Damn, that lady's got reflexes!


It helps if it was planned. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure this was staged.


nah, this is 100% staged


Could be. Seems like a legit reaction. I could be wrong. Most of these videos are fake— and I always call them out (check my history). This one seems genuine. Edit: After rewatching, why would they have a phone mount on the passenger side? Could be to document that the driver isn’t distracted? You’re right, it seems suspect. UNLESS the little girl mounted the phone holder on the passenger side door, which is totally plausible.


I don’t think that’s a mount, I think she placed the phone in the car’s handle slot


Agreed.. you see her all wobbly with it while she places it there in the very beginning. Also fake and staged are 2 completely different things. I personally think the little girl does exactly what we see in the video. The mom may be dumb enough to understand how badly this come back to haunt her legally.


Drivers door conveniently left open too.


The kid can’t even reach the door handle… she swung it open and can’t close it herself.


Dude. Come on. To document that the driver isn't distracted? Look at that little asshole daughter they have created. They are always distracted.


Yeah, no fucking way the mom would in real life reward the girl for this behavior by allowing her to post the video for fake internet points.


If it was staged I’d assume the women wouldn’t have thrown herself in such a way that she almost didn’t make it 😂


Fake. Kind of weird to put a kid and yourself in danger for internet clout but ok.


The kid’s screams were very fake, and she’s looking out of the car to see when her mom is going to run in and take over. Very fake.


Yep. Total. Prision for that shit of a mother


This seems staged to me idk why




Kids these days are attached at the hip to YouTube tik tok etc. The idea of them filming themselves doing things is ingrained in them compared to anyone even a handful of years older that didn’t grow up with that technology from a young age, ex. The iPhone and YouTube only came out like 15 years ago, and wasn’t nearly as big as it has gotten in the past 5-10 Not to mention social media


Not even the moms fault if this is real the kid is just stupid.


What ones dumber, the mama or the egg?


Wait why are we bashing the momma? She did nothing wrong - she acted fast and prevented disaster what you on about


The DMV for giving mama a DL.


The mom wasn’t driving…


She’s responsible for the vehicle.


From an insurance standpoint she is. That has nothing to do with being issued a drivers license. A drivers license is issued when the state deems you able to responsibly operate a vehicle on the public roads. Should people who get their cars stolen have their licenses revoked? This is the dumbest thing I’ve read today.




Mom is fucking stupid


Why? The kid whas, if you have 6-8 years you know what is a car


I hope English isn't your first language...


Yea my english whas a shit


And now you have a new mommy and daddy!




Omg the things On the internet is unbelievable hahaha


Olivia Rodrigo plays.


Stop I just laughed so hard I scared my husband


Y’all forget the mom was on TikTok posting because her daughter was “dumb”. It wasn’t staged and the mom basically beat the kids ass for it so please stop assuming when it was said months ago


First time this was posted it was under a different caption and also the video was not edited. The kid sets up the camera herself and starts the car. Also people were a lot more understanding of the mother as mothers can't keep a eye on the child 24/7. This clip is probably a 30s mishap. How do we determine if a mother is bad from one mistake.


The prosecution rests, your honor.


Man i belive this staged by the mom.


Its 100% fake.


The mom is trying so hard not to smile!!


Fucking ground for the rest of the year


I did so much dumb shit like this as a kid. Did the exact same thing but the car was standard, and without the clutch engaged that fucker jolted so hard it about gave me a heart attack. Climbed 100 ft in the air to the top of a grain silo and jumped in, getting trapped 10 feet down, took a ladder to get me out, lucky the grain supported my weight. Jumped on the back of an unbroken horse, got taken for the ride of my life before being bucked off. Flipped a golf cart. Fired my uncle's .357 into the ground when they went to dinner one night, shattered a rock which sent a piece flying into my face, punching a hole in my cheek about an inch below my eye (never told anyone and it took a couple years for that rock to work it's way out, happened at a talent show in 7th grade.) I could go on and on.


And that's why you should always let the handbrake on while you car is parked, because those gnomes don't have the strength to use it.


I did something very similar when I was a child. My Dad owned a Toyota hiace van and I released the handbrake .. on a hill... Near a large drop. Dad managed to get into the van and steer it into a neighbours front garden.. boy was he pissed. 😫


Redneck trash unleashed.




Wait why are we bashing the momma? She did nothing wrong - she acted fast and prevented disaster what you on about


Tho...she did leave the keys in the car....with small children...probably not the best idea...buuuut maybe she just didn't think her little one would actually try to drive either...accidents were made.


I don’t think the mom Is stupid if this is real… just seems like a bad ass lil kid


Who wants to bet that she will have an Only Fans account at 18.0 years old.




What the fuck is wrong with your brain?


Why the fuck would you say that


Because she’s already doing stupid shit for the camera.


Kill yourself, leave it to a conservative to sexualize 7 year olds <3


Lol, yeah, it’s all liberal vs conservative and liberals aren’t the groomers.


Cry 🥰


At least you admit you're a groomer 😘


Of course if it was a boy and I said he’s be in adult prison at 18.0 years old, it would be all upvotes. Liberal Redditors can’t permit humor … unless it’s against males.


That's literally not true nor comparable. Saying a 7 year old is going to be a sex worker is nowhere near the same as saying a kid will go to prison (which is still not ok?). The fact that you think that's the same is concerning


I’d rather be on Only Fans than in prison. If you think being rated in prison is better than being at home with a webcam you’re seriously demented.


You wouldn't last a day in prison, they don't treat pedophiles kindly in there


Ooooh, look, a Reddit keyboard warrior called someone a pedophile — so original!


Do you actually think doing porn or going to jail is the same thing 💀


Only Fans is webcam work, doesn’t even have to be nude. Prison for an 18yo male usually means rape victim. I’d much rather be on Only Fans than in prison, you sicko.


When you have no argument so you literally just ignore the heavy implications of the disgusting shit you say


I was referring to an 18yo woman, your mind goes to sexualizing a minor. You say I’m the disgusting one.


Why I will not have kids


I’m just glad that nobody was standing behind this kid like grandpa who would have been mowed down and most likely in the hospital or dead. We’re how about her little brother who may have been squished. I stick with my mantra that there needs to be a license to breed in the near future so these types of things don’t keep happening. I understand there’s a lot of nice people out there, but they are qualified to harvest a human and Raise another human. Looks like this woman in the photo has had a hard life and probably does not have any parenting skills, therefore leaving a child in a 6000 lb metal coffin! Also many of these parents think it’s cute when their kids do stuff like this. I cannot agree Amigos. This will be funny until the kid actually run somebody over and kills them and the mother will be sitting behind bars and the kid will be sent to either Juvie or foster care. Neither of which sound like a walk in the park. From the video, it also appears that the child was laughing at her mother - the parent does not lay down the law or follow through with any type of guidelines, rules or consequences. So basically, the kid knows she can get away with anything. Back in the day all my dad had to do is look at me and I towed the line …I had complete respect for my parents. My dad did not let me get away with any sh#t. I’m going to make T-shirts -no unauthorized breeding. - namaste


This is why manual. Kid would have to figure out how not to stall the engine first


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I don’t know if I’m more concerned she tried to drive or the fact that she’s already recording videos at that age.


foster care


It was Better Is She got the keys with her




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More like stupid parents