Slight problem with having Kivala in this adaptation: She's a Decade character and would mean that two licenses would need to be negotiated


Isn't that kind of what happened with mighty morphing power rangers


They bought one license at a time, whereas in this situation two licenses would have to be bought at the same time which the network would be a bit averse to doing especially for just a single character


Ok thank you for clearing that up for me


Fangires, developed by Greg Weisman and Grant Morrison, and animated by Orange (Trigun Stampede), Mir (Voltron Legendary Defender), and Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania). Based on Kamen Rider Kiva By Toei Company and Ishinomori Pro. "One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of Fangires. Man by day, creatures by night. We were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, cursed and sealed away in a coffin of chains. Now, here in Brooklyn... the curse is broken. And we live again! We are defenders of the night. We are Fangires!" Starring: #The Fangire Knights. a group of human-fangire hybrids who hunt and kill other Fangires. Hiro Mizushima as Walter "Walt" Keaton/Fangire Knight Kiva. Born as a human with Fangire blood, he transforms into the bat-like Fangire Knight, Kiva. •Brain Hull as Kivat Bat, Walter's pet partner whoose power allows him to transform into Fangire Knight Kiva. Troy Baker as Lucien the Wolf, Walter's acquaintance who transforms into a Werewolf-like creature. Bryce Papenbrook as Finn the Sea Creature, Walter's acquaintance who transforms into a Gillman-like creature. Liam O'Brien as Igor the Reanimated, Walter's acquaintance who transforms into a Frankenstein's Monster-like creature. Keith Silverstein as Nathaniel "Nathan" Kilmer/Fangire Hunter IXA VII. A skilled member of The Circle of Hunters, he is the seventh to dorn the IXA title. Will Friedle as Theodore "Theo" Keaton/Fangire Knight Dark Kiva, Walter's estranged older half-brother who has a demented rivalry with him. •Dee Bradley-Baker as Dark Kivat Bat, Theo's pet partner who is the source of his Fangire Knight powers. Kira Buckland as Helena "Helen" Stoker/Fangire Knight Kivala, Walter's estranged younger half-sister who has been searching him for centuries. •Tara Strong as Kivala-Bat, Helen's pet companion who is the power source of her Kivala form. Yuri Lowenthal as Johnathan "John" Grayson-Keaton/Fangire Knight Sagarc: an immortal but amnesiac human alchemist working for the Circle who becomes the Fangire Knight Saga after accidentally freeing the last remaining Sagarc of the Sagarc race. He is a rather neutral vigilant, but strongly opposes Kiva. He is later revealed to be the biological father of Walt. •Dee Bradley-Baker also voices the Sagarcs, a near extinct species of Cobra-shaped companion creatures to the Kivats, and John's Sagarc. It speaks in a rather untranslatable dead language. #The Fangires. a race of stained-glass patterned vampiric creatures which feed on life-force using their glass-shaped "Life-Taking Fangs". The Fangires are split into two groups: the low ranking Pawns and the high level Checkmate Four. #Major Pawn Fangires. Cherami Leigh as Marcy Saunders/Pearlshell Fangire II: an independent journalist and Walter's close friend, who transforms the second Pearlshell Fangire, resulting in a conflict between the two. Todd Haberkorn as Rhys/Tarantula Fangire: A sadistic Pawn Fangire and Theo's butler obsessed with Meryl Allison (the adaptation version of Megumi Aso). Christina Vee as Faye/Thorn Fangire: Theodore's companion with an unrelenting affection for him. Jensen Ackles as Marc Shannon/Sungazer Fangire: the current head of the Order of Hunters who is forcibly merged with the Sungazer Fangire, to which it fails to completely destroy his humanity. #The Checkmate Four. Kellen Goff as Bale Stoker aka "King"/Bat Fangire: Known by many as the CEO of Stoker Enterprises, he is, in truth,the ruthless leader of the Fangires, the biological father of Theo and Helen, and half-father of Walt. Crispin Freeman as Bishop/Swallowtail Fangire: the loyal turned traitorous consultant of King. Gwendolyn Yeo as Maya aka "Queen"/Pearlshell Fangire: the wife of King, later John, and biological mother of Walt, Theo, and Helen. She was presumably killed by King for turning her back against him, but is revealed to be alive yet brainwashed by him into servitude. Khary Payton as Rook/Lion Fangire: the brash and hot-headed acquaintance of King who acts out before thinking.


Lol I thought it was Fangirls, had re-read it lol


The title alone sounds like a name of a sitcom about a family of vampires to me lol