Me who is a The SERIES enjoyer:Not what exactly on my mind,but I will take it


Ah yes, the series that starts with water.


Snowflakes the movie, featuring Kamen Rider


The First walked so Shin can run, how dare you. /s


Run? More like a berserk EVA-01 running.


NGL, I love both of these movies. And the suit design is so good for a modern reimagining of the suits.


The suits are fantastic, kinda ahead of their time when it comes to modernizing old designs, considering they both came out before the MCU.


Also, its SIC figures are so good.


Based. A lot of people would tell you THE FIRST is not good.


Love the 1st & the next, is just weird they dont remake all showa raider but skip to amazon & black.....is this movie really fail to meet the company expectations?


I don't think the rest are popular enough tbh. V3 barely gets mentioned when talking about The Next, I didn't even know he was there for the longest time. Amazon has a reputation for being the violent KR and Black is probably the number #1 Showa series aside from 1971. Would be cool to see The Series redesigns for all the Showa Riders though.


Yea, I remember before a conversation in this sub where most agree "the next" really suck to them, guess they prolly right & company agree. Not me tho, I jz love more kr content. At this point I just hope for more adult & dark kr story & pray they might do kr spirit also.


Amazons isn’t even a remake or sequel. It’s like a whole other thing that just happens to use the same bracelet gimmick. I just wish we’d get the comic book translated into English and animated, like Fuuto PI.


I absolutely loved both The First & Next. Chosen Soldier still rocks


We have Ryuki at home. Shows Dragon Knight.


"We have Black RX at home!" [Black RX at home: ](https://youtu.be/2UapMPX5iYc)


![gif](giphy|SACoDGYTvVNhZYNb5a|downsized) Wouldve loved a short series around this and part 2


I remember hearing rumors that there were plans for a sequels that was Riderman and X centric. This was the supposed plot; V3 is adjusting to life no longer serving shocker, Riderman starts out as an antagonist of sorts; he thinks V3 is still evil and wants revenge. He was a shocker scientist but V3 accused him of a experiment gone wrong and was tortured for it. Both eventually team up with Ichigo to stop the big bad, with Nigo making a surprising return but we never find out how he’s alive. X plot is fairly similar to the show, but with some changes; X’s father was also the man who built Riderman’s arm, the big bad is still shocker. The ending was supposed to tease Amazon, using that as the explanation for Nigo’s revival. Again, just rumors. And rumors I heard almost a decade ago, so for all I know it was just a fan spouting nonsense


Man, I would love a movie where they use Ichigo, Nigo and V3 from FIRST/NEXT, Alpha and Omega from Amazons and Black from Black Sun. It would be so dope. I know they did a stage play with most of them but I just want them to be used more.


Suit design of The First was the best the series has ever had though.


The closest thing we had for 17 years.


Sorry if this has been done before (I haven't seen it lately at least) Also this isn't hate, I haven't seen it yet (though I want to), I just wanted to make a joke.


Some of the best suits in the franchise


Still a fun watch.


Where can i watch shin kamen rider?


For now until they announce something, Japan lol.


Not streamable yet?


Yeah, probably 6 months after its original release (18 March) I believe.


Even then it's unclear considering how I think Shin Ultraman still isn't streaming yet after a year. Though it somehow has a Disney Plus page when I google, I don't know if that's in Japan or what.




Lol use Bilibili.tv for a safe and legal site if you wanna be safe. They got everything on there. Player can be janky from time to time though, but I dunno if that's just my connection.


It is legal but the movies uploaded by users are still pirated, lol. And the video quality is kinda meh so I prefer downloading the movie.


Nyaa.si is still much safer, moderated torrent site allows you to have your own personal copy.


Fair enough, I haven't done torrents in years, Archive's been my recent go-to for stuff like that.


Shin ultraman Blu-ray in June, I think


I just downloaded Shin Ultraman last night, so at some point it was released, somewhere. Great movie, too. Now I'm really excited for Shin Kamen Rider.




The one from store has >!0 and 2+1!<.


Love both movies. Wish we could get a blu-ray release.