Hi! First, take your time and remember that the Netjeru (gods of kemeticism) are understanding and loving. Please don’t be too harsh on yourself and there’s no wrong way to do things, as long as you are genuine and respectful of the Gods, they are more than happy to welcome you in their arms. I would start by reseach on the pantheon and history of anciant egypt to understand the context in which the Gods were worshiped. Then find a god that interests you, and research on them. Start by their stories, names, and get to know what their character is. Then if you find a god you think is right for you, you can give offerings and pray to them. There’s no structure or formal way to do this, but it’s usually done by calling the deity (say their name and one of their title), then say why you’re praying (it can be just like “hey I wanted to offer you this, here, I hope this pleases you” or “I’d like some protection for this trip or some of your wisdom to make this decision”), then give the offerings, then close the prayer by saying thanks for being here and or say “dua” (adoration). If it’s food, you can eat it afterwards. It’s like having a meal with the Gods and they appreciate it. You can research what kind of food or offerings a specific God likes, or even ask them. You can worship many Gods at the same time, and most Gods have specific domains and areas they specialize in, so you can ask some Gods certain things and other things to others. Use your intuition and please know that the Netjeru are always there for you. Good luck my friend ❤️ If there’s anything more that you need for advice, I’m open to more specific questions 😁


I really appreciate it, thank you! ☺️


Well, as with almost all pagan traditions, we're pretty relaxed in terms of rules & stuff like that. A lot of your time spent working with the Netjeru, our Gods, are going to be a very personal, intimate experience unlike what you may've experienced as a Christian (I was religiously Jewish before going down this path, so my experience in Monotheism is different lol). As long as you uphold Ma'at by being a good, sincere person, then I'm sure you'll earn the relationship & attention from the Netjeru. More advice then anything else, don't feel too pressured into doing anything you're not comfortable doing right away. I started having experiences with the Netjeru when I was a kid, but my worship of them didn't really start going until a couple of years ago. Not saying it'll take that long with you, but you may not understand all the signs & communication from them right away.


For me, Bast was an obvious choice due to my deep admiration for all things feline. Others showed up later on my journey as was appropriate. But for someone who is just starting out I'd ask what drew you to Kemetic religion in the first place. There might be a clue there as to which deity or deities are right for you. Otherwise, everything u/NuggetBottlecap said is true.


I’d say the god I worshipped all my life didn’t really have any of the attributes I hold dear. I love knowledge, whereas my god punished those for attaining it, I value individuality, while my god discouraged it, I want some degree of power/wealth (at least enough to get by on in today’s world), my God’s teaching was that things of this world are temporary so you have to be okay with anything that happens to you or however you turn out like in life. I seek Gods that embody those things I was taught to neglect.


For love of knowledge, consider Thoth.


Yes, I agree that if you love knowledge, Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth) might be a good one to start with. The other things you mentioned could honestly match up with any netjer or netjeret.


The first thing I would do is take some time, as much as you need, to unlearn Christian beliefs. I had too and most of us do. Offerings are shared with the gods. For example, most of them like water. And you offer the water you drink it. When you’re offering edible stuff I try to avoid things I can’t or don’t like to eat. Like I really don’t like beef so I don’t give that. Spend a good bit of time researching Egypt. I would suggest investing in some books about the history of Egypt. On the subject of Christianity vs. Kemeticism, the gods want a healthy relationship with us. They won’t demand what you can’t give and don’t give more than you are able to. They may go quiet when you are particularly busy. Also it’s harder to interact with them when you’re upset or depressed.


I didn’t see the second part of your question lol. To really dig into what gods to pick is a very philosophical question and you have to really know yourself and what you need. The best way is to pick gods that are interesting to you. You just give them an offering and ask for a sign if they want to work with you. If not, don’t keep pushing. It pisses them off. A lot of people start with Anubis. He’s a guide to the lost and those in need of direction. It all depends on what you wanna do. Out of the gods I work with here’s some things they can help with, this is not a comprehensive list. Bast: feminine power, speaking ability, wealth, physical appearance and dress Sobek: masculine power, displaying and harnessing power physically, standing up for one’s self Amun-Ra: leadership and wealth, long term planning, speaking capability Hathor: self love and love of others, consideration of self and others, self care Thoth: study, knowledge, long term planning, advising of self and others, knowledge of self Isis: self healing, helping and uplifting others, harnessing one’s personal power Sehkmet: self healing and defense, justice, expansion of power


would it be a good idea to give certain offerings i dont like to my relatives? Like for example, i enjoy making coffee for my dad but I don’t like drinking it myself. So if I were to offer coffee to a deity, should I give to to my dad afterwards?


Be your own god