got involved. ![img](emote|t5_2s6dm|6344)


when Bill gets caught up by the balloon and flies around. Would require a way bigger balloon to carry a man bill’s size


Hank assaulting dandy don on national tv and no jail no fine and is not even banned from the super dome he gets to get back on the field the next day


It’s a really small thing, but there’s an episode where they accidentally shoot the water tower down with a tank. That would’ve been catastrophic, but it’s back up in the next episode like nothing happened.


In the episode where Peggy joins a beauty pageant to win a white truck, she doesn’t end up winning but Hank paints his red truck white for her. In the next episode it’s a red truck again.


Hank did say he was going to change it back right as the credits started IIRC.


In my mind, I just figured he sprayed it with white plastidip then peeled it off later. It doesn’t make much sense, but works for me.


Hank and Peggy having sex on the train. You know how much he likes the fundamentals.


1. Bobby has experienced like 5 or 6 christmases while he was 12-13 2. You can drive to Mexico and back in an afternoon which leads to 3 3. Arlen changes to a different part of Texas when convenient. 4. I think Hank’s memory of buying his truck contradicts the salesman episode. Or that episode contradicted when he upgraded. One of those didn’t click. Oh and he was teaching Bobby how to haggle when he upgraded his trick. 5. Hank sieving the tornado seems more unrealistic than Peggy braking every bone in her body. (Honestly I think her recovery was more unrealistic than her surviving but I know zilch about the subject)


Joseph flipping the rifle, shooting his first buck, saving Dale's life in the process, and then the buck bowing to Joseph before it dies. As a hunter, I at least hope that's unrealistic. Otherwise the truth is that I just plum suck at hunting.


Well the buck bow was part of Bobby's dream, not when Joseph killed that buck. But yeah I never thought of this, Haha. Joseph catching a flipping rifle and getting a precise shot half a second later on a charging buck, yeah that qualifies for this thread.


Bobby and Peggy preferring burgers cooked with charcoal. Totally implausible, all they would taste is the heat!


Why would dandy don be featured at a saints game


The Saints were playing The Cowboys at that game and it was sponsored by Alamo Beer, so Dandy Don’s appearance fee was paid for by Alamo, not The Saints organization. They sell more beer if they offer the chance to win a ton of money and a trip somewhere bc everyone wants a ton of money and a free trip, especially a trip to the Superdome to watch a rivalry game. They sell even more beer if they toss in a former Cowboy to appear as we saw from the boys tossing back more than the usual after work brews to try to win.


Thank you! This has always bothered me lol


Peggy falling out of a plane and surviving or hank and luanne surviving the gas explosion from the meg-a-low mart


There *are* known free fall survivors. The highest was from like 33,000 ft. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Fall_survivors


Peggy is one of only sixteen people who have survived parachutes not opening. Now, sixteen is just her estimate. She'll double check the numbers when she gets home.




Or Hank surviving being inside the "eye" of a tornado.


Strong enough winds to lift him entirely into the air and rip all his clothes off, yet his grip strength is stronger.


not his underwear


NOT. His underwear.


I've seen a barrel of pickles in my day.


He started as a tank wipe and perfected the basics, really helped develop his hand strength.


Big mountain fudgecake not being world renowned


Boomhaur being a Texas Ranger


That could also just be a fake badge he uses to try to pick up women?


This is the only reasonable explanation


Yeah, it makes no sense whatsoever with the entire back story or even the events that happen in the show. The only way it works is if it's a fake badge but it's played as a big "reveal" so that really wouldn't fit, either. It seems like they wanted to have a gotcha moment without earning it in the slightest by setting it up. I love me some koth but continuity is not really their strong suit. Speaking of which, a show that knew how to set up reveals, Futurama, just had new episodes announced for hulu!


I saw someone explain this as Boomhaur being undercover to spy on Dale or something, which also doesn’t make sense considering they grew up together. (Or does it?-Dale voice)


Sir, we are they






In fairness, was his job ever mentioned prior to the finale?


Early in the series he said he was on workman's comp. I'm not sure how workman's comp works for law enforcement but I could see it. Edit: a word


I mean, there was an actual angel in one episode


It could've just been Luanne hallucinating super hard.


Getting into the luxury box and pretending to be Jake Middleton.


Bobby being controlled by the ant queen.


Peggy committing 2nd degree murder/manslaughter and not going to jail.


That was non culpable. A crazed man in pig costume was chasing them around a factory. Peggy just tired to get him away, she did not intent to sausage him.


Lol intent to sausage


Peggy Hill the international human trafficker.


Peggy the drug smuggler..


When you think about it, Peggy has lived one hell of a life. A substitute teacher who’s had a newspaper column, starred in foot fetish videos, killed a man, committed human trafficking, survived skydiving without a parachute, ran a book and gun store, among other things. I certainly can’t hold a candle to that.


And she also smuggled cocaine into a prison, and is an elite Boggle player. AND she speaks “fluent” Spanish.


And she wrote a song so good Randy Travis stole it.


Peggy surviving the fall.


Bill keeping his house after the divorce


Pygmalion. That thing was a fever dream.


Charcoal being in the Hill residence


When they have a lapse in insurance coverage, Peggy and Luanne just stay at a rest stop. I mean, I'm pretty sure any normal person would drive home extra careful. If not, couldn't she call someone to pick them up?


Nancy falling in love with Dale….twice. The dude was certifiably insane and not on her level of attractiveness. Yet she fell in love with. I get that it could happen, but they had no common ground. What do they even talk about?


He's safe and worships her. She's quite insecure and needs that.


And he is a good father, at least better than most. Let's not forget that's pretty damn attractive.


Personally, I think the entire "Peggy Gone to Pots" is nonsense. Yes, it's a scam. But the company runs background checks and will know your death. Also, they couldn't do much except sue for collection of debt and breaking into garages IS illegal regardless of "your inventory to put away". Honestly, Peggy could have walked away just on them breaking and trespassing.


When Peggy poisons a fucking CEO and nobody knew


Most unrealistic thing happens frequently — Hank Hill intimidating and backing people off with just a glare.


Hwat? No way.. it's a central theme in the show that he's strong, competent and confident. A Clint Eastwood style glare.


And then the Clint Eastwood character says, "That propane tank is empty."


I mean he’s 6’2”, probably 240 pounds and a former high school football player. Hank is pretty yoked despite his beer belly


You don’t need an ass to be able to kick one. Guys neck is probably thicker than my torso.


Hank's neck is definitely wider than his urethra.


*Good God you’ve got a fat neck Hank!*


I think from Dale to the Chief the 6’2” is right. But he was 220 (and dang proud of it). Also, I believe his license was marked female.


I assure you its a small, additional ridge of fat.


A lot of people say they gonna kick yo ass but, in my experience, not many people follow through. Or Kahn says something like that.


Why Hank was never investigated after the mega lo mart AND the car lot exploded? Add his long term association with Dale, it should have put him on a list.


Tom Hammond refused to press charges on the car lot thing, and there was nothing to suggest he blew up the Mega-Lo Mart.