Why Kuuga struggles the most? It's depressing

I mean... Kuuga is the only Rider who has a training montage for his Rider Kick. Every other Rider instinctively knows the trope of the Rider Kick, except for Kuuga. Kuuga had to kick trees until he got it right.


I mean... Kuuga is the only Rider who has a training montage for his Rider Kick. Every other Rider instinctively knows the trope of the Rider Kick, except for Kuuga. Kuuga had to kick trees until he got it right.


I love this about Kuuga. He actively has to figure out his powers trial-and-error style


Hopefully future Rider shows will bring this back. At least let them have the first Rider kick for showbiz, then have the future episode force them to learn what the fuck they just did in the first episode.


The reason this doesn't happen again is that as much as it makes sense would become repetitive very fast. Every series starts with Rider having to learn his powers and learn how to make Rider Kick wouldn't work in the long run. It's similar to Digimon, people question "why in the new animes humans get used to the digimon so fast?". And it's because we saw humans slowly getting used to them several times, so its repetitive now. Then latest anime simply accelerate or skip this detail. This is also why we don't have so many superhero's "origin" movies anymore.


I think we're due for this kinda approach again since the last time this was done was probably Den-O? It doesn't have to be a regular thing but it's a nice thing to redo once a while. In fact the whole instant understanding of moves is *the one* getting repetitive in Rider, at least some got excuses (like with Aruto).


> time this was done was probably Den-O? It doesn't have to be a regular thing but it's a nice thing to redo once a while. They did something like this in zero one. When Aruto first henshin, he's put in a video game like tutorial in his mind, with a virtual version of Izu teaching him. So we can imply that was the case for every form.


And also Aruto not landing properly after his first rider kick is a nice attention to detail showing how even if he had a tutorial in his mind he still needed to learn how to be a kamen rider himself


I hope so it's pretty cool thing to do


Unfortunately if they do this again they lose the ability to have a new main form or new rider every two episodes, which means they sell slightly fewer toys, so it's probably not going to happen. The powers that be have decided that seeing the characters struggle too much is too frustrating when we can just watch them continually power up until the show just kind of ends


They know because they've gained superhuman physical stats of jumping high and delivering force via the kick.


Because Godai isn’t a fighter he’s not a warrior like the original Kuuga


The original Kuuga probably wasn't a natural warrior either. His entire culture was pacifist, but he stepped up to do what needed doing - just like Godai.


Cause he’s the most raw


Kuuga's opening: "NO FEAR! NO PAIN!" Kuuga: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3RxNnh4pzek&feature=share7






A fearful hero. A painful legend.


Suffering builds character


and to build character, you need suffering.


Kekera approves


"Thus the villains never did anything wrong they just did what they did to improve that hero".


Because we would roots for him more in these type of situations


There's a good quote saying "Sometimes, to do what's right. We must be steady and give up the things we want the most, even our dreams". I believe the theme of Kuuga is all about perseverance.


Being heroic is about being good parts though (as heroes mean good guys), not about the suffering part (even though it can enhance in certain circumstances). The suffering alone brought nothing noble in someone. There’s a huge difference between protect justice/smiles/video games, and consigning yourself to death because you’re using cursed technology. It is not inherently unheroic to have self-preservation be a part of your decision-making during a fight, especially when you living longer could save more lives. In Ryuki, Tiger gives up what he values the most, which is his mentor and friends, by betraying and backstabbing them (thus he lost something valuable and suffers for it, according to Kagawa who said "a hero is someone who is suffering"). Oh also, those who falters occassionally (but mostly tries to be right and show remorse for it) shouldn't be demonized as someone terrible hiding their true colors.


You see he knows so many tricks he forgot to learn ones that help him fight


Because Kuuga was written not only as the start of the Heisei gen but also a transition series from Showa shown in how Kuuga has alot of darker and more mature moments like old Showa Riders


Kuuga was some random guy who is not used to fighting. But unlike other rider shows, his takes it a step further and puts emphasis on that fact. Godai struggles and that’s what makes him interesting. He’s a great guy but him having to train and work for his victories is a great detail.


If there was a heisei rider spirits then we can use this as a base like how in the world the riders even after defeating the villains are still trying to fight injustice add some cameos like kikaider, hakaider and you got something based.


He’s the only Rider on his show, and he’s the first rider show in the 10 years since RX. Cut him some slack!


Kuuga was a solo rider for so long that he decided to become a secondary rider


More like a third rider. Diend is the secondary rider


Put your protagonist through the wringer


Because original, not solving everything with plot armor and gimmicks.


Nah, Den-o suffer the most. No matter what good deed he does, luck will always be against him


Atleast no blood coming out.


moreso emotional pain than physical


Imagine knowing your grandson also inherited your bad luck to the point where he resent you for it and you can't do anything. That's some damage man


Imagine being so unlucky you get 5 genies


Sorry I haven’t watched den o since I was a kid. How does den o suffer the most ?


The most unlikeliest of bad luck always happens to Ryotaro. First episode: he doesn't simply fall off of his bicycle, he somehow ends up in the top of a frickin' tree.


Because he’s an absolute innocent and he has absolutely no training (aside from weird non combat stuff like juggling and unicycling).


What does no training have in relation to this?


A more well trained fighter wouldn’t have gotten their ass kicked as badly. A lot of Kuuga’s fights feel one sided because of the skill gap and only turn around because he figures out the trick to beating them after the ass kicking.


Bruh, the Grongi are seasoned killers, not only do they have superhuman strength and abilities, they are also very skilled in their methods of killing. Godai is a dude who doesn't knw jackshit about fighting cuz he is a normal person, most of us wouldn't really be able to fight properly because of lack of skill. Godai struggles and learns, he gets bodied several times, yet his desire to fight for justice is much stronger than any Grongi can ever be.


> Godai is a dude who doesn't knw jackshit about fighting cuz he is a normal person, most of us wouldn't really be able to fight properly because of lack of skill. No, what are you getting at? Godai has superhuman strength and abilities too since becoming Kuuga. Like Showa Riders, it's a part of his body. He has the same anatomy as the Grongis since then. Also skill is separate from strength/abilities.


Well, yes he has superhuman strength and other abilities but he doesnt have much fighting experience but so are the Grongi, Kuuga is just a little bit stronger than the Grongi, ideally this should be paired with fighting experience and skills like Riku did but Godai isnt a warrior. The Arcle was meant to give humanity a fighting chance against the Grongi, it gives him the strength to match the Grongis in combat but experience and skills are what actually allow a warrior to win, not their just physical strength.


This is not to mention that the Grongis dont fight like humans, they fight like natural predators, they have animal-like powers that they use to the fullest extent like using webs to decapitate their prey or using their jimps to crush opponents. The arcle only gives Kuuga a power boost. Kuuga's abilities are mostly anything humans can do like jumping, punching but like a 100 times better. Even if Kuuga was like a modern day Martial artist or UFC champion, hed have trouble cuz their opponents dont fight like humans. Couple the inhuman strength and agility and animalistic instincts with the intellect of a seasoned killer and only then you will realise the threat of Grongis


> like using webs to decapitate their prey Which Kuuga can also have in long-ranged weapons. > or using their jimps to crush opponents. It doesn't need to be something part animal to have a force as strong as jimps. > they fight like natural predators, > Couple the inhuman strength and agility and animalistic instincts with the intellect of a seasoned killer What, this seems to be just portraying cruel traits as inherent power? You aren't becoming an intelligent genius just because you can consistently kill people. And brutality (if it's what you refer for animalistic instincts/predators) doesn't alter one's stats to be stronger, dunno from where people think so. In fact, Baruba tells some Grongis to not underestimate humans like Ichijo, and humans are the ones who eventually evolved to be able to kill them with Nerve Breaking Bullets. > and only then you will realise the threat of Grongis Threat to the public, for Kuuga it just depends on the Grongi's power level. But ofc being a threat to the public isn't something unpleasant for Godai because he wants to protect everyone. Godai's suffering is also about how he's forced to relieve his failure of saving victims (like to Jaraji) and can forsake his ideals in trying to stop them like his beatdown of Jaraji.


Oh God, I wont even try arguing now




At least he doesn't detranform after one slap like the 555 group


Multiple reasons. He's alone. He doesn't have any other riders to help him out Godai isn't a trained fighter like the original Kuuga Despite the opening, hes still very afraid and feels all the pain of each hit He had to train and practice all of Kuugas abilities as he fought.


Also because he doesnt have all the needless gadgets and forms like modern riders, the fights feel far more realistic (as realistic as you can be, anyway, in a series like this)


Yeah, every form can be unlock only in certain circumstains.


I mean these monsters are deadlier than regular humans so I don't see how he could take them on without receiving real damage. Kuuga is more grounded in reality compared to most heisei riders so he should be beat up more. For more impact.


He is the embodiment of indomitable human spirit


Kuuga's whole thing is he works hard to get stronger


My most favourite rider ❤ .


Cause he has NO FEAR NO PAIN


Wait that is right! There was blood in kuuga! Not fire sparks but red liquid blood. I want that to back!


Cuz he has the most brutal series. Probably more brutal than Gaim and Amazon (Alpha and Omega)


I dunno, Amazon og was pretty brutal with the monsters bleeding


he felted the most human out of most the kamen riders because he didn't have cosmic power or fancy things, he suffers like if we were to fight them gurongi lols


It’s hard being the GOAT


I thought blade is the one struggled the most before he has jack form? But that's what I love about Kuuga. Self search to find his own ability










One more to the pile of fear and pain. In the manga, and probably sometimes depicted in the show. Kuuga isn’t a suit. It’s his entire body completely warped, same mechanic with the Gurongi. So everytime you see him getting struggle? It’s him taking it without any protection. He just have very high endurance and fast healing factor due to the Amadam. And if you are saying Titan is an armor, no it ain’t, just tougher, but blunt damage can do the trick. And to add more to it, Kuuga is the only Kamen Rider I have known so far that had to limit his usage of his own Final Form because it may cause him to go berserk and fucking destroy the world as we know it. In the final fight, he can only throw hands because he knew if he performed any type of finisher then it’s going to be a nightmare. And they didn’t just depict Godai as a happy merry guy the entire time, he was actually scared of his own power after Rising Mighty was debuted. ANDDDDD, to properly send off the show, they had an entire final episode, WITHOUT KUUGA IN IT. Just his friends start to get back to their normal life and remembering the goods he has done. No rush epic battle or anything. LOOKING AT YOU ZI-O