I love Aruto, he's got so much love and compassion in his heart....but yeah he's dumb as bricks.


"I don't even know how I made Zero-Two, I just did"


He really just drew a bunch of shit then passed the homework to Izu lmaoooooooo


And then somehow it works


When artificial intelligence meets human stupidity a disaster is born. When artificial intelligence meets human indifference a miracle is born. Izu: can I have ten million dollars? Aruto: men million dolls and that’s a joke by aruto. Izu: I’ll be taking that as not a no Giga space cannon approved.


That's not what happened... At all. He recognized that Izu would be able to generate that driver by a no-win simulation. The trauma would push Zea, which Izu was connected to, to it's limit to evolve the Zero-One system.


Brother in Christ, I made a joke by describing what happened poorly. Chill.


peak himbo protagonist


And I hope that being dumb as bricks isn't seen as a part of being compassionate only because many of this type of characters are both. ~~Or because Geats also featured people like Daichi who is the heartless smart type.~~


It isn't seen as exclusive. It's seen as the redeeming factor. Being Smart is the ideal, particularly in the East. But there are a lot of examples of the Smart person being Cold and Self-serving (Thouser). So the Dumb character has to be All-Loving because it contrasts. Also, when you have a dumb person, they would be looked down on, so they have to have *something* that makes them relatable or appealing enough to be your Protagonist. Look at Mr. Protein in Build. He serves to humanize Sento when he slips to his former "Demon Scientist" self. Banjo might be the dumbest character in the show, but he is also the most charming and fun (for a lot of people). It's all about Contrast. Geats is super smart and conniving, but is a good person (showcased by the donation he made to Da-Pen's son's surgery in Ep. 2. Keiwa is an idiot with a heart of gold. Daichi is the antithesis to *Tycoon* while serving as a foil to Geats. He shows what happens when you *don't* have the compassion as a smart person. It's all about Parallels


Bruh, I know why they can be made that way, but with that being used as the standard there can be likely some audiences who mistakenly think smart = cold and dumb = all-loving due to how they're usually portrayed, as from what I know there can be those who are opposed to Keiwa showing more tricks in doing good (as tanuki), also no, not asking for him to be underhanded, because it's also a stereotype where being smart is usually used in underhanded way, but being smart can be done without being underhanded too. I'm talking about the audience mainly here, not the series behind the scenes.


Geats is secretly compassionate, but he's also tricky as heck, so it's hard to know. He does seem to care enough to save lives, but he's just so two-faced you just cannot tell.


Not at all. They're two very separate traits. Even as he learns more throughout the series he still has the same heart. And Geats is compassionate, he's just also devious. He's helped his companions numerous times when he did not have to. So I think he cares He's just driven by his own goals to be a trickster.


> Even as he learns more throughout the series he still has the same heart. I know, but for my other talk somewhere else (not about KR), there can be those who insist that power inherently corrupts (power can be replaced with other capabilities like genius, etc.) to insist that compassionate characters stay/are inherently incompetent. > And Geats is compassionate, he's just also devious. He's helped his companions numerous times when he did not have to. I mentioned Daichi there not Ace. I mentioned Geats as a series ._. Regardless, he both can help his companions while being able to do terrible things to them to fulfill his needs.


Aruto: Can’t figure out my plan if I don’t think


Gai: what is this guy trying to do?! What is his plan?!


The plan is 'don't let them see my next move bitch I don't even know my first move'


It reminds me of when in a family dinner my asshole uncle told me to 'not let the world know your next mone' amd I legit shot back 'I don't even know my first move so how the hell they are supposed to know my next move' now see I am a dancer so I apply that same thing to life that sometimes you just gotta move on the rhythm of life and this is one of the reason me saying this caused the rest of the family to laugh at my uncle all while my grandpa is giving me a grin.


Unironically, that is basically how Shining Hopper and ultimately Zero Two work. Aruto doesn't have to think cause Zea/Izu do it for him. He just goes, and then the computer yells at him so he changes his plan mid attack. Billions of future options means he can just go crazy while the processor spends its life as a GPS in a Nascar racer "Recalculating... turn Right here...recalculating..."


His brain is a supercomputer... WHY THE FUCK IS HE SO DUMB


99% of said supercomputer brain is devoted to making more jokes


With said jokes always have to lead up to a pun


And a wolf guys always amused about that


Not anymore the wolf has howled his last howl at te false messiah.


Also, dear Tycoon fans: Keiwa is a good person, a good character, and definitely our boy. But he's definitely not the main protagonist. It's Ace. Besides, if you think truly thinks that Ace's a jerk, then you just got fox'ed by him. Thank you.


Keiwa is a damn near perfect foil to Ace. And that's kinda the point. He's learning though.


Honestly Keiwa was utilised as a character amazingly all the way until his reentry in the second round of DGP and he was definitely my favourite character, but after Girori got demoted he kinda just became that joke character who's too weak to accomplish and we haven't seen much of a development from him recently and I'm real sad about that. What makes me like a weak character is the way they develop throughout the story, and I think he was done beautifully in the arc but now I don't see much development despite his character arc not feeling fully complete yet. Ace definitely feels a lot more like a protagonist now than he ever did in the first arc and I'm really liking his character, but I really do hope Keiwa gets a moment to shine again.


Keiwa is still a good character he just hasn’t had any major focus recently instead it’s being a given to Ace, Neon, and Michinaga. I’m sure the spotlight will refocus on him soon enough for a mid-season power up. I hope they don’t make him a joke all the way until his final form debut.


Not Neon too because she's also ~~imitating~~ doing the same thing as Keiwa does. For the Dezastar she had little focus before the reveal as she's the actual one.


...but Command Twin Buckle is unfortunately his mid season power up.


He has another one coming, though, as it had been a thing for Takahashi to give secondary characters final power-ups that feel like they could give the main characters as well, in addition to shared mid-season power-ups. Vulcan got Assault Wolf and Zero-One got Shining Assault Hopper, both based on the Assault Trigger. Then near the end, Vulcan gets Rampage Gatling, which has the power of 10 Progrise Keys, which sounds more of a final form for the main character. Blades got King Lion Daisenki, which is the equivalent to Saber's Draconic Knight. Then he gets Tategami Hyoujuu Senki, which apparently has multiple animal powers, even if it doesn't have the powers of all books. Keiwa already got the Command Twin Buckle, his shared mid-season form. The next step is a final form, likely one that allows the use of multiple buckle powers without changing. Maybe he gains something akin to the Powered Builder. After all, that form can access the weapons of other users though Weapon Raise Buckles.


Ah.. I see… my bad


Keiwa being weak was exaggerated for comedy thought The guy consistently overcame challenges that came his way, with or without other supports. Yuya Takahashi saved some of the best combat moments for him (Knight Jyamato and Jyamar Ball are examples) He also pulled a fast one on Ace (kind of a big deal for the 5d chess man) duping Girori and Ace was a bit salty about it ( at the first episode of Among us arc)


Imo Keiwa has a lot of small moments where he shines in the last two DGPs. Defeating Bishop, the kids, scoring the last ball, saving Sara and ZombieNinja, not falling for Neon's lies. The only ones where he really falls flat are the final boss of Conspiracy and the start of Divergence.


This'd be the reason why I make longposts to cover everything, because small moments would be ignored as in it seems people only remember the most highlighted moments in the episodes only, otherwise forgetting certain details in characters to only look at their surface level. But I still think that I'd want for him being a trickster to be made more consistent part of him to solve problems like a tanuki.


How do you define "weak" then because being mistreated doesn't mean they're weak and honestly that buys into the jerks being superior for them mistreating others.


I think the reason why Keiwa doesn't get much focus was because he already got a lot of focus before from the first arc to the Jamato ball match so for now, we get more focus on the other characters which is understandable in a storywriting's perspective but I do feel that we will get to see Keiwa's arc starting soon!!


I love the tycoon and geats dynamic really reminds of kabuto and gatack i swear im getting mad kabuto vibes from geats every single time I watch it


>But he's definitely not the main protagonist We know that. That's how a deuteragonist works.


I don't think many even use the term deuteragonist. It's as if people are also going competitive over this that there can be only 1 important character and no others and it's their faves.


Chirami would love to see it


can you tell this to gattack fans too?


Kabuto season fans are still arguing who is the tertiary rider ‘)




I saw that discussion a few days ago. Lmao, I myself have believed all my life that Drake is the tertiary and Sasword is the fourth ‘) They don’t even include Drake 😭


i like kickhopper as tertiary purely because of that triple rider kick


> Besides, if you think truly thinks that Ace's a jerk, then you just got fox'ed by him. You're the type who thinks that "jerk" only fits for the absolute worst irredeemable pos? Because no that's just straight up villainous or pure evil but jerk isn't synonymous with being villainous. One can have good qualities while also being a jerk because having those good qualities won't negate their bad qualities there can be both within someone.


The point is he’s really not a jerk, just confident in himself and actually very skilled. Dude really wants to help that kid and save the world. Boost Mark II condition is that he need true resolve to save the world to gain it. Him being a jerk is clearly a facade. That’s his trick, and if you believe him to be one, the it’s work. I also never said that jerks need to be completely irredeemable, they’re definitely can, see Tendou and Tsukasa for example, it’s just that Ace is not like these two, especially when his jerkish attitude was built upon his own lies


> Him being a jerk is clearly a facade. That’s his trick, and if you believe him to be one, the it’s work. Actually I'd agree too that he's better than people like Tendou or Tsukasa in his arrogance as he didn't look down on others (though he can talk in patronizing way like to Michinaga), he's closer to Sento in that department. About being a jerk I refer to how he can be ruthless to achieve what he wants (for characters like Tendou or Tsukasa, yeah they can be as ruthless too or worse), or at least in earlier part. Like in ep. 7 where he had no qualms endangering another Rider to advance the game without remorse. I know it's a game mission, but ep. 21 shows that he can accomplish a saving mission without deliberately endangering others. I think it'd be similar either if it's civilians or Riders. And sorry for the irredeemable question, I asked that because there can be those who deny that Tendou or Tsukasa are jerks by pointing out their good side but ignoring their bad ones.


A jerk ass protagonist works if they can write him well.


The fact that we're even having this conversation is a testament to how damn good this season is. Also I refuse to accept Keiwa isn't mc even though I know we have to.


Truly a "Learning complete" moment






[**someone holding back laughter**](https://tenor.com/bGNS1.gif)


He at least has access to a super computer so advanced, it realized it was in a parallel timeline.


Based and dreams and future pulled supercomputer Z. E. A.


Is it weird that I kinda wish we saw more of emus manipulative side?


I feel like his manipulative side went to Parado


And he still one of my favorites because he is just normal dumb boy who makes jokes.


Ace: plans out his plot armor in advance


Aruto is more of a emotional genius.


This is just blatant Ark-One erasure.


Aruto is interesting case because he feel more normal then the other two.


Virgin Ace vs Chad Emu vs Thad Aruto


Johnny Depp of Kamen Rider.


The one in the middle?


Why is this community so obsessed with finding patterns in certain writer's works?


It's fun.


Agreed, some seasons written by the same writier/with same director have way different themes and presentation of Characters in them lol people REALLY need to stop dogging on Yuya at this point it's not funny anymore lol




Aruto is quite literally at the bottom of the meme


🤦I thought it was Takeru. Forgive me :(


This is about characters written by Takahashi who didn’t write ghost