It looks like she was just trying to have fun started crawling like the guy then quickly realised that dude had no legs.


Yeah she gets up at the end


I think you might be right. Because at the end she makes a “I messed up face” right before she get up.




If people had video of all the stupid stuff (not necessarily mean because I don’t think the girl was trying to be cruel) I did as a kid the internet would have no space for anything else lol. Like the time I put a m and m up my nose (and I was not a toddler so I have no excuse) to see if I could get it out, I could not lol


Lol, When I was in kindergarten, one of my classmates put a piece of pea gravel from the playground up their nose and they couldn't get it out. Their grandmother ended up having to take them to the doctor to get it removed because they had tiny little kid nostrils and all the teachers and the grandmother was worried they'd just push it farther in if they tried to remove it. There was another kid at the school who actually ate some of the pea gravel and ended up needing surgery because it caused an intestinal blockage or something. I don't remember why they ate it. I think they were pretending to be dogs, and the pea gravel was their "kibble."


*core memory*


Bitch, she makes a “i messed up face” from those pixels


Still dumb


I dont think she had any bad intentions, i am not even sure she saw that the man has no legs. It was more an "oh this adult make a funny crawl, i want to join" playful behavior...


And when she got behind him and looked up she immediately stood up, making me think she realized the faux pas.


Another thing if she was with adults why didn’t they tell her to stop (I’m not play the sound so they might have) or were they looking away, I’m a mom and I know you can’t look at them all the time. Sometimes I will joke with my 17 that I’m always watching while peering around a corner or something at him


It was like five seconds before she realized it herself. That's barely enough time to even think about correcting a kid, and then you also risk the kid fighting back about it, etc.


True. I actually thought the guy was crawling for a few seconds too. Also if you call out you are probably just point out to the guy more that it’s going on. It’s a tough situation to be in. Kids have a way to putting you in them lol Every year my oldest would pick a cheap boy and girl toy for toys for tots. My oldest has always been a giving soul. One year when he was like 3 or 4 I asked what he wanted and made sure he knew it was for him. All of a sudden he said he didn’t want to buy them toys. I thought maybe he just wanted one for his self (which would have been out of character for him). I explained again that it was for kids that didn’t have a lot of money so they could get gifts too. He said “they don’t deserve any”. God I got the worst looks. Then he said “they don’t deserve them because they must have been naughty or Santa would bring them some.” I laughed but this old lady did NOT think it was funny. I explained that I was a gift like how some of his came from Santa and some didn’t, then he was thrilled to pic some.


Absolutely I agree! She even stopped and got up immediately once he passed and she looked again at him I'm an adult and the other day while on a walk I seen a man doing some cool spiritual poses and stances towards the sun. Almost like a air bender or something. He looked magical. Without thinking I gave a try. As soon as he looked my way I felt so stupid. Idk why I did that. And I hope I didn't offend him.


The fact that someone was already recording makes me think she was encouraged to do it by someone older


No they were.... admiring the veiw...


That’s why it’s on r/kidsarefuckingstupid instead of r/kidsarefuckingassholes


Thus making her "fucking stupid", in the way most children are stupid, in that they are simply uneducated/inexperienced to where they don't know something is wrong. Nobody claimed she had bad intentions; This is r/KidsAreFuckingStupid , not r/KidsAreMalicious


Oh a lot of people did. My comment refers to other comments where people blame the parents for her bad attitude or the kid itself for being rude and has nothing to do with the name of the sub. If she is fucking stupid in your opinion, alright, but i never say someting about her intelligence at all.




I’m sure your own children don’t act like that, but this really strikes me as a kid doing dumb kid things, and not a mistake by her parents. I bet they were mortified. Source: parent, and my wife and I work for a daycare


Look I'm just saying if parents teach their children to respect others a bit more, they may not do these things as much in public. Ya I'd be taking my child straight to that man and have a teaching moment for her in that same public space in front of others looking at her getting scolded in public and apologies to that man. You'll take this even worst of course, but if you noticed it's a little girl and I believe that mom's need to stress more to their daughters how to be kind to others. I have 2 young boys, and I am making sure everyday they act with respect and kindness to others that have lives to sort out like we all do.


How would teaching a kid respect help if the kid wasn't aware of what would make the situation disrespectful.


Exactly. It also looked like she stopped once she saw the man had no legs.


Man well aren’t you all cool and stuff.


Ew, sexism


Damn. You tried 3 different times and still managed to be an asshole in every comment.


Do you have a child? Are you aware of how EASILY a kid can make the mistake made in the video? The kid was doing dumb kid things. She realized what was happening and stood up. Parents taught her just fine, my man. When you have a kid you will realize all the dumb things kids do.


Reread your reply.... "Not a mistake by the parents" You really wrote that as a reply and a daycare worker ? Who else is to blame for that young ladies behavior ? You as a daycare worker ???


…. yes? …. They’re kids man…. As the subreddit name suggests…. Kids are fucking stupid. They do dumb shit without thinking. I have no doubt there was a long conversation had after this incident. It doesn’t mean they are shit parents, or even that she’s a bad kid.




I don’t, but 1) it’s now on the internet 2) I’m assuming her parents weren’t too far away and heard that lady telling her off Source: I made the whole thing up?




Yes sir absolutely! You as well!


Also , it feels like you are on the defensive. I really just wanted to throw my comment in there, not necessarily have a whole convo about it, so I’m gonna go ahead and stop replying, but have a great night and a happy holidays!


The best part is we had a conversation. Neither of use was hateful in our comments. 🍻


Genuinely one of my favorite convos I’d had in a while. Totally agreed! Please have wonderful night, if only for me!


And look at the video again ! The child is a hypocrite. She waits till the man passes by her and then she does that. As to either disrespect that man or laugh at him in her own way. Nothing there , to me, looks like it was out of fun...


My guy…. I really don’t even know what to say. “This child is a hypocrite” comes across as incredibly out of touch. Also you actually had me slowing it down frame by frame, and i can’t see what you are seeing. At the very start of the video she’s already in motion turning to her right, is staring off at something (like kids do) turns around, sees someone crawling and gets down to join him. As other comments have pointed out, extremely normal child behavior, the crawling around part at least.


Count the up votes and then see how most people or parents feel about my comments.


This comment made me laugh, so many downvotes. The dude has -100 comment karma. That's the first time I ever saw that.


He has -200 currently on one of his replies




I guess ya... 🤷🏻‍♂️


Bro what? No child thinks this spitefully. Have you ever been around children ever in your life? Kids crawling around because they saw another kid doing it is totally normal. She definitely didn't do this to make fun of him chill out bro


Hey brother children's minds work a bit differently. The part of the brain needed to even be able to be a hypocrite, the prefrontal cortex, doesn't fully develop until late teens. This child is moving from toddler hood to having a concrete operational mindset. Children this age ask lots of questions as they form a set of concrete facts about the world to go by. The formal operational stage that would allow her to hold more abstract ideas like something is up I should wait before I engage in play usually doesn't form until around 11 years. She clearly plops down parallel with the man and gets up as soon as she's behind him and it's unmistakable there is something wrong with him. To admonish her for this innocent mistake would make her less prone to experiment with her environment, more fragile and less resilient as an adult later on.




You are choosing a really strange hill to die on. What, exactly, is your point?


Have you met a child


Dude you just took the trophy of longest downvote chain I’ve personally found, onto 12 now. I think you could do 15 easily. You really take the extra time and clearly put thought into your comments. The vocabulary choice is top notch as well. I wish I had someone like you in my life to be an example of everything I would never want to be.


Do you have kids man? It's not something that you can really teach them if you aren't dealing with people who are handicapped consistently. And even if you do and you teach them kids have a hard time focusing even without adhd which she may have that they will often forget lessons that don't get reinforced enough, not just by telling but by scolding with mess ups. Take a chill pill and realize there's a good chance you don't know the whole story to this


Are you a parent?


Judging by his response he obviously isn't


What if I am or I am not ?


If you re not a parent you should shut the fuck up. If you are then you have no idea what you are doing or what you are talking about.


Sorry but you would be the last person I'd take advice from. Look at the video again, watch the hypocrisy of the child doing that behind the man's back. She waits to disrespect the man. If it was playful she would have done it beside the man. She's not 4 years old...


Go away turd


He is a kid lmao. Living with parents who ignore him apparently


That's all you got. Sound like a coward stance and or move.


Have you ever met a child?


Ya I don’t think this is a kid being an idiot. I had to get to the comments before I realized he didn’t have legs.


Solidarity crawler.


Listen, kids can be assholes without realizing it. We had a double amputee in our neighborhood when I was like 5 and I called him Mr. no-Legs. He thought it was halarious. My mom? Not so much.


I just hope she didn't know he was disabled.


She could of thought she was being nice so he not the only one crawling but who knows we can only hope.


I’d presume she thought it looked fun and decided to join in


Very possible kids like to run on all fours around that age.


*could have


That not the way I talk. Language can & does change over time like it or not people have been saying "could of" for decades at least.


Doesn’t stop it from being wrong though.


Welcome to language. How does new language begin? How does it change over time? If I got my point across then it's not wrong.


Obviously not


I don’t think she did, she did a double take towards the end and got up. She’s gonna wake up every few years from now remembering this moment


Everyone talking about the kid, when they were recording the dude all Along... It was never about the view lol


For sure @op was trying to record the disabled dude probably to make fun of with a friend or something.


She'll look back and will wince at how much of an ass move this was


Thank God nobody posted it on the inter...aww, nuts.


I’m so thankful I didn’t grow up during the age of social media. So much embarrassing child stuff these kids do will be immortalized for the world and all it’s future generations.


She’s a child - she’s just innocent and it’s not to be taken seriously ffs.


Yea sure but it’s still one of those things you’d cringe at when looking back at your younger self. We all have those moments lol


Would you think it was an ass move if the guy was just playing and had legs also?


Y'all taking my comment too seriously 🙄, would you rather have me say that she was an ass instead? She probably didn't know, but realised at the end and probably regretted it and when she grows up she'll wince just just how a lot of us when we look back


she did right and situational awareness kicked in quickly as you can see her face realized what was going on at the end.


I’m sure OP just happened to be taking a video as that guy passed by, total coincidence.


Eh, you wouldn't believe how many kids would take any opportunity possible to crawl on the ground. It really doesn't take much.


Right? Her brain was probably like "theres an adult crawling, that must mean it's okay, I crawl too." His disability probably never even registered.


Frankly, it took me a moment to realize he wasn’t just crawling for fun. The brain fills in the most likely answer when you’re only half paying attention.


Yea this kid was in the fun zone for sure.


I didn't even notice he was disabled at first, I just saw some dude crawling on the ground and a kid joining in. Nothing registered as wrong lol.


I still crawl-run up the stairs, it’s faster. And sometimes I crawl beside my dog, for solidarity.


I feel like 99% of things we see on any form of social media in the next few years will stem from original reposted TikToks


That’s how most videos are currently when it comes to YouTube, makes sense another social media was bound to challenge the online video market


Seriously the kid thought the guy was playing didn't mean any bad intentions, fuck everyone who thinks otherwise if you don't understand the mind of child.


It’s absolutely insane that no one is wondering why they were filming the disabled person BEFORE the child mimicked them… /r/whyweretheyfilming to a disgusting degree. You are all so fucking weird...


So we just gon ignore the fact that some adult took out their phone to record a disabled guy dragging himself across the floor? Kids copying people is just what they do. That's not stupid. The adult recording someone with a disability for clout, however? That's fucking vile.


Looks like they were recording the lights before noticing the guy. Especially considering the caption. Or they're lying bastards.


Yeah because I record the lights on the London Eye by pointing the camera at the bottom left corner of it with the screen capturing like... 75% of the screen as grass and houses...


Fair analysis. You're probably correct. I was just giving benefit of the doubt.


She’s going to think about this at night from time to time for the rest of her life and feel the embarrassment all over again


I dunno man, I can't help but feel the girl did nothing wrong. to my parental eye, it looked like she was joining in with the guy without any malice whatsoever, and far from being insensitive, she actually realised the guy had no legs and despite her young age, she still had the commendable presence of mind to process what was happening very quickly, and withdraw before she embarrassed the guy. bless her heart, she did absolutely nothing wrong.


Who the hell "admires the view" by video recording?? Bruh, it's fine to record it as being funny(not really it's pretty assholish unless that's your friend), but stop making it seem real


Great use of “you need to leave” lol


whoever was supposed to be taking care of her is the one at fault really, kids just mimic others, that's literally how they learn


Fault… kids do weird stuff for weird reasons. Stuff like this barely needs mentioning, as long is it’s not malicious. How often is this situation going to pop up? She’ll mature, she’ll figure it out. But for one off scenarios like this that aren’t malicious, overreacting will just make it weird.


i'm gonna play nice and assume the parents had a lovely teaching moment after


She is very young. I don’t think she really did anything wrong. She is showing empathy. My daughter saw someone with no arms and went around for days trying to pick things up with her elbows. She’d blindfold herself and pretend she was blind to see what it was like. When she saw someone in a wheelchair she’d ask what happened. I was appalled… but they were kind and said she was just curious, told her they were in an accident.


Wow!!!!! The girl needs a talking to explain why she shouldn’t do that….


People need to get their children


Why is this downvoted 💀


It's the children left unattended doing it


What does this mean


It means go get your children


Teach your children about disabilities, what they are and how to react to them at a young age.


it’s not the kids fault it’s the parents fault


It's noöne's fault come on


it is the parents fault they raised a wild animal. they should teach them to respect disabled ppl


The kid may not have realized the guy was disabled, or understood what her actions meant. Do you seriously think this literal child started crawling for the purpose of mocking this man? I wager she may not even know what mockery is. God.


Ohmygod lmfao


Damn, I didn't realize conformity was this bad






What a distinct lack of funny you got there girl


When I was a kid I pointed at my doctor and said mommy look! It is King Kong! He just laughed. I was a kid. I didn't know what the fuck I was saying?




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What? Doesn’t he have legs? You can see he is on his knees close to the end right?




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Always a PhotoBomber… 🤦‍♂️


I thought they were both crawling because they miss heard fireworks for gunshots??


This is gold. If this was in the past it would be one of those off beat renaissance paintings. I’m not saying that disparagingly. Humans are both awesome and peculiar.


The "you need to leave" is from this video of a school board meeting where a guy tells a father he should have stayed in Mexico: [https://youtu.be/YPHPcDv409c](https://youtu.be/YPHPcDv409c)


Where is this?






What is the person on background yelling? " You need a bee?


Had the sound turned down at first and at the end I thought she said “You need feet!”


Oh dear.


So many things posted here and not, in fact, kids being fucking stupid.


Just pay attention the first time..


Bro I thought someone started shooting.


Yes officer I was laughing


Just a kids play




Reminds me of the time when I was 7 or 8 and I saw a kid making a funny face at me, so I made the same face back. My father asked what I was doing and after I pointed the kid out he said "that child has a deviated septum, that's a medical condition." Needless to say, I was mortified.


Imitation is one way our species are able to adapt and survive. 😜


Is that dude ok? Just crawling on the ground?